Table of Contents

  • Features of TrekDesk Treadmill Desk
  • Benefits of TrekDesk treadmill desk
  • Assembling the TrekDesk
  • Using TrekDesk treadmill desk
  • TrekDesk treadmill desk customer reviews
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Physical exercises are necessary to keep up an energetic body. Walking is considered one of the healthiest workouts of all. Walking for a few miles can provide a good amount of benefits. But work is also important for one and all. Moreover, today’s busy world allows very less time to even get a breather. TrekDesk is a desk that can have a treadmill attached to it. The desk has all the facilities of a work station and that allows you to walk or run. The desk is convenient to be fitted on to any treadmill.

Features of TrekDesk Treadmill Desk

  • TreKDesk treadmill desk is a work desk that can fit over the regular treadmill.
  • The user can continue with his/her work and can also have the needed walk all the while.
  • The desk has ample space to keep all the necessities on it. The TrekDesk is 72 inches long and 34 inches wide. It is set in almost U shaped so the person using the treadmill has access to all sides of the desk.
  • The legs of the desk are provided at 49 inches apart for a wider support. This width between the legs allows right fit into all standard treadmills. The legs also have metal base support with safety bushes underneath to protect the floor.
  • The narrowest part of the desk is 18 inches wide to allow the person to have access to the treadmill buttons.
  • The desk is height adjustable and there are 2 height adjustments. The height adjustments fit finely for anyone who is just 5 ft tall or as tall as 6 ft 4 inches. The height settings are numbered.
  • The TrekDesk is made of premium powder coated steel with a desktop that is designed to last longer. The desktop is also stain resistant. The desktop is connected to the base by metal support arms.
  • The greatest feature of this TrekDesk treadmill desk is that it is foldable for easy storage or transportation.
  • It can be used at home, office or any other commercial establishment where you either need a working desk or need a desk to help you do work and walk at the same time.
  • The desktop is the major part with wide enough space for all the work. It has beveled edges for the appearance as well as comfortable and safety.
  • There is separate space for manuscript holder for typing purposes, or to keep the magazines or books.
  • A phone stand and file tray is also included with the package.
  • There are 2 cup holders provided on both side ends of the TrekDesk treadmill desk.
  • The Trekdesk can be placed over the handle of the treadmill for dual purpose of walking and working. Otherwise, it is completely fit to use as a separate work desk alone. The height adjustment features comes handy when you need to use it as for the desk only purpose.

Benefits Of TrekDesk Treadmill Desk

The easiest excuse people present when they are lazy to workout is that they don’t have time for the exercises. Walking is the simplest exercise of all. With the TrekDesk one can make sure that they walk a few miles daily without compromising on the work. They can easily combine the work and walk together.

TrekDesk is basically meant to fit over a treadmill as a desk to keep all the work necessities over it and the person take slow and steady walk while working. One need not sweat to get the body moving and get the benefits. Even a slow walk would also do. This is the trick behind having a working desk over the treadmill. You walk slowly and continue working.

People can stop making excuses; they no longer need to find separate time for a walk. Attend calls, meetings or lectures all the while you take your needed walk. TrekDesk is meant for all to use whether you are an employee or a student or the boss himself, it gives you all the benefits of walking.

Health professionals urge all to take at least 10,000 steps daily to stay in the green zone of health. These many steps makes up to 5 miles and it would take somewhere around 3 hours of time. Who can take that much time away from work or studies? With the TrekDesk you don’t need to worry about taking time out.

Spending even an hour on walking would suffice. Walking can bring 60 different benefits for the body starting with weight loss to maintaining good health. It allows you not taking time off the work and saves time by not letting you get sick and forced to take leave.

Assembling The TrekDesk

  • The TrekDesk comes with all the parts and it is up to you to assemble it. All the assembling details are provided with the product. It takes a maximum of 40-45 minutes for safe and secure assembly. All you need to have with you is a screwdriver and driller. The screws and all the necessary parts are provided.
  • Start with assembling the desktop. It comes as left half and right half. Assemble them by aligning them upside down. There are grooves provided to insert the support braces into it. Place them and screw them as instructed.
  • Next is the centre support bracket, followed by hinged support brackets on either side. Fix these support brackets on both sides and then fix the struts clips.
  • Fix the legs next and then the support struts that are fixed to the legs on both sides and to the centre support bracket of the desktop piece.
  • Assemble the leg pieces together and screw them in and secure it. The TrekDesk is ready to be used. Just make sure that all the screws are tight and secured before you use the desk.
  • Place the accessories only after the desk are set ready to use. Screw in the utility holder into its slot with plastic screws. Remember to fix the numbered height decal for easy height adjustments.

Using TrekDesk Treadmill Desk

Once you assemble the parts, it is ready to be used. But there are a few things that you need to know about using this TrekDesk.

To start with, it is more of a personal desk than it is open for all. Although it has height adjustment facilities, it is not easy to do so. You need to unscrew and rescrew the fittings for height adjustment. People who are similar in height could use the TrekDesk over the treadmill easily. But for different height of people can be difficult.

