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Dragon Shaped Essential Oil Diffusers Reviews

By Organic Aromas Review

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Diffusers by Organic Aromas

  • The working principle
  • Organic Aromas diffusers are better than its counterparts, why?

Features of Dragon Diffuser

  • How does this Dragon Diffuser work?
  • How to maintain/clean you Dragon Diffuser by Organic Aromas

The other types of diffusers at Organic Aromas

The essential oil options at Organic Aromas

Hand crafted Dragon Diffuser

Organic Aromas is a creation by a bunch of health care professionals. The focus is mainly on aromatherapy and using natural essential oils for the health benefits of all. Instead of using the chemical air purifiers, one can make use of the essential oil diffusers at the Organic Aromas. The diffusers used here are unique and elegantly designed. 

The diffusers can use any of the essential oil and can disperse the oil into the air with no use of water. It works on Bernoulli’s Principle. What is that? Don’t worry; we will see it later here. The main focus here is the dragon diffuser that has a hand carved dragon design on to the diffuser base. But we will see what other diffusers are offered by Organic Aromas as well. Let us start with the principle!

Diffusers by Organic Aromas

All the diffusers including the Dragon Diffuser works the same. To explain clearly, they are ionic nebulizing essential oil diffuser. No heat is required to get the oil out in the air nor does it require any external pressure. 

The diffusers work with the help of electrical power and consumes so very less power. It can work real quiet making it suitable for use at night in the bedrooms. It makes no mess and neither does it need any water. The water would only dilute the effect and emulsifies the oil. 

The working principle

The principle behind these diffusers is Bernoulli’s principle. The diffusers have two tubes in them, one for the air and the other for the essential oil from the reservoir. The principle behind is that when the air is passed through a narrow tube its velocity or speed is higher. At the same time the pressure of the narrow tube has low pressure at the exit point. 

This low pressure creates a suction effect on the air that is travelling too fast. This suction pressure also draws the essential oil from the other diffusing tube. The oil is mixed with the faster moving air and is forced out in a stream of fast air. 

The larger oil particles collide on the glass wall of the diffuser, while the tiny particles on of second. You are diffused into the air. Phew! That was too long isn’t it? But all these happen within a fraction of a second. You need power to generate the air inside. The larger oil particle that collides on the wall is dropped back into the reservoir and the cycle repeats.

So in short, you create air, the essential oil is also blown up. Some of the oil particles diffuse out into the air and the remaining is dropped back to the bottom of the diffuser to be used again. 

As for the oil particles diffused in the air, they reach our body and get absorbed. When exposed to such essential oil treatment for a long while, it can improve our health in its own way. There may not be a major visible change, but it is there nonetheless. The least is that it is far better than other heated aromatic oil diffusers. Why is that? Scroll down!

Organic Aromas diffusers are better than its counterparts, why?

The main part is that the oil that is diffused stay in its original state, chemically. The other diffusers like candle diffusers uses high heat, heat diffusers use heat, oil lamps burn the oil, and the ultrasonic diffusers use water molecules. 

The oil structure is not altered in any manner. This helps in the health benefits. Other diffusers use heat, water and other manipulation to get the oil diffused. No such gimmicks are done here so that you can enjoy the essential oils in their true state. 

Features of Dragon Diffuser

  • The Dragon diffuser has a wooden base where the dragon shape is hand carved.  
  • The upper glass diffuser reservoir is where you add the essential oil. This part has a small tube inside and the reservoir is covered with a glass cap. It is in this glass cap the air tube is. you can remove this cap to add oil into the reservoir. The glass is custom blown to vouch for the craftsmanship. 
  • The base of the Dragon diffuser is also connected to the power inlet via a cord. It requires very less power to operate and needs a power inlet of 110-220V. The electrical power adapter is according to the country. 
  • The unit measures to a total of 25 cms or 10 inches in height. It is 15 cms wide that is approximately 6 inches. 
  • It has a coverage area of 800 sq ft. It is enough for a medium sized room. That calls for its capability owing to its smaller size and low amount of oil used in it. 
  • There is LED Mood lighting for a soothing effect. The light glows all the time and cannot be switched off. 
  • The Dragon diffuser and all other diffusers all have a volume controller by which you can control the amount of oil that is to be diffused. It has two stages. 
  • It can be used anywhere, in your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, schools, offices, anywhere!

How does this Dragon Diffuser work?

