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SmokinTex Smokers Manual, Reviews, Models

What is your definition of perfectly cooked meat? If it is the moist, pink meat that is moist and readily falls off the bone, then smoking is the best option for you. The old-fashioned pit barbecue has the best bet to get this perfectly cooked and smoked meat. When you have no space for setting up such a BBQ in the backyard or when you have no backyard to speak of, what can you do? You can get the SmokingTex smokers that are made for domestic and commercial purposes. 

SmokinTex smokers make the traditional slow cooking smoked meat or food with the natural flavor of the wood that is delicious. It uses real wood and natural wood smoke for cooking. This low and slow cooking can make the food taste entirely different from your experience. Moreover, you will get smokers for home use as well as for commercial purposes for restaurants, etc. 

About SmokinTex Smokers

The SmokingTex smokers are pre-programmed electric smokers that take the guess work out of the equation. It makes you forget the open fires and the endless smoke when the food is getting ‘smoked’. These are highly insulated cabinet like structures with larger capacity than the ordinary BBQs. Although the temperature range may not be higher, it doesn’t matter, as the smoking is a low temperature slow cooking. 

SmokinTex smokers are made separately for residential and commercial purposes. The body is made of stainless steel with multiple racks inside. The number of racks depends on the model and purpose. You will get 4 varieties for residential smokers and 2 choices for commercial use. 

All Stainless steel residential BBQ electric smokers

  1. SmokinTex 1100 Pro Series BBQ Electric Smoker 
  • The SmokinTex 1100 Pro series electric smoker is easy to use a smoker. You just need to load the wood, place the food, and let it get cooked. It is an automated device that needs no attention while it cooks. 
  • There is a thermostat for temperature control that can be used for a variety of food items. You can cook in the smoke or get a cold smoke for foods like cheese, pasta, etc. 
  • The device is safe enough to use on the patios or inside an RV. It is safe and insulated. It does not get heated up on the outside. It stays cool to touch. 
  • The equipment weighs about 50 pounds but can be moved when placed on the compatible cart available. You can add the accessory wheels as well. it arrives assembled and is ready to use. 
  • There are 3 grills inside. The grills and rails inside are removable. They are easy to clean and can be washed inside the dishwasher as well.
  • You can use the hardwood directly as the fuel. There is no compulsion of using pellets or any special wood types. 
  • The food types that can be smoked inside this Pro series 1100 SmokinTex smoker are beef, seafood, game, poultry, sausage, fish, vegetables, etc. 
  • The device uses 350 watts of power and requires 120V. It has a capacity of 23 lbs per load for its smooth functioning. 
  1. SmokinTex Pro Series residential BBQ electric smoker Model 1400
  • The Pro series model 1400 is larger than the base model. The dimensions are 17 ½ x 21 x 29 inches in width, depth, and height.
  •  This smoker can have a maximum of 5 shelves inside. The product comes with only 3 racks as it is. each rack size would be 14.5 x 14.5 inches. It has a capacity of 38 pounds at a time. 
  • The larger capacity allows more food cooked at the same time. It suits all who have a large family or have a larger crowd to entertain during their parties. 
  • There is a stainless steel drip pan underneath the racks and a wood box. 
  • The unit uses about 700 watts of power. It fires up the wood with the help of a heating element of 10 amp.
  • The 4 legs of the device can have wheels attached to them for the portability. There is also a side shelf near the bottom part of the smoker. 
  • The total weight of the device is approximately 93 pounds. 
  1. SmokinTex  1460 Pro Series BBQ electric smoker
  • The SmokinTex smoker 1460 is slightly larger than the model 1400. It can afford slightly larger shelves, a total of 5 inside it. This model includes an additional seafood grill. The other features are almost the same.
  • A total of 4 grills comes with the product. The grills measure 14.5 x 17.5 inches. 
  • The total capacity of this smoker is 60 pounds or approximately 14 or more ribs on the racks. 
  • There are a total of 7 grill positions that can be adjusted. 
  • The wheels for the smoker device come with the product. These wheels are attached to all 4 legs of the cart. These wheels have a locking facility.
  • This smoker uses break-in wood rather than the hardwood directly. The drip pan is positioned underneath the cabinet, with holes provided.  
  • You will be getting an operating manual with recipes with the product. 
  • The dimensions are 35 x 20.5 x 20.5 inches on the outside and 25 x 18 x 15 inches on the inside. The wheels add 2 inches. 
  1. SmokinTex electric smoker Model 1500
  • SmokinTex smoker model 1500 is one heavy duty smoker and the largest for the residential use. Everything is more in this smoker.
  • You have 8 shelf positions and a total of 4 shelves available with the product. One of the shelves provided is the seafood rack. Each shelf rack is 18 x 18 inches. 
  • The overall dimension is 21 x23 x 41 inches. The smoker weighs 145 lbs. the smoker allows about 1300 sq inches of cooking space inside. 
  • This SmokintTex smoker can have a maximum capacity of 80 pounds of food inside per load. It can alternatively take in 40 pounds of St Louis style ribs. 
  • This smoker work with the help of 2 heating elements inside. Each heat element uses 700 watts. The total power usage is 1400 watts with the heat elements being 15 amp each. 
  • It has the 4 wheels attached to its legs for the portability. 
  • The package includes the operating manual, stainless drip pan and the heavy duty casters. 

All Stainless steel commercial BBQ electric meat smokers

Commercial smokers can be used in restaurants, catering units, food trucks, country clubs, corporate and concession kitchens, lodges, fire stations, etc. They can smoke their food within 2 hours and infuse the wonderful wood flavor to their food. Here are the 2 varieties if the commercial BBQ electric smokers from SmokinTex. 

