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Order Tyent USA water ionizer online today!!! Tyent is one of the biggest water ionizing brand in the industry and offers great benefits on health.

Tyent water ionizers use the best technology in the industry to ionize water and they have a wide range of pH. Tyent only uses the best quality materials for their manufacture and they are IOS certified. Ionized water from Tyent has a lot of benefits. These include anti-aging properties, weight loss, better hydration, etc. Tyent water ionizers are the right choice for you and your family for drinking, cleaning and washing. When you decide to buy the Tyent water ionizers, you can use Tyent’s Big Water ionizer Sale 2014. Remember that this sale applies to water ionizers only and therefore cannot be combined with the other Tyent products.

The Tyent’s Big Water ionizer Sale 2014 is for new orders only and cannot be used for previously purchased products. The 50% off sale is not redeemable for cash, gift cards or store credit and reproductions and rain checks will not accepted. The Tyent Water ionizer Sale 2014 excludes Tyent MMP-7070 and some other additional exclusions may also apply. The Tyent’s Big Water ionizer Sale 2014 will last only as long as the products are in stock. It cannot be ordered in later. The price subjects may also change and without notice as well.

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credits: http://waterworks4u.com/

There are various products included in the Tyent’s Big Water ionizer Sale 2014. UCE-9000 turbo Under Counter Extreme Water Ionizer is one of the 9 plate Tyent water ionizers which can be placed below the counter with just the outlets and controls visible on top. This product is included in the Tyent’s Big Water ionizer Sale 2014 and there is a 50% on the $4,590.00 price tag making it priced at just $2,295.00. This is remarkable for the quality the product offers.

The UCE -11 Under Counter Extreme Water ionizer is also included in the Tyent’s Big Water ionizer Sale 2014 and this has a 50% as well making it priced at $2,495.00 rather than $4,990.00. The UCE-11 has a 11 plate system which is unheard of in the water industry. Another 11 plate Ionizer is the MMP-11 Turbo Tyent Water Ionizer which is also included in the Tyent’s Big Water ionizer Sale 2014 pricing it at $2,295.00.

You can also get the Tyent MMP-9090 Turbo water Ionizer in the 50 % off Tyent’s Big Water ionizer Sale 2014 with a sale price of just $1,995.00 rather than the original $3,990.00 cost. The UCE 11-plate Ionizer sale ends this Sunday, so make haste! For the number of features, top quality and amazing benefits you get, Tyent’s Big Water ionizer Sale 2014 is something you shouldn’t miss out on!

Tyent water ionizer review

Water is considered as the basic amenities to sustain in this world. Approximately we drink maximum, 2-3 liters of water per day and around 1440 liters of water. When we take such an element in such a big quantity we have to be much conscious about it. Without water a person may die. So water is considered as important element for sustaining of human being. When water is such an important how much we are aware about its purity? When we drink water to crunch our thirst do we know that is it drinkable or not? Due to resent increasing pollution water and air pollution is becoming common which may lead to many disastrous water born diseases.

Everyone wants to protect their families from such water born diseases. If you are really concerned about health of you and your family then it is right time for you to install water tyent ionizer. Tyent water ionizer water and make it most healthy to drink at just one touch of button. You may thing that it seems so easy but for that you have to install tyent water ionizer at your place. It is having incomparable benefits over ordinary water resources.

Tyent's Big Water ionizer

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Water may seem clear on seeing as it may not be visible bacteria but microscopic view may give you condition of the contaminated water. You cannot imagine that water can be so dangerous to cause disease like cancer.

Do you really trust purity of tap water? Tap water comes through thousands of contaminated pipes which may also be expose too parasites. Is this water safe to drink?

To get relieved of this problem we have tyent water ionizer which provides alkaline pure water which is also having thousands of benefits to health. Tyent alkaline ionized water is the only kind of water on earth which is not an oxidizing agent but a reducing agent. It has several unmatched beneficial effects over normal. It is having alkaline ph vale which have many benefits on health.  Healthy water should be pure, stimulating to body and of high PH but all these is not provided by normal tap water. Tyent water ionizer is one of the eco-friendly product, convenient to use and easy to get. Tyent is one step ahead in serving humanity.  Tyent water ionizers separate the acidic and alkaline elements of your water, balancing your body’s pH. It increases oxygen in blood and increases sense of overall well being. Right now you’re taking decision of installing tyent water ionizer will you remove thousands of your future health problems. It will keep you healthy, fit and disease free.

