Wear your style everyday with Tianello fashion statements that completely changes the face of your wardrobe.

Tianello is a fashion paradise for all the lovers of fashion related dresses and commodities. The founder of Tianello is Steve Barraza and has been delivering products with high quality and with creative designs.

Tianello is concentrating on the production of ‘feel good’ apparel for the modern, free thinking women of this generation. Tianello is currently concentrated in the US and Canada. The company has been known for its unique designs and quality for more than 27 years now. Steve Barraza was an early associate of the ‘garment dying’ in Los Angeles, California. Tianello is an eco-friendly manufacturer of fashion clothing line which is made of natural fiber. The company is especially known for its manufacture of Tencel clothing which is very comfortable and is eco-friendly in nature. Read on to know more about Tianello fashion.

Tencel clothing line from Tianello fashion

Tencel clothing line is one of the most known fashion line from Tianello. Tencel is known for its ‘drapes’ as is known for flattering human looks. Some of the key features of Tencel is that it is light weight breathable and soft. Tencel is shrink resistant in nature and is easy to take care of. Tencel is made from the natural cellulose found in wood pulp and is produced from tea farms. It is produced in a non-chemical manner and is also bio-degradable which means it is an entirely eco-friendly material.

Fashion offerings

Tianello fashion offers a wide range of stylish designs to both women and men. The site is categorized according to the user and their preferences. Customers can shop around the site for their needed designs and sizes as everything is arranged systematically.


credits: http://www.shoptiques.com/

credits: http://www.shoptiques.com/

Women Collection includes:

Women collections are the main emphasis in Tianello fashion and they have different categories based on the preferences among women. Everything is divided into categories for enabling that sense of shopping. The categories are:

credits: http://www.amazon.com/

credits: http://www.amazon.com/

  • New arrivals: This category is for the fashion lovers who want to catch up with the latest trend. This will contain the latest releases of the company. This section is both for the men and women as it contains the new arrivals for both.
  • Best sellers: This is the second category where the best sellers of the company are displayed for the customers and they can chose from the best sellers.
  • Washed silk collections: Washed silks are one of the most recent trends in the fashion world where silk is gently abraded to get a new subtle shade which is appealing to the eye. There are many designs based on washed silk is one of the most popular works of Tianello fashion.
  • Knit collection: knit includes hand stitched collection which is known for its simple design and its high comfort on wearing. Knit collection is a detailed selection where there are many sub categories like whisper knits, burnout knits, Semina knits, honeycomb knits, Stripe knits and so on.
  • Blouses: Women fashion lovers are provided with some of the vast and varied collection of blouses which include designs in various fabrics. Blouses are designed in washed silk, Tencel etc.
  • Other categories: Along with the above mentioned major categories there are also other categories for women like tanks, jacket, pants, skirts, dresses, scarves and belts.
  • Men’s Department: This department is filled with innovative designs and works made with silk and Tencel. Men have some of the best designers to design the shirts for Tianello fashion.
  • Accessories: This is another crucial style segment from Tianello which deals with belts and other accompanying materials of fashion. This segment showcases some of the most exotic designs in belts and is most likely add that oomph factor for the fashion lovers.

Purchase and Shipping

A product of the customer’s liking can be bought online and will be shipped to the customer to the address provided by the customer. Shipping is free for all the order coming above $199. The customer is also provided by an option of a store finder where the customer can locate any nearby store for a direct shopping experience. This saves the customers a lot of time and effort, and also can get the direct feel of the dresses.

credits; https://www.twosistersofparadise.com

credits; https://www.twosistersofparadise.com

Online payment can be done through the credit cards and the company takes the following credit cards:

  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Master card
  • Visa
  • Tianello fashion Online Gift Certificates


The company uses UPS for all the shipping. The company only gives the option to ship the components to the credit card billing address and any other address. If there is a PO Box address that is attached to credit it should be used for the placing the order. The non-refundable fee label only goes for the shipping charges which will not refund in case of any return of goods. The shipping charges for bills below $199 are $9 and above $ 200 the shipping is done for free. The company does not ship to any countries outside the United States.

credits: https://www.pinterest.com

credits: https://www.pinterest.com

Changing or cancellation of an order

An order can be changed or cancelled by calling to 800.576.0145 as soon as you feel it should be cancelled. However if the products have been shipped then shipping charges will have to be beard by the customer himself.

Returning of the products

The products can be returned within 10 days of receipt. The procedure includes calling the company and getting a Return authorization number which should be pasted in the returning box. After the receipt of the number the customer has 10 days to send back the product to the directed address.



Social Networking Presence

Tianello is a company which has a strong social participation in almost all the major social networking platforms that is there. People can witness the new launch of products from Tianello through social sites and can follow for any new releases.

Tianello fashion as you can see is one of the fashion centers of United States with its wide varieties of fashion Equipment and with a systematic shopping regime provided for the customers for increasing the fashion shopping experience. Tianello has team of experienced and creative designers who provides the customers with designs that represents the inner character of the customers.