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These days, road sports and water sports activities are getting popular. Many people involve themselves into these sports as a hobby, profession, adventure and many more. is your one stop online retail store for all biking, swimming, running and other related requirements.

That why is called swim bike run shop. In this article you will get to know about TriSports products for Road Sports and Water Sports like triathlon bikes, wetsuits and other related products. Below have a look at the content table. – The Company

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TriSports products – The Company

In summer of 1999 Seton Claggett really had a hard time finding a local source for triathlon equipment in the deserts of Tucson, AZ. After several hours of efforts, he was unable to find the required equipments. Hence, he came up with a grand idea of starting an online triathlon store. At that time starting a dot com company was considered a bold thought. In April 2000 with a strong business plan, was launched in the Claggett’s two bedrooms house. Soon after its launch, the online triathlon equipment store quickly gained lots of traction. Debbie Claggett supported in providing superior customer service. The effort from both Seton and Debbie Claggett created an ultimate shop for triathletes.

Today, occupies a 32,000 sq ft facility housing a state-of-the-art retail store, warehouse, and corporate headquarters plus over 25 staff members. focuses on their customers, staff, suppliers and the environment which actually defines their worth as a company. They know all four of these are interconnected and each of them is needed for the success of this business model. Let’s now begin discussing some of the best TriSports road sports and water sports products.

Triathlon Bikes offers a wide selection of best triathlon bikes and road bikes. The triathlon bikes brands from Quintana Roo, Orbea, Kestrel and many more are available here. The complete aero triathlon bicycles are their specialty products. In addition to complete Triathlon bikes and framesets, offers a huge selection of triathlon bike accessories such as race wheels and aero bars, cycling clothing (including shoes and helmets), and bike electronics and power meters, as well as a complete selection of tools and supplies to keep your bike running in top condition always.

Triathlon bikes discount can be availed on its website’s clearance section. If you are fortunate you can strike a gold tri bike, road bike or mountain bike model from clearance sale or season ending sale or previous year model. With an extensive selection of Triathlon bikes for training and racing, is the only place you can find everything tri. Below are some of the road sports – Triathlon Bikes models details

2016 Orbea Ordu M30 | Shimano 105 Triathlon Bike

Product Description – The 2016 Orbea Ordu M30 Triathlon Bikes has an accelerated technology at a really affordable price. This Triathlon bike mirrors its astonishing good appearance with a super-sleek aerodynamic design. It comes powered by an 11-speed Shimano 105 groupset for smooth yet quick shifting on the go. This time trialed bike is available for under $2300.

Triathlon Bikes

Triathlon Bikes

by Trisports 5 out of 5stars (355 Customer Ratings)

Price: $5699 offers a great range of triathlon bikes and road bikes. The website features many bikes brands from Quintana Roo, Orbea, Kestrel etc. You will also find accessories here.

So far so good

4 stars out of 5 by Raphael for Triathlon Bikes

I just put all the pieces together. It is easy to assemble and takes less than an hour. A lightweight product plus durable as well, I can just feel it. The seat is quite good. Better than mountain bikes.

Technology – Orbea’s Aerodynamic Investigation Zone (AIZonE) technology optimizes tube shapes for lightweight rigidity, frame stiffness and smoother airflow. Its internal Direct Cable Routing (DCR) System reduces drag by up to 25% for superior aerodynamics and improved shifting. While Orbea’s Attraction Technology isolates vibrations, optimizes traction and improves direct power application. Lastly, the Ordu-Monocoque design philosophy perfects the carbon form, sturdiness and fatigue resistance construction of their triathlon bikes.

Features – The several features of 2016 Orbea Ordu M30 | Shimano 105 Triathlon Bike are

  • Frame is 17% stiffer up front and 16% stiffer in the rear triangle
  • Minimalistic monolink seatpost and stem clamp
  • Shimano 105 5800 components
  • Shimano 11-speed drivetrain
  • Electronic shifting compatible
  • Vision TriMax Alloy Basebar
  • Vision Team 25 clincher wheels
  • Top tube bolt bosses for direct mount bento box
  • UCI legal for time trial road races
  • Orbea Lifetime Warranty
  • Colors: Red/Black (RED)
  • Sizes: X-Small (XS), Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L)

2016 Kestrel 4000 | Shimano 105 Triathlon Bike

Product Description – The 2016 Kestrel 4000 Shimano 105 Triathlon Bike is a time testing masterpiece. The Kestrel 4000 comes in handsome good looks with a super-slick aerodynamic design. It has a Shimano 105 11-speed drive train for traditionally quick and smooth shifting. Currently this product is available on sale for $2700.