The main features of the Tyent Ionizer reviews are the quality of the ionizers. The quality of materials used to design of the Tyent ionizers, the superb filtration performance; the easy to operate features and the ability to convert water from the lowest acidic to the maximum alkaline levels are some of the top features which account for the popularity of the Tyent Ionizer reviews. The customers too are satisfied with the quality of service provided and the performance of the ionizer. Tyent Ionizers are a product of Tyent USA. The added attraction is the lifetime free service for the ionizer and replacement of the parts. Only the shipment charges for the spare parts need to be paid by the customer.

Tyent water machine – Alkaline Water Ionizers

Tyent USA is one of the few companies to come up with quality, high grade tyent water ionizers and alkalizers in the water industry. The products by Tyent USA is one of the best and is graded by standards and associations. The best products you can find in the water filtering industry are far too small as compared to what tyent USA delivers. Unfortunately, the best of these products come with a heavy price tag. If you are those who can afford a bigger price tag, check out some of the products by Tyent USA. The Tyent Water machines come in varied range from counter to fittings to under counter ionizers and travel products. The quality of Tyent Water machines are unsurpassed. with over 20 Unique products the tyent water machine is one of the few accessories every home should have.

Tyent 9090 filters

Tyent 9090 turbo extreme water ionisers use two filters. The first one is the activated carbon filter that removes the macro-particles from the water. The rust, dregs etc are removed by this filter, as well as the residues like chlorine and volatile organic compounds.

The second filter is the composite ceramic filter that is divided into 3 sections. The first section M ceramic balances the ions in the water, the second P ceramic section contain plenty or minerals and nutrients for the electrolytes in the body. This is the section that helps with the metabolic activities in the body later. The third section is the K ceramic section that also has many minerals that keeps the water stable.

credits: http://www.ebooksforbeautyandhealth.com/

credits: http://www.ebooksforbeautyandhealth.com/

The Tyent 9090 filters are averrable in standard sizes or in the ultra sizes. The ultra filters are able to remove even micro particles as well as the herbicides, pesticides and other chemicals from the water.

What is Tyent 9090 turbo extreme or Tyent turbo 9090?

Tyent 9090 turbo extreme is a product of Tyant USA and an improvement over the Tyent 7070 turbo and uses enhanced features to make the water quality better. The Tyent turbo 9090 uses 9 plates instead of the 7 used by Tyent 7070 and generates more than 550 watts to purify the water. The alkaline water produced by Tyent 9090 turbo extreme is said to contain anti-oxidants for better health and many other healthy advantages. The Tyent turbo 9090 generates two types of water. The alkaline water is used for drinking and cooking and the acidic water for household purposes. The water ionized is very pure and does not contain salt.

Tyent Super Ionized Water’s Benefits

Tyent super ionized water is the best you can get in the water ionizing industry. This is because of the amazing quality of the water you get, the range of pH attainable and the ORP levels for your super ionized water. The acidic and alkaline waters are separated into two outlets. Your body requires a state called homeostasis to perform at its best and the super ionized water from Tyent helps you achieve this. It balances the acidic and alkaline levels in the body.

The Tyent super ionized water has remarkable effects on the digestive system, arthritis, free radicals and many more. This is because the Tyent super ionized water removes all unwanted toxic wastes from our body. The water, being alkaline, neutralizes the acids in the body, there by reducing the amount of fat stored around vital organs in the body. Tyent super ionized water also reduces the extreme functions the kidneys and liver have to do due to our acidic food consumption.

Tyent super ionized water has negatively charged ions which coax out toxic waste stored at different places of your body. The super water also has extra oxygen which hydrates the body more than normal water. The super ionized water can revive your body after intense workouts and rejuvenates the body with energy quickly. It promotes the cellular metabolism required to convert fat into energy. Super ionized water has anti-aging properties and attaches itself to free radicals thereby neutralizing them.

credits: http://www.gotwaterionizers.com/

credits: http://www.gotwaterionizers.com/

The acidic form of the Tyent Super ionized water has its own uses. They are an eco friendly agent for cleaning counter tops, fruits and vegetables. Your face can be cleaned with the Tyent super ionized water’s acidic part and can treat certain skin problems like hives, dry skin and acne making it blemish free.

The Tyent super water is made using the best quality materials possible as Tyent decided on a no compromise when it comes to the quality of their products. They have the largest plate surface area in the industry and also use a hybrid plate system (solid/mesh). The Tyent ionizers have the most power in the industry which works with the plates to create many beneficial properties. The more amount of power makes the Tyent super ionized water without any chemicals.

