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Top 5 Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing on Your Face & Body

While brushing your teeth and hair has become part of your daily lifestyle, have you ever heard of brushing your skin? Why would someone brush their skin? Read on to know the underlying benefits of dry skin brushing on the body.

What is Dry Skin Brushing and why should you do it?

As in the name, dry skin brushing is exactly what it means…Brush the skin in a manner using a dry brush. The process is usually done before showering. It usually starts from the feet and hands and then brushing towards the chest.

Skin, being the largest organ in the body, is susceptible to many toxin exposures from outside. Also, one-third of your body’s toxins are released via the skin. Dry skin brushing unclogs all the pores and improves the blood circulation in your skin. It also eliminates toxins such as dirt, residues, grime etc. from becoming trapped in the skin.

Step by Step Process on Dry Skin Brushing Techniques

They are simple steps and will cost you nothing as compared to other spa treatments for exfoliation.

  1. Purchase a natural bristle brush with a long handle so that you can reach all areas of the body easily. DO NOT buy a synthetic brush.
  2. Get naked and stand in a bathtub or a tiled surface.
  3. Begin by brushing the bottoms of your feet, legs, and so on. Then move along in sweeping motions toward your heart. Make sure to always brush towards the center of the body.
  4. Repeat the process with your arms. Start from palms of the hands and then brush up the arm towards your heart. Brush each section of the skin 10 times.
  5. On your stomach and armpits, bear in mind to brush in a circular motion clockwise.
  6. Note when you brush in areas such as breasts. Your skin will become less sensitive the more you dry brush.
  7. Repeat the process on the abdomen, spine/back area, and the face.
  8. After you have brushed the entire body, go ahead and take a shower.
  9. You may alternate between hot water and cold water temperature. This will stimulate blood circulation and improve the blood circulation on the skin.
  10. After the shower, pat dry skin. Apply a natural fruit oil such as coconut oil or a body moisturizer.
  11. Natural Cleansing oils work best in exfoliating the texture and keeping the skin hydrated. Make it a point at least twice or thrice a week to use cleansing oils that can reverse premature aging.

Things to keep in mind

  • DO NOT brush vigorously or too hard!!! Use soft, smooth strokes that will work best. At times, your skin might become slightly pink but it should not be red. This means you have used more pressure.
  • Brush your body daily. Twice a day is best recommended as the results will be equally great.
  • Remember to clean your brush using warm water and soap at least once a week to get rid of dead skin cells, dirt etc. Leave it to dry in a clean, sunny spot. This will prevent any moisture gathering on the brush.
  • Replace the brush every 6-12 months as the bristles will wear out eventually.

Benefits of dry skin brushing

1. Lymphatic support

The lymphatic system is a vital part of the body’s immune system. It contains organs such as lymph nodes, ducts, and vessels that carry a fluid called lymph (water) throughout the body. Almost all of these lymph vessels run below the skin. While some may not realize it at an early age, as you get older, the body system tends to become sluggish that can affect the immune system. Studies say that dry skin brushing can stimulate the lymphatic system. This will assist in proper detoxification of the system naturally.

Stiffer the bristles of the brush, better the stimulation of lymphatic system.

2. Exfoliates the body

The regime of running a dry brush on your skin will loosen the dirt, dead skin cells and other irritants from the skin thus naturally exfoliating it.

Within the first few days and weeks, your skin will become soft. You can actually see the difference of dry brushing before and after daily use. Dry skin brushing is one of the most natural ways to exfoliate the skin.

3. Clean and smaller skin pores

Another advantage of dry skin brushing is it makes the large pores less noticeable. Use a small gentle dry skin brush for face and within a few days, you can feel the change in the texture. The skin will get not only soft but less visible blemishes on the face.

4. Dry skin brushing for Cellulite

Forget liposuction!!! Dry skin brushing breaks down any trapped toxins and eliminates them effectively. Cellulite is just toxic materials that accumulate in the body’s fat cells which the body is unable to get rid of.

While there is no scientific back-up to prove the fact, dry brushing has helped many users get rid of their cellulite. Plus, there are no side effects or adverse reactions of dry skin brushing so might as well give it a try!!!

5. Promotes excellent energy levels

Many users vouch that dry skin brushing boosts their energy levels. One probable reason might be that it works on the lymphatic system, immune system and clears out the toxic waste. As a result, you will feel much more energetic and active.

Does dry brushing really work?

While there have been not any specific studies conducted on the dry skin brushing benefits, there are several sources that say that dry brushing does make a difference in the overall quality of the skin.

However, more research is needed so that dermatologists can consider it a medical treatment.

The Final Verdict

Apart from the above benefits of dry skin brushing, it is important that you keep yourself hydrated. The benefits of water for your skin cannot be ignored so make sure you get lots of water and 6-8 hours of sleep. Exercise regularly and eat the right foods to keep your skin glowing.

Let’s face it, scientists are not likely to undergo studies on dry brushing. There are no perks to do a study on an economically priced dry brushing brush.

Nevertheless, the practice is just harmless and is not bound to give you any adverse reactions. Just like any aspect of health, try things, and weigh the results.

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