Tyent Water Ionizer Filtration System

Buy Tyent USA water ionizer that is a versatile system available as per your filtration needs.

Water for Life is a grand distributor of Water Ionizers specifically of EOS and Hyungsung brands. Water ionizers are gaining popularity because of their efficiency in water purification and the goodness of water they produce. Water for life USA products are high in quality and are one of the best available in the market.

People have experienced great difference and improvement in their health after using Water for life USA products. These products are available at reasonable and affordable prices. Water for Life USA.com have got positive responses from their customers, the reviews by the users is the proof for the quality and wonderful working of their products. Water for life USA gives lots of importance to quality and customer satisfaction

Water for Life USA.com

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Water for Life USA.com – Products

The products available at Water for life website

  • Water Ionizers
  • Replacement Filters
  • prefilters
  • Accessories
  • Genesis Special Filters

Water for Life USA.com – Water Ionizers

Water ionizers are effective water purifying and ionizing systems. The ionizers of EOS and Hyungsung are promoted by water for life USA. Water for life ionizers have high content of anti-oxidants that helps in neutralizing the effect of harmful free radicals, in alleviating pain, these are also very helpful in reducing weight and blood pressure. These ionizers purifies the water of all the impurities like chemicals, salt etc. and improves the taste of water. This alkaline water help in balancing the pH level of your body. One more advantage of these ionizers are they don’t hamper the minerals that are naturally present in the water. They ionizes these naturally present minerals and make them more effective. An imbalance in the acid-base level in your body will lead to various types of health problems like indigestion, gastric disorders etc. the alkaline help in maintaining the acid-base balance.
The oxygenated water from these ionizers will help in boosting your brain and improving functioning of the body and also work effectively as a cleansing and detoxifying agent. The following is the list of the various water ionizers available at water for life USA

  • EOS Genesis Platinum 9 TURBO
  • EOS Genesis Platinum Water Ionizer
  • EOS Revelation 2 TURBO Undersink
  • Aquatonic 500 Water ionizers.
  • Discounted EOS water ionizers

Water for Life USA.com – Replacement Filters

Water for life USA consists of replaceable filters, so once the filtering capacity of the filter attains its maximum level, there is no need to change the entire water ionizer, just simply change the filter thats it. No tension and no extra expense of buying a new ionizer. The filter used in the ionizers of water for life are of very high quality and do their work very efficiently. The filter contains different layers of purification The filters filter all unnecessary items from water, but retain the nature imposed minerals.
The replacement filter provided by Water for life USA

credits; http://waterforlifeusa.com/

credits; http://waterforlifeusa.com/


  • Genesis Replacement Filters
  • KYK Harmony (9040) Replacement
  • Hybrid Replacement Filters
  • Revelation Undersink Replacement Filters

Water for Life USA.com – Prefilters

The prefilter section of Water for life USA website consists of prefilters and prefilter housings. Prefilters are very useful if the water is too hard and need to be softened or if the water contains too many heavy metals. Now prefilter housing are the devices in which the prefilters are housed. There are different types of filter housings like single housing which are designed for single prefilters. Then there is double housing unit in which two filters can be fitted and the last one is triple housing unit, here in this unit you can put together three prefilters.
The various types of prefilters available at water for life USA

  • Omnipure Scale Inhibitor
  • Sodium Reduction Filter
  • KDF Filter
  • Activated Alumina prefileter
  • Remineralizing prefilter
  • Omnipure Carbon

Water for Life USA.com – Accessories

The below defined accessories are available in the accessories section of Water for life USA

  • Watts Premier 4 stage Reverse osmosis system: This is a four Stage Reverse Osmosis filtering system. At each stage the water becomes more and more purer. In the first stage consists of sediments filtration in which impurities like dust, silt etc are filtered. In the second stage carbon block filtration is carried out wherein chemicals that causes odor and distaste are removed from water. Now comes the third and very important stage, in this the water is made to pass through Reverse osmosis membrane where in heavy metals and other solid wastes are not allowed to get to the other side of the membrane. After crossing the 3 stage the water is almost 99 percent pure. The rest of the 1 percent filtration is completed in the fourth stage. In this stage high quality carbon filter is used for the final touch of filtration. The product obtained after all these stages of filtration is a premium quality, pure and safety water.
  • Water Reverse osmosis Retrofit kit and Watts reverse osmosis system (Zero waste) : Though the reverse osmosis system convert impure water to its purest form, but in the process it also waste a lot of water, 4-5 gallons of water get wasted just to purify one gallon of water. The water reverse osmosis retrofit kit helps in avoiding this wastage of water by directing the waste water produced by the system to your water supply’s hot water side. So you can use this water for cleaning and washing purpose. In this way the water will not get wasted and the waste water will become useful
  • Genesis Replacement Hose: This hose prepared out of stainless steel can be used on all models of EOS and KYK Genesis.
  • Faucet Diverter Valve1/4 inch: useful in above counter ionizers.
  • PH Reagent Drops: These drops are used to check the ph level of water. PH color chart is also provided with the drops which will help you to determine what is the ph of your water?.
  • Watersafe All-in-one Test kit Plus TDS and Watersafe well Water Test kit: these Testing kits helps in checking purity and safety of your water.
  • Flojet Water bottle pump: this pump helps in pumping water from the bottles to the ionizers.
Water ionizers

Tyent Water Ionizers

by TyentUSA 5 out of 5stars (500 Customer Ratings)

Price: $100
Tyent water ionizers give out water that has antioxidants. This antioxidants present in the water helps in fighting the free radicals and also helps in restoring the body balance.

Excellent product

5 stars out of 5 by Miranda for Water ionizers

Good product. It is worth the money…

Water for Life USA.com – Genesis special Filters

The special filters available on Water for Life USA.com

  • mineral filters for genesis
  • Genesis cleaning filter.

60 day money back guarantee and 5 year unlimited warranty

credits; http://waterforlifeusa.com/

credits; http://waterforlifeusa.com/

All water for life ionizers comes with the 60 day money back guarantee and warranty of 5 years for parts and labor. So if you are not satisfied with the product or feel that it is not worth the price you paid then you return the product, but you will have to make this move within 60 days of purchasing the product. Now for five years from buying the product you can enjoy the free services of the company for water for life ionizers come with a 5 year parts, labor and shipping warranty. So, in the first five years you will get the replacement for the damaged parts provided you are not the damager means the damage is not caused due to your carelessness or misuse.

Apart from all these things the website contains a lot of information on the advantages of ionized water, the, its positive effects on the body and its functioning and various important facts about water, how beneficial and useful alkaline water is and the wfl-pricing-policy. It also provide the instructions about how to install genesis ionizer and change its filters.