Tyent super ionized water is made with the largest filters available. This means that there is more place for the filtration components and this will give you your super water. Tyent Super ionized water sounds truly super-powered.

Tyent Mmp-9090 Turbo Extreme

The Tyent Mmp-9090 Turbo Extreme is a water ionizer from Tyent USA that is manufactured on stainless steel. It has the capacity to produce pH levels from lowest acidic to highest alkaline levels. The Tyent Mmp-9090 has an extreme Turbo function that provides for extreme alkalinity and acidity and is mainly used for cleaning, sterilizing and disinfecting. The Tyent Mmp-9090 Turbo Extreme is also equipped with touch-type automatic water supply, seven-color back lights, advance water purification system, adjustable pH levels, automatic cleaning function, touch panels, voice guided services, warning voices, anti-virus system of the electrolytic tank, automatic control system with built-in CPU, power supply to the CPU chip and so on.

The Best Water Ionizer – Tyent

The Tyent’s fully adjustable presets will give you the best water possible with 55 adjustable settings and the pH of your choice. The Tyent water ionizers have the best and only one touch control panel that easy for any body’s use. It resembles an i Phone touch pad.

The Tyent water is chemical and lead free because they use the best plates and power settings possible. The purify, filter and reach un-heard-of pH levels without the use of harsh chemicals. Tyent water ionizers anti-bacterial technology is the best, too, as it can remove harmful micro-organisms without using UV light and is very reliable. Tyent also has the best automated Polarity Anti Scale Technology that cleans any build ups on the electrodes for long lasting performance and it is automatically triggered.

credits: http://www.weiku.com/

credits: http://www.weiku.com/

Tyent water ionizers have the best antioxidant production levels, removing free radicals from daily damage. The Tyent water ionizers have pre-filters that can adapt your ionizers to any portable water source and protects the ionizer from all conditions.

The Tyent water ionizers have some of the best approvals: Korean Food and Drug Administration, UL (Underwriters Lab) and CSA (Canadian Standards Association) and A= rating form Better Business Bureau.

The pricing of the Tyent water ionizers have a bit of a controversy. But think about it, in the long run, when you consider the cost of buying clean water and treating diseases caused by impure water and other health benefits, Tyent’s pricing is the best.

There is no need to mention anymore of the reasons for why Tyent USA water ionizers are the best in the industry. Their features, durability and quality speak for themselves.

Tyent VS Jupiter

Tyent vs Jupiter is a much tight competition in the market. When compared Tyent has a maximum of 11 plates where Jupiter has 9. Tyent and Jupiter have dual ultra filtration. Tyent has the maximum wattage of 750 watts where Jupiter has only 80 watts. Tyent only has the turbo mode availability but not for Jupiter. Tyent has only a life time warranty when compared to the other. Tyent has the highest oxidation reduction potential up to 1050 but Jupiter has only up to 800. Both ionizers are made from japan. Tyent is the only chemical free ionizer in the segment. Tyent has only a solid mesh hybrid plates in the ionizer where Jupiter doesn’t have. The cost of Tyent when compared to Jupiter is less and economic.

Tyent’s Big Water ionizer Products

Tyent now has been a super brand in the field of water purification. They are rated very high in markets by the customers. They manufacture water ionizers- counter top water ionizers and under counter ionizers, all filters, travel products and product related to home, accessories and wellness. Under water ionizers Tyent products are MMP-9090 TURBO, MMP-11TURBO, UCE-11, UCE-9000 TURBO, Under all filters – Tyent has ionizer fiters, pre filters, TYgo, pHandOrp, Shower Lux Filters. Tyent has travel products which are named as good life Bottles, Tygo alkalizer and pH and Orp. They also have cleansing filters, Faucet Diverters, Colostrum Wellness and ph drops. The benefit of Tyent Alkaline benefits are it is ultra pure, alkaline ph, contains anti aging properties, energizing, very less cost, free of plastic or chemical taste, enriched with minerals and help one to have a strong immune system support. The water purified in water ionizers of Tyent are rich in antioxidants and will no longer gift tummy bloating or gas troubles.