Technology – This A2 wind tunnel tested model optimizes tube shapes for superior aerodynamics, lightweight rigidity, efficient power delivery, and get the most from all speeds. Designed in the A2 Wind Tunnel, the stays, seat post, and seat tube are aerodynamically contoured. The internal cable routing system reduces drag for additional aerodynamic benefits. Lastly, the 4000’s race-proven geometry maximizes fit and improves traction while multiplying overall performance. Geometry model is ideal for the long-distance triathlons.

Features – The many features of 2016 Kestrel 4000 | Shimano 105 Triathlon Bike are –

  • It is constructed of 800K high-modulus carbon fiber i.e. it is Kestrel’s lightest carbon construction used only on SL (Super Light) models
  • The oval shaped handlebar and stem use a traditional interface that doesn’t require any special proprietary tools, allowing for easy adjustment and customization
  • New rear stays are shaped to fit all the commonly available deep-dish and disc wheels, while preserving aerodynamics
  • New vertical dropouts allow for easy wheel changes and combine a secure hold with 8mm of fore-aft aerodynamic adjustability
  • TRP 920 Forged Aero Center Pull braking system offers reliable stopping power and excellent aerodynamics
  • Kestrel EMS Pro Aero Seat post allows for the saddle to be mounted in a wide range of positions
  • Color: Satin Carbon/ Black
  • Frame Sizes: 50cm, 52cm, 55cm, 57cm, 59cm

Quintana Roo Kilo Race | 2016 Shimano 105 Triathlon Bike

Product Description – The Quintana Roo Kilo Race | 2016 Shimano 105 Triathlon Bike is packed full of innovation and technology and is way better than your everyday entry-level tri bike. The beautifully woven carbon fiber is lightweight and the aerodynamic frame is designed to be slippery in the wind. It has a taller head tube for a better fit and increased comfort. It is built-up with latest cutting-edge Shimano 105 components which will inspire years of confident racing and riding enjoyment. The 2016 Quintana Roo Kilo Race Triathlon Bike delivers the best of best performance, with affordable price. This Triathlon Bike can be bought for nearly $3000.

Features – The many attributes of Quintana Roo Kilo Race | 2016 Shimano 105 Triathlon Bike are

  • Shimano 105 11-speed drivetrain
  • Novatec R5 carbon wheelset
  • Strong-light carbon fiber construction
  • F.I.S.T. certified frame geometry that fits a wider range of triathletes
  • Taller head tube is designed for performance and comfort
  • Recessed aero seat-post clamp
  • Aerodynamic top-tube cable routing
  • Compatible with standard road brakes
  • BB30 bottom bracket technology
  • Wind tunnel tested design
  • Frame Sizes: S, M, L

These are just the few Triathlon Bikes models, search and you will a very large collection.

Triathlon Wetsuits

Triathlon Wetsuits are must for your swimming water sports activity. offers you only the highest quality triathlon wetsuits on the market, which are backed by the companies that manufacture them. All Triathlon Wetsuits brands offered here has their own unique selling points, but one fact that remains same for all i.e. they will make you go faster in all your open water swims. Each branded Triathlon Wetsuits contains different models/ styles which may result in different performance results. Some Triathlon Wetsuits brands offered here are Ocra, Speedo, Blueseventy, 2XU and many more.

Blueseventy Women’s Sprint Wetsuit

Blueseventy Women’s Sprint Wetsuit

by Trisports 5 out of 5stars (321 Customer Ratings)

Price: $206
Blueseventy Women’s Sprint Wetsuit will surely take your open water swimming to the next level. Even novice and seasoned triathletes agree about the flexibility and buoyancy that the suit offers.

I love it…!!!

5 stars out of 5 by Glenda for Blueseventy Women’s Sprint Wetsuit

The suit is of good quality, well tailored and is quite comfortable. I am 5’1″ and 118lbs but it fits perfectly. It will fit a taller woman with the same specs. The price too is amazing.

