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What does CADR & ACH stand for in air purifiers?

What does CADR stand for in air purifiers?

CADR stands for Clean Air Delivery Rate. It is the measurement of volume of air that is filtered by the air purifier. It is usually measured in three types, one for pollen, the next for smoke, and the last for dust. the number varies for each air pollutant. The higher number for the CADR denotes faster activity of the air purifier in cleaning the air. The measurement is taken in cubic feet per minute. CADR is a certification provided by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) that run a test on the air purifiers on its quality and efficiency. Look for the higher CADR or the air purifiers and that is easier when you compare one air purifier with another. 

Why CADR is important?

CADR makes it easier for you to choose the air purifier. Since higher CADR number means faster the air will be purified, you can choose the device accordingly. It also ensures that the device has undergone the test and has got a clean chit to be working efficiently.  There is no point in paying for an air purifier that cannot do much. The point is that, most air purifiers are almost the same in working mechanism, filters and make, it is the speed at which they finish the job is what CADR is all about and that brings the significant difference between them. 

How is CADR calculated?

The air purifier is run in a room whose area is pre-determined and the amount of pollutants is measured. The air purifier is run for a specific time period and after which the air contaminants are again measured. The reduction in the pollutants is used to determine the CADR. The CADR is also an assurance of providing that much amount of fresh air per minute of its working. 

Limitations of CADR

CADR certification is not fool proof. CADR is just another factor to help you choose the air purifier but is not the ultimate solution for the same. It is the result of the test done on the device and cannot say how long can the device sustain such performance. The air purifier may have an initial higher CADR but might decline over the period of time. This is where other factors also come into play. What makes an ideal or perfect air purifier for you is a combination of all the essential factors like purpose of the air purifier, coverage, energy efficiency, price, and CADR. 

Where to find CADR on the label?

CADR will be provided on the AHAM label of the air purifier. The AHAM label shows the 3 numbers of CADR for the three pollutants. To calculate the right CADR for your room, find the volume of the room, spot the CADR value and multiply this value with 12. The resultant number should be equivalent or higher than the room volume for the best results. 

What does ACH stand for in air purifiers?

ACH is the Air Changes per Hour. It is the number of times the air purifiers clean the full volume of a room in an hour. The air purifiers suck the air inside the room and clean it to give out clean air. The number of times this process repeated is significant in determining the ability of the air purifier. It is termed as ACH. More the ACH rate is better is the air purifier in cleaning the air and higher will be the quality of the indoor air. There are other factors that determine the ACH, namely, volume of the room and the output rate of the air purifier. 

Room volume, CFM and ACH

The efficiency of air purifier is based on the CFM of the device. The ability of the device in changing the air per cubic foot per minute is the CFM. This CFM is directly related to the internal fan installed inside the air purifier. More CFM value helps cover more area of the room. 

The coverage area and ACH are tightly related to each other. Here, lower ACH helps cover a larger area and higher ACH will cover a smaller area. The formula to find the room volume and ACH is, 

CFM x 60 minutes X ACH value

8 feet

ACH for asthma and allergy sufferers

An air purifier can cover a larger area of the ACH requirement is low. But there are target specific air purifiers like the one intended for allergy and asthma, such air purifiers will have a specific ACH rate. The expected ACH in an air purifier for asthma and allergy is 4-6 air changes per hour for more frequent air cleaning. These rates keep the air changes in every 10-15 minutes. 

The marketing tricks

The air purifier manufacturers often advertise the coverage area based on only 2 ACH. Read the label carefully and make your own calculations to check if the maximum coverage is exactly what you expect with the intended ACH. 

There also are some who mention the coverage area based on ACH, but must be keen to identify the difference. This helps save the customers money and prevent them from buying a larger air purifier when what they need was a smaller one. To prevent yourselves from getting fooled, always calculate the coverage in terms of room volume than the square foot area. The volume comes as a three dimensional calculation the mere floor area. Find the square foot area based on volume and ACH and not vice versa. 

Comparison helps

Never hesitate to compare the air purifiers. Go deeper into the actual values on the labels to see the real difference. Know your requirements before you go shopping. Distinguish them with these ACH, CFM, and room volume for accuracy. 

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How long should I run my air purifier & Where To Place?

Air pollution is without a doubt a great menace that we have been tolerating since industrialization. Now the state of affairs is totally worse that we have started to see its ill effects not only outdoors but also indoors.

An air purifier can seriously perk up the air quality steadily after its installation. To reap its full potential one should know how long it should be kept on active mode. Most of the air purifiers are capable of trapping most of the irritants that reside indoors and you can actually get visible results within few days.  So if you have doubts regarding its operation time then read below to know more.

I have seen people who actually keep it on active mode for a few hours a day and then just switch it off for the rest of the time. I mean seriously!!! Does it even help to clean the air? Well in reality using an air purifier for a mere few hours is actually a total waste of time and money. This device is actually designed and built to run for long periods without any breaks. It will continuously clean the air from all the particles that travel around indoors.  

If you just keep it on for few hours it won’t do any good and your air quality is not going to improve any sooner. Heating systems, air conditioners, pets and outdoor air continuously accumulate irritants into the indoors so it is very important to run air purifiers continuously during certain months of the year especially when it’s windy outside.

Well, the main reason why people use it just for a few hours is due to concern over electricity bills that would corner around the month-end. If you really wish to reduce your bills and at the same time improve air quality then use fewer air purifiers probably a single device that is portable. Use it optimally when you and your family are present at home and turn it off when nobody is there.

It is best to use air purifiers for long hours during change of seasons when pollens, dust and other allergens are at their peaks. Alternatively you can also consider cleansing your home frequently by dusting and vacuuming.

Consluion: Avoid clutters and provide proper ventilation periodically so that air quality is kept intact. Also, remember to change the filters as per instructions. Each air purifier has a different kind of filter with a specific life span. So use accordingly and moreover you are the one who knows what is best for your home.

Where Should I Place My Air Purifier

So planning to buy an air purifier and baffled where to place it so that it works proficiently.  Then you have reached the right place.

Buying an air purifier is really a tedious task and placing it at the right place is another task that needs to be done with care.

So once you have understood the level and types of contaminants that inhabit your house it is time to fix the sword at its place so it can fight the rest of the battle. Air purifiers are built to clean precise areas particularly single rooms so it is best to keep them where you stay the most.

A few tips on where you can place your air purifiers:

If your kitchen is near to your living area then keeping it at the vicinity between both the areas so that it will effectively trap odors and smell that emerges out of the kitchen. It will also trap all those harmful substances that are emitted during combustion.

Tobacco smoke is also a worst irritant that not only kills the one who uses it but also silently attacks the people around. So installing an air purifier where tobacco smoke is prominent can help to eliminate health risks such as cancer, lung problems and allergies.

If you have creeks or crevices in your walls from which bad odor enters from your neighbor’s yard or a specific place then you can install the air purifier near the source to put off such issues.

Most important thing to remember is, you should not install your air purifier in any random place where you have space instead chose a prominent area which is the source of contaminants. Some people actually install it under the furniture’s or at the corners so that they are not spotted easily. By doing so you are only lessening its functionality and ability to trap particles. 

Since it is an electronic device it can get affected by nearby devices that have higher wavelengths like microwaves. To steer clear of such interferences place them safely apart from such devices to increase their lifespan. Also use them after closing windows and doors properly so that they can clean efficiently. Too much ventilation can cause excess air flow making it hard for the air purifier.

Most of the air purifiers are portable so you actually purchase a trolley which will help you to move it around where ever you and your family stay put together.  

Conclusion: Air purifiers are bound to space so you need to utilize them in those areas of your home where you spend most of the time. 