Tyent Financing

The Tyent Water Ionizer also offers an option of financing. There is both lease and finance options for certain models of Tyent Water Ionizer. You can use the Tyent Water Ionizer by paying monthly cash. The amount you have to make for monthly payments depends on the history of your credit card. Your credit card should have at least 600 credit score to start with the Tyent Water Ionizer financing option. The Tyent Water Ionizer has partnered with MedLoan finance to provide this feature to the users. There is an application form you have to fill out to start with the financing of the Tyent Water Ionizer.

credits: http://tyentsuperstore.com/

credits: http://tyentsuperstore.com/

Tyent’s Big Water ionizer

Ionizers help to make the water alkaline by altering the pH levels. Alkaline water is very good for health as it helps to normalize the blood pH levels, it helps in penetrating cells and keeps you hydrated throughout, it prevents drying of hair and skin and it prevents the occurrence of a number of diseases. Taking all these into consideration, the Tyent USA started with the aim to provide high quality drinking water to the people and hence the development of the Tyent Water Ionizer. The Tyent Water Ionizer has Under Counter Water Ionizer and Counter top Water Ionizer. It is effective in purifying your tap water and produces premium levels of antioxidants.

Tyent UCE 11

The Tyent UCE 11Water Ionizer is an Under the counter product by the Tyent Water Ionizer. It has 11 solid or mesh hybrid plates that are baked and dipped and each plate is of the size 7” by 43/4”. These are titanium strengthened plates with medical grade. The Tyent UCE 11Water Ionizer has dual filters that provides for ultra filtration, that is, even particles that are as small as 0.01 microns are captured. It has a power capacity of 750 watts and has automatic self-cleaning option too. there is a prevention device installed in the Tyent UCE 11Water Ionizer called the Flood Prevention Sensor. For the user manual and instructions guide of the Tyent UCE 11 model of Tyent Water Ionizers, click on the following link: http://tyentusa.com/support/uce-11

Tyent’s Big Water ionizer Demo

Tyent water ionizer is the best in the market. As people has the need to know more about the product, Tyent demo shows the technology and parts of the Tyent ionizer. It also shows the correct method of installation and operation. Tyent demo shows the no of filters and how to clean the ionizing chamber. Demo gives you the best review to buy products and different types of Tyent ionizer variants in the market. Tyent demo is available in Tyent USA official websites, facebook page, twitter page and youtube. The Tyent demo is available in the website link provided below.

Tyent’s Big Water ionizer For Sale

Nowadays there are a numerous number of disease that are spread through drinking water as it contains thousands of microorganisms. Its just because of the immunity power that one is been free from the disease, each time they have unpurified drinking water. The need for a water purifier or ionizer in every home and office is turning essential. TYENT is one branded company that has developed water ionizers after several study. The models that they release are unique in design and has incorporated the best technology. TYENT is a water ionizer company that will help to drink the most purified form of water. This will help you to be in disease free and in healthy state. Tyent offers many sale prices where most of the customers are waiting for. The present sale offer is for 30% of the price. For further details contact – Tyent USA World Headquaters, 137 Hurfville Crosskeys Road, Sewell, NJ 08080. Make a call- 855-893-6887. Visit-

credits: http://tyentusa.com/

credits: http://tyentusa.com/

Tyent Rettin MMP-7070 Water Ionizer

Tyent rettin MMP-7070 is the Tyents most advanced water ionizer. It comes with a robust electrolysis chamber with seven plates, 6 color back ground LCD lighting system, two filter cartridges. The design comes in 3 colors like red,blue and silver. The main thing that can be noticed in Tyent rettin MMP-7070 water ionizer is that it has a non sealed electrolysis chamber than can be opened for manual cleaning. This feature will effect the life of the ionizer. Tyent rettin MMP-7070 has a whole automatic control system which has a built in CPU chips. It has a feature to divide and display acidic and alkaline water with seven colors and has one touch button for start and stop of the water supply. It has a voice guide service that is the best and save voice feature. The filters have a 1st high efficient filters and 2nd functional filters.

Tyent’s Big Water ionizer exposed

A few sites have articles where they have exposed some of the claims of Tyent. There have been some complaints that the claims made by Tyent USA about the company are not 100% accurate. Though their website claims that the site was established in 2004 and manufactures and sells water ionizers, some people dispute that Tyent does not have any manufacturing facility and that they only resell ionizers which are made in Korea. Tyent USA uses the brand name Rettin on their products which is also the brand name of the Korean company Taeyoung Environment and Technology Co. Ltd., an ionizer company from Korea. Because of this, they say that Tyent does not have any experience in manufacturing and servicing ionizers. The Tyent site claims that they have been in the water ionizer business for 15 years, which is approximately when the Korean company was established, whereas Tyent USA was established only in 2004.
There has also been lawsuits by Tyent USA dealers against the company for violating dealer agreements.