You will find triathlon wetsuits cost more than your average recreational wetsuit. This is because a serious swim race should have no compromise on quality and craftsmanship. Have a look at few Triathlon Wetsuits for men and women.

2XU Men’s A:1 Active Wetsuit

Product Description – The Men’s A:1 Active Wetsuit from 2XU is a better-quality swimsuit which offers performance without the price. It is engineered with 100% Japanese 39 Cell Yamamoto neoprene. Moreover, the A:1 Active wetsuit provides maximum flotation and flexibility for improved buoyancy and body position in the water. To make you fast, slippery and keep you on course, the wetsuit has been treated with 2XU’s SCS (Super Composite Skin) coating. The featured Velocity Strakes on the chest of swimsuit helps you guide the direction in the swim. The build in Concave Water Entrapment Zones along the forearms and a core support rollbar promote an optimal body position for improved hydrodynamic efficiency. The 2XU Men’s A:1 Active Triathlon Wetsuit let you have the speed, comfort and performance to outperform the competition.

Features – The brief features of 2XU Men’s A:1 Active Wetsuit are

  • SCS coating i.e. hydrodynamic silicone coating
  • 39 cell front buoyancy panel for maximum buoyancy
  • Velocity strakes for hydrodynamic stability
  • Concave water entrapment zone for enhanced DPS
  • Floating zip panel – extra DPS
  • 520% stretch lining for enhanced lateral flexibility
  • Rollbar helps improve core buoyancy plus body position
  • Backed by 2XU’s 2 year warranty
  • Sizes: Small (S), Small/Tall (ST), Small/Medium (SM), Medium (M), Medium/Tall (MT), Medium/Solid (MS), Large (L), Large/Tall (LT), X-Large (XL), XX-Large (XXL)

Blueseventy Women’s Sprint Wetsuit

Product Description – Blueseventy Women’s Sprint Wetsuit will surely take your open water swimming to the next level. Novice and seasoned triathletes agrees to the matchless buoyancy and flexibility offered by the Sprint triathlon wetsuit in the market. It provides better feel and performance than other comparable wetsuits. The Sprint suit features 100% Yamamoto 38 cell rubber with Super Composite Skin (SCS) coated arms and legs, silicone wrist and ankle cuffs plus a lower collar for ultimate comfort.

Features – The many features of Women’s Sprint Triathlon Wetsuit from Blueseventy are

  • The upgraded 100% Yamamoto 38 cell rubber is better and affordable that doesn’t sacrifice buoyancy or comfort
  • The Super Composite Skin (SCS) Coated in the legs and arms provides a protective barrier against fingernails, wetsuit strippers and other triathlon wetsuits.
  • When wet, silicone wrist and ankle cuffs provide a super slick surface that allows the suit too literally “pop” off at the wrists and ankles
  • The curved closure flap reduces rear collar height while improving comfort and reducing chafing
  • The featured reverse zipper reduces the need for a traditionally higher collar that improves comfort and makes it easier to sight
  • This new designed swimsuit lifts the lower half of the body which improves body position by creating less drag, more speed while conserving energy
  • The featured thin 1.5mm Yamamoto high quality neoprene in the arm and arm gussets for better flexibility.

You will find number of Triathlon Wetsuits for men, women and even kids. Search each brand at and select the one that best suits your needs.

Aero Bars

Aero Bars are one of the top accessories for road sports biking. offers only the top names in aerobars, clip on aero bars, and handlebars in the triathlon industry. AeroBars brands such as Profile-Design, Vision Tech, 3T, Shimano and Zipp and many more are offered here. If you want Adjustable aero bars or integrated aero bars have everything for all your Aero Bars need. The aero bars goal is to keep your hands and wrists comfortable without compromising. helps you fulfill this goal by offering a large variety of aero bars plus several key accessories needed to support these aero bars.

Aerobar Water Bottles

Only the best selection of Aerobar Water bottles hydration systems are offered at From simple water bottle mounted racks to fully integrated hydration systems, everything best plus all the accessories that go along them are easily accessible. Some of the Aerobar Water bottles hydration systems brands offered here are profile design, zipp, vision, speeedfill and many more. Search for in depth details of the Aerobar Water bottles.