As mentioned earlier it works on the principle of Bernoulli’s principle. Upon connecting to the electrical power, switch on the device, (yes, this is an electrical device). The power controls the air and diffuses the essential oil into the air. 

It works in cycles that last for 2 minutes total. After two minutes it takes a break of one minute to let our nose rest, cool! This 2+1 mechanism lasts for 2 hours at a go, after which the device automatically shuts down until next time you prompt it. It needs very little amount of essential oil, about 10 drops to get the exquisite smell of it. 

How to maintain/clean you Dragon Diffuser by Organic Aromas

Cleaning the glass on regular basis is essential for the betterment of the oils used. The glass reservoir must be removed from the base for deeper cleaning. 

Regular cleaning: For small regular cleaning, remove the glass cap and add a few drops of alcohol into the glass reservoir. Do note that the essential oil is used up or removed from the reservoir. After adding the alcohol, run the device for a minute or 2 so that the alcohol saturates all parts, including the glass tube at the top. 

Once it is saturated, switch off the power, remove the cap, and take the glass reservoir out from the base. Shake it well for a little while and dispense the alcohol. Since the alcohol evaporates on its own there is no need to wipe the glass. You are done. 

Deeper cleaning: For deeper cleaning, remove the glass cap and glass reservoir from its place. Keep the glass reservoir in a larger dish and add warm to hot water with some dish liquid. Keep this set up for 30-60 minutes. Remove it from the water, better when the water is still warm and clean it well with, again, warm water. Keep it aside for drying. When it is dry, add you choice of essential oil, and enjoy another session of aromatherapy. 

You can use the regular cleaning whenever you change the oil, from one to another kind. This is the best option if you are not fond of mixing two aromas. 

The other types of diffusers at Organic Aromas

All the diffusers are of the same size and uses the same kind of electric power and other requirements. The only difference is in the shape of the glass reservoir and the base structure. There are mainly 4 types, 

  • Radiance has a rounded glass and swirling design on it. The base is made out of plantation hardwood.  
  • Elegance has an hour glass reservoir in simple model. It is also the flagship diffuser of Organics Aromas. 
  • Magnificent also flaunts an hour glass model with a larger glass reservoir and an inverted similarly shaped but smaller glass cap. It has a unique rainbow colored LED lighting. 
  • Raindrop diffuser looks like a raindrop in structure with a glass cap at the top. 

The essential oil options at Organic Aromas

There are pure oils and oil blends available at Organics Aromas. There is also aromatic kit that has multiple oil options in it. 

The pure essential oils available are, Ylang Yland essential oil, Rose geranium oil, Tea tree oil, Rosemary oil, Lavender oil, Sweet orange, Peppermint oil, Grapefruit oil, Spearmint oil, Cinnamon oil, Eucalyptus oil, and Citronella oil. 

The essential oil blends are, Signature blend, Serenity blend, Passion blend, Purity blend, Burglars blend, and Energy blend. Each flavor and blend has its unique benefits. Try them to know more. 

Hand crafted Dragon Diffuser

It is not just the Dragon diffuser that has hand carved design on it there also are the elephant, fish, floral design, cranes, tribal design, tropical forest etc carved on to the diffuser bases. There also is Buddha and reclining Buddha designed on the base. All the designs have been done by master artists from hills of Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. Each design is a jewel in its own that cannot be matched anywhere. 

Air Purifiers

Airfree P1000 Reviews, Features, Usage

– Mold & Germ Destroying Air Purifier

Changing the filter of air purifier is not frequent but a tedious effort. Sometimes, e might even forget about the same and end up inhaling the bad air even though we have invested in a quality air purifier. Airfree P1000 is a filter-free air purifier that also does not use ions or ozone to create any environmental hazard. It uses the basic heat power to kill the molds and germs. 

Airfree P1000 is a small portable air purifier that is compact and easy to carry. This no-maintenance air purifier does not need a filter that can get filthy by time and works completely silent, all the time. 