  1. SmokinTex commercial smoker Model 1500-C
  • This is the smallest but larger than the residential smokers. The commercial use requires more space inside the smoker to get more amount of food ready. 
  • This model 1500-C has a capacity of 112 lbs per load. When using ribs the load could be 54 with 36 racks baby back, or so. 
  • The entire cabinet is made of heavy-duty 304 stainless steel. There are a total of 9 rack positions with 6 shelves in the kit. One of the shelves provided is the seafood rack that goes to the top of the smoker. Each of the stainless steel shelf measures 18 x 18 inches. 
  • This model 1500-C smoker utilizes 1400 watts of power with the help of 2 700 watt heat elements. 
  • The steel drip pan and the heavy-duty wheels for the legs are all included in the kit, along with the operation manual with the recipe. 
  • The overall dimension of this SmokinTex smoker is 21 x 23 x 41 inches with a weight of 170 lbs. 
  1. SmokinTex Commercial smoker Model 1500-CXLD
  • The SMokinTex commercial smoker is built to fit the full-size restaurant pans inside it. It has an overall capacity of 120 lbs of heavy cuts with each load or the 54 lbs of ribs and 36 racks of baby backs. This commercial smoker is all steel from all parts with proper insulation that leaves the exterior cool to touch. 
  • The electrical components inside are 2 in number. Each heating element uses a power of 700 watts for a total of 1400 watts per use. 
  • There will be 6 rack shelves coming with the package. The smoker allows 9 different rack positions for convenient cooking with each size of the food. Each rack inside will be 18 sq inches in size. 
  • The major difference in size here from the other commercial smoker from the same brand is the increase in depth. The model 1500-CXLD has a depth of 27 inches to accommodate the cooking pans. The width and height remain the same at 21 inches and 41 inches respectively. 
  • The heavy-duty drip pan is provided in the package along with the wheels to be attached to the legs. The smoker comes ready to use except for the shelves and wheels that need their respective placements. 

Accessories for SmokinTex smokers

The all weather SmokinTex electric smoker cover

An electric smoker cover is highly necessary when you are keeping your equipment in the balcony, patio, or near the pool. You will get the suitably sized all weather SmokinTex smoker cover for each model of the residential smokers. Each cover is made of heavy-duty material and can resist all types of weather. 

Needless to say that it resists water and protects it from rain and winter. You can add the covers along with the model of smoker that you purchase. 

Pro Series cold smoke plate

The cold smoke plate is another of the available accessory. You will get a suitable cold smoke plate for each model of SmokinTex smoker. These plates can be used for smoking the pasta, cheese, salads, salsa, etc. Just make sure that the size fits your model. 

SmokinTex smoker jerky dryer

When you want your jerky to be dry, it is difficult with the smoker. The smokers leave the meat moist and the moisture locked inside. You can make use of the jerky dryer to dry the meat or chicken. You may place this dryer on any SmokinTex smoker hole. The exhaust fan inside the dryer dries out the moisture. 

SmokinTex smoker cart

Using the SmokinTex smoker cart will not only increase the height of the device but you will have better access inside the smoker. You don’t have to bend down too much. Additionally, you will have the extra space for the prepared food, ready to do inside the smoker, or for keeping any accessories nearby. This SmokinTex smoker stand has got 2 shelves and a side shelf as well. It has 4 lockable wheels also. This cart is suitable for the models 1100 and 1400. 

Additional information

SmokinTex smokers have got a 2 full year warranty. They have better capacity than other smokers from different brands. The full stainless steel body makes it more durable than other smoker types that use plastic and other materials. 

The break-in wood and the operating manuals are added with each model. 

When you need any SmokinTex smoker parts or additional accessories such as the thermostat or the heating element, you need to call the customer service to place the order. These are not directly available in the market. 

While using the smokers, no matter which model it is, line the bottom of the smoker with aluminum foil neatly. Remember to poke holes wherever necessary to let the liquid down to the drip pan underneath the cabinet. This helps you with easy cleaning after the cooking is done. Simply take the foil layer away and the cleaning can be done quickly. 

The temperature range inside these smokers is 100-250 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Suitable wood types that can be used with SmokinTex smokers are Alder for sweet flavor, cherry for the fruity taste, Hickory for the strong flavor, Maple for veggies, Mesquite for good smoking but can give a bitter taste, Oak gets you a woody taste but great for briskets and Pecan for the cool and subtle taste. 

You will get the SmokinTex smoker recipes with the product. The recipes include some wonderful dishes and instructions for the smoking turkey in a SmokinTex smoker or the cold smoke plate instructions etc. 

The SmokinTex smokers can be used as a BBQ smoker oven or simply as meat smokers. 

SmokinTex Electric smoker review

SmokinTex smoker reviews are available for the most popular models- 1400 and 1100. Both of these models are available online from Amazon and other stores. From Amazon you will get different packages for the same.

As for the reviews, the SmokinTex electric smoker reviews shows that the products are all satisfactory. The reviews say that it is a good quality smoker at an economical price. It is more the residential smokers that are in demand. It has become a major hit among the city folks who do not bet enough opportunity for ‘smoking’ their food at homes. 

The smaller smokers are available at a decent price that many have even bought it as gifts. The ease to clean up and no mess with the ash has added to the charm of these smokers. The best part is that there have been no complaints and there are users who have been using these smokers for many years now. 


You can easily smoke any amount of food without much trouble when you have the SmokinTex smokers at home or in your workplace. The versatility of cold and hot smoking has increased its value. You will not regret getting one for you. 

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