How loud are air purifiers?

It is difficult to estimate. The sound becomes loud when it is really unpleasant. The favorite music when playing in full volume could still be pleasant while the music that we hate, no matter how low the sound is, could still be too loud, isn’t it? The same could apply for the sound of air purifiers. There are no air purifiers that can work silently. It WILL produce some kind of sound. Each manufacturer relates the sound of each fan speed to a particular sound from nature. Each of this sound will also have a scientific calculation depicting how loud each speed, according to science is. 

The science of how loud the air purifiers are

The sound is measured in decibels and designated as dB. Each and every sound has a decibel value. To make it simple, the whispering sound will have a measure of 15-20 dB, a normal conversation has 60 dB and a vacuum cleaner or a lawn mower works at 80-90 dB. The sound measurement when jumps from 50 to 60, it is said to be 10 times more. Each value has its value. The sound measurements would be given by each manufacturer to estimate how loud the air purifier could be. The measurements would be given for each of the fan speeds and also a description, so as to know which sound it can be related to. 

For example, the fan speed low could be working at 15-20 dB and the description says whispering, means it could be as low as a whispering sound, not that it sounds like whispering. Some air purifier companies would have descriptions like waterfall, table fan etc. All these mean that, the air purifier could be as loud as those given in the description. 

The factors that determine how loud the air purifier could be

There are a few factors that influence how loud the air purifier could be. The primary factor is the speed of the fan. The loudness increases with the speed of the fan. Most air purifiers will have an internal fan that has 3 speeds and rarely would it be 4. The second factor is the RPM, which is the number of times the fan rotates in a minute. The more the fan rotates, more would be the air movement and that is bound to make some sound. The next factor is the manufacturer. Each manufacturer uses different kind of circulatory fans. 

The personal preference, perception, and location

As said earlier, the personal preference also influences in the judgment on how loud the air purifier could be. Though technically, whispering is low sound but practically it does not blend with the other sounds around and could end up feeling loud to many people. This is one reason why may people feel that the air purifier is loud even at the low speed. It is a matter of perception. 

The location of the air purifier also matters. If the air purifier is placed in the bedroom, it might feel loud even at the lowest speed. The same might not bother you if the device is in the living room or in any other room. While decicidng how loud the air purifier is, do know that the sound anywhere around 20-30 is low, 50-60 is medium and 80 or above is just plain loud

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12 Air-purifying Plants For Your Bedroom to Help You Sleep

In today’s hectic life, trouble sleeping is a common public health problem. This may be because of stress or anxiety in day to day working. Lack of sleep may severally affect your routine work, productivity, energy levels, and overall life.  Taking prescribed medications to cure this is no perfect solution instead you should try natural ways. Planting some air-purifying plants in your bedroom may help you sleep better, won’t it!! Yes, bringing the natural plants indoor not only helps you sleep better but also offers some health benefits such as improved air quality, feeling less anxious and stressful, relief from headaches, boosts mood, and prevent illnesses. Here mentioned are the most effective 12 Air-purifying Plants for your bedroom to improve sleep.

  1. Aleo Vera Plant

Aloe Vera plant includes a host of benefits and so it should be your first choice when selecting an air-purifying plant. Aloe Vera plant is able to emit oxygen at night, this increased oxygen supply help with insomnia and improve your overall quality of sleep. It is one of the easiest plants to grow, maintain, and keep alive. It reproduces easily and requires occasional watering. 

Aleo also works as a natural treatment for minor cuts, scars, burns, dry skin and many more. Aleo Vera also helps removing contaminated chemicals found in indoor air from cleaning agents while purifying indoor air. Interestingly, Aleo Vera plant develops brown spots when the unsafe chemicals are in high levels within the room, thus alerting you. Keep Aleo plant near a window as it needs lot of direct sunlight to flourish and breathe pure air in your bedroom. 

  1. Snake Plant

Snake Plant is a highly recommended air purifying Plant for the bedroom as it helps improve oxygen purity, thus, better sleep. During the night, this plant is able to emit oxygen and simultaneously take in carbon dioxide, leading to clean air quality and better sleep. Snake Plant is also known to filter some unpleasant common household toxins such as formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, and benzene from the room air.

Some studies have also revealed that keeping a snake plant in bedroom helps people to keep away from eye irritation, respiratory symptoms, and headaches.  This plant is easy to care, keep alive and looks great for interior decoration. Hence, snake plant works perfectly as an air purifying plant and providing better sleep at night.

  1. Jasmine Plant

Just the smell of the Jasmine plant provides a calming and relaxing effect on your body and mind to help reducing anxiety and stress. A study conducted by Wheeling Jesuit University has proven the efficacy of jasmine as natural sleeping support. This research suggested some positive findings that include better quality of sleep, reduced anxiety, improved mood, and higher alertness the next morning. This fantastic smelling plant is easy to take care of compared to other indoor plants. Its pink or ivory blossoms look beautiful in your bedroom while helping you sleep better.  

  1. Lavender Plant

It is quite common practice to use Lavender scented products for better sleep. You may have used lavender fragrance in essential oil, soaps, shampoos, clothes, and other products. Then why not try and grow your own natural Lavender Plant. Lavender Plant is amongst the most well-known plant to induce sleep and reduce anxiety. 

Studies have shown that Lavender, in all forms, has shown to help reduce anxiety and stress levels, slow down heart rate, improve sleep, and lower blood pressure. One study has also shown that the smell from the lavender plant reduces crying in babies and help in deeper sleep while also reduces stress in new mother. The smell from Lavender Plant spread its fragrance, purifies air into your bedroom air for better sleep. Lavender plants require a lot of sunlight so place it near a window or else you can pick a few lavender flowers and leaves from your yard, and place them in your bedroom’s pillowcase.

  1. English Ivy Plant

English ivy plant is amongst the best air purifying plant that is easy to grow. This climber looks great on your bedroom’s curtain rod spreading pretty accent and purifying air. It requires moderate household temperatures and small amount of sunlight exposure to survive. 

English ivy is mainly beneficial for people suffering from asthma, allergies, and other breathing problems at night. It is found to be the most efficient plant when absorbing formaldehyde. A study reported that the English Ivy plant removed 94% of airborne feces and 78% of airborne mold within 12 hours. Airborne molds can seriously affect the breathing capacity of people having respiratory problems so have English Ivy Plant in bedrooms to significantly improve both quantity and quality of sleep.

  1. Gardenia Plant

Gardenia Plant is also commonly referred to as Cape jasmine, which induces sleep to the extent that of any prescribed sleeping pills. A German study has discovered the positive effects of this plant that purifies the air and helps relieve anxiety while promoting better sleep.

The evergreen leaves and beautifully scented blossoms of Gardenias is a must for bedroom to help you sleep. However, gardenias can be a bit difficult to maintain as they require a lot of attention. They need regular fertilizing and watering. Also, Gardenia Plant indoor should be placed in a bright room but away from direct sunlight. Devoting some time to maintaining Gardenia is fruitful to relieve from insomnia and sleep peacefully.

  1. Valerian Plant

Valerian plant is a very beneficiary air purifying plant as its scented flowers and roots are used as a tea to induce sleep. This plant blooms in summer and has beautifully scented pink or white flowers. These flowers were used as a perfume in the 16th century. Studies have shown that inhaling its scented flowers will help you speedily fall asleep and ensures you enjoy a better quality of sleep.

Place one Valerian plant in your bedroom where at least six hours of direct sunlight each day is available.  Otherwise, you can grow it outside and daily bring some flower petals and leaves in your bedroom and keep them in your pillowcase at night for soothing benefits. You can also add some flower petals or valerian leaves in your bathwater. Thus, having one valerian plant in your bedroom will clean air and provide better sleep.