Features of Airfree P1000- mold and germ destroying air purifier

  • As the title mentions, the Airfree P1000 air purifier is solely meant to clean up the mold spores and germs in the indoor air. 
  • The air purifier is dome-shaped which is effective for a medium-sized room of 450 sq ft. The room size could be 30 x 18 ft. 
  • This air purifier keeps the indoor air clean and allergen-free. 
  • It can also remove the pollens, pet dander, dust mites, viruses, organic allergens, tobacco, etc in the air. 
  • The air purifier uses thermodyn
  • amic TSS technology that generates high temperature where the allergens cannot survive. It works skillfully even if the allergen happens to be microscopic in size. 
  • Airfree P1000 uses no ozone or ion technology to clean the air. There are no UV rays as well. 
  • There is no hassle of finding the replacement filter or spending time in changing the filters. 
  • This air purifier works completely silent and suits well to use in the bedroom at night. 
  • Though it works on internal high temperature to destroy the allergens, it does not cause the room temperature to go up. 

Airfree P1000 specifications

Airfree P1000 can be safely used for 24 hours and more without any problem. The overall size of the air purifier is 10.4 inches in height and 8.4 inches in diameter. The air purifier is portable and weighs only 2.4 lbs. 

The device works on 110V and consumes about 45 watts. The air purifier comes with a 2-year warranty as well.

How does the Airfree P1000 work?

The air purifier once connected to the AC power starts killing the microbes within 15 minutes. It sucks in the impure air and passes it through the high temperature inside the system. The internal temperature system creates a temperature, as high as 400 degrees F. The molds, germs and all organic allergens would be killed. 

The clean air is then passed to the cooling chamber to let out cool or room temperature air into the room. 

As for the destroyed microbes and other allergens, they get denatured naturally. They are made of organic matter that gets converted into carbon dioxide and water. There could hardly be any residue. 

In the process, it also helps to reduce the ozone level in the room. It is completely safe and uses no fan to create noise. There are no moving parts that can cause trouble and does not succumb to any wear and tear. 

There is a light that lights up when the device is working. This light is dimmable or completely switched off if you don’t want it. The purified air is expelled through the outlet at the top of the machine. 

Usage precautions

  1. Keep the machine away from children and pet when it is working. 
  2. Never place anything to obstruct the air outlet of the device as it can lead to overheating and other serious problems. 
  3. When you need to clean the device, switch off the device and let it cool. Use a damp cloth to wipe the surface or use a duster to clean it.
  4. Never use this air purifier near the windows or door where the clean air is easily escaped. 
  5. Always use this device in closed rooms for better effects. 

Where to use Airfree P1000 air purifier

  • Being a mold and germs destroying air purifier, Airfree P1000 can be safely used anywhere. 
  • It can be used in a room where there are more people spending time together. 
  • It is safe for newborn baby’s room to keep it hygienic. 
  • It removes odor from the room so use it after a smoker, in kitchen bathrooms, pantries etc. 
  • The destruction of mold and germs makes this air purifier the best bet for a room where you keep your videos, cassettes, albums and all memories. 
  • It is bets suitable for libraries, study rooms, museums etc where there could be mold spores, most commonly seen. 
  • In schools colleges, offices and in other public areas where the airborne diseases are easily spread. 

Airfree P1000 customer reviews

The customer reviews show that the device is simple and works so simple. The users say that you will not notice any major change unless you have any allergy. Users also ask you to remove anything that can accumulate these allergens on them. 

The air purifier has been effective for the majority of the users. The complaint about the machine is that it took some time to be completely effective and that it works very slow. Though it starts killing the molds and other allergens almost immediately, it may take a while for you to notice the change. 

Another concern is that it caused extreme dryness and one user got a sore throat. Another user had dry skin after using this machine. 

The changes are seen with less frequency or no allergic reactions or like the instances where the fruits and vegetables not getting mold on them. 


The fact about Airfree P1000 is that it is an expensive air purifier. if you are targeting to get rid of the molds and germs, this is a reliable go-to device. Though there are a few concerns about the working, the majority of the users have given a green signal to this. The best reason why you should have this is that there is no filter to change. A filter, no matter what it is, can accumulate more allergens than you already have inside your room. So having none of it is giving this Airfree P1000- mold and germ destroying air purifier, thumbs up. 

Air Purifiers

Biocide Systems Room Shocker Instructions, Reviews

Biocide Room Shocker is an odor eliminator made of harmless material. It makes an easy alternative to the costly air purifiers. It is an eco-friendly product that can work on all chemicals and vapors and completely eliminates them. A single container of this powder formed odor eliminator is effective for a maximum room size of 400 sq ft. 

This eco-friendly Biocide room shocker uses only the bio-degradable technology in it for the purpose. It has maximum strength with each type. This indoor use odor eliminator is available in different sized packs for the differently sized rooms. 

