Tyent MMP 11 Turbo Water Ionizer by TyentUSA

The reason for Tyent’s rise to fame and being the best in the water ionizing industry is that they do not take shortcuts when it comes to manufacture and no compromise when it comes to quality. The many features of this product are enough to give it the lift.
Tyent water ionizer has the best and largest plate surface area in the industry (especially the 9 plate and 11 plate Turbo units). This gives higher ranges of alkaline and acidic water and the best ORP in the industry. Tyent water ionizers also use the best medical grade, strengthened titanium plates which are dipped multiple times in platinum. They are then baked for the best quality and durability.

The solid- mesh hybrid plates in the Tyent ionizers are also one of the best. This gives electrolytic distribution and maximum conductivity. Solid plates alone would conduct less electric current and mesh plates alone would lack durability. Thus, both are incorporated, made of the best materials, to meet Tyent water ionizer’s high standards.

Tyent USA water ionizers use the newest and best power supply technology called the SMPS Plus which is the same technology used in flat screen televisions and laptop computers. This gives you 55 adjustable power settings. The extreme filtration capacity of the Tyent water ionizers are not to be belittled. It has the best .01 micron filter media that is the same as in a kidney dialysis machine.

The Tyent water ionizers have a lifetime warranty that covers just about everything. It is the best because the only damage it doesn’t cover are accidental dropping and overseas damage. Everything else is accounted for.

Tyent USA - Water for Wellness.

The range of pH and quality of water provided by Tyent are the best. Water at 2.5-3.5 pH works as an antiseptic and natural sanitizers, pH 10 and above removes oil based herbicides and pesticides from fruits and vegetables. Tyent’s got them all. Tyent has the best certification possible for the manufacturing facility: the ISO certification (International Standards Organization).

Tyent USA reviews

Tyent USA has come up with the way to have healthier body by drinking water. The ionisers from Tyent USA makes the water alkaline and provide enough charged particles to act as antioxidants and thereby provides more energy and health gradually.

As per the Tyent USA  reviews, all seems to be positive except for the price and the lack of facility to eliminate the sulphur form water. Other than that the reviews on tent USA water ionisers have been excellent and there is hardly anyone who is not satisfied with the products.

With the options like permanent and portable water ionisers tent USA does fare well among the customers. People who were weaker has turned healthy and those who were healthy has become healthier.

With the best customer service and the non-limited guarantee and a fair warranty period makes Tyent USA a great port to have water ionisers.

Tyent Water Ionizers Reviews

  • “If consumed regularly, alkaline water helps to gradually reduce the accumulated acid wastes.” – Sang Whang, Scientist, Engineer and Author of “Reverse Aging”
  • “The Tyent 9090 Turbo is wonderful for my house in the desert. I love it!” – Jane Seymour, Golden Globe &Emmy Award Winning Actress
  • “Tyent Water has been unbelievably life-changing! It has helped me with my surfing by giving me more energy!!!” – KaponoNahina, Professional Longboard Surfer & Hawaii Longboard Champion North Shore, Hawaii
  • “After a week of trying out Tyent ionized water, I could not believe the difference I felt after extreme training efforts.” – Clara Hughes, 5 Time Olympic Medalist
  • “Alkaline water, produced by a water ionizer, has become the most important advancement in health care since Sir Alexander Fleming’s discovery of penicillin.” – Dr. William Kelley, College of Metabolic Medicine and Author of “Cancer Cure”
credits; http://ourholisticjourney.com/

credits; http://ourholisticjourney.com/

Tyent USA address

137, Hurffville Crosskeys Rd, Sewell, NJ 08080, USA
Ph. +1 855-893-6887

Tyent Water Review

Tyent water is the most technologically advanced daily consumable water which has a highly alkaline ionized content. It provides ultimate health to the human being by providing a extra electron to the free radicals to become stable. Thus preventing from aging and cell death. Tyent water review has been top rated in many social Medias and websites. Tyent water technology is the best in the marketed which is natural and healthy. Reviews received from the users of Tyent water tends to be true due to the result from the current scenario and studies. As the Tyent water contains a maximum reduced potential in a range of -550 to -810 range without even any chemicals. The main property is that it has a self cleaning capacity and antibacterial system that will keep Tyent in excellent conditions.

Tyent USA Vs Kangen

Water Ionizer is a field of competitors. A strong competitor to the Tyent Water Ionizer is the Kangen Water Ionizer. But when we compare the features of both the water ionizers, Tyent scores the maximum points. The Tyent Water Ionizer has 2 filters whereas the Kangen Water Ionizer has only 1 filters. The electrolysis plate surface area of the Tyent Water Ionizer is 315 inches where as for the Kangen Water Ionizer it is 245 inches. The Tyent Water Ionizer has automatic flow control type whereas Kangen ionizers are manual in functioning. All the models of Tyent Water Ionizer are chemical free whereas the Kangen models of Water Ionizer have chemical presence. The warranty of Tyent Water Ionizer is lifetime and Kangen Water Ionizer is 5 years. The return policy is also less for Kangen Water Ionizer when compared to the Tyent Water Ionizer.

Tyent USA Dealer

To become a Tyent USA dealer please visit the the Tyent Usa official website and register for dealership. There are many benefits to become a dealer in water ionizer field as the water industry has a global water bottle sales of 65.9 billion, health and wellness industry have over 500 dollar billion in sales. The water ionizer industry is booming. You can be a Tyent Usa dealer because of your flexible schedule, radical income potential, highly effective training program, 24*7 dealer support, pricing policies to ensure maximum income potential etc. to become an Tyent Usa dealer click on this link http://Tyentusa.com/Tyent-dealer or simply contact with the team at 855-893-6887. Also one can find details about dealership in website, facebook and twitter pages of twitter. Log on to www.Tyentusa.com