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Trampoline Parts Centre is one of the certified manufacturers for the trampoline. There are nets, mats, pads, springs, frame parts, you name it, and it is there. They are all from different brands.

Trampoline is a bouncing device that has a stretched cloth fitted on a steel frame and secured by many coiled strings. Trampoline parts centre is an online store for this device. All kinds of parts of the trampoline are available with other kids’ furniture and outdoor play set ups.

Trampoline Parts Centre is one of the certified manufacturers for the trampoline. There are nets, mats, pads, springs, frame parts, you name it, and it is there. They are all from different brands. While selecting each part for the trampoline the correct measurement is essential. The mat, net, spring length and the pad all should be measured properly.

How to Measure a Trampoline?

A trampoline might be round or rectangle. For a round trampoline, first the steel frame diameter is measured, and then the pad width, the diameter of the mat, the length of the un-stretched spring, number of springs attached to a mat. For a rectangle trampoline the measurement is taken for the length and width of the frame and the width of the pad which will also be the length of the spring. To complete the measurement each part of the trampoline has to be measured accurately. This is because the length, width or the diameter of each brand may be different and there are chances that one ends up buying the wrong part. Taking the measurement will ensure that the replacement part will fit correctly.

  • Frame Size: the frame size of a round trampoline is the length from one point to the end that is diagonally opposite. For a rectangle frame both the length and the width are measured. The usual measurement for the trampolines is 8, 10 or 12-16 ft.
  • Pad Size: the pad size is the length between the steel frame and the mat. The pad size is also happened to be the length of the springs.
  • Mat: The mat is the part where the children jump up and down. This is also round and is measured in diameter. The measuring mat may be stretched so it is always safe to have the measurement of the frame, spring and the ring count.
  • Spring is measured when it is not stretched ie, take one out and take the measurement. This length usually ranges from 4.75-9 inches.
  • Ring count: The ring count is the number of ports on the edge of the mat to hook the springs. The regular ring count is around 72-104.
  • For a rectangular trampoline the measurement is taken without the frame from the side of mat to the other side. The frame is measured separately.


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Trampoline parts & supply centre is an online store for all kind of parts of trampoline.
There are nets, mats, pads, springs, frame parts from different brands.

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How to Select the Correct Part?

In order to help you select the right sized part there is a Wizard in every product page. In this Wizard there should be the part that is intended for purchase, the type of trampoline, the frame size, the spring size/length and the number of springs are to be selected in the order they appear. When all these information is fed, and click on locate it button, you will have the product you looking for. The product will be the exact size provided all the measurements are correct and accurate. To reach the accurate measurement, one need to take it at least 2-3 times.

Trampoline Nets – Trampoline Parts Centre

The nets are the protective covering for the trampoline. The net will keep the children from falling out and hurting themselves. The net is selected on the basis of the connection type, pole count, frame size and the shape of the frame. The net is usually connected by 3 or more arch poles around. These poles will have the net fitted and secured with the help o enclosure pole caps. There is also a universal net that can be used on any shaped trampoline.

What is the material used?

The mat or pad is made with polyethylene or PVC-poly vinyl chloride. The polyethylene is a flexible plastic material which has a UV resistant coating. When used outdoors these pads should be replaced every three months. As for the PVC material, it is much thicker, durable and more UV resistant than the other one. This is also the popular choice as well. These pads are to be replaced once in a year.

Other Products

  • Kids Furniture: Apart from the trampolines there are kid’s furniture and other products available at Trampoline Parts Centre. White aflan bookshelf, kids’ diva table and chair set, table, bench and chairs set, metropolis set, race car bookcase, and side table, a vanity, etc are available.
  • Outdoor play items like the educational toys, bikes, tricycles, bounce house, electric powered vehicles, bouncers, moto bikes mini, scooters, skateboards, sleeping bags and other toys are available.
  • Accessories like the anchor kits, ladders, hoppy balls, bounce boards, and other games. The trampoline cover protects the trampoline during extreme weather. There are pole enclosure foam caps and enclosure caps to secure the nets as well. The foam sleeves for the poles are also available. The strap buckle for the nets, shoe bag, UV protective spray for the trampoline parts, trampoline spring pulling tool, etc are also seen. The ladders are for the child usage.
  • Outdoor living products like the patio heater for the winter, oil lamp or torch, fire pits or domes are there at the Trampoline Parts Centre. The bounce houses, water sliding parks are also there to make the garden a play area for the children during summer. They are available in all colors, shapes, and sizes. There are portable spas also.

With those entire items one can have a complete set of enjoyment and entertainment for the children outside the home. All these are safe and durable. The outdoor products can withstand the heat and UV rays. The products are ordered online. They are usually delivered in 3-4 days but they can also be picked up in person from the nearest warehouses as well. The shipment will depend on the state where the customer lives because there is no shipment to certain states.