Stanley J309 600 Peak Amp Jump Starter by 13 Deals

The Stanley series jump starters allow you to jump your battery back to life without the need of another vehicle. These jump starters have the power you need. Read on to know more about the Stanley J309 600 Peak Amp Jump Starter.

The Stanley J309 300 amps and 600 Peak amp jump starter offers a convenient, portable way to jumpstart your battery without the need of another vehicle. In addition, the jump starter can restart a wide range of vehicles including most V6s. The Stanley 300 Amp Jump Starter offers maximum performance and jump starts the vehicle in a rapid way.

It includes various unique features like visual and audible reverse polarity alarms. This alarm warns against improper connections to battery terminals. It has a built-in AC charger that recharges the unit with most usual household extension cords. It’s keyless on/off safety switch gives added user protection. This starter has an ultra-bright area light for improved visibility in dark areas. Lastly, it’s heavy duty cables, as well as clamps, make storing the unit easy.


  • This ETL Listed Product has Tough durable housing
  • The Stanley J309 600 Peak Amp Jump Starter delivers 300 amperes of current to a 12-volt battery for instant startup of your vehicle.
  • It works on desulfation technology to provide an instant 300 Amp start.
  • Along with 300 Amp Instant Starting Power, it can go up to 600 Peak Battery Amps
  • It comes with 270 degrees pivoting high powered LED emergency light
  • Its built-in 120V AC charger recharges unit with standard household extension cord
  • It offers both 12-volt and USB outlets to charge personal electronics
  • This convenient portable jump starter works equally well for motorbikes, particularly in extreme winter conditions while also preventing any choking off the battery.
  • It features a reverse polarity alarm to alert when there is an improper connection
  • It has a power and charge indicator
  • Its built-in charger allows you to charge the battery anytime and anywhere on the go.
  • This jump starter is small, easy to carry and lightweight than many other battery-equipped units.
  • The entire unit comes with a heavy-duty metal clamp in an impact-resistant, injection-molded case.
  • This easy to use and efficient unit is priced for around $60, after discounts
  • It comes with the manufacturer warranty against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 1 year from the date of retail purchase by the original end-user purchaser.


  • 12V/ USB ports: Yes
  • Ac Power: No
  • Compressor: No
  • Instant Starting Amps: 300 Amp, 5 seconds 225A
  • Peak Amps: 600 Amp
  • Battery Type: Maintenance-free, sealed lead acid, 12 volt DC, 7aH
  • Area Light: 1 long-life white LED
  • USB Port: 5Vdc, 500mA
  • DC Accessory Outlet: 12Vdc, 5A

Where To Buy?

To perfect your life, you can buy Stanley J309 600 Peak Amp Jump Starter both online as well as in stores. The best places to buy online are from Wal-Mart, Amazon, sears and more retailers. You can even find local retailers to buy from in store. Enter your zip/postal code on their website to find the nearest retail store.

Customer Reviews

The Stanley J309 600 Peak Amp Jump Starter has received a very impressive customer rating on Amazon as well as Wal-Mart. It has received 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Many positive customer reviews state the product has many decent features, easy to use and is just as advertise. Whereas some people complain that the product didn’t work well. Read below few real customer reviews

  • Jakes11234 says it works great. He bought it for 2 big trucks that take 12v to crank. With this, they both fired off like a charm. This product is must have in any emergency kit. Instant jump starts and recommends other mobile power sources.
  • Daaddy27 says this is a very good product. He bought it a week ago and helped his Friend in difficulty. His car started right up and definitely, recommends this item to everyone.
  • DITCH9862 says he charged the jump started as per directions. And then went out to jump the battery but it didn’t start the car. He says this charger doesn’t work well on a completely dead battery. Also, the clips are too small to fit on the terminals as well.
  • Jackjack5 bought it for over a year. It worked well when used the first time. He recharged it and after a month when he required it, it was dead. He regularly recharges it every week or else it will be dead when needed.


The quality and the features of this unit make the Stanley J309 600 Amp Jump Starter a practical buy. It is perfect to have it in the trunk of your car or keep it in your garage, ready to use when needed. This is a highly recommended product for those seeking the peace of mind plus a simple, yet effective jump starter.