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Turnaround Anxiety – Program FOR child, Reviews

for kids – a Detailed review

Turnaround Anxiety for kids is an audio program to eliminate fear and anxiety symptoms and boost their self-confidence for a bright future. This program has been professionally developed and is proven effective numerous times in eliminating child’s anxious fears. It is available in different packages and can also be downloaded from the official website. This is our detailed review about Turnaround Anxiety program.

Resistance to school, OCD symptoms, constant worrying, anxiety, etc. are few of the inner turmoils that a kid has to deal with when faced with challenges. Turnaround Anxiety is a therapeutic step-by-step program that helps the kids to eliminate fear and its symptoms. It also supports them to boost their confidence level and prepare them to face the challenges of life boldly.

It also benefits many parents by walking them through the child’s anxiety and motivating them to infuse confidence in their kid’s life. The best part of Turnaround program is the stories are told by real kids that will help other children to connect easily with the program.

Turnaround Anxiety has been well-received by the parents and children. In fact, this initiative has led them to receive awards and recognitions. The website is also BBB accredited which says a lot about the credibility of the company.

The program comes with 30, 60, and 90-day money-back guarantees based on the version that you choose. Turnaround Anxiety is recommended for kids from the age of 6 to 12.

How does Turnaround Anxiety for kids really work?

Childhood fear is a common issue with many families. Separation from parents, living alone in a hostel, panic attacks, no friends to in school are few of the fearful situations that can often lead to anxiety problems if left unattended. Many children find it difficult to express their feelings as it becomes difficult to realize their inner conflict. Such childhood anxiety problems are not just an issue for the child but for the entire family.

Turnaround Anxiety helps your child to tap the inner power and promote self-confidence in them naturally. The program includes adventurous stories that blend with your child’s imagination and teach him/her how to overcome anxiety-related fears. A specifically designed program for your children, it is a powerful yet simple tool that eliminates your child’s fears. All your child has to do is listen to an 18-25 minute lesson and complete the accompanying exercises which take 10-20 minutes. Turnaround is a story that the children will listen to over 10 lessons. You can further break the lessons into smaller sections and see what works best for your child.

There are different packages (Basic, Standard, and Premium) which you can choose at your discretion.


The basic package is designed for children in crisis and needs help ASAP. It is a fantastic choice for international buyers as it saves them time and money for shipping charges etc. It comes with a 10-day Turnaround audio program.MP3 format.

Download all the programs instantly on your computer. There is nothing to ship. Even the journal is available in a PDF format that is available for download and easy printout.

What’s included –

  • The 10-day Turnaround program which is available in audio files
  • The Turnaround Anxiety Journal (a workbook in .PDF format for you to print out)
  • The Parent Guide – a resource guide for parents
  • The Chill Kit that comes with relaxation exercises for your child
  • Works on Android and iOS smartphones as well as computer
  • 30-day return policy

Turnaround Program For Child Anxiety Basic Reviews

  • “I purchased the Turnaround audio series for my 12-year-old daughter and was very much impressed. I can’t thank you enough. She is now off prescription meds for ADHD and has got grades from D’s & F’s to B’s and occasional A. She is so confident now that she can evaluate how to process fear and tackle it. I sincerely believe that your program has saved her from many meds and disappointment.”
  • “A great thanks to Dr. Chris and Dr. David! My name is (blank for privacy), and believe it or not, I have a little issue from every camper but I am maybe like Jordan. I had many severe attacks which were very scary. But with the help of Turnaround, a little medicine, and lots of support from family and friends, I am better. Before any of that, I would talk to my pets mostly, Lily my 12-year-old cat who has grown up with me. I am 11 1/2. She is so special to me and understands me. I love Turnaround now and I love her. Thank you so much. So much that I can’t even write down how much. I am finally going to school without crying.”
  • “I want to thank you so much for the journal. Letting you know that the program is wonderful. It worked for our little girl and did wonders in helping her overcome anxieties. It took a few weeks with working on the journal in the day and listening to CDs at night. But she got rid of her fears and has no problems going to sleep anymore. I have recommended it to many people. I know that foster kids have been through many trauma or as my child has been exposed to drugs in the utero.”

You can also listen to the sample audio programs that will help you get an overlook of what you can expect with this program.


With the standard package, there won’t be any downloadable material. The entire package will be shipped to you. It features 10 CDs that contain 10 lessons for your child. Along with the CDs, there is a 74-page workbook or journal that needs to be answered by your child. It comprises of exercises that emphasize on the lessons taught which will strengthen and tackle situations presented with each CD.

What’s included –

  • The 10-day Turnaround program that will comprise of 10 CDs
  • A Turnaround Journal with 74 pages of exercises to improve cognitive behavior, handle fearful situations and make better decisions
  • Parent Guide that has 2 CDs full of helpful info for parents
  • A Chill Kit which has relaxation exercises for kids to be used during bedtime for peaceful sleep
  • Med FAQs that comprises of 90-minute discussion with Neuropsychiatrist Dr. James Lee regarding anxiety and medications used to treat it
  • 60-day money-back guarantee

Turnaround Anxiety Standard Therapy Reviews

  • “Your journal and CDs have done so much to help me. I am in grade six and had so much trouble going to school that I missed the first 2 weeks. Then it somehow became easier. Then when grade 7 came around I was so nervous when I got to school that I started crying. I told myself to snap out of it. I was ok. I don’t know why I was so nervous and the chill CDs are just the best. I can sleep better. I just wanted to say thank you again. You have helped me so much and even my parents. They are learning cool new stuff too from the CDs.”
  • “Dear Dr. Chris and Dr. David, thank you so much for inventing Turnaround. It has really turned my life around. Before Turnaround I couldn’t go to school. My arms and legs would freeze. I would have panic attacks, hallucinations. I even heard voices and got headaches. My mom had to call an ambulance twice. Now all of this stopped and I feel so confident and proud of myself.”
  • “I just have to say that your program is awesome. I have an 8-year-old who has always been an anxious child and started panic attacks two weeks ago. The tools you teach are just amazing. I can’t be more grateful for all the hard work your team has put into this program.”


