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Texas Barbecues Gas BBQ Grills Coupons, Reviews

Texas Barbecues brand is well known for the gas grills that have the optional combination with infrared in a few models. Here we will see the gas grills from this brand that uses either the LP gas or natural gas to heat up the infrared burner or the BBQ burners in them. You can see 6 models of Texas barbecues gas grills that may or may not have an infrared burner option. The Texas BBQ gas grills provide you the convenience of using gas fuel and the benefits of high temperature from the infrared that ensures perfect cooking for the chicken and searing. 

  1. Texas Barbecues 1000 Infrared gas grill LP

The fuel source of the Texas Barbecues 1000 infrared gas grill is liquid propane. The fuel will fire up the primary burner which in turn heat up the ceramic plate. The heated ceramic plate radiates high-temperature heat. The ceramic plate can generate the heat of 1600 degrees. 

There is only 1 all infrared burner as the main burner. The cooking grate used here is stainless steel. 

The grilling area is 252 sq inches from the 18 x 14 inches sized cooking grid. The size accommodates about 9 burgers at the same time. The entire cooking grid allows grilling. There is a stainless lid that you can close when the grill is not in use. The lid closure is manual. 

You will be getting 2 side shelves on both sides. The entire BBQ gas grill is made of heavy-duty stainless steel. The whole unit stands on a cart that makes it movable. It weighs about 105 pounds. 

It is a simple gas grill with no lights or back burner as the additional options. 

  1. Texas Barbecues 1000 Brick-in infrared gas grill LP

The Texas Barbecues 1000 Brick-in infrared gas grill is the built-in model of the 1000 series. The fuel type is also the same- liquid propane. The grilling area and cooking grids are also the same. On the 252 sq inches grid, it does not take much time to cook the thin steaks. 

The stainless steel made built-in BBQ gas grill is ready to install. Installation is simple and all the necessary hardware is provided. The unit has the lifetime warranty with the burners covered for 5 years. 

This Texas Barbecues 1000 brick-in grill is equipped to work with liquid propane. The ignition type used here is a continuous spark. The knob for the single burner is provided in the front of the unit. 

This built-in gas grill needs the cutout measurements of 21 x 19 x 8 ¾ inches in width, depth, and height respectively. It weighs 85 pounds. 

  1. Texas Barbecues 4000 brick-in gas grill LP

Texas BBQ 4000 brick-n gas grill is the simple gas grill in the built-in form. It has 2 burners and a rotisserie unit making it the complete BBQ grill. 

You can choose to have the infra red burners or the simple H-type burners that can produce 32,000 or 30,000 BTUs respectively. There is the third option of pressure burner that gets you 40,000 BTUs.

The infrared is suitable for all types of cooking. The H-type is a slow cooker and suits well for the chicken, sausage, tenderloins, etc. The pressure burner lets you fry, boil, and also simmer for the versatile coking. You can choose any combination of these options. 

The total grilling space available is 460 sq inches on the 27 x 18 inches of coking grid. Here, you can keep 15 burgers at the same time. There is also a warming rack that is removable. The roll top lid is closed manually and needs some clearance behind the unit. The warming rack is 27 x 8 inches. 

The continuous spark ignition type fires the fuel from the LP tank up. The regulator for the gas is provided with the product. The cutout measurements are 29 x 23 x 8 ¾ inches.  The unit weighs 145 pounds. 

  1. Texas Barbecues 4000 Combination gas grill LP

The next gas grill in the 4000 series, you will be getting a 2burner unit set up on a cart. For the 2 burners, you can choose from infrared, H-type and pressure burners. It is better to have on infrared burner in your grill as it generates high temperature that does not make the food to get dried up. You can have the juicy meat anytime when cooked in an infrared burner. 

The 27 x 18 inches of the cooking grid provides the 486 inches of grilling space. You can place as many as 15 burgers on the grid. You are getting a warming rack inside the grilling area as well. 

There are 2 side shelves that allow some space for the preps or when you want to keep something. The shelves are also made of steel and stay sturdy and stylish. 

The fuel type is propane and the suitable regulator is provided with this Texas BBQ gas grill. The whole unit weighs about 165 pounds. 

  1. Texas barbecues 6000 Brick-in gas grill NG

This is a 3 burner gas grill that you can choose in any combination of burners. The available options are the infrared, H-type, and pressure burner. Each burner is suitable for a special type of cooking. You can choose the combination that allows you to have your type of cooking. 

The grilling area is 610 sq inches on the grill. There is also the rotisserie and a removable warming rack for more space. The lid is roll-up type and needs some space behind the unit. 

This stainless steel unit uses stainless steel main burner, ceramic plate for the flame tamer, and steel again for the cooking grid. The cooking grid is 34 x 18 inches in size. The cutout measurements would be 37 x 23 x 8 ¾ inches for width, depth, and height. The fuel option here is only Natural gas. The unit weighs about 170 pounds. 

  1. Texas Barbecues 6000 Combination Gas grill LP

The largest of the standalone Texas BBQ gas grills is with 3 burners and one is infrared. You can chosoe the other 2 from H-type and pressure burner. You can easily have one of each for the most versatile grilling and cooking in the same unit. 

This 6000 series gas grill has all the standard features in the roll up lid, a warming rack, and the rotisserie. The unit seems wider and has a total cooking space of 612 sq inches in the in grilling area. It is enough space for 21 burgers on the grill. 

The gas grill works on propane gas and the regulator for it is provided. The grill is on a cart that may need some assembly. But don’t worry it is simple and you have all the hardware. The unit weighs 210 pounds of all steel finish.  

Texas Barbecues gas grill pros and cons

The Pros

The advantage of Texas Barbecues gas grills is that it has the option of an infrared burner is every BBQ unit. The infrared burners have their advantage in keeping the food moist and juicy. The instant heat generation does not make the food dry. You get fewer flare-ups. It also cooks faster, within minutes, saving you time. 

The cons

The biggest con is that the units come as the basic ones with no rotisserie, and no lights. The lack of a thermometer on the grill is another concern. The addition of temperature gauge would have been great for this simple grill. 


The all-steel Texas Barbecues gas grills are suitable for most homes. They are compact and easy to install as well. You can easily have them in your balconies or patios. The stainless steel has a better resistance against the weather. They are compact enough not to tale up too much space when you have a shortage in that area. 

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