For people like me, words like “team building”, makes me wanna vanish from the face of the earth. Unfortunately, I just have to deal with it only because I can’t get a note to get me out of a team.

People like me, who lack self-confidence won’t think twice before trying out certain products like Liquid trust spray that boosts your self-confidence by provoking “trust” in the people you meet.

But there is no doubt that you, as a team manager/leader, need to build stronger rapport within your team, but are there really any ways to make people “feel excited” about their job? Actually, yes. In recent times, the word Team, has really transformed into a “fad” especially in the corporate world. Everyday, there are hundreds of books hit the shelves from management consultants and researchers dwelving on various theories for an effective team building.

When like minded people come together towards a particular goal, it makes a TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More). To reach this goal, all the team members strive thus making it possible to finsih their assigned task and the success is contributed by each and every member of the team.

What is Team Building:

There is no winner in a team. Its the responsibility of a team manager (leader) to make sure that the job is done while the team members are having fun. Building a team is not like building blocks. It seriously requires some effort both on the team leader’s part as well as the team. It is important for each and every member to gel with each other. A team building includes myriad activities to motivate the team members to let their guard down and have fun. The team members are actual people and fun activites give them a chance to bond with other people.

Some of the fun activities a team leader can undertake is corporate picnics, scavenger hunts, a short vacay or any other themed events.

Simultaneously, a team building can planned to include meeting openers, conferences, lunches, presentations into the daily tasks of the members. If any problem arises, the team leader can address this to the entire team and sort out an unbiased opinion.

Team building activities:

Some of the team building activities include:

Mine field there would be many objects scattered both, indoors and outdoors. Formed in pairs, one person should guide the partner verbally, who will be blindfolded through the mine field.

Zoom a group is required to create a common story with a set of picture sequence. These pictures would be handed over randomly but here’s the catch. One should not show his/her picture to others. This building activity requires utmost patience and communication while trying to understand another’s point of view to recreate the story’s sequence.

Survival scenarios Your plane has crashed, now the group needs to choose 12 items that are most required to survive.

Group Mandala its actually a dynamic exercise. Each of the team member would be represented by an object. They are formed like dice and each and every group member need to share their feeling and re-arrange the objects.

Tug of war extremely competitive team activity, this requires many teams pull against each other which requires communication, quick instinct, and strength to manuever and win the game.

It doesn’t matter which activity you select, its the result that matters the most. Perhaps by utilizing these fun activities, you will take a step further to creating a harmonious environment between you and your team members while providing excellence to your company.

Sowmya Manikandan is a Web author with over a thousand articles to her credits. Her articles on Vero Labs Liquid Trust has gained popularity among others. She is also a Yoga Fanatic with a wide collection of Yoga DVD’s.