Tyent replacement filters (Tyent water filter replacement) and Tyent MMP 7070 replacement filters

The Tyent replacement filters are a product of Tyent USA to provide very pure water for their customers who use Tyent ionizers. These Tyent replacement filters work with most of the Tyent MMP models including Tyent MMP 5050, MMP 7070, MMP 7070 Turbo, MMP 9090 Turbo extreme and Rettin TY 2505W. The lifetime of these filters are between 9-12 months if the average water filtration is about 20 liters of water per day. The filter is designed to remove large suspended matters and also volatile organic matters. There are three parts in the Tyent MMP 70707 replacement filter. The M ceramic, an anion ceramic helps balance the ions. The P ceramic is designed to create electrolytes for the body and help metabolism and the K ceramic helps keep water stable.


Revolutionizing water ionization, Tyent has introduced products that can achieve various pH levels at the touch of a button without the use of harsh chemicals. This quality of Tyent and the various other features of the ionizers make the product extremely desirable for people who have health on their mind.

If water is called the Elixir of Life, what would you call ionized water, processed by Tyent? Tyent mmp 9090 T clearly fits into the future of water ionization. It has been proved to give people more energy throughout the day. The water molecules, after they have been through Tyent are reduced to smaller clusters hydrating the body better.

credits: http://www.tyentwater.ca/

credits: http://www.tyentwater.ca/

Tyent mmp 9090T is a counter top version that is welcome in any kitchen given it sleek body and cool looks. It comes in black and white metallic hues. It has a touch type automatic water supply with seven-color back lights. It is easy to use with coated touch panels and all the function selections are displayed with icons. It also has voice guided service with cautionary warning voices that ensures that you can use it with clear explanations of the various functions. The anti-virus system of the electrolytic tank keeps a check on the propagation of micro-organisms and keeps your ionizer performing well for a longer time through its automatic cleaning function. The Automatic control with built-in CPU chips searches for the best operating conditions with the available flow rates and water quality.

MMP 9090 T has nine solid/mesh hybrid plates that are medical grade. At the core of the ionizer, there are electrodes. These electrodes play the major role in ionizing your water. These plates are made of titanium and dipped in platinum to expand their lifespan and heighten the ratio of generating hydrogen. 9090 T has two filters. The highly efficient primary filter and functional secondary filter enable the optimal purification of your tap water.

It works at a voltage of 100-240V and has an adjustable 85-550 watts power consumption. It is capable of producing pH of 2.0-12 in water. The display unit consists of 3-phase alkaline water, water purification, 2-phase acidic water, under cleaning voice, filter replacement display and pH level concentration level display. It has an additional electronic extraction construction. The warranty covers a 75-day trial and also gives lifetime guarantee. The water actually tastes good and has anti-aging properties due to its alkaline nature.

There are also mmp Ultra Plus Filter Replacement and Standard Filter Replacements which are accessories for your filters and you can order them separately. For more information on the Tyent mmp 9090T check the link below.

Tyent 9090 Turbo Water Ionizer

The Tyent 9090 Turbo Water Ionizer provides healthy drinking water with a proper balance of the pH levels. It is also equipped with a pH enhancing technology which is effective fight disorders and maintaining the physical and mental health. There are two filters in the Tyent 9090 Turbo Water Ionizer which provides for maximum filtration to the drinking water. Some of the features of the Tyent 9090 Turbo Water Ionizer are:

  • Touch-type automatic water supply
  • Seven-color back lights
  • Voice guided service
  • Anti-virus system of the electrolytic tank
  • Automatic control with CPU chips that are built-in
  • 9 medical grade plates that are solid or mesh
  • Phi water type purifying filters


ORP is expanded as oxidation reduction potential. It’s when the value of the oxidative reduction potential is less, the better is the action and effect. In case of TYENT 9090 the ORP value falls between -550 to -810. It is because of the specially and uniquely designed style that incorporated large plates and a large surface area, it is able to have a better ORP(oxidative reduction potential). TYENT 9090 has a powerful antibacterial system, advanced water purification techniques installed and a total self cleansing system. This will help it to work with full efficiency for years. The turbo features installed in TYENT has strong acidic water for sterilization purpose and strong alkaline water for cleaning purposes. You must always remember that, when the TYENT 9090 is in turbo mode, it isn’t suggested for drinking, Keep children away from the produce when turbo mode is turned on.