  1. Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera Daisies comes in all bright and colorful with pink, orange, yellow, and white colors. These cheerful flowers do not help in indoor air purifying but help you improve your mood, reduce stress leading to better sleep. However, during the night they release oxygen, which helps you breathe easily while you sleep. Thus, Gerbera Daisies are very much suggested for people having apnea or other allergies to induce quality snooze.

The problems with Gerbera Daisies are they are prone to have fungal diseases. These daisies require quite a lot of alertness for their watering and light needs. And you will have to keep buying new plants if they are unable to survive or take their utmost care as expected to last long. Place this mood-enhancing Gerbera Daisies in your bedroom during the night and experience calm sleep. 

  1. Golden Pothos

Golden Pothos is an ivy-like vine with marbled, heart-shaped leaves which exceptionally purifies air for better sleep. This can be a great hanging plant with marbled green and yellow or green and white heart-shaped leaves to clean bedroom air. 

Golden Pothos is perfectly suitable for people with a busy schedule as it is easy to nurture. Provide a few hours of morning sun and some amount of water once a week is sufficient for this plant to help you sleep peacefully at night. This plant has slightly toxic leaves so hanging it helps to keep it away from pets and children.

  1. Spider Plant

Spider Plant is also at times known as airplane plants and are usually hung on the ceiling. These green and white striped plants are very common and champion in purifying the air indoors. This plant has shown to eradicate nearly 90 percent of cancer-causing formaldehyde chemicals, a known carcinogen, found in indoor air. Common household products such as adhesives, grout, and fillers contain formaldehyde, so maintaining one Spider Plant removes this damaging chemical.

Additionally, Spider Plant also absorbs odors and fumes while keeping steady oxygen levels in the bedroom and promoting better sleep. This plant is easy to maintain as requires bright light and once a week watering. Hanging them on the ceiling will allow its ‘airplanes’ or ‘spiders’ to hang down and keep it out of reach from pets or children.

  1. Peace Lily

Peace Lily is another champion natural air purifier. Peace lilies have beautiful creamy white flowers which are great at removing toxic compounds such as formaldehyde, benzene, and trichloroethylene from indoor air. 

Peace Lily is apt for the dry area as the moisture given off by the flowers factually increases the room’s humidity up to 5%. This hinders the growth of airborne microbes which leads to allergies and relieves people having dry noses or throats and promotes sleep all night long. This plant should be kept away from pets or children. It requires occasional care with once a week watering and little sunlight. Thus, one peace lily plant effectively cleans the air, induces better sleep, and needs almost no care.

  1. Bamboo Palm

Bamboo Palm is a small plant also known as a Reed Palm. Bamboo palm is amongst the powerful air-purifying indoor plant for better sleep. Bid goodbye to chemically loaded air fresheners, and plant a few of these palms to remove toxins and airborne odors from your bedroom. 

Bamboo palms are not only eye-pleasing beautiful plants but they provide pure and clean air all day long as well as night.  These plants can easily be taken care of as it requires moist soil (not too wet) and no direct sunlight. Bamboo palms improve the bedroom’s air quality and help you sleep peacefully.


The above-mentioned air purifying plants are highly beneficial in improving bedroom air quality and enhances sleeping patterns. These small and decorative house plants purify indoor air as well as oxygenate your home. Mold, chemicals, and other airborne pollutants can cause allergies, asthma, and difficulty in breathing. But choosing a few of these air-purifying plants for your bedroom will help improve your years-long sleep problems. 

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12 Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Indoor Odors – Fresh Air At A Cheap Budget

After a short trip, we reached home and really wondered why it is getting uncomfortable for all of us to stay indoors. To our surprise, we discovered stale smells and odors were all around our home. We had stayed breathing fresh air for the last few days and expected the same fresh air indoors. My kid came to me and said “mommy lets go back”. These words from him really touched my heart as the natural and fresh air there had helped him relieve from allergies. He was not sneezing and was enjoying each day of his stay. I right away thought of getting rid of indoor odors and provide him similar natural and fresh air inside our own home. 

From day one I start exploring internet to find ways to get rid of indoor odors and provide fresh air at lower cost. Air purifiers seemed to be one of the best option but they are expensive, requires maintenance and proper care. Then, I came across home remedies to get rid of indoor odors. I immediately thought to give them a try as you get nonstop fresh air at a cheap budget. I tried and tested a number of home remedies to get rid of indoor odors and inhale fresh air. Introducing here the best 12 home remedies I thought are effective in removing indoor odors and providing fresh air on small budget.

  1. Vinegar

Vinegar is a routine ingredient readily available in your home which helps eliminate indoor odors naturally. To remove stale odors from your home, just add a small amount of vinegar in one bowl and place in the room. You will notice this cheap method gives clean and fresh air in just few hours. 

Also, to quickly remove cigarette smoke, pour some vinegar into hand towel and swinging the towel in air walk through entire house. This will get rid of indoor odor in no time. This natural way using vinegar entirely eliminates odors such as pet odors and cigarette smoke.

  1. Baking Soda 

Carpets can cause your living room to smell badly, especially when you have pets. Baking soda is a cheap way to remove this bad smell. Trick is – before vacuuming just sprinkle some baking soda on your carpets and allow it to rest there for nearly 15 minutes. Then simply vacuum your carpet to notice stale odors are disappeared. Also, baking soda helps eliminate odors from litter boxes and trashcans.

Baking soda also helps to get rid of smell from antique, second-hand, or unused furniture. Simply put some baking soda in a bowl and place inside the furniture like drawers, cupboards, etc. Allow it to stay there for longer time or overnight and note the musty smell getting disappeared. 

  1. Cotton balls

There are many home remedies which you can try using cotton balls to get rid of indoor odors. For a peaceful and sweet smelling sleep take a cotton ball and dip in lavender or chamomile essential oil and place into your pillow case. This will provide a slight, calming fragrance in your bedroom and help you sleep better. 

Alternatively just soak a cotton ball with your favorite cologne and put it into your vacuum cleaner bag. Now as you start vacuuming, this scent will get gently permeate in your home. At times your refrigerator also emits odors, to help get rid of them, damp a cotton ball into vanilla extract and place it on the shelf inside the fridge. It will work as a deodorizer, providing a pleasant scent indoors.

  1. Lemons

Lemon is acidic and contains powerful pleasing scent providing you with the easy and cheap home remedies for indoor odors. Lemon juice is efficient to get rid of strongest odors from the fridge, kitchen or any room of your house. Slice a lemon and boil these pieces to help you remove cooking odor from seafood and onions.

Lemons can be used as cheap home remedies to get fresh air in bathroom or from pet litter box. It helps you save from spending on aerosol spray and freshen the air naturally. Simply cut few lemons in two pieces and place them in your room to smell lemon-fresh air in sometime.

Lemons work as a deodorizer for your humidifier when it starts to smell funky. You just have to pour 3 or 4 teaspoons lemon juice into the water. This will not only remove the odors but your home will start smelling with lemon-fresh fragrance. Repeat this in every few weeks to keep the odor from returning.

If your garbage disposal is making your sink smell yucky, then deodorize it with some leftover lemon, lime or orange peels.  Toss them down the drain to eliminate odor and keep fresh air moving indoors. 

  1. Orange

Citrus fruits and specifically Oranges make the best home remedies to get rid of indoor odors and fresh air in no time. Take an orange to cut into half. Remove or eat the orange part/ pulp and then fill the orange shell halfway with salt. Place orange shell in a small bowl and place it behind the fridge to freshen air – the salt will absorbs stale and yucky odors while the orange shell fills the entire fridge with a fresh, citrus scent.

