Vaulted Ceiling Projector Mount by Loctek

Vaulted Ceiling Projector Mount is a product from Loctek store that offers you ergonomic bracket to mount your projector for office uses. Here is a complete review of Vaulted Ceiling Projector Mount.

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Vaulted Ceiling Projector Mount from Loctek store

The Vaulted Ceiling Projector Mount from Loctek Ergonomic store comes with excellent construction to fit most of the projectors brands. Currently, there are two vaulted ceiling projector mounts available at Loctek store.

Loctek LCD/DLP Projector Ceiling Mount bracket White Fits Both flat or vaulted ceiling PT2

The product is made out of cold-rolled steel material that has many outstanding properties. For instance, it is corrosion resistant, rust-resistant and can stand the test of time.

A durable construction, it comes with a 2-in-1 design so that you can either install it as a flush mount (from the ceiling) or as Telescopic style. Make sure that the wall or mounting surface is capable of supporting the weight of the projector as well as the stand to prevent any mishap. Be vigilant beforehand or else the structure needs to be reinforced. The maximum loading capacity is 17.6 lbs so make sure you don’t cross the limit.

The height of the mount is adjustable from 14.96” to 24.41” so that you can change the view style as per audience comfort.

The vaulted ceiling projector also comes with angle adjustments so that you can tilt or roll it (up to 15 degrees). You can also swivel the angle up to 90 degrees for apt adjustment.

But that’s not all. The mount is designed in such a manner to hide unwanted wires, cables etc. The Maximum VESA mount is 220x220mm.

Loctek LCD/DLP Projector Ceiling Mount bracket White Fits Both flat or vaulted ceiling PT3

Made out of cold rolled steel, the Loctek projector mount is a must have for office functionalities. A versatile product, it goes well with many projector brands (make sure the mounting holes on the projector is max. 12.3”). The versatile feature allows the mount to be used as a drop-down from the ceiling or as a Telescopic mount. The max. loading capacity is 17.6 lbs.

You can adjust the height from 22.44” to 32.36” to match the audience view. You will also find angle adjustment feature so that you can tilt or roll the mount up to 15 degrees with a pivot adjustment of 90 degrees.

To top it up, it comes with a cable arrangement that swiftly hides HDMI, audio, video cables making the mount absolutely a breeze to handle. The Maximum VESA mount is 260x260mm.


Loctek offers you a 90-day manufacturer’s warranty on all their products. Any damage during shipping or defective issues from the manufacturer will be promptly replaced or repaired.

Shipping and Returns

Loctek ergonomic store offers FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the USA. So what are you waiting for? Make an order NOW!!!

The company offers you 30-day return policy. Any unopened or unused products may be returned within the specific period. The customer will be bearing the expense of 20% restocking fee and shipping fees.

Customer reviews

Vaulted Ceiling Projector Mount

Vaulted Ceiling Projector Mount

by Loctek 4 out of 5stars (241 Customer Ratings)

Price: $24
Vaulted Ceiling Projector Mount from Loctek Store offers mount solutions such as televisions, tablets etc.

Works well & Good Mount

4 stars out of 5 by Justin for Vaulted Ceiling Projector Mount

Its fits well and absolutely fantastic. Manual is clear and it was easy to install.

The reviews of Loctek projector mounts are a cocktail of both good and bad. However, a majority of customer reviews lean a tad bit on the positive side than the critical side. Here are few of the reviews straight from the user’s heart.

Positive reviews

  • Jacob Stuart – “I used the mount for my Epson 2045 projector. It fits quite well. My ceiling does not have much height. So I removed the entire extension and hooked it to the projector mount to the ceiling mount directly. I know it probably wasn’t made for such a stunt, but it does fit well and has been hanging on for almost a month now. Definitely worth a buy.”
  • Mark from LA – “I don’t understand the bad reviews and how they claim it is not well made. It is absolutely fantastic. It actually holds a fairly heavy projector along with all its responsibilities. I don’t care what people say, as far as I see it, this is one of the best purchases and a strong, sturdy piece of hardware.”
  • Art H. – “Exactly as described and not at all flimsy as other review mentioned. It is packed quite well, the instructions are perfectly clear. Installation was easy and looks great as well. I did not use the center pole and straightaway attached the ceiling bracket directly to the mount.”

Negative reviews

  • Amazon customer – “I wanted to give it a try but then it was so damn frustrating to handle the design, especially the flat nuts that did not stay in one place while I was trying to tighten the screws. Even the wall anchors are cheap that spin around when you are trying to drive the lug bolts to the wall.
  • MAF – “This is my first 2 star ratings in the span of 5 years. The product looks just amazing and I don’t think why it would not work. Unfortunately, the customer service is absolutely useless. I called them once and they said they will call me back. But I never heard back. I called them another 3-4 time and left messages over a span of 2 months. No use.”


Vaulted ceiling projector mount from Loctek store seems like a good product that you can rely on. The majority of the reviews are pretty good and people have felt the quality is strong and reliable. Be it any profession, if you are in need of a proper projector and mount for your business, then this is definitely worth an investment.