Rogue Royalty Quality Dog Accessories

Rogue Royalty offers you high-quality dog accessories at an economical rate. Check out discount deals and coupon codes here.

There are many stores and brands that have the dog accessories like the collars, harnesses etc.

But there will be very less that has strong harnesses and collars to suit bigger breeds. Rogue Royalty USA creates high quality dog accessories that can hold the bigger and heavier breeds.

Dog Collars for Rogue Royalty USA

Dog collars are a means of style as well as a holding hand for the pet parents on their pets. The collars have to be of high quality so that it does not cause any discomforts or allergies to the pets. The leather collars are comfortable to the dogs and provide peace of mind for the handlers. The material is comfortable on the dog skin and it can also absorb the oil from the dog skin so that it is more supple as time passes. The wider the collar the more will be the comfort for the handlers to hold on to the stubborn dogs to make them control.

The leather collars lasts longer than collars made of other materials. But it will need occasional treatment and care. The natural oil and fats need to be rubbed on it once it has dried out after a long run at the beach. At Rogue Royalty USA only high quality leather is used which are easier to maintain and lasts longer.

The overlocked leather collars are wider and lined with leather for more discomfort. It has studs made of stainless steel that provides enough flair. It is stylish, strong, and durable. These collars are available in blue, black, purple, dusky pink and brown colors. The matching leads are also available to go with the collars.

The Supatuff range from Rogue Royalty USA offers stronger dog collars for the heavier animals. They are made of nylon and are comfortable on the dogs. It serves heavy duty and is the favorite among the trainers, retailers, and handlers. There are collars and harnesses that are strong enough to control the heavier tougher dogs and it can withstand the brute force exerted by them. They are designed to run for longer time. There are all types of stylish harnesses available in different colors.

Measuring the dog for the collar and harnesses – Rogue Royalty dog collars

It is important to measure up the dog before purchasing the collars or the harnesses. The fitting of them should be snug but not too tight. There should be space to allow the dog to have movements and at the same time stay the collars intact on them. The space should allow two fingers to go through them after fitting. Make note of the dog’s neck before going for the wider collars. The fitting should not be on the last hole and there should be at least 5 cms left on the neck.

As for the harnesses the measurement should be of the neck/chest and the girth of the dog. The neck should be measured from the breastbone around behind the neck. The belt around the girth is to ensure that the handler has control over the dog all the times and it should not be too tight for the dogs and there should be movement allotments and breathing spaces.

The logo of this online store is having a dog and horse, having their back to a shield placed in their middle. This is enclosed in an oval shape with ‘Gone Rogue” all around. Each of them has its own implication. The dog shows devotion, loyalty, and vigilance, while the horse stands for the spirit to roam free, strength and for grace. The shield depicts the protection from the evils of all types and the crown on the top of shield is for the nobility in action and mind. Phew! Who would have thought there will be too much into a simple logo of any kind? Well this makes logo making a tougher job. Good luck to all out there. Let’s get back to what we are here for and have a look at what all are in store at this online store for the canines. The accessories are big enough to suit them and make them comfortable as well. Rogue Royalty USA considers themselves as the Bog dog specialists and their specialty is on large dogs. They not only offer the dog accessories but also dog diet, treat shampoos etc. They also have the apparels for the men and horse bridle.

Dog Accessories & Horse Bridle from Rogue Royalty USA

The heavy chain dog leashes are strong enough to stand up to the stubborn pets that exert more force. The chain is strong and made of steel. They come in many designs and lengths. They are also available in different colors as well. There are small collars to suit the little puppies as well. Horse Bridles are full, cob or pony types. They are made in leather with crustal stones, brass brocade or brass clincher on them.

Dog Jackets

Dog Jackets

by Rogue Royalty USA 5 out of 5stars (341 Customer Ratings)

Price: $125.00
Rogue Royalty USA offers canine weight vests or dog jackets that are water resistant. The outer shell is silky smooth as well.

Strong enough

4 stars out of 5 by Sherley for Dog Jackets

I liked the dog jackets from Rogue Royalty USA as they were strong and sturdy.

The dog jackets are water resistant and the outer shell is silky smooth as well. The jacket is insulated for protection. The jackets are available in six sizes and are easy to put on and secured by straps.

Dog & Horse Shampoo

Dog & Horse Shampoo

Dog & Horse Shampoo

by Rogue Royalty USA 5 out of 5stars (294 Customer Ratings)

Price: $13.20
Dog & Horse Shampoo is a herbal shampoo made from natural products. The shampoo is paraben-free and is gentle on the pet’s skin and coat.

Antiseptic and anti-microbial dog shampoo

4 stars out of 5 by Hanna for Dog & Horse Shampoo

I bought this pet shampoo for my 2 yr old Bruno. Its anti-septic and anti-microbial properties safeguards my pet from infections and viruses.

Pets need their own shampoo and the ones used by humans are harsh on them. That’s why there are exclusive shampoos out there. They need herbal shampoo made from natural products. The shampoo is gentle on the pet’s skin and coat. There are no chemicals to harm them like other dog shampoos. There are no parabens, syndets or preservatives used. It is made of almond oil rich in vitamin E to moisturize the skin and ward off the fleas, wheat germ oil to promote healthy skin and coat, coconut oil for curing many skin allergies and provide a glossy effect on the fur or coat. The neem oil is antiseptic and antimicrobial and the eucalyptus and tea tree oils are anti icrobila to keep infections away.

RAW Natural Canine Nutrition & Treats

RAW Natural Canine Nutrition & Treats

RAW Natural Canine Nutrition & Treats

by Rogue Royalty USA 5 out of 5stars (319 Customer Ratings)

Price: $17.99
RAW Natural Canine Nutrition & Treats from Rogue Royalty USA provides essential nutritional kits and treats to the dog. This keeps the dog’s skin healthy and beautiful.

Low in calories !!!

5 stars out of 5 by Darren for RAW Natural Canine Nutrition & Treats

I bought RAW Dried Goat Jerky Treats for my dog. It is rich in iron and low in calories. This dog treat contains all the essentials for perfect balance of calcium and potassium.

The Raw goat meat that is low in calories and lesser fat. It is rich in iron and potassium making it nutritious. The green tripe helps maintain whiter teeth for the dogs. It is also rich in probiotics for the digestive tract and aids in the regeneration of the good bacteria. It contains a perfect ratio for calcium & potassium. It makes the dog’s skin healthy and beautiful.