credits; http://tyentsuperstore.com/

credits; http://tyentsuperstore.com/

TYENT MMP-9090 Turbo Extreme Water Ionizer

Tyent mmp-9090 turbo extreme water ionizer are available in stainless and in white. These are manufactured with recent technology, the water supply is just a touch away. One touch is only sufficient to start the operation and stop the supply of water. The seven colored back lights makes Tyent mmp-9090 turbo extreme water ionizer unique in appearance. This product is installed with voice guided service that will help those customers who are new in using Tyent mmp-9090 turbo extreme water ionizer. Tyent MMP 9090 is built with CPU chips that will help in automatic control system. The power that is supplied to each part of Tyent mmp-9090 turbo extreme water ionizer is monitored by these chips. This series of product from Tyent is installed with Turbo function that will help in providing strong alkaline and strong acidic water which can be used for various purposes like cleaning, sterilization and for discenfecting. Tyent mmp-9090 turbo extreme water ionizer comes with life time warranty.

TYENT UCE 11 TURBO Water Ionizer

Tyent UCE 11 T is basically the same as its table-top “counter” part with the virtue of staying out of everyone’s way. The UCE 11 is the most elegant and sophiscated, under the counter ionizer out there. The exclusive features of the 11 T series are….quite a few.

This 11 plate ionizer has a solid-mesh hybrid, medical grade, platinum muffled titanium form which is two plates more than the UCE 9000T variety. It has the usual wide range of pH levels which seems to be ever expanding, the range here being 1.7-12pH and the negative ORP levels go upto -1050. It has 3 alkaline, 3 acidic, 1 turbo and 1 neutral levels and if that’s not enough, 99 preset levels. There are dual filters with 0.01 micron filtration capacities. Also, apparently, the product is rather safety and cleanliness conscious because it has flood prevention and self-cleaning technologies.

What’s more? It has 27% higher power(it is 750 watts at its highest setting), 20% lower turbo acid levels, 20 % better ORP and 40% lesser water wastage. It has an electrolytic anti-bacterial system, an advanced touch screen with multicolor backlights and is the most powerful ionizer available. The levels are adjustable using the touch pad beneath the counter or the jog dial over the faucet. The ph and level of water are announced by the voice alerts as well the display screen. The life left in the filters is proclaimed by the visual filter life indicator and an alarm blares at its near-death (in other words, when its time to discard them).

The well-known life warranty of Tyent remains the same covering both parts ad labour.

Tyent 11 Plate

Tyent Water Ionizer provides for pure water by raising the pH levels of the drinking water. The 11 Plate Tyent Water Ionizer is eco-friendly as the rate of water waste is less when compared to the previous models. There are 11 plates inside the Tyent 11 Plate Water Ionizer which are equal in size and quality. These 11 plates are dipped and back in solid hybrid. The Tyent 11 Plate Water Ionizer is also equipped with a Digital LCD Touch Screen and has 4 alkaline, 3 acidic and 1 neutral feature. This water ionizer has a power of 750 watts which helps in creating optimal levels of ph and ORP. The Tyent 11 Plate also has automatic self-cleaning feature.

Tyent’s Big Water ionizer Price

The different models of Tyent Water Ionizer are differently priced. The products also differ in the features and specifications. The price range of Tyent Water Ionizer is $ 2000 to $ 4000. There are special discount prices offered for bulk purchase or for regular customers. The Tyent Water Ionizer is also available on lease and so if you do not have enough money to purchase the Tyent Water Ionizer as a whole you can opt for the lease option. Purified water at a reasonable price. You can also purchase the Tyent Water Ionizer at discounts and offers at Amazon.com.

Tyent’s Big Water ionizer Canada

Tyent has released many ionizer with recent science and technology and is now rated very high in markets. The ionizers by Tyent are Tyent 11 plate ionizer, Tyent portable ionizer, alkalux ionizer. These ionizer are completely ecofriendly and has less waste of water. They have less ORP( Oxidative Reduction Potential). These ionisers have less turbo acidic levels. These are easy installed and very easy to maintain. Tyent now offer free ground shipping to Canada and in US when you place order for water ionizers. One main thing to note is that it doesn’t include the H2G0 Portable Water Ionizer. The satisfaction reported from customers are 100%. For further details contact

credits; http://www.amazon.co.uk/

credits; http://www.amazon.co.uk/

Address: 2435 Lobb Ave Port Coquitlam BC Canada v3c 6b9

  • Phone 1:  +1 (604) 618-4506
  • Phone 2:  +1 (604) 349-461

You can also follow Tyent on facebook, google + and twitter. Feel free to fill in the feedback form to report regarding Tyent.