To know more about pre-workout supplements go through the sections below

It’s not just the modern world but our ancestors too had a craze of consuming pre-workout supplements. Not like those that we get in tins and cans and style packed containers but pure meat and loads of wine. Yes you heard it right and it is said that ancient Greek athletes consumed meats and wine in large amounts to stay fit and boost their energy levels.

It’s not just the Greeks but many civilizations across the world have used different types of such pre-workout supplements in different forms. Today Pre-workout supplements are one of the best selling categories in the supplement industry. And if you are a person who hits the gym regularly then you must be well acquainted with such supplements.

As a matter of fact pre-workout supplements are great and lend a strong hand to jump to the next level of your training sessions. If you get the right pack to grab then everything is set and nobody is going to stop you from performing better. But what is the right pick and how do you know what all ingredients go into the making of a particular supplement? To know more about pre-workout supplements go through the sections below.

  • About pre-workout supplements
  • Top five pre-workout supplements
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Conclusion

About Pre-workout Supplements

Pre-workout supplements can foster strength and focus within your body. It helps to muscle pump, increase energy levels and act as power boosters when consumed before your workouts. There are too many available in the market that one gets confused where to start from. If you are going nuts trying to figure out the right one then here is a list of top five pre-workout supplements from i-suppmenents.com based on customer ratings and popularity.

Top 5 pre-workout supplements

The first pick that topped the list is

Wicked Pre-workout Blast

Wicked as it sounds is a super blaster detonating pre-workout supplement. It is designed by innovative labs and is a DMAA (methylhexanamine HCL). It delivers astonishing results and kick starts your energy. This wicked supplement offers devilish taste and helps you to explode with full of energy. It helps you to out-perform in your workout sessions and you will feel energized like never before. Every scoop of wicked you taste will make you to go for more and more.

DOSAGE: initially take one heaping scoop and then you can increase the dosage to 2 scoops if needed and based on tolerance. You can mix it with ice cold water 6-8oz but do not consume this supplement along with solids. On other days when you are not on training continue with just one scoop to maintain energy levels, to reduce fat and fatigue.

Arnold Iron Pump

If you want to increase your muscles and performance more than anything in this world then this supplement is the right one for you. The Arnolds new iron pump pre-workout supplement is a revolutionary product that contains nitric oxide promoting pathways and arginine free pump matrixes. Two solid scoops is more than enough to guarantee you energy boozed workout session. This product is manufactured by musclepharm and there are other similar products available from this brand ranging from creatine blends to protein mixes. Two scoops of Arnold iron pump is more than enough for regular users to get going on gym and workouts sessions.


Hyde V2 Pre-Workout

This is a brutal killer workout supplement and one of its kinds. It gives long lasting power and no wonder why both men and women use hyde v2 alike. It is one of the strongest stimulants that every body builder will want to have in his kit. Consuming this creatine HCL power will blow your energy out of the limits and is certainly not meant for the weak and beginners. It imparts strength, endurance and is nothing but a strict pre-workout stimulant. If you want to go for a crazy ride then this energy supplement is just designed for you. Mix one scoop of Hyde v2 with 8 oz of cold water to feel the blast 20 to 30 minutes before your exercise routine. Remember not to take this four hour before bedtime and along with other stimulants.

Cytosport Monster Initiate

Monster initiate from Cytosport is essentially a monster pre-workout supplement which is powerful and loaded with stimulants. It contains caffeine, amino acids and is free from proprietary blend nutrients. It enhances your performance and boosts your energy levels for longer periods. It makes you feel the blast within and takes you to the next level beyond your limits. If you are looking for a monster pump up action then this gluten free product is specially made for you. Jut mix 1 scoop with 8 oz of water and the convenient part is that you can use this supplement during and before your workout sessions.

Wreckage From Musclepharm

Again this product is from the famous brand musclepharm and belongs to the hardcore series. It is certainly not meant for the beginners and for the weak. It is not any dietary supplement but an aggressive pre-workout supplement that contains caffeine, leucine and cirtulline. It is loaded with stimulants that even a caffeine insensitive person can feel the gush running down his body. This workout supplement is only meant for pro’s and experts who can handle big doses so don’t try it if you don’t know anything about these supplements.

Wicked Pre-workout blast from i-supplements

Wicked Pre-workout blast from i-supplements

by i-Supplements 5 out of 5stars (350 Customer Ratings)

Price: $34
Use Wicked Pre-workout blast that is a DMAA (methylhexanamine HCL). It boosts your energy levels and is the best way to kickstart your day. This wicked supplement offers you devilish taste and explodes your body with excellent energy level. It assists you to out-perform in your daily workout sessions making you feel energized like never before.

As wicked as it gets!!!

5 stars out of 5 by Samuel for Wicked Pre-workout blast from i-supplements

As in the name, the product is phenomenal. Initially, I used to get tired in the middle of my workout. After using the wicked pre-workout, my exercise ritual is getting more and more pumped up. I feel great!!! Will be ordering more.

This is designed for those who spend most of the time in the gym or for hardcore workout sessions. If you are a beginner and not yet tried high doses then stay off and beware” it is not for you”. This is one of the best pre-workout supplements that lasts long and delivers big. It is extremely powerful and works quickly to impart strength and endurance.

Should I take pre-workout supplements?

This question pops up in every one’s mind initially but once you get used to such supplements then there is no looking back. You almost get carried away in the flow and actually tend to misunderstand the concept of pre-workout supplements. You need to take pre-workout supplements only if it is a necessity and not because others are taking it.