Save orange or lemon peels to use them during winters to light fire in your fireplace.  They work far better than newspaper to keep fire on by burning for longer than paper. Moreover, it also gets the room to start smelling better.

Fill your home with a refreshing citrus scent by simmering some orange and/or lemon peels. Take an aluminum pot, put in 1-2 cups of water and some orange and/or lemon peels for few hours. Add water as required while the simmering process in going on. This process freshens up the pot and also the air in your home.

  1. Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is one of the best natural deodorizer as well an anti-bacterial agent to help remove indoor odors and give wonderfully scented fresh air in your home. It is an aesthetic plant, with round or heart-shaped leaves, and with strong scented foliage.  To get rid of the musty smell from your closets, put few essential oils or eucalyptus oil drops. Repeat this in few weeks to have constant fresh air coming from your closet. You can also take few fresh or dried eucalyptus branches in a vase, and place it in your room to not only breathe fresh air but also look good. 

  1. Dried Lavender

Lavender is often used in scented forms like soap, perfume, room fresheners, etc. For cheap and better use as home remedies take equal parts of dried lavender buds and baking soda. Mix these two ingredients into a small jar and shake well. Then, add 3 drops at a time of lavender essential oil, total of 24 drops and shake after every 3 drops. Punch few holes on the jar’s lid and place the jar in any room and to smell fresh aroma.

  1. Fabric Softener

Fabric Softener is another great way to get rid of indoor odors and give your home a fresh wonderfully clean air. Simply add a capful of fabric softener to 2 capfuls of water and then allow it to simmer. This is great to remove yucky smell from bathrooms and laundry rooms. You can even use fabric softener sheets to tuck few sheets into closets, behind curtains, or under chairs to have fresh-air fragrance in any room of your house.

  1. Stovetop Potpourri 

For a long-lasting great aroma to permeate your entire home, try Stovetop Potpourri, effective cheap home remedies. This works best during winter holidays to create a warm, homey ambiance in your home. It is also useful in summer to get rid of stinky smells from indoor air. Here is the ingredients list:

  • 1 sliced orange
  • 1 sliced lemon
  • 2 cinnamon sticks
  • 4 whole cloves
  • 1 fresh bay leaf preferably or dry

Add all the above items to a medium sized pot or a small crock-pot. Fill the pot halfway with water. Turn on the burner to low and allow it to simmer all day long and next day onwards feel the fresh air inside your home. Regularly check the water level in the pot and add water whenever needed.

  1. Home Potpourri

Home Potpourri remedies are like bringing natural outdoor scents into your home. For this you just have to gather few items from outside and easily make a wonderfully smelling potpourri to get rid of indoor odors. Collect things such as pinecones, acorns and leaves. Then just include cinnamon or dry orange/ lemon peelings to give Potpourri a clean scent and place some in every room to have nice fragrance all over the house.

  1. Tea Bag 

Used tea bag is perfect and cheap home remedies to add aroma in small areas. Small areas in your house such as bathroom, laundry room, or musty closets could easily through strong odors all through the house. A much cheap yet great-smelling option is to hang three or four tea bags on the back of the door to get rid of bad smell. Refresh your tea bags with few drops of essential oil when you want to have different aromas.

  1. Vanilla Extract

Vanilla Extract serves as other cheap and simple home remedies for fresh air indoors. To get rid of strong smell from your microwave, take a small quantity of vanilla extract in a bowl and microwave on high for a minute. You can also cover those unbearable paint smells by adding little of vanilla extract with the paint. Now your house will smell delicious. Please note to use only clear vanilla extract for white or cream paints. Another trick is to put one or two drops of vanilla extract on a light bulb when it is off. When the lights turn on, your house will entirely be filled with the appealing scent of baked foods.  


From the above mentioned 12 home remedies to get rid of indoor odors, it is suggested to follow the one that is best as per need. Now as you have found separate remedies to eradicate odors from the living room, bathroom, kitchen, closet, etc. try them and let me know your experiences. My kid now loves the different fragrances and fresh air that smells indoors. 

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It is time you trade in your air purifier with a water fountain

Air purifiers are considered the ultimate solace from air pollution. What you don’t know is that the water fountains are natural air purifiers that cleanse the air without any other accessory or addition. While the air purifiers can, well, just be an electric device to clean the air, the water fountains can be much more than just a thing in the room. If we count the advantages, the water fountains will win the prize, hands down. 

How can water fountain clean the air?

If you doubt how the water fountain placed at a corner of the can clean the air around, rest assured that it is all science. The water falling down creates lots of negative ions around. These negative ions will undergo a chain reaction by interacting with the positive ions and neutralize them. Here, the positive ions are the pollutants lingering in the air. 

The majority of the air pollutants are chemical compounds, including the skin cells, pet dander, etc. All of these carry a positive charge in them, which makes them lighter in weight enabling them to float in the air. The negative ions that collide with them will neutralize these particles. Thus the chemical compounds are neutralized step by step until they are water and carbon dioxide molecules. The otherwise organic matter like the skin cells and other particles will become heavier and fall down on to the floor. It can no longer float in the air. 

Now what you need to do is to clean the floor and other surfaces regularly and promptly. Trust me, within a few days you can see a significant difference in the environment. 

Water fountains and odor removal

Naturally one might ask about the effect of the fountains in the odors. What is an odor? It is nothing but a chemical compound. This compound will undergo the same process as mentioned above and is neutralized and erased completely from the air. it works the same for smoke, pet odors, kitchen smell, and anything that has some chemical composition in it. 

Water fountains work for as long as it lives

Yes, a water fountain can work on air purification as long as the water flow or the waterfall is intact. The only thing that is mandatory is to have the room be a closed one with fewer openings. Since most of the indoor water fountains need an electrical connection to work, it works the same as air purifiers. Switch it on whenever you need it and switch off when you don’t. 

Air purifiers Vs water fountains

When you compare the air purifiers with water fountains, the similarity is in its need for electricity to work, for one and the work mechanism of the negative ions that is similar to that of the ionizers. All the other factors would all go with water fountains. There is hardly anything additional the air purifiers can claim.

Save money: This is the biggest advantage the wall fountains have over air purifiers. The air purifiers will need frequent filter change that cost you some amount. The regularity is within 3-6 months the least. For the water fountains, you don’t need to spend anything other than the initial investment. 

Size does not matter: Yes, the size is not an issue for the water fountains to clean the air. The larger wall fountains or the smaller tabletop fountains, all work the same. The air purifiers will have to be size-specific for each room. 

Location; Air purifiers are effective only in confined areas, whereas the water fountains can work both indoors and outdoors. For more effective air purification, the water fountains may have to be used in closed areas, but the option is still open to be used outdoors as well. 

Other benefits of water fountains

  • The biggest advantage of having water fountains indoors is humidity. It makes a great addition to the dry household that hardly has any humidity in the air. That problem is easily solved by these fountains. As said earlier, size does not matter for this factor as well, as long as the water flows regularly, you can just forget about no moisture in the air. You can now say goodbye to the dry skin, itching, and all that has to do with low humidity. 
  • The soothing sound of the water flow is rhythmic and constant. This is a great stress reliever and relaxant for the mind. The sound waves emerging from the water has its effects inside our brain. There are water fountains with adjustable water flow options. Choose the one that suits you to have more effects. It makes a room inviting after the hectic work of the day. 
  • Yes, the water flow from the fountain can ward off other annoying sounds around. The voices from other rooms can interfere with your ME time. The best way to erase them is to have a water fountain next to you. The sound of water will help you relax and push the other sounds behind. Once you get used to this sound, it becomes easier to shut out other sounds. 
  • Well, this is not the primary intent but the water fountains could be drinking water for your pets. Pets will be drawn to the water flow and are sure to try this water. Many of the water fountains have UV light inside the reservoir to kill the microbes and algae. Such fountains are safe for pets to have a taste. As long as there are no chemicals used in the water, it is safe for them. Moreover, you don’t need to safeguard the pets from the device like air purifiers and is quite safe. 
  • Water fountains can be a décor piece either inside or outside. There are many designs available to choose from. There will hardly be any choice for you to select in the air purifiers. With the water fountains, you can have matching pieces for your interiors. 