Aerobar Water Bottles

Aerobar Water Bottles

by Trisports 5 out of 5stars (450 Customer Ratings)

Price: $488
Get the best selection of Aerobar Water bottles hydration systems available at

Great product

5 stars out of 5 by Linda for Aerobar Water Bottles

I love this product. A great carry on for sports freaks, the quality of the product is amazing. It is also lightweight and comes with excellent design that looks so stylish.

Round Bike Seat Steve Cobb


Round Bike Seat Steve saddles for Triathlon bikes are designed by one of the most successful bike fitters in the world. The Cobb cycling Round Bike Seat saddles provides unsurpassed comfort and air flow to the rider all while reducing the pressure points. The Round Bike Seat Steve Cobb bike saddles are designed for the Triathlon, road and mountain bikes in mind. There are different variety of saddles offered by Cobb, its products includes

  • Cobb Randee Tri Saddle
  • Cobb Plus2 Tri Saddle
  • Cobb Fifty-Five Tri Saddle
  • Cobb V-Flow Tri Saddle
  • Cobb V-Flow Plus Tri Saddle
  • Cobb Max Tri Saddle
  • Cobb V-Flow SHC170 Saddle
  • Cobb Gen2 Saddle
  • Cobb DRT Plus MTB Saddle
  • Cobb DRT SHC MTB Saddle

TomTom SPARK Cardio + Music + Headphones

TomTom products give you all the information you need for running, swimming, biking, etc. it successfully tracks your run outdoors, indoors and on a treadmill as well. Its lightweight GPS system is designed for all road sports and water sports. Have a look at the TomTom SPARK Cardio + Music + Headphones product

Product Description – TomTom brings you an innovative and all-new SPARK Cardio + Music + headphones product to match your active lifestyle. SPARK Cardio + Music + Headphones follow all your progress including the tasks you perform while on the go. It gives you credit for all your routine activities. Best performance you can get by challenging yourself to a daily or weekly target for steps, calories, distance, or active time. It features switch modes to record all your training – run, bike, gym, swim or treadmill. It’s easy to use – just set some goal and track your progress. The TomTom SPARK Cardio + Music + Headphones features automatic sleep tracking, wireless syncing, and is water resistant for use in all weather conditions. It also includes remote functionality Bluetooth headphones. This wonderful device can be bought for about $250.

Features – The TomTom SPARK Cardio + Music + Headphones features are

  • The 24/7 activity tracking system capture your steps, active minutes and calories burned
  • Its GPS tracking system tracks your time, pace, distance and calories burned
  • This product can work on a multisport mode i.e. train in run, bike, swim, gym and treadmill modes
  • It comes with a built-in heart rate monitor to get precise heart rate information on your wrist
  • Its heart rate training zones i.e. train in 5 different zones to get results faster
  • The featured automatic sleep tracking get you know whether you had taken enough sleep or not.
  • The Wireless syncing feature syncs your workouts wirelessly with your favorite apps
  • It allows you to set goal steps calories, distance or active time, challenge yourself to a daily or weekly target and try to achieve it.
  • Interval training feature improves speed and fitness with custom work-rest sessions
  • This product is water resistant – use in all weather conditions
  • It features 3GB music storage, allowing you to carry up to 500 songs of music storage without carrying your phone
  • Its Audio performance features allows you to get an audio feedback of your performance
  • It comes with a Bluetooth headphones with remote functionality
  • It is available in black Color
  • It comes in two sizes i.e. Small (S) 121-175mm and Large (L) 143-206mm

ALT-GEAR Koozie Can Holder

A koozie also known as a coozy is a fabric or foam cover that is build to thermally insulate a beverage container, like a can or bottle. The Koozie offered at are from Koozie brands such as XLAB, Zipp, profile design, ALT-GEAR and many more. ALT-GEAR Koozie Can Holder has similar features as Ozark Koozie. It can bought under $25 and here are the product details.

ALT-GEAR Koozie Can Holder

ALT-GEAR Koozie Can Holder

by Trisports 4 out of 5 stars (250 Customer Ratings)

Price: $24
The ALT-GEAR Koozie Can Holder allows you take along your favorite drink during your ride. It comes with snap open and close lid keeps your can secure and safe from banding on the street or trail.