One common perception is that pre-workout supplements are similar to other nutrients like fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals. What is your perception about pre-workout supplements? Keep reading to know more

Actually pre-workout supplements aren’t a necessity apart from on those occasions where it is mandatory. It is true that pre-workout supplements can improve your strength and boost energy during fitness regimes. The ingredients which constitute the pre-workout supplement and the purpose of using it are the main points what you should assess before opting for the same. If you are totally aware of both the cases then probably you will get an answer whether you should use supplements or not. If you are an athlete and wish to gain an edge or want to go for high performance then using pre-workout supplements can benefit you. Carefully choosing the right workout supplement can help to increase your power, pump muscles and boost energy levels.

Another perspective is that some people don’t support the use of pre-workout supplements and according to them it is not a necessity. It is true that such supplements promote energy levels and increase performance. It is said that having a balanced diet and enough sleep is more than enough to compensate energy needs rather than relying on supplements. If you want to feel the boost of caffeine then at times it is not wrong consuming the same. If you think a magic drink is going to do all the work for you then you are completely wrong. If you feel you don’t have the required energy and not able to perform well then it simply means your body isn’t getting enough food and nutrients. . Therefore it is a personal choice to go with such products based on your purpose of using it.

How to choose the right pre-workout supplement?

Choosing the best pre-workout supplement is like searching the ripest strawberry out of the basket. You never know whether it will taste sweet or is it just the color that is tempting.

Likewise there are a variety of pre-workout supplements available and you have to have enough knowledge about them to make the right choice.

Getting down into the details and doing some research is always the best way to know about pre-workout supplements. Check out on known brands and products which have best ratings and customer reviews. Reviews given by customers are the best way to understand everything about a product. You can search the internet for reviews form experts and get to know pros and cons of a particular product.

Another important factor that you have to carefully look for is about the information regarding the sellers. Check for the reputation and experience of the seller in dealing with such products. Also check for the ingredients list and their safety. When you get to know all the above details along with the purpose you want them for; there you go and pick the right choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take pre-workout supplements every day?

It is not necessary to take pre-workout supplements every day especially if you are not doing any workouts or going to the gym. Only if you have a training session you are going to have the need of energy enhancing supplements. Otherwise be calm eat good food and catch some good sleep.

Is pre-workout supplements enough during and after training sessions?

No not at all… pre-workout supplements can help you to gain energy and increase your performance. There is no doubt that these supplements can benefit you but they can never take the place of a balanced diet and natural nutrition. Eat lots of protein from natural sources or try going for a protein shake to recover quickly.

Should I continuously use pre-workout supplements?

It is not good to use any supplements on a regular basis as it is not considered safe for our health. Even while talking calcium supplements doctors advise to take them in cycles so that they are supplied in apt quantities. Likewise you can pre-workout supplements in cycles so that your body does not get addicted to it and feel insensitive with continuous use. Consuming pre-workout supplements by taking breaks in between will help to regulate the body and the nutrients supplied to the body.

A simple example is regarding intake of caffeine, if you take this compound regularly then the body will respond less to it over the time. More and more doses of caffeine are required to stimulate the body. Also caffeine intake is considered to be harmful for the body in the long run as it may hinder bodily functions. So the only way out is to avoid regular consumption of caffeinated products.

You can consume pre-workout supplements for a month or so and then take a few weeks break. You can repeat this so that your body will stay fit and sensitive to these supplements. Taking stimulants continuously and in high doses is not going to do any good in the long run.

Are pre-workout supplements safe to consume on the long term basis?

A pre-workout supplement is safe on the long term or not is a question that is subjected to controversy. Some say it is safe but a larger part of the debaters say that it is not safe on the long run. The first point is that there are no tests or reports of any studies that have been conducted on long term use of such products. The next point is about the ingredients used in these supplements. The mix used to make such products have to be carefully assessed to know about the safety concerns. If they contain harmful substances then it is better to be careful and stop using them.

Is it okay to consume this supplement to lose weight?

Not all pre-workout supplements can be consumed while on a diet to support low energy levels. Pre-workout supplements do not cause any problems with the fat metabolism and only helps to speed up the process. It does not help to lose weight but helps to deal with low energy levels while going on a diet or during workout sessions.
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What are the side effects of using pre-workout supplements?

Pre-workout supplements make you feel full of energy and boosted with confidence during workouts. But if you are not using a genuine product then you have to pay a price that is uncalled for. There are instances where pre-workout supplements have caused high cardio activity and which finally lead to cardiac arrest. If you want to avoid such instances then chose a genuine product. There are other mild side effects that are common with most of the pre-workout supplements and they are headaches, nausea and high energy levels. These side effects will go away in sometime and you will get used to it.

Can I take pre-workout supplements at bedtime?

It is not good to take pre-workout supplements during bedtime as your body needs rest and not energy. If you are working out prior to bedtime then make sure you are not going to take any strong doses and those which are caffeine free. In general if you avoid such supplements it would be better.

Conclusion: I hope you would have got an idea about pre-workout supplements in general. Choosing the right product is very important for your health and training session. Don’t jump into false promotions but carefully review the product and study everything about it. Make use of every bit of information to get the best and stand apart. Pre-workout supplements are ideal for those who live to test their limits and if you are a beginner go ahead with caution. Not all magic drink is magical as it sounds so choose wisely.