The conclusion

In many ways than one, water fountains are better options than air purifiers. If you are spending some money to purify the air, why not choose something that is closer to nature!

Air Purifiers

AirRestore air naturalization systems Reviews

Worried about the smell of the smoke or the smelly leftovers of the snow crab boil party lingering indoors? It’s pretty true that every bit of cooking leaves out different odors into the air. Too add to this your pets, smelly socks and shoes, garbage bins, garage smells and other odors keep invading indoors. Now imagine the mix of smells that you are actually breathing.  Gross isn’t it?

No wonder it is alleged that indoor air is highly polluted when put side by side with outdoor pollution. By staying inside the home you won’t notice the odors but when a person enters your home he or she can clearly smell the difference. Indoor odors not only cause embarrassment but they are also unhealthy for the body especially for infants and elderly lots. Today it has been increasingly a necessity to install air purifiers to reduce the ill effects of indoor air pollution. Air purifiers are on high demand as more and more people around the world are getting aware of the health risks caused due to air pollution.

In this article we will discuss about air restore air naturalization systems a brand dedicated to curb air pollution and provide healthy living options to mankind. Scroll below to know about their interesting products and detailed reviews from real life customers.

About AirRestore air naturalization systems

  • Everything about organic air
  • How do these AirRestore units work?
  • Variety of products  from AirRestore
  • Maintenance
  • Benefits of using AirRestore
  • Customer reviews
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Conclusion

About Air restore air naturalization systems

Air restore products are of great demand and are manufactured by AirRestore USA.  They have their foothold nationwide and are fulfilling the needs of its customers with cutting edge innovative technologies. They have implemented breakthrough science in each of their products that give fresh breathing air. All their products work at the molecular level and focus on how to improve indoor air to help people live healthier.

Air naturalizers and their organic air technology is all about getting healthy by breathing fresh organic air. Air naturalizers are not mere air purifiers but miniature units that provide long term benefits to its customers by protecting them from various ailments. Their innovative organic air technology gets down to the business by producing energized elements that get rid of indoor air pollutants.  The interesting part is that it works without filters, perfumes and artificial chemicals. According to AirRestore USA “air isn’t healthy and fresh unless it’s organic and energized”.

What is organic air? (I know a lot of you all must be confused about this concept)

AirRestore naturalizers produce organic air and are the best alternative available in the category of air purifiers.  Just go along the country sides where the grass is the green and where the verdant paddy fields blossom blissfully.  There you would get to breathe natural air which is free from chemicals and odors. You will experience plain and fresh air that will touch you with all its purity.

The air in such places remains clean and organic because they are unadulterated with factory emissions, vehicle pollution, dust and other air pollutants. Moreover the air is kept fresh by the Mother Nature with the help of sun and wind. These two elements naturally energize the air and remove all the pollutants.  Thus keeping the air fresh, organic and energized fit for breathing. AirRestore products use this same concept of organic air. It does the whole process exactly as how the Mother Nature does but without the assistance of any chemicals.

How it works?

Air restore systems employ a unique way to cleanse the air indoors. They make use of the same ways used by Mother Nature to cleanse the air.

The air restore units gulp the indoor air into its plasma chamber area. Here the air gets re-energized and it regains its cleaning abilities just like the air outdoors. The energized air is then spread out to the every corner of the room by the unit’s ionic engine. 

These reenergized elements start their work by causing oxidation and reduction reactions that make use of all elements in the air to carry out the cleaning process. The ionic engine is capable of altering the air pollutants and makes them fall out of the air. The whole system works proactively unlike other air purifiers that have limited coverage. Air Naturalizer systems are so efficient that they can be used to remove odors from carpets, curtains, and upholsteries.

Products from air restore air natural

Air restore provides a wide variety of choice for each home as they very well understand that every house has different needs. It is not a good idea to design a single unit for every home as it won’t cover specific needs. Now you can choose from the below options to keep your home safe from pollutants and save money by staying energy efficient.

Whole Home System Options – here you can choose four air naturazlier units in the below given options depending on your home and requirements

  • Traditional Pack: 2 Corded Units, 2 Wall Units
  • Convenience Pack: 1 Corded Unit, 3 Wall Units
  • Flexibility Pack: 3 Corded Units, 1 Wall Units
  • Corded Pack: 4 Corded Units
  • Wall Pack: 4 Wall Units

Studio Systems

This is best suited for smaller homes and they allow choosing any two units that suit your personal needs.  There are three options from which you can choose from and they are:

  • Traditional Pack: 1 Corded Unit, 1 Wall Unit
  • Wall Pack: 2 Wall Units
  • Corded Pack: 2 Corded Units


Car Adaptor – the perfect companion for road trips as it helps to install your corded air restore unit easily to cleanse the air inside the vehicle. It helps to get rid of smoke, fog, and every damn bad odor dwelling inside your car.

Vehicle Mount – now you can safely mount your corded AirRestore unit inside your car using this accessory.  Just attach the mount to your dash or windshield and experience organic air where ever you go. The mount is sturdy and stable enough to hold the unit at its place.

Accessory Travel Kit – for those who keep traveling like a vagabond, having an AirRestore unit is a boon. It helps to breathe in fresh air no matter where you are. Travel kit includes vehicle mount, car adaptor, velvet travel bag, and a power cord. All these are compact and easy to use whenever you need it.

Easy single units for flexible uses or specific uses

  • Single Corded Unit – you get these single units that have 10 feet cords that give an additional advantage to use them anywhere. You can set them in an ideal location and use it where it is needed accordingly. If an accidental spill occurs in your carpet then you can just bring the unit to the specific area and put it into use. This is a great pick to use inside the kitchen, garage, and pantry areas. 
  • Single wall unit- this is designed for those homes inhabited by naughty kids and pets. Keeping them fixed on the wall makes it easy for kids and pets to navigate around with ease. Corded units can make the trip down and fall which is not a safer option.

Both these options are great as they can help to meet specific needs like getting over the odors emanating inside the kitchen or around the litter boxes. No matter where you want to use them; clean organic is guaranteed. Plug and play easily and breathe fresh air for a healthy life.

Maintenance of AirRestore units

Unlike other products AirRestore air purifiers are easy to use and to maintain.  They do not contain any sort of filters or accessories that you have buy or replace periodically.

The main factor that determines when you need to clean a unit is “the level of pollutants that each unit is working to clean”. If you have installed a device in a room where there is fewer sources of odors then probably you can wait for a few months to clean the unit. If the unit is placed near your kitchen or garbage areas or other areas where there are high pollutants then it may need cleaning pretty often.