This is hugely recommended as you can get the entire CDs shipped as well as download it instantly on your PC. Offering you the best of both the previous options, the premium package is a bit expensive than the other two for obvious reasons.

What’s included –

  • The 10-day Turnaround program in audio .MP3 files
  • Turnaround journal that comprises of 74 pages full of exercises that need to be used with the audio program
  • A Parent Guide that will help the parents to provide optimum care and support for their kids
  • The Chill Kit that includes many relaxation exercises to be used by your child before going to sleep
  • Med FAQs that comprises of a 90-minute interview with neuropsychiatrist Dr. James Lee who will discuss anxiety issues and the medications used to treat them.

This Turnaround Anxiety for kids program comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee that will give you a great amount of time to see how this program works for your child.

Turnaround Anxiety Program Reviews

  • “I am so glad I am free. I use to feel like the bugs were biting me. I couldn’t sleep because I was scared. Now I know I have to sleep and face my fears. I did it and became in stage 3 now. Now I have one more stage to work on. Thank you Turnaround.”
  • “My child had a wonderful time listening to Turnaround CDs. It was very helpful to my child who was having anxiety and fear. In many ways, she is shy as well. She especially liked Emily the guide. My child says she can now stand up to her fears. Thank you so much.”
  • “Thanks for creating such an innovative program. My son uses this relaxation CD when he goes through stress. The initial use of the program was very useful and we were able to identify with the issue he had throughout the CD. What’s even more greater is to hear an explanation as to why he was feeling in such and such manner. I also recommended it to the school teacher so that she can assist anxious kids she works with as well.”

Turnaround complaints

So far there have been only minor amount of users who report that about the return policy. There are rare instances of the product not working. Majoritively, the parents and children are happy with the results. You can see it in many forums, blogs, and the official website where there are many Turnaround testimonials from users. offer different return policies for various programs. While the expensive package comes with 90 days money-back guarantee, the basic package with low cost comes with 30-day return policy giving them less time to actually scrutinize and order a refund.

The website, however, adds a disclaimer that it may or may not work for everyone. While the program handles everything regarding Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Separation Anxiety etc., if a child is suffering from any severe trauma such as (sexual or physical assault), it is best recommended to consult a psychiatrist and choose the best for the child. For commonly seen anxiety disorders, these programs show a significant change in kids behavior. This is where the return policy kicks in as you can check if the child’s behavior improves within 1-2 weeks. If not, you can claim a refund.

We always recommend the premium policy as it helps the parents and kids to try it for a generous 90 days. If it doesn’t work (though it’s rare), you can always claim a refund.

Side Effects

Being a carefully designed program, there are no side effects. The audio program comes with more than six kids who narrate the story and communicate with your child. This can enhance the communication level as your child can easily relate with other kids and their emotions.

These programs have helped many kids who were dealing with anxiety symptoms and give them relief without any side effects.

Benefits/Advantages & Disadvantages

  • Speaks directly to the children in the way they understand
  • Helps them to deal with anxiety and fear
  • Have been designed by experienced therapists
  • Your child can easily relate to the stories and characters and feel part of the group
  • Encourages both the child and the parents to listen and bond with each other
  • Costs less than a session with psychologist
  • Return policy available
  • Worldwide shipping and digital download


  • Return policy is confusing for some


Where to buy Turnaround Audio CD program for sale online?

Turnaround Anxiety for kids is available at many retail sites such as Amazon, eBay etc. at best price. It can be purchased online only and not available at stores such as Walmart, Target, GNC etc.

What is the recommended age for using Turnaround Anxiety for kids?

The recommended age is 6 to 12. It may also be used for older kids to assist them to handle stress and fear well.

Is Turnaround for anxiety available in video format?

No, while there are cartoon characters on the cover of the CDs, Turnaround for anxiety program is a completely audio based program.

What is the shipping policy of Turnaround Anxiety if I am living in the UK?

Yes, irrespective of your country, you can purchase Turnaround Anxiety from the official website. You can easily download and have the program CDs shipped at your desired location, be it UK, Canada, India, or any other place globally.

Can Turnaround Anxiety help kids with vomiting or nausea symptoms?

Yes, Turnaround Anxiety seems to have helped children who are having emetophobia or anxiety over getting sick.

Are there any Turnaround Anxiety coupon codes available?

There are many websites through which you can use Turnaround Anxiety discount coupon codes. This will help you to purchase the product at a better price.

Where can I download Turnaround Anxiety app?

Turnaround Anxiety app is available in Google Play Store for easy download.


Turnaround Anxiety for kids is a great program that has helped many children eliminate fear and anxiety symptoms naturally. It is absolutely safe since it has been designed by renowned psychiatrists. As per the official website, 97% of the reviews are positive. Furthermore, the program has received many accolades from the public (be it teachers, parents, or kids). The fact that it eliminates the need for medications has gone down very well with parents. If your child is facing anxiety troubles, then this program is definitely worth a try.

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