Turnaround anxiety program

Turnaround Anxiety program is one of the few programs developed to help children with fear and anxiety problems and this is extremely effective in treating kids with various disorders related to anxiety and stress.

Today things have changed. Science and a lot of effort has been taken to note and study characteristics and behavior of children to further treat problems related to anxiety disorder. Turnaround Anxiety program is one of the few programs developed to help children with fear and anxiety problems and this is extremely effective in treating kids with various disorders related to anxiety and stress.

Did you know!!!

  • 40 Million adults in the US Aged 18 and older Suffer from Anxiety Disorder
  • Only one third of patients suffering from Anxiety disorder gets treated in the US
  • Anxiety Disorder Treatments costs over $42 billion every year

Anxiety disorder is a common problem today and is to be treated well in time. If your child has signs of anxiety disorder, there are steps which could be taken to prevent him from being a disturbed adult. Most parents in the past were not aware of special psychological programs which were developed by doctors to treat and cure Anxiety related programs.

credits: https://www.turnaroundanxiety.com/

credits: https://www.turnaroundanxiety.com/

Further pages on this section will include many of these treatments in detail.

Anxiety is the emotional stress. It is part of childhood and it is usually temporary and harmless. Children with anxiety disorder may suffer fear, nervousness and will be shy. They try to avoid new places, strangers, and activities. The fear due to anxiety disorder is very hard to get rid of. Untreated children with this disorder perform very low in school. Anxiety may be generalized, obsessive, post-traumatic or separation anxieties. The generalized anxiety is to worry about anything, obsessive disorder is insisting on doing something as a routine. Separation anxiety might be the most common. Kids suffer this disorder when they are away to school initially but normally get over with it. But some kids take much more time and they need treatment. Social anxiety will be like not speaking when strangers or people are around. They opt for selective mutism and don’t like to speak at all.

Therapy is required to help these kids get over their anxiety. The many therapies help the children in developing skills and techniques to beat the anxiety and replace the negative thoughts with the positive thinking. These therapies will have Home Work to practice at home. There could be a short term medication also. Turnaround is an audio program that helps the child with anxiety disorder to systematically overcome the disorder. It consists of inspiring interactive stories that gradually help the child and is an effective method. The stories are exciting and the child would want to hear them more. This is purposefully made in a child-friendly way to make the child speak and make them want to listen more. The Turnaround anxiety Program includes digital download version, physical version of CDs and journal and the Premium program that combines both the other programs.

Turnaround anxiety program is all about stories that capture the child’s interest and make him/her want to respond with their imagination and slowly teaching them to get rid of their anxiety. It includes some proven scientific therapeutic methods like CBT, DBT, Narrative and Social Learning Therapies and many more. The narration helps the child deal with many situations that are intense and physical reactions. Every day session of 20-25 minutes of audio and doing ’homework’ from the journals must be followed. The story session can be shortened as per the child’s reaction or convenience.

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credits: http://www.prweb.com/

The story is about six children going for an adventure trip with two therapists and a guide. Each child represents different anxieties and the therapists help the kids understand what anxiety is and how it affects them and people around them. They also help the children to overcome their fear. they meet fun filled characters that personify the treatment methods and other child characters that talk about how they overcame their anxieties. The child bonds with the character and they can feel to be part of the story as it progress. The idea behind this is that the human brain tend to mimic behavior and the child would like to mimic the brave child in front of his/her eyes and slowly and unknowingly they will overcome the fear in their real life also.

Turnaround anxiety program– turning fear into freedom is an audio program that is meant to help the children who suffer many anxiety disorders to overcome their fears. The audio program is a story of 6 kids who suffer different anxiety disorders going on an imaginary trip with two therapists and a guide. The therapists help the kids understand what fear is and how to overcome it in daily situations. This turnaround anxiety program helps the child to relate himself with the character who is close to him in nature and see how he character dealing with the stressful situations and he will be able to imagine himself in that place and think how he could do. This methodically helps him to completely win over the fear. The Turnaround anxiety program is available as eight different packages.

1. The Turnaround Program Standard will be mailed to the address given. It includes a 10-day program in 10 CDs; Turnaround Journal- a workbook for the child, a Parent Guide- 2 CDs with information, a relaxation kit that contains may bedtime exercises for the child. It also contains a bonus Med FAQs discusses by neuropsychiatrist on anxiety and medications for treatment. The whole kit comes with 90-day money back guarantee.