If you maintain your unit properly by cleaning it whenever needed then you can avail one-year manufacturer warranty. Those devices that are poorly maintained will not receive any warranty.  Therefore make sure that you clean your device thoroughly so that it works perfectly without causing any buildup of pollutants. Check out this video to know “how to clean the unit thoroughly”. Here is the link:

Benefits of using AirRestore air naturalizer systems

  • Helps to remove urine or other accidents right from your carpets and upholsteries. Imagine the odor that comes out of your carpet even after cleaning it. Air restore units can easily cleanse the odor without leaving anything behind. All you need to do is clean the spot using vinegar or water or whatever you use to do it. Later sprinkle some water and keep your air restore unit face down with the plug on. There you go and the odor disappears just like that into thin air. These units are great when it comes to spot treatments.
  • Provides organic air just like what you get on the rural areas. These air Naturalizer units provide clean air by working at the molecular level.  It keeps the indoor air fresh and you can notice instant results as soon as you plug in the device.
  • Babies need clean and healthy air to breathe as polluted air can prove harmful for them.  Infants have a higher chance of acquiring asthma and other respiratory problems due to air pollution. Installing AirRestore units will improve indoor air and make it baby-friendly. It helps to kill microorganisms, bacteria, and other odors.
  • AirRestore units can be paired with humidifiers to increase air quality. Humidifiers are a great relief for sore throats, certain skin conditions, and eye problems. When both these systems work hand in hand it results in a cleaner and healthier air.
  • Prevents airborne diseases caused by pathogens dwelling indoors. The germs float along indoors searching for the host and the right conditions. AirRestore systems proactively catch these microorganisms and kill them. Thus keeping the air fresh and clean for human use.
  • Elderly people are the ones who suffer the most due to air pollution. It causes heart problems, stroke, and many other ailments according to the American heart association. AirRestore units can be of great help to prevent such problems as it supplies organic and natural air.
  • Air pollutants can cause sleeping problems especially when there is less ventilation indoors. AirRestore provides natural air and prevents problems like snoring and sleep apnea. Certain studies have pointed out the link between snoring and air pollution.
  • For those who suffer from insomnia can largely benefit from using AirRestore units. The natural air with all the energized elements promotes healthy sleeping habits and puts the body at complete rest.
  • Air pollutants can cause sinus, headaches, and hinder normal functions of the body. Living in between concentrated and polluted air creates havoc inside our bodies. Installing AirRestore units will keep your mind and health in perfect condition.
  • AirRestore units can help to put an end to your seasonal allergies by turning off all the allergens.  As you all know asthma is a common problem in the US and the number is on the rise. Strong odors, dust, pollen, and other irritants can setoff asthma problems. Hence it is exceedingly essential to put an end to such pollutants that AirRestore does effectively.
  • It is said that air pollution can have a negative impact on the brain, especially on kids. It hinders brain development, reduces intelligence, and in certain cases causes ADHD problems. When we have an option of cleansing the air then why wait for inviting troubles. AirRestore units are the best which works effectively.
  • AirRestore units consume less power and are energy-efficient devices.

Customer reviews about AirRestore air naturalizers

AirRestore air naturalizers are a hit among the category of air purifiers. Every proud owner of AirRestore units has given huge applauses and positive reviews. You can check for the reviews in their official site and other online sites.  Below I have listed a few reviews which were posted by customers themselves. By reading those you will get an idea about these air naturalizer units.

  • “I entered my new house but it had a strong odor of paints and polishing from the furniture.  Thanks to AirRestore units which worked almost instantly and my family could breathe organic air right away.”
  • “We had a party at our home and there were all types of dishes. The next day all the leftovers and craps had a stinking smell. Even after cleaning and moping, I couldn’t get over the smell. I had a travel kit AirRestore unit and I readily used it for cleaning the indoor air. It worked and I have planned to install a  customized system for my home”
  • “I have a lot of cats in my home and it is really hard to mask their odor. But after installing AirRestore units the odor has gone away like shooo and I no more smell like a cat….”

I hope from the above reviews you would have understood how effectively it tackles indoor air pollution. When talking about the cost it is economical and easy on the pocket. Also it is designed for each home with a lot of options to choose from. Whether you want to install it inside a vehicle or your house it is compact and easy to use. These are the best portable units which work effectively and provide organic air to breathe.

Frequently asked questions

Why choose air naturalizer when there are many types of purifiers available?

It is true that there are many types of purifiers available and it is increasingly become difficult to choose the right product. Some people have a preoccupied mindset that costly units are effective when compared to cheaper ones. But that is entirely a wrong perception and effectiveness has nothing to do with the cost.

Clean and organic air is very important to lead a healthy life so installing the right purifier is very important. AirRestore naturalizers are simple devices that employ natural ways to clean the air. They do not use any chemicals or artificial substances to clean the air. These units help to contain the odors and prevent pathogen growth by proactively killing them.

Where should I put my AirRestore?

Actually you can install it anywhere you want to work. In general it is better to install these units where you spend your time the most. If you have corded units then you can take them and use it as you wish but make sure not to get tripped on. Also it is highly recommended to install a unit in your kitchen so that it helps to control the irritants and pollutants effectively.

How much air does each unit clean?

AirRestore units are designed to clean up to 800 square feet of air. But this is largely depended on the air circulation. If there are many objects inside the room like furniture’s that can limit the effectiveness of these units. It is always better to install a whole home system option to cover your entire house.

What option should I choose for my home?

If you are not sure what to buy to meet the specific needs of your home you can directly talk to an AirRestore dealer. They help you to find out the best deal suited for your home. They allow customized options depending on your needs and size of your house.

Where to buy AirRestore units?

You can buy them online from or from other sites like, eBay and other registered sites. It is always better to buy the units from their official site to avail discounts and getting replacements.

How about electricity bills while using these devices?

All AirRestore units are energy efficient and there won’t be any spikes in your bills after installing these units. Unlike other air purifiers units AirRestore units consumes only 3 watts on its highest setting. That simply means that even if you leave it to run for 24/7 it will not consume much power. It will be equal to a light bulb burning for an hour. This feature makes it an excellent choice to invest on and installing a whole home system won’t produce much power bills.

How to return the product if I am not satisfied?

Only unused products are eligible for a refund or replacement within the 30 days of time frame from the date of purchase. Note that the item must be in good condition (re-sellable condition) with all original packaging, paperwork and accessories. While returning the product, make sure to send it via a traceable method so it can be tracked promptly.  For lost or missing returns the company is not responsible for the loss and no refund will be availed.  When you want to return the products kindly obtain a return authorization number for initiating the return process. Note that the refund does not include shipping and return freight charges. If the item that you received is damaged then you are eligible to obtain shipping costs and freight charges. For more details you can place a call at this number: (800) 687-4188 and return your merchandise.  If you have any doubts then you can get all the information by calling the above number.

Conclusion: Air purifiers have become an essential part of our life as air pollution is on the rise. It is not possible to prevent pollution as such but we can surely curb the ill effects caused by pollution. This can be effectively done using an air purifier not just any air purifier but AirRestore naturalizer units. Now feel the zest of organic air just like getting outdoors in the natural environment. Natural air which is free from chemicals is the best way to live healthy and to get rid of problems. AirRestore units are best when it comes to price and effectiveness so hurry up and grab you units soon.

Air Purifiers

Winix Purifiers Reviews, Products, Features

Winix is a South Korean company, manufacturing healthy home appliances for over 40 years. Winix had evolved, over time, to become a leader in manufacturing products such as air and water purifiers, humidifiers and many more that support clean home environment and comfortable living. Winix is one of the world’s leading makers of premium quality high performing air purifiers. Winix air purifiers use advanced technology which exceed expectations in terms of performance, design, and quality. Further in this article you will get to know more details about the Winix Air Purifiers Products.

Winix Air Purifiers Product Details

Winix FresHome Series Air Purifier

Winix FresHome air purifiers come white with blacktop in color and are build lightweight using plastic material. Winix FresHome Series includes three variants of Air Purifiers that are the FresHome P150, FresHome P300, and FresHome P450. 

