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Runtal TW9-24/PG Electric Towel Warmer Reviews

Runtal TW9-24/PG Electric Towel Warmer radiator is useful to heat your bathroom or warm your fluffy towel to enjoy wrapping yourself into it. For over three decades, Runtal towel Warmer radiators are considered an essential bathroom facility you will find in any European homes, hotels, or inns. Besides providing luxury and warmth to the bathroom, this radiator is also useful to heat kitchen, porch, laundry room, spa, and nearly any room where comfort is supreme and space is limited.

For the past thirty years, Runtal innovative flat panel radiators such as TW9-24/PG Electric Towel Warmer are used in European bathrooms. It has become the preferential style, well-known for its extended surface area which enhances the heat output. This extended surface area is particularly effective in warming towels by effectively heating them while preventing mold and mildew. The Runtal TW9-24/PG Electric Towel Warmer is able to provide 1,450 BTU of heating to the room where it is installed, allowing you to maintain comfortable heating to your home.

Runtal TW9-24/PG Electric Towel Warmer Features

Runtal TW9-24/PG Electric Towel Warmer is an attractive bathroom fitting which is strong and long-lasting. It is an extremely versatile Towel Warmer that is easy to install and easy to use. The various other features of this product are:

  1. The TW9-24/PG Electric Towel Warmer is the part of the Runtal’s Omnipanel Collection.
  2. It is build using steel material to offer you strength and durability.
  3. This versatile towel warmer is not just a great addition to your bathroom, but it also heats kitchens, mudrooms, entrances, and laundry rooms. 
  4. It is an excellent way to supplement heating and provide drying capabilities for a limited space room.
  5. This product is strong and is durable to last for many years.
  6. It is an attractive, stylish, and dependable radiator that effectively heats towels as well as any limited space rooms.
  7. The clean, neutral design fits easily on any wall, and additionally, the available 10 color finishes easily match any decor. 
  8. Runtal TW9-24/PG Electric Towel Warmer uses a long-lasting baked powder paint finishing that will maintain it to look attractive in the future as well. 
  9. This model is available in 10 different colors plus a polished chrome finish which aesthetically adds a modern touch to your room.
  10. The TW9-24/PG Electric Towel Warmer is very easy to install that you can do it yourself. 
  11. It should just be mounted on the wall then plug it into a standard 120V wall socket and it is ready to operate. 
  12. Operating this electric towel warmer is also easy. A convenient low/medium/high controls located on the bottom panel allows preferred temperature settings.
  13. The dimensions of the product are H (Height) =26.1 in, W (width) = 24 in, B (breadth) = 14.6 in and D (Depth) = 3. 4 
  14. The Runtal TW9-24/PG Electric Towel Warmer weight is 38 pounds.
  15. It comes with easy to plug-in Rough-in 6 ft White Cord w/ GFCI Plug for added protection 
  16. The Radiator warranty for this product is 5 years
  17. It is a UL listed and CSA Certified product
  18. This product is made in the USA.


This product comes in handy with:

  • Runtal TW9-24/PG Electric Towel Warmer
  • Mounting Hardware Package

Runtal TW9-24/PG Electric Towel Warmer Accessories 

The following Accessories are included with the Runtal TW9-24/PG Electric Towel Warmer

  1. Accent– Accents are available in polished brass, chrome, or painted finishes. They get easily snapped onto the panels
  2. Accent with Robe Knobs – Robe Knobs are also available in polished brass, chrome, or painted finishes that can easily be attached between panels.
  3. Pull-out Drying Rack – Pull-out Drying Rack utilizes a spring-action mechanism that can be connected wherever there is a missing panel. These drying racks may be used to stack towels or to dry delicates.

Runtal TW9-24/PG Electric Towel Warmer Specifications

  1. General Data
  • Type: Towel Warmer
  • Product Line: Omnipanel
  • Medium: Electric
  • Connection Type: Plug-In
  • Material: Steel
  1. Performance Data
  • Heating Capacity (BTU): 1,450
  • Heating Capacity (kW): 0.43
  1. Electrical Data
  • Total Amperage (A): 3.9
  • Power (Watts): 425
  • Voltage (Volts): 120
  • Phase: 1
  • Frequency (Hertz): 60

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