2. The Turnaround Anxiety Program Digital is the digital format of the program. The whole thing is sent in digital format- MP3 format- that is downloadable. The Turnaround Journal workbook is sent as a PDF file. The parent guide and relaxation kit is also included. This kit is useful for the international users around the world. They don’t have to depend on the shipping and just need to download the whole thing. This one covers only a 30-day money back guarantee.

3. The Turnaround Program Premium is a combination of both the Digital and Standard programs. The Premium Kit includes both CDs and the MP3 files. The journals are available as book as well as in PDF format. The Med FAQs, parent guide and the chill kit are also available in both the formats. This one comes with a satisfaction guarantee and money back guarantee of 90-days.
4. Professional Pack is meant for the professional therapists, counselors who work with schools also. The professional kit contains the turnaround program with 5 journals, 5 chill kit CDs, 5 set of parent guide CDs. These additional CDs are useful for the professionals lending it to the children in question and to sell or lend it the parents concerned. This could be beneficial for the professionals.

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credits; http://coupononlinecodes.net/

5. Professional Support Pack is useful for the professionals who already has the program and is in need of additional supplies. This package gives 5 Turnaround Journals, 5 Chill Kits and 5 parents guide CD sets. This one is not a digital product. It has 60-day money back guarantee.

6. Extra Journals: This is good for parents who have more than one child suffering from anxiety disorder. The program CD is required only one but the workbook may need extra in hand. The extra journal option is the right option for them. This one is a 74 page workbook that reinforces the child’s newly discovered courage to fight his fears. This is a physical product and not a downloadable digital format. This is not available for the international customers.

7. Med FAQs: This is an interview series with the well known neuropsychiatrist Dr. James Lee. The questions include, Parent guide on medications for child and on teens separately, and a guide on adult anxiety medications. The questions on each booklet give light to the causes, types, and medications of anxiety disorders in the respective category of child, teen or adult. It also deals with any possible side effects, risks, importance of sleep, diet, and exercise, parents spending time with the kids, and also makes the parents aware of if the fear is normal or anxiety related. This physical product is available only in US and digital format is unavailable. This product covers a 30-day money back guarantee.

8. Distance consulting facility is available for parents of the troubled kids who have already purchased the Turnaround Anxiety Program. For them the consultation of the doctors who created this innovative program, over the phone or video-conferencing is available from as per available appointments. Payment must be done after fixing the appointment and completing the necessary details. This expense is not covered by insurance.

Anxiety in kids is a problem not just for the kids suffering them but also for their parents. It is not easy raising a child with anxiety disorder. The child will fear most of the things to do and may not speak to others and will face problems more at school. It is essential that the child got over this fear. There are many therapies available for this each dealing with one problem. The Turnaround anxiety program- Turning Fear into Freedom is a wonderful program that helps overcome many fears at a go. It deals with panic attacks, OCD, generalized anxiety, social phobia, separation anxiety etc.

The program is about a story of 6 children who suffer 6 different anxiety disorders, two therapists and a guide going for an imaginary 10 day hiking trip. The kids meet some funny imaginary characters who help them deal with anxiety and situations and train them to overcome their fear. The story is catchy for kids from 6-10 yrs old and make them part of the story as it go on. This makes it easy to make them deal with the situations imagining them to be on the same spot as the character who is suffering the same fear as him/her. This bond is the most important part that decides the success rate. Sometime the child might take longer time to get accustomed to dealing the bothering fear. The program is an audio making it easier to involve the child’s imagination rather than ‘watching’ it.

turnaround anxiety program


The expert therapists are really impressed with this therapeutic method in giving the children tools to deal with it themselves rather than simply fixing it. It let the child to express them and calm their mind. Most of the therapies urge the parents to help their child to overcome his problem. But here it is the child who is dealing with the situations in his imaginary world and he will have to come out of it himself and this is what works. He will have to think about ways to block the negative thoughts and think of positive thoughts without anyone asking him to. The many games and queries with the journal do the same thing. Gradually he will be free of the fear that was bothering him and this way it would literally turn the Fear into Freedom.

Customers who have used this are satisfied that it works better than the usual therapy sessions. Some are listening to these stories before going to bed and are able to get over the fear effectively and get a sound sleep. This is an entertainment based therapeutic method. Though it is meant for kids from 6-10 it did work for a 13 yr old boy, for him the 8th story was useful and was able to get over his fear. The stories can be selected that would help the child to deal with the fear of his kind. All the customers view it as a better option than the therapy sessions with the therapists.