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Why Do You Need An Air Purifiers – Reviews

Why Do You Need An Air Purifier Anyway – Reviews About Few Purifiers In Market

Achoo…!!! It was my catchphrase two years ago. It ain’t anymore. We had just moved our office to a new location right in the heart of the city. I know the smell of fresh paint might be heaven for some but for me, it’s a nightmare. I have always been prone to airborne allergies. Even the slightest trigger would make me hide behind my nose rag. The aggressive session would ultimately calm down within a few hours.

I couldn’t concentrate on my work, had to deal with watery eyes, runny nose, and often felt someone is hammering my head. I love my job and my health too. The only solution was I get an air purifier. Frankly, I didn’t know how they work. It was a completely new subject for me. The only way to ‘get to know’ the product is by ordering one. But which one? There are so many products to confuse. We all narrowed in on a company called Honeywell.

Its two years down the lane and though the respiratory problems lurk deep they don’t effect me much at least when I am indoors (home and office). I can at least breathe clean air when I am indoors so that’s a huge sigh of relief.

Why do you need air purifiers?

This is a very common question. Let’s face it. No one wants to invest in an air purifier that pops out of nowhere. But here is what I found. Apparently, air purifiers have the power to get rid of indoor pollution to a very good extent. HEPA purifiers seem to be on the top in eliminating any impurities hovering in the air. This includes outdoor pollution. When you leave your window open, many outdoor pollution enters that can add up to the existing pollution in your home/office.

For sensitive people who are having respiratory problems such as asthma or any other allergies, air purifiers benefit the most. It even helps in chucking out second-hand smoke, pet dander, the pungent smell in labs, and so on. In fact, they are used in many industrial, commercial, and medical industries.

Did you know that your home/office contains a lot of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can contribute to your respiratory problems? For instance, the PBDEs or flame retardants in your furniture/mattress, paraben content in cosmetics, chemicals in laundry detergents, and so on. The list is endless and yes, they have a crucial role to play in triggering allergies in your body.

A HEPA filter installed air purifier can remove around 99.9% of dust particles and all these air contaminants that are bigger than 0.3 microns.

Benefits of air purifiers

  • eliminates bad odors indoors
  • gets rid of pollutants such as pet danders, chemicals, etc.
  • cleans the refreshes the air
  • no more cigarette and tobacco smell indoors
  • moist and mold in carpets, bathroom, etc. are removed efficiently
  • carbon filter delivers optimum performance and is quite durable

Best air purifiers reviews

There are many air purifiers in the market.

  • AllerAir – available in different models to suit commercial and home uses, it comes with solid steel construction that can stand the test of time. The energy-saving feature of Allerair helps in cutting down your power bills while extending the filter life.
  • Holmes – comes with a 3-year limited warranty, Holmes is available in different colors and sizes. They come with carbon odor filter along with HEPA allergen remove that traps large particles, odors from pets, garbage, and many more. The different setting speeds for circulation delivers optimum purification.
  • Alen Air – from desktop purifier (portable) to sturdy models, once activated can get rid of chemicals leaking from your furniture and upholsteries. The 4 customized HEPA filters offered from Alen Air is a feature hard to ignore. Almost all the models of Alen air are energy star certified units.

I am not naming any model because basically there are many types and sizes that are tailored to suit your needs. I leave it at your discretion to choose the one that keeps in tone with your office/home.

The above brands have received lot of positive reviews from people. They have found the products quite effective. Of course, the lifelong maintenance can be a prick but then its worth your investment because you are deriving that is absolutely uncompromisable.

NOTE: Owning an air purifier does not mean that it will clean the dirt and dust from your home. They purify only air borne irritants so if you want an allergy-free home you might have to do the job yourself.

Healthy tips for a clean indoors

  • Clean your bookshelf that own stocked up books and dust.
  • Get rid of a mess under your bed (pizza boxes, books/clothes, etc.)
  • Do not keep your kitchen sink clogged with utensils
  • Chuck off leftovers in your kitchen that welcome bacteria
  • Use the exhaust fan in the bathroom and clean them regularly to prevent mold formation
  • Prevent pets from sitting on your bed/sofa or any other decor
  • Ask your family to smoke outdoor and then come in
  • Use different footwears for indoors or outdoors (better to walk barefoot indoors)

Get A Portable Dehumidifier With Air Purifier To Get Rid Of Musty Smell

“Ewww…!!! What is that smell? Is that old shrimp?” Your friend detects what you have been cooking for yesterday’s dinner. It’s amazing how she gets it right. And what’s the worst part – the dinner menu is still hovering in your home.

It’s not just you. Such situations are quite common. Many homes (especially old houses) and basements tend to emit damp smell or musty odor that is difficult to get rid of. You might try air fresheners, air purifiers but the problem still persists. The real issue is because of the humid environment that gathers up. This is especially seen in older homes and crawl spaces that breed mold spores.

For those who are not aware, these organisms release various chemicals, gases, etc. that release a musty odor. While air purifiers benefit a lot, it won’t hurt to also get a portable dehumidifier that can get rid of excess moisture indoors.

Why do indoors smell?

While lack of proper ventilation such as windows in kitchen, exhaust fan etc. are one of the main causes, unclean home can breed algae that can trigger filthy odors. It is always beneficial to get rid of unwanted clutter from your home for proper breathing – both for you and your home.

Another causes include mold, bacteria that are the main culprits of spreading smell. These fellas thrive on water wherein they multiply. If your indoors are humid, consider they are in heaven. Leaky pipes can raise the level of indoor moisture or humidity. The result is crystal clear.

Don’t believe me? Try it yourself. Get a hygrometer to detect the humidity level. Many dehumidifiers themselves have an inbuilt in hygrometer that will convey the existing level of humidity in your indoors. If you are on a budget, go with an affordable outdoor thermometer from Walmart that comes with an inbuilt humidity meter. It will give you reading your indoor humidity level. However, digital thermometers are quite accurate and easy to read as well.

If you are living in older homes or have a basement that has excess moisture, using a dehumidifer on a regular basis will clean the indoor environment to a great extent. In fact, it can reduce your indoor temperatures around 35-40% which is fantastic. There are many portable dehumidifiers available at an economical price even less than $250.

What is the solution?

Combining dehumidifer with a quality air purifier that has HEPA and carbon filters can work wonders on your home. This blend will assist in delivering fresh air so clean that you can’t even smell your own “thunder” (no pun intended).

The fusion of dehumidifier and purifier will quickly remove not only airborne organisms but also remove the excess moisture that feeds them. This is also a good time to check for leaks or possible leaks, install an exhaust fan (if not available), leaks in the bathroom, put up ventilation in walls, fix any windows, etc. for proper air circulation.

Those who are suffering from any chronic health condition or any respiratory allergies, you will “actually” notice that the symptoms have improved greatly. This is because humid causing factors have been cut down to a large extent.

If you have any questions, feel it free to pin it down and we will get back to your ASAP.

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