The next point is that this desk is useful if you are planning to walk on the treadmill. Running on the treadmill with this TrekDesk attached to it can pose a problem. So you need to remove the desk from over the treadmill before you increase the speed. To remove the desk, simply pull it back and place it somewhere away.

The maximum safety speed to walk over the treadmill is 3 mph or a maximum of 4 mph while you work. Over speed can upset the desk and cause damage to the desk or to the accessories and things placed over it.

Never place additional accessories attached to the desk. Use only those accessories that come with the desk. The desk is designed for them. Additional accessories can only cause damage to the desk.

Do note that the TrekDesk is NEVER ATTACHED to the treadmill. It is simply placed over the treadmill and usually the desktop stays perpendicular to the treadmill monitor or it can stay right below the monitor. It fits almost all the standard treadmills.

Due to the height adjustment facility, it is better to set the desk at a height where you will have the computer monitor set at eye level. It prevents you from having to bend the head constantly while walking. The constant bending can cause harm.

The TrekDesk has a weight capacity of 100 pounds. You may place any number of items on the desk a long as they have space to fit in and comply with the maximum weight limit.

While placing the laptop or monitor and even the file holder, make sure that it does not block your view of the treadmill monitor.

Last point is that TrekDesk can be used as a standalone desk also. But in that case you may want to have a high chair rather than usual chair. TrekDesk is meant to use while you are walking means while you stand. The height works better in this position. For sitting you will need a high chair to help you adjust with the height. TrekDesk is higher than usual desks.

TrekDesk Treadmill Desk Customer Reviews

Rogers got this TrekDesk during the earlier years itself. He is satisfied with the sturdiness, packaging, video assembly feature available, and the height adjustment and for having a larger work space. The customer service also gets thumbs up from him.

The problem areas according to him are the assembly instructions, accessibility to the treadmill monitor and no control for the cords of the computer. He wanted better assembly instructions that are simpler and easy to understand. With the height adjustment for him, the treadmill monitor was under the desk so he had difficulty reaching to it to switch it on or off. Finally there are the cords of the computer and keyboard or other accessories. All the cords would simply hang from the desk and it can be messy. There are no ports to get them to the power outlets. He also states that since he prefers to sit for a while every now and then, this TrekDesk is not a multitasker. It is useful when you want to stand and walk but not for the frequent sitting. It requires you to stay away from the desk or have the desk moved away from the treadmill.

Patricia is another happy customer who got to work and walk at the same time. Although she took a while to get the rhythm, she is happy that she had this and was managing to walk at least 3 miles without compromising on the work schedule. She needed frequent break from walking and it was easier to access the treadmill monitor. The only problem according to her is that the installation took time. It also needed 2 persons to get the assembled desk into its upright position and also for moving from one place to another.

Summer is happy that she gets her regular 10,000 steps with this TrekDesk without having to reschedule her work. She manages to achieve this goal by noon everyday and still get to continue her work. She also states that it has enough space for her 2 monitors and its accessories over the desk.

For those who were not happy with the TrekDesk, the only console was that the desk is large enough to keep all the work assortments. The main problem for most of them was the installation. The use of hollow plastic did not go well with many and for the same reason fond it to be unstable for some reasons. The price of the desk was concern for others. According to some the price should have been much lower than this for its make in plastic desktop. One of the customers’ found that the TrekDesk was unstable but he rectified it by having plywood fixed between the legs to connect them. Overall, there have been mixed reviews for this TrekDesk treadmill desk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the TekDesk treadmill desk include the desk and the treadmill?

No it only has the desk. Treadmill will have to be purchased separately.

What are the accessories available with the TrekDesk?

The TrekDesk package includes a file holder, a manuscript holder for books or magazines and papers, and 2 cup holders to fix on both sides of the desk. There is another accessory, a wireless headset for hands free work. This wireless set has to be purchases separately.

From where can I purchase this TrekDesk?

TrekDesk could be purchased from the TrekDesk store online. It is also partnered with Amazon.

How much does TrekDesk cost?

TrekDesk costs just above $500. It is shipped within USA and there might be extra shipping charges. There also is time when you have offers like free shipping.

My work demands lot of typing, will I benefit from this TrekDesk to achieve my walking goals?

Definitely. TrekDesk allows easy access to the treadmill monitor and you can adjust the speed of the treadmill to allow you to type while you walk. You will need a rather slower pace to do so.

What is the advantage of TrekDesk over other similar products?

For starters, TrekDesk costs much less than other counterparts. It has sturdy design, adjustable height, and flexibility to fold and store. Not all working desktops can offer the same facilities.

Are there discount offers for TrekDesk?

Yes, TrekDesk is available at discounted price for bulk orders of more than 10 desks.

Is the TrekDesk available in other colors than grey?

Grey is the standard color. But customized colors may be applicable for orders exceeding more than 250.

Does the TrekSedk have warranty?

Yes, TrekDesk has a warranty period of 2 years. It covers missing parts, damaged parts and other manufacturing defects. The return shipment charges are to be taken by the customer.