Winix FresHome Series Air Purifier – Features

The common features of Winix FresHome Series Air Purifier are:

  1. 3-Stage Air Cleaning

Winix FresHome P150, P300 and P450 Air Purifier uses advanced 3-Stage air cleaning system to effectively remove several kinds of air pollutants from your home. Air impurities like dust, smoke, pollen, odors, pet dander, mold spores, and organic chemicals are all unsafe in your home environment and can trouble your respiratory system. Winix FresHome Air Purifier helps reducing these pollutants from your indoor air to help you live comfortably. 

  1. Stage 1: Activated Carbon Pre-filter

Winix FresHome Series Air Purifier comes with activated carbon pre-filter to capture unpleasant household odors from pets, smoke, cooking, and other odors. This filter is coated with Cleancel technology to neutralize germs and bacteria upon contact with the filter.

  1. Stage 2: True-HEPA Filtration

The True-HEPA Filtration in Winix FresHome air purifier works excellent to reduce 99.97% respiratory irritants and air contaminants like allergens, pollen, mold spores, dust, pet dander, bacteria, and virus. This filter makes FresHome Series the first choice for people having asthma and allergy.

  1. Stage 3: PlasmaWave Technology

Winix FresHome air purifier contains advanced PlasmaWave Technology which safely breaks apart odor, allergens, chemical vapors and other pollutants at the molecular level – without producing dangerous ozone in your home environment. 

  1. Air Quality Sensor with Auto-Mode and Visual Indicator

Winix FresHome air purifier features an Air Quality Sensor with Auto-Mode to automatically adjust the cleaning power depending on air pollutant level in the room which is displayed on Visual Indicator. This air purifier automatically works hard when there is high level of air contaminants offering optimal performance and saving energy.

  1. 4 Fan Speeds 

The Winix FresHome series air purifier can operate on whisper low quiet mode to Turbo mode proving you ultimate performance

  1. Light Sensor 

Light sensor in Winix FresHome series air purifier automatically lowers fan speed and dims the unit’s display lights for silent night time operation, providing you noise free and peaceful sleep.

  1. Warranty

The Winix FresHome series air purifiers are backed with 3 years limited warranty.

Winix FresHome Series Air Purifier – Products

  1. Winix FresHome P150 Air Purifier

Winix FresHome P150 Air Purifier combines advanced air cleaning technologies to capture dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke, mold spores, organic chemicals, and household odors. It is designed to purify your home’s bedroom, nursery, or home office which is up to 150 sq. ft. in size. 

Winix FresHome P150 Air Purifier features a 3-Stage Air Cleaning System utilizing activated Carbon Pre-Filter, efficient True-HEPA Filter, and patented PlasmaWave Technology. Winix FresHome P150 Air Purifier also features an Auto Mode and Air Quality Sensor, 4 Fan Speeds, Sleep Mode, light sensor, and electronic digital display. This unit’s AHAM (CADR) Values are Dust 98, Pollen 103, and Smoke 98. Winix FresHome P150 Air Purifier is UL and ARB Certified as well as is Energy Star Qualified.

The Dimensions of Winix FresHome P150 Air Purifier is 18.5″ Height x 13.8″ Width x 9.1″ Deep and its weight is 11 lbs. This unit comes with 4 Carbon Pre-Filters and 1 True HEPA Filter.

  1. Winix FresHome P300 Air Purifier

Winix FresHome P300 is a midsized Air purifier with 3-Stage Air Cleaning System to remove dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke, mold spores, organic chemicals and household odors. This purification system uses Activated Carbon Pre-Filter, true HEPA Filter and PlasmaWave Technology. This unit is of optimal use in a large bedroom or living room up to 300 sq. ft. in size.

Winix FresHome P300 Air Purifier features a digital electronic display, Auto Mode, Air Quality Sensor, PlasmaWave On/Off button, 4 Fan Speeds, light sensor, Sleep Mode, Remote Control and Replace Filter Indicator light. Moreover, this unit is UL and ARB Certified and is also Energy Star Qualified.

The AHAM (CADR) Values for Winix FresHome P300 Air Purifier are Dust and Smoke 197 and Pollen 214. The size of FresHome P300 is 21.7″ Height x 16.3″ Width x 10.4″ Deep and weight is 13.95 lbs. It comes with 4 Carbon Pre-Filters and 1 True HEPA Filter.

  1. Winix FresHome P450 Air purifier 

Winix FresHome P450 Air purifier is the largest and most powerful air cleaner in the FresHome series. This unit is best to use in a family room, living room, or multiple rooms up to 450 sq. ft. in size. The FresHome P450 combines a superior 3-Stage air cleaning system to capture hidden particles from the air such as dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke, mold spores, organic chemicals, and household odors.  The Winix FresHome P450 features an activated carbon pre-filter, true HEPA filter, and PlasmaWave Technology to offer exceptional air cleaning.   

Winix FresHome P450 Air purifier features Auto Mode, Air Quality Sensors, light sensor, and electronic digital display. This air purifier also attributes adjustable 4-Fan Speeds, Sleep Mode, Remote Control, and a filter replacement indicator. Winix FresHome P450 Air purifier is UL and ARB Certified plus is Energy Star Qualified. 

The AHAM (CADR) Values for Winix FresHome P450 Air purifier are Dust/Pollen/Smoke – 298 / 343 / 291. It’s the size and weight are 25.6″ Height x 18.9″ Width x 11.8″ Deep and 19.4 lbs, respectively. 4 Carbon Pre-Filters and 1 True HEPA Filter are inclusions with this air purifier. 

Winix Signature Series Air Purifier

Winix Signature Series Air Purifier comes in white with silver top in color. They are made using plastic material and are available in two variants namely, Winix Signature U300 and Winix Signature U450. 

Winix Signature Series Air Purifier – Features

The common features of Winix Signature Series Air Purifier include:

  1. 5-Stage Air Cleaning

Winix Signature Series air purifiers combine superior technologies to create an effective 5-Stage air purification system. The Signature Series is designed to remove a wide range of odors, allergens, and other airborne impurities such as dust, smoke, pollen, pet dander, mold, bacteria, viruses, and VOCs.

  1. PlasmaWave Technology

The PlasmaWave Technology in Winix Signature Series air purifiers safely breaks odors, allergens, chemical vapors, and other pollutants at the molecular level, without causing hazardous ozone. This technology creates positive and negative ions to combine with natural water vapor to form hydroxyls, which entirely cleans the indoor air.

  1. Advanced Odor Control (AOC) Washable Carbon Filter

Winix Signature Series air purifier includes an Advanced Odor Control (AOC) Washable Carbon Filter that is 3 times more effective to capture and neutralize odors from pets, cooking, smoke, and other household pollutants found in indoor air.

  1. True-HEPA Filter

The True-HEPA Filtration system in Winix Signature Series captures 99.97% of airborne pollutants, pet dander, pollen, mold spores, and many other allergens as small as 0.3 microns.

  1. Washable Pre-Filter 

Winix Signature Series air purifier contains washable Anti-Bacterial Pre-filter which helps to extend the life of your filter by capturing Pet Hair and large airborne particles to make indoor air cleaning easier.

  1. CleanCel technology

The carbon filter in Winix Signature Series air purifier is treated with CleanCel, an anti-microbial coating to prevent the growth of organisms such as mold and bacteria which causes odors in indoor air. 

  1. Air Quality Sensor with Auto-Mode and Visual indicator

The combined Auto Mode and Air Quality Sensors in Winix Signature Series deliver Set-and-Forget convenience for optimal performance. The auto mode will automatically detect airborne contaminants in the room and adjusts cleaning speed as per air quality level.  

