Tyent USA

Buy Water ionizers from one of the top brands of USA – Tyent.

Are tyent ionizers worth your money and time? Actually, Yes….it is….in every aspect! Whether it is the quality of the product or the service that Tyent provide you will find it worth the money you have spent on the product!

credits; http://healthiswealthmaui.com/

credits; http://healthiswealthmaui.com/

  • Tyent water ionizers are completely automatic and comes in different types and with wonderful features.
  • The easy easy to use and the ability to convert any type of water hard, impure into pure and clean alkaline ionized water makes tyent water ionizers worth the money.
  • High advanced technology like ‘one touch technology‘ is used in the  tyent water ionizer, just with a single touch you will be provided with high quality and safe water, healthy for you and your family and SMPS PLUS power supply. This power supply system is specially designed by Tyent engineers by improving the traditional SMPS system by adding certain extra features.
  • Solid/mesh hybrid plates are used in Tyent ionizers These solid plus mesh combo plates provides excellent electric current conduction and distribution and are durable.
  • Tyent uses double filtering system. Tyent water ionizers uses two ultra filters that will purify every single impurity present inside the water ad turns the water into a clear and pure form. These filters provide high quality filtration similar to the one found In kidney dialysis machine
  • Tyent water ionizers does not contain any type of chemicals or lead.
  • Tyent water ionizers are ISO(International standards Organization) 9001 and 14001 certified. ISO is an esteemed organization whose certification is of very high value.
  • These Ionizers has also the approval of KFDA(Korean Food And Drug Administration). In Korea it is used as medical device.
  • Tyent water ionizers are also approved by UL and CSA. It is not easy to get into the good books of UL(Underwritters Laboratory), if they are approvig a product , the it is definitely of high quality. CSA(Canadia Stadards Association) is also of the same repute, so to get approval from these two organization is in itself a very big thing. The quality of Tyent’s water ionizer and its production(alkaline Ionized water) is of superior standards for sure! Now do you really feel tyent water ionizer is worth it? Yes. I think you do.
  • Tyent provides both Counter top ionizers and Under Counter ionizers and even portable ionizers.
  • A wonderful stylish structure that look decent and modest and will fit in any type of interiors.
  • Tyent gives you life time guarantee of trust ad service. Its guarantee services is not limited to just few years it is lifelong. You can replace any unit or part of the product as long the damage is not caused due to your mishandling of the product and carelessness.


Tyent water Ionizers have been rated as the best Water ionizer by its users. So, you can be assured that Tyent water ionizers is worth your time, energy and money.