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Welactin Omega 3 For Cats Side Effects, Benefits

Welactin Omega 3 feline is a form of soft gel capsules with this needed omega fatty acids. Cats need the omega 3 fatty acids to have the healthy functioning of many of its systems. Although they get this fatty acid from its diet, there could be a deficiency in case the cat is one a diet restriction for being overweight or suffers frequent disease or diseases.  Being carnivorous, the cat gets this from the fishes, but sometime we may have to supplement them with this. Welactin Omega 3 feline is the omega 3 supplement for your kitties. 

What is welactin for cats?

Welactin for cats is a formulation with all the 3 derivatives of omega 3 fatty acids. Nutramax Laboratories that has been developing pet products for a long time manufactured it. 

Each one of the omega 3 fatty acids is important to the cat’s body system in one way or the other. They when in low amounts could pose problems like a hike in the immune system, arthritis or other inflammatory diseases, dry coat, etc. Having omega 3 is a sufficient amount in the cat’s body that would make them healthy, well maintained, and energetic. 

Welactin Omega 3 feline is beneficial for the dry skin and coat of the cats, improve the renal function of their system and protects the kidneys and to support the nervous system and show better brain functioning and vision. 

Omega 3 fatty acids should be in an adequate amount, not less or more. So, one must be sure about when to provide the Welactin 3 for cats. Look for these below mentioned signs for the decision making. 

When to give Welactin omega 3 feline?

Deficiency of omega 3 fatty acids might sound simple but it has a vast area to affect in the cats. Note for these changes in the cats and if they have any or more of these, give them the Welactin omega 3 feline soft gels. 

  • If the cat is suffering from too many allergies or frequent allergy bouts. Any autoimmune diseases are also part of omega 3 fatty acid deficiency. This fatty acid could adjust the immune system to function normally as both these cases are hyperactive immune system.
  • Arthritis: Have you heard about Welactin for Cats arthritis? Yes, omega 3 can relieve the cats’ arthritis. It is an anti-inflammatory agent as well to curb the inflammation, swelling, and also the pain in the joints. 
  • If the cat has dry and dull coat or fur, you should definitely give them Welactin Omega 3 feline. 
  • Welactin Omega 3 felines can fight the common yeast infection in cats. The one that affects the ears and skin of the cats will soon disappear with this omega 3. 
  • It protects their heart. Omega 3 can prevent heart disease such as arrhythmias and thromboembolism by preventing blood clotting. It can also bring down the total triglycerides in the blood. 
  • It can slow down the development of certain cancer. 
  • Most importantly, if the kitty is sitting idle with no show of enthusiasm or energy, give them the Welactin Omega 3 and see the difference.

Welactin for Cats ingredients

The main ingredients in the Welactin for cats are EPA and DHA. EPA is the Eicosapentaenoic acid and DHA is the Docosahexaenoic acid. EPA is the major content with 125 mg and DHA is 85 mg of the total omega 3 content of 250mg in a single soft gel. 

The other inactive ingredients are the soft gel formulation- gelatin, zinc oxides, water, glycerin, annatto extract color, and carmine color. 

The omega 3 fatty acids for this formulation are taken from fish oil. The Welactin fish oil is taken mainly from Salmon and other marine fishes. 

Welactin omega 3 feline softgels

Welactin omega 3 feline comes in soft gel forms. They need to be broken at the very tip and pour the contents into the cat’s food and mix it well. Use one soft gel per day for the cats. The soft gel could be opened by twisting the tip or simply cut the tip. 

For small kittens, use only a few drops from the soft gel into their food and store the opened soft gel in an air tight container for the next day use. 

The soft gels are available in a bottle that contains 60 of them. A single bottle can last for 2 months. For small cats and kittens, the soft gel could last longer than that. 

Welactin feline liquid

The Welactin feline is also available in liquid form. It comes in a bottle with a scoop provided. In that case administer 1 scoop full every OTHER day for cats that are under the weight of 6 pounds. For heavier cats that weigh above 6 pounds, give them one every day. 

Welactin feline liquid contains more of the omega 3 in each scoop. A total of 320 mg of omega 3, EPA at 160 mg and DHA at 105 mg. 

In comparison, the Welactin omega 3 soft gels are way easier to handle and administer than the liquid form. It creates no mess. 

Welactin for Cats side effects

There are NO side effects of any kind associated with Welactin for Cats omega 3 soft gels. Although there have been slight discomforts like diarrhea, vomiting etc due to other fish oils in cats, Welactin has come out clean for the cats. 

Welactin for cats review

  • Risa purchased this for her 17 year old kitty that has been showing mild cognitive decline. She is most happy with this pre-measured dose in the soft gels. It is easy to mix in the food and disguised perfectly for her cat to take it daily. The cat now shows less anxiety than before and shows some improvement. 
  • Yarii gives thumbs up for Welactin for cats for not having any rancid smell of the fish oil. Now the cat has shiny fur, better energy and looks healthier. 
  • Sherii has used this for het FIV affected cat that was too weak to walk. The cat had speedy recovery from many infections with the help of these soft gels. 


Welactin Omega 3 feline soft gels are useful for both cats and dogs. They are fit to use as per the dosage given or according to the vet’s preference. Either way, the Welactin for cats is made to have a convenient dispensing of the fish oil that can improve the overall health of the pet. It can definitely cure skin problems and also supports the development of better vision in them. Nutramax Laboratories is a trustworthy company so you don’t have to worry about any problems later. 

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