  1. 4 Fan Speeds

Winix Signature Series air purifier has 4 fan speeds that allows from whisper low quiet mode to high performance Turbo Mode.

  1. Warranty

Winix Signature series air purifiers come with 5 years limited warranty.

Winix Signature Series Air Purifier – Products

  1. Winix Signature U300 Air purifier 

Winix Signature U300 Air purifier offers 5 stage air cleaning technology to trap air impurities such as dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke, bacteria, odors, mold spores, and organic chemicals. The signature U300 is perfect to purify air in large rooms sizing 300 sq. ft.  

Winix Signature U300 uses a Washable Pre-Filter to extend HEPA filter life by capturing large particles like pet hair. The pre-filter, cassette, and carbon filters are treated with CleanCel to avoid the growth of odor-causing organisms such as mold and bacteria. The True-HEPA Filter, Advanced Odor Control (AOC) Washable Activated Carbon filter, and PlasmaWave Technology in Winix Signature U300 unites to provide you optimal clean home environment.  

Winix Signature U300 Air purifier is designed keeping you in mind which includes features such as auto mode and Air Quality Sensors, 4 Fan Speeds, Sleep Mode, filter replacement indicator and a Remote Control.

Winix Signature U300 Air purifier is UL and ARB Certified and has also qualified Energy Star. The AHAM (CADR) Values for this unit are Dust/Pollen/Smoke: 197 / 214 / 197, respectively. The dimension and weight of Signature U300 are 21.7″ Height x 16.3″ Width x 10.4″ Deep and 13.4 lbs. This unit comes pre-installed with Washable Pre-Filter, True HEPA Filter, and Advanced Odor Control washable carbon filter.

  1. Winix Signature U450 Air purifier

Winix Signature U450 Air purifier is a large and powerful air purification system for large rooms up to 450 sq. ft. It utilizes a 5-Stage Cleaning System which includes Washable Ultimate Filter Cassette and Pre-Filter treated with CleanCel, True-HEPA Filter, Advanced Odor Control (AOC) Washable Activated Carbon Filter and PlasmaWave Technology.

Winix Signature U450’s carbon filters are 3 times more effective at removing the toughest household odors.  The superior 5-Stage cleaning technology is brought together to eradicate pet dander, smoke, pollen, dust, mold spores, cooking odors, bacteria, viruses, chemical vapors, and ammonia from indoor air.

Winix Signature U450 features an Auto Mode, Sleep Mode, electronic display, Remote Control, light sensor, filter replacement light and Air Quality Sensor.  This air purifier is Energy Star Qualified, UL Approved and AHAM Certified. The AHAM (CADR) Values for Winix Signature U450 are Dust 298, Pollen 343 and Smoke 291.

The Size and weight of Winix Signature U450 Air purifier are 25.6″ Height x 18.9″ Width x 11.8″ Deep and 19.4 lbs. The pre-installed filters in this unit are 1 Washable Pre-Filter, 1 True HEPA Filter and 1 Advanced Odor Control washable carbon filter.


As mentioned above Winix air purifiers are quality products build using advanced technology to deliver the optimal home environment. However, for maintaining pure indoor air quality, it is important to regularly clean and replaces air filters. Typically, the washable carbon filter, washable pre-filter, and Advanced Odor Control washable Activated Carbon filter must be cleaned every 3 months and must be replaced annually, when in normal use. The true HEPA filter must be changed every 12 months or depending on use. The combination of the superior latest technology in Winix air purifiers supports removing every possible impurity from indoor air.

Air Purifiers

Living with COPD, Asthma, or Allergies? Try the HVAC with UV light & a portable air purifier!

Living with respiratory diseases is difficult. It would be even tougher of the indoor air quality is poor. The fact that the majority of those respiratory diseases are caused by indoor air quality makes it scary. People suffering from COPD- Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, asthma, and other allergies would find it hard to lead a normal life. 

An air purifier and a UV light seems to be a good idea to prevent these diseases or as a relief from such situations. It is a reality that no single device will be a complete solution for air pollution. I can work only as teamwork. The idea is to reduce indoor air pollutants as much as possible. If you need extra support from another device or equipment, you should have. Especially if there are people suffering from such chronic diseases. 

The magical combination of UV light and an air purifier

There will be an HVAC system in every home. How much do you pay attention to those ducts that is running all around your home? Of course, there would be air filters to remove the particles but what about the germs, and other spores floating around? Those air ducts need protection from these airborne germs. 

The best option is to have an UV light installed at the outlet of the duct. The UV light gives the UV rays that the germs cannot survive. It ensures that the air that is coming out has none of those germs. It stays out of the human reach and also helps flow purer air. 

The other partner in this combination is a portable air purifier. if you already have an air filter in the central filtering system and the additional use of an UV light, what is the use of that portable air purifier?

Consider it as an incentive. No air purification system is foolproof. What if there still are some of those air particles roaming around. People with COPD or asthma need to have fresh air readily available all the time. What better option than having a personal air purifier! Keep the air purifier in the room where you will be spending most of the time. Being portable means you can carry it to the bedroom at night. 

So the team of the UV light in the HVAC and the portable air purifier can bring down much of the uneasiness about the COPD. Gradually it could also bring down the symptoms and provide greater relief.

Why UV light in the air ducts?

UV light is highly effective in killing the germs, mold and mildew spores, etc. There is hardly any living organism that could escape the UV rays. But the catch is that the air must be exposed for a longer period to have this effect. Since the central air system will have the longer ducts and more possibility of UV rays exposure inside than it would have outside this tube, UV light is used in this than in the portable air purifier. This would also protect humans from exposure. 

What to look for in an air purifier

You will find all sorts of air purifiers to have a cleaner. What you need to the COPD, asthma, and allergies would be the air filter that can remove the germs, spores, and smoke. The best air filter would be the one with high quality, preferably a medical-grade HEPA filter with the additional assistance of the good quality activated carbon filtering. The HEPA will remove any remaining airborne germs like bacteria and the activated carbon will eliminate the smoke from any source. 

These kinds of air purifiers are considered the best. The carbon can remove the VOCs, smoke and any chemicals from the air and the HEPA will remove 99% of the air particles, practically making the leanest possible air for the sufferers. 

UV light, portable air purifier and COPD

Unlike other respiratory diseases, COPD is a severe condition. Here the airways are blocked by excess mucus and the loss of elasticity of the lungs makes it difficult to get enough oxygen to breathe. They get only a minimal amount of air and that is the main reason why air quality is highly essential. The cause of COPD is right there in the air, such as cigarette smoke-active or passive, bacteria, viruses, spores, and other chemicals. Only a multilayer filtering system can help the COPD. 

COPD is a condition that is developed over the years of exposure to toxic substances. It is identified by long-lasting cough with mucus and shortness of breath. The only way to live with COPD is to avoid anything that can irritate the lungs. If the air is not pure for these people no other treatment of medication can help them. 

This UV light-air purifier team can make a better job in ensuring that there no longer any irritants in the air, at least inside the home. When we know if there are any spores, the chemicals that coming from all kinds of household items, only a multilayer air filtration can remove all of them. Even the slightest amount of chemical could irritate the lungs, you never know. Moreover, the UV light installation will clean up all those inside sources or routes of those irritants. 

Concluding thoughts

Many of the respiratory diseases would be difficult to erase completely once they set their foot. The best way to deal with them is to reduce the cause and exposure to the irritants. This will lead to lesser symptoms and relief. The fewer frequency of the attack will give time to the body for recovery and boosting the immune system. 

My only request is to never choose a cheap air purifier for COPD. If you are getting an air purifier, choose the high-end one with the highest grade air filtering system. That would be the least you could do to help the COPD sufferers.