Straps are long strips of any material that are used to secure or bind anything with the help of buckles attached to them. Since the use of straps is many so are the materials and strength of them. For each purpose, the straps are made with such materials that meet the strength and requirement. Straps may be made of different materials like leather, elastic, nylon, rubber etc. is an online store that entertains both retail and wholesale purchases. Straps are available in single number as well as in bulk. There is no minimum order for any kind of straps or related products. Buy From Strap works for all your strapping needs.

When you Buy From Strap works, you will find there are belts, ropes, Velcro, elastics, tie-down straps etc that are secured by steel, metal, or plastic hardware. There are webbing materials, sewing and cutting materials and collegiate materials also. There are sporting specialty straps also. The sporting needs exist in the motor sports, paddle sports, rafting, farm needs, hiking, camping, hunting, ocean sports, travel and luggage requirements, bags, cameras, safety straps etc. let’s have a look of the products available.

  • Belts: Belts are available as per style, requirement, and buckle types. There are sliding, double-O, double-D, and side release and sports belts.
  • Cordage & Rope: the ropes are kermantle and are very strong that has passed the 10,000lbs test. It can be used for rescue works, swings etc. they are available in three colors, white, black and yellow. Parachute cords are used as drawstrings, shorts etc and not used for parachutes. Prussic cord is used for rescue and attaching the boats or frames. It is for general purpose usage. The braided polypropylene cords can float on water.
  • Elastic & Velcro: Elastic straps are made of rubber or with synthetic fiber and polyester. They are available as colored bands. The straps are available in different width from ½ an inch to 3 inches. The Velcro is also in many colors. The Velcro is available as single sided wraps or separates. The single wraps have hook and loop on the opposite sides so that fastening is easier.
  • Hardware: the hardware includes the loops, hooks, buckles, rings, spring rings, tab lifter etc. these accessories are made in metal, stainless steel, or plastic. The car buckles, camera strap adjusters, sliding loops etc are also available in plastic.
  • Straps: The straps are available with the buckles or loops built in. they are available in many colors and in different categories. They are colored and the pet straps are designed to suit the pets.
  • Webbing: Webbing is a strong fabric woven thing used as a replacement for ropes. It has a versatile uses. At strap works it is available made in polypropylene, flat nylon, polyester, ribbons, for seat belts and tubular. From each category, choose the one that can fulfill the requirements. There are many options to choose from.
  • Sewing & Cutting accessories are the cutter, cutter replacement blades, thread spools, stitcher, sewing thread refills.
  • Collegiate products are suiting the universities across the US. There are pet collars, leashes, lanyards, and mouse pads.

Customized Fabrication

There is a customization facility to get the desired type and style of strap that you have designed. What to know how? Let’s have a look. First of all have a clear plan about what you need and how you want the strap to be like. Then put them together into a plan of how it should look when it is finished. The plan need not be too professional but the workers will need to have something that looks at least similar to what it should be. When you are ready with the plan and the details, email it to the customer department and once the email is received an acknowledgement will be sent to you.

The next step is to wait for your turn since there will be so many others who want the customization’s. At your turn you will get a contact with the customization team with a quote for the project and with some questions or clarifications. Next is the payment time. When everything is settled, the fabrication is done and when finished will be sent to you.

Things To Note about Webbing When You Buy From Strap works

  • The hardware and the straps or webbing should be of the matching sizes. If you need to buy a 2 inch strap then go for the suitable hardware that is of the same size. Make sure to check the size before placing the order since the hardware is available in so many sizes.
  • Nylon webbings are suitable for many uses and is color fast. There are 25 colors to choose rom and a full roll will be 150 ft long. The thickness ranges from 0.07- 0.75”. It can absorb water and saturate easily and can stretch in length. If the wet webbing is not dried properly it may catch mildew and rot easily.
  • Heavy weight polypropylene is for outdoor use. They also are colorfast, UV and water resistant and have breaking strength. There are 24 color choices and a full roll is 300 ft long. The thickness is 0.06” and can withstand heat of 330 degrees Fahrenheit. Lightweight polypropylene has the same features as the heavyweight ones but the only difference is in the thickness and strength range.
  • Polyester is the best deal for high abrasion conditions. They are color fast, UV, and water resistant, very high breaking strength and can be used in sublimation process. It has very high melting point as well.
  • Sublimation is the process to get designs on the straps. The designs are printed on to a heat resistant paper and it is matched with roll of special polyester. These are placed in the heat transfer press. The ink will be transferred to the straps with the help of the heat. Under the heat, the ink will be gaseous and leaves the beautiful impression on the roll.

When you buy From Strap works, note that both retail and wholesale purchase is possible. To fulfill the wholesale purchase category there is a minimum amount. It should be applied for and it might take a week for review. There are some discounts available for wholesale.



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Price: $10.50
The flat hooks from strapworks, are vinyl coated to help protect your car, plus the vinyl gives a good grip.

Great support and unbreakable strength

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I liked the sturdy design and durability feature of the strap. It’s 3000 lb breaking strength is pretty strong to hold heavy loads.