Value for money

4 stars out of 5 by for ALT-GEAR Koozie Can Holder

I love the way it holds any drink efficiently. It is spill proof and does not leak unlike other products. It is amazing and works efficiently. I am not a fan of cola but I love sports drink. The koozie holds it efficiently and the quality of the product is fantastic.

Product Description – The Koozie Can Holder from ALT-GEAR allows you take along your favorite cola while on ride. Its snap open and close lid keeps your can secure and safe from banding on the street or trail. Its strong Velcro straps allow you to easily and quickly mount it almost anywhere on your bike frame. The Koozie Can Holder can also be used as a blank canvass to store your personalize things.

Features – The several features of ALT-GEAR Koozie Can Holder are

  • It has versatile and easy mounting design
  • The tough Velcro straps ensures stability
  • It holds can, water bottle or any of your favorite beverages
  • It is made using durable thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) material
  • This foam spacer holder is easy to clean
  • Comes in Black (BLK) or Pink (PNK) color
  • Its Size: 5.5″ x 3.5″ x 3.5″ and Weight: 4oz.

Customer Reviews

The Customer reviews about Road Sports and Water Sports Products are mostly positive. However there are few customers who had bitter experiences while buying here. Let’s have look at both positive and negative Customer reviews.

Positive Customer reviews – Many people say has a great selection of products at great prices, and does quick shipping with great packaging. It is one-stop shopping for anything triathlon. Below are some positive customer testimonies

  • David – Awesome company, amazing service – My experience with TriSports was 2nd to none. I needed to contact their support line after an error was made by my bank. They were outstanding and processed my order in a professional and courteous manor. I would highly recommend them and I will remain a loyal customer.
  • Kyle – TriSports is Good, I like there Company. Easy to order online, shipping was fast and no extra charge. Great Company to buy from. I will continue to buy from TriSports.
  • Diana – Was able to easily locate the a tri suit that I needed. The size charts and pictures where very helpful.

Negative Customer reviews – Many downside customer reviews about are that certain ordered products are backordered later on. Some people even complained about the higher price of some products bought here. Below are some negative customer testimonies

  • Brian – Product back ordered, where r u??? Items ordered we’re backordered on 5/31. We’re talking swim goggles!! Not building a custom bike. Haven’t heard if anything is on the way, order never should have been processed and paid for. May never use company again, undecided!!
  • Marcelo – You indicated that some products are available (in stock) when I was doing my purchase, but ones you send the confirmation or ship information mention that some of those products are on back order. In my town this is known as a fraud
  • Arash – hydration system, Good quality item. Delivered fast. Installation manual had very small print and illustrations were poor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why to buy from

There are number of reasons for you to buy road sports and water sports products from

  • Top suppliers, best manufacturers, superior products and affordable prices
  • Free Shipping on all Orders above $99
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  • Chance to earn reward points for purchases, reviews and referrals
  • Big clearance sale every year, ongoing sale Big clearance sale 2016
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What is returns policy?

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, just return your product within 90 days for a full refund to your payment method. Returns after 90 days will be eligible for store credit up to the purchase price. Clearance sale items may also be returned for store credit. Please note: products that have been cut, altered or changed will not be accepted for return.

How to initiate returns?

At, return process is made even easier. If you have an item to return, just click the Easy Return link on their website and enter your details. You can print a return label right at home. Please note this service is chargeable $9.99. Also, you can drop off your return package at any UPS facility, UPS Store or drop box location, isn’t that great? Please note the return label is only valid in the continental United States.

How do I contact TriSports products?


A. You can contact through phone, live chat, web message or mail –
Call Customer Service team 10AM – 7PM EST (M-F)on phone nos.

  • Toll Free: (888) 293-3934
  • Local: (520) 884-TRI3(8743)
  • International: (520) 884-8744
  • Fax: (520) 844-8740
  • Mailing address –, 4495 S. Coach Dr., Tucson, Arizona 85714 – USA

Conclusion is your swim run bike shop to help you buy everything Triathlon. Apart from these, here you can buy clothing, nutrition, and training and electronics products as well. Based on several positive feedbacks and a large selection of road sports, water sports, related components and other accessories, is must try online retail store.