What is Biocide room shocker?

Room Shocker ClO2 odor eliminator has got the strongest odor eliminating material inside that is eco-friendlily and has a wider reach on various chemicals. It uses the latest technology named ClO2-DMG technology for the safer elimination of any odor-causing chemical or vapor in the indoor air. the specialty of Biocide Room Shocker is, 

  • ClO2- chlorine oxide is a gas that penetrates deep into the air and is much more effective than other odor eliminating products. 
  • The molecules of ClO2 attract the negative ions found in the odor-causing chemicals and pulls them like a magnet. Their interaction results in the destruction of these odor-causing chemicals. 
  • It works well on all kinds of odors and chemicals. It is effective or smoke smell, cigarette, the smell from urine, food, mildew, vomit, mold, or any other chemical- organic or inorganic in the vicinity. 
  • Biocide Room Shocker is one odor eliminator that can deal with the toughest of the odors.

Features of Room Shocker

  • The Biocide Room Shocker can have a coverage of 400 cubic ft or 250 cubic ft sized rooms. 
  • It is strictly for indoor use only
  • It acts fast, safe, and non-toxic in nature. 
  • It leaves no residue behind and is quite easy.
  • There is no case of carbon footprint and causes no harm to the environment. 

How does the Biocide Room Shocker work?

Room Shocker is an oxidizer that oxidizes the chemicals and makes them harmless and odorless molecules. Unlike other products that use the harmful version of the chlorides, the Room Shocker uses the harmless, chlorine oxide. 

Room Shocker comes in individual pouches and in powder form. They need to be mixed with water. The mixed solution has the potency for 2 weeks. The vapor technology here gives out the chlorine oxide as vapors into the air that reaches each and every chemical in the air. They interact and neutralize those chemicals that eliminate the odor. 

How to use Biocide Systems Room Shocker

Room Shocker comes in containers. Inside the container is the instruction leaf and the foil packet. You need to open the foil packet. Before that, shake the packet well to mix the contents inside. Once it is shaken well, open the foil packet to take the micro-generator pouch. 

Place the micro generator pouch back in the container and pour water using the measuring cup provided. Do not replace the lid and keep the container as it is. You are done!

There is no need for mixing, shaking, or dissolving. Just pour in the water and done. It is as simple as that. The water will mix with the contents of the micro-generator pouch to generate the chlorine oxide that vaporizes into the air. 

The chlorine oxide is powerful enough to eliminate, not mask, the odor-causing chemicals from the air as well as from its hidden areas like the pores on the walls or other substances.  

Biocide Systems Room Shocker reviews

The customer reviews show that the Room Shocker works like magic. It removes the entire nasty odor from the indoor air and replaces it with fresh feeling air. Although there may be a chlorine-like smell for a while, it will be gone within 24 hours so you can enjoy the fresh air inside. 

Users say that it has effectively eliminated the pet odors and cigarette smoke also. It works great for the old homes as well as the new homes with paint smell.

  • One user says that on the first use, the Room Shocker caused many of the hidden bugs and spiders to come out of their hide and was left dead on the floor. The user used 3 shockers simultaneously on 3 different areas and got rid of these bugs also. He even repeated the process after a few weeks for an extra dose. He urges everyone to repeat the process twice or thrice for effective odor elimination. It may not go on the first go itself. 
  • Holly says she managed to get rid of the cigarette smell from a room within 4 hours. Even the after smell o chlorine was gone within a few hours. she says the fabric in the room is now odor-free. She says it’s worth the money for that teeny tiny cup. 
  • Amy could successfully get rid of the dead rat smell from her room with this Room Shocker. 
  • Nicole says the product work well in the sealed room rather than one with an open window or door. She says she got rid of the smell from even the fur coats, soft cases, comforters, and even the stuffed toys. She warns that it might damage the vinyl old drums. 

But users like Brad have other opinions. He says that Room Shocker works well for the initial use but that can make the odor come back again. 

Another user says that it did not work for the VOC paint smell. 


Biocide Systems Room Shocker is not a onetime use product but the product is for single use. When you need further odor elimination you need to get another Room Shocker to shock the smell. It could be used for an indoor room, RVs, and cars as well. The working mechanism is the same for all. The fact that the chlorine smell would dissipate after a few hours makes it desirable over many other chemical odor eliminators that can be harmful to the health.