Stronglite Standard Portable Massage Table by Massage Naturals

Stronglite Standard portable massage table is a simple design meant to use by both beginners and professional masseurs. The portability of the product is so that the therapist can have independent practice and get as many clients as possible. This is lightweight and also has carry case that helps in the transportation from client to client.

This light weighted Stronglite standard portable massage table is sturdy and durable by work, cushiony in feel and elegant in looks. This simple massage table is enough to relieve the stress, soreness, and any physical ailments.

Features of Stronglite standard portable massage table

  • The Stronglite standard portable massage table is 30 inches wide and 73 inches long.
  • The height of the table is adjustable and can be fixed anywhere between 23 inches to 33 inches.
  • The total weight of the table comes at medium with its 32 pounds.
  • The table is made of Birch Hardwood for the frame and the table top is made of Birch Plywood.
  • The table top has a cushiony cover with the cushion at 2 ½ inches of foam. The foam is covered by vinyl.
  • The vinyl covering is available in different colors of black, purple, agate, burgundy, and Teal green.
  • The Stronglite standard portable massage table is provided with cradle lock cable support and a full-length piano hinge.
  • The massage table has a warranty of 5 years for the framework and 3 years that for the foam as well as the vinyl covering.
  • The table can support a work weight of 600 pounds maximum.

Stronglite standard portable massage table package

The portable massage table comes either as the table only or as a whole package that includes the massage table, deluxe adjustable platform, face pillow, and the carry case. The table only pack is low priced and the other one comes expensive with an additional charge as well.

Why choose Stronglite standard massage table?

Stronglite standard massage table uses the safe and eco-friendly PU plush upholstery for the covering. It is easy to open for work and fold when done. There is also a Velcro attached storage facility under the table where the necessities like a towel and other accessories can be kept. The face cradles and the cushions could also go there. It does not make a bulk to include the storage.

The hardwood frame makes it sturdy and hints that the table is meant for work and durability. There is no cheap wood used for the skeleton and that itself is a great advantage that this massage table has over many other counterparts. It is also easier to get the replacement parts for the table, like the face pillow.

The cushioning of the Stronglite standard massage table is 3 layers for the sturdy look and effect. It does not sag or get dents easily. It can last longer than any others. The height adjustment makes it easier for the therapist of any height range. It is simple and convenient enough for anyone, with experience or no experience, to use it independently.

Where to buy

Stronglite Standard portable massage table is up for sale directly at Stronglite online store. It is also available at other stores like Amazon. You get the option to have the table only or the whole package only at the manufacturer’s store. The massage table is available in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, etc. It is either shipped there or available from the local Amazon.

Stronglite Standard Massage table review

The general review is that the table is sturdy and easy to handle. The adjustments are done in a jiffy is what many have said. The carrying case is highly handy and the table does not weigh much so it is easy to carry along.
The only negative remark is regarding the face rest attachment. It is made of plastic and is not durable it would have been made of a sturdier material. Not that it broke off faster but the concern is there. Since the framework is done in sturdy wood, a little should have given to this part also.