Replay recycled cd case

The RePlay CD sleeve can hold two CDs or DVDs and is shaped like a wallet. The RePlay CD case is made from 20 point recycled chipboard to protect multimedia projects and cost s around 60 cents each.

Looking for eco-friendly and recycled CD sleeves that can hold CDs or DVDs? Here comes ReSleeve and RePlay from Guided products combining the best features of a vinyl record jacket and paper CD sleeve into unique recycled CD sleeves.

The fully ReSleeve recycled CD sleeves are crafted from recycled 100% natural fibers into 16-point durable cardboard which is flexible yet sturdy. These cardboard CD sleeves are stunning with a die-cut hole in the center to view the front of the disc. It also comes without a view window. Both sides of the CD sleeve are solid Brown Kraft with the bottom indented with Guided logo. ReSleeve hold a single CD wherein Replay holds two CDs.

Recycled CD Sleeve from Guided Products

Guided Products is an American company which aims at selling products which are totally American and those that meet the American reputation and standards. They market products through the open market system and all products cost the same and function the same. Guided Products also markets quality items of other brands, but only American made products. Taking into consideration the recent trends of the American companies to outsource their production overseas, Guided ensures that all products that they market are made in the USA with superior quality. These products that are marketed by Guided include arts and crafts and kids toys all made in the USA.

Resleeve Cardboard Sleeves are made from recycled cardboards. They have been made to replace the plastic covers that are not biodegradable. The CD covers are either plain or are available wrapped in cover art. These covers are sturdy and have the strength of vinyl record jacket and look exactly like the traditional CD cases. These CD cases can be customized to store all types of CDs like demos, weddings and multimedia presentations. They are made from 100% natural fibers. The recycled fibers are made into 16-point cardboard that is very sturdy yet flexible. These are made in American mills. These sleeves use 85% post-consumer and 15% post-industrial recycled materials. These sleeves can be broken down to their basic components in both aerobic and anaerobic conditions and leave no toxic residues.

The cardboard CD sleeves come in two variations, the ReSleeve and RePlay. Both are made from superior quality recycled cardboard with the strength of vinyl record jacket. This is a very popular brand of CD jacket which a lot of people know by name. ReSleeve recycled CD sleeve from Guided Products comes in two styles. One style has a view hole and the second style comes without one. Resleeve can hold only a single CD or DVD.

The ReSleeve recycled CD sleeve are available for as less as 30 cents per cover. Bulk orders cost less. The plain CD jackets can be can be customized using stickers, stamp or screen printed with your original artwork, photography or brand messages. Guided can also custom print these CD jackets using in-house screen printing process or silk-screened with water based inks, whichever the customer prefers. Recyclable adhesive labels are also available to fit these ReSleeve CD or DVD sleeve. It is automated packaging compliant.

The ReSleeve Clear Biodegradable CD sleeves has two openings and are made from 100% compostable EBD polypropylene. It is automated packaging grade compliant and can also be loaded by hand. These can hold either 1 or 2 CDs or DVDs.

The RePlay CD sleeve can hold two CDs or DVDs and is shaped like a wallet. The RePlay CD case is made from 20 point recycled chipboard to protect multimedia projects and cost s around 60 cents each. These too can be customized like the ReSleeve CD jackets.

The recycled CD Sleeves comes in five different forms.

  • ReSleeve – A perfect storage solution for any kind of keepsake. ReSleeve recycled CD sleeves, an innovative product that protects the discs from cracking, is a fully covered creative CD package which can hold only one disc. These cases are customizable using the recyclable Brown Kraft adhesive labels of 4”X3” and 2”X3.5” sizes.
  • ReSleeve View – Almost same as ReSleeve with a round die-cut hole in the center to view the front of the disc. The 4″ x 3″ ReSleeve labels are the perfect fit for the ReSleeve View CD sleeve.
  • ReSleeve Clear –ReSleeve Clear is a compostable, biodegradable CD sleeves made from polypropylene and enhanced bio-decompositions. It has two openings to showcase the CD or DVD and can hold two discs.
  • RePlay – Eco-friendly RePlay CD sleeve is a100% recycled 20-point chipboard made from 85% post-consumer and 15% post-industrial recycled materials. It can hold two discs. RePlay CD case is an elegant two-pocket CD wallet in solid Brown Kraft. It can be customized either using labels or using custom printing.
  • Cardboard CD Sleeve Sample Pack – This is a 8-piece CD sleeve sample pack which contains 1 ReSleeve View, 1 ReSleeve, 1 Replay , sheets of Brown Kraft label system, White CD label system etc.

The recycled CD Sleeves from ReSleeve protects the media projects and the planet. The shade of the natural Brown Kraft color varies due to the variety of the recycled content.

The usual CD cases and sleeves are made of plastic which are non-degradable and there are limitations in recycling them. But Guided Products have used the old and used cardboards to make recycled CD sleeves. They are a revolution in the field of recycling. These sleeves are made from various recycled materials and fibers. Even industrial wastes are used for this purpose. These cardboards are collected from various sources and processed and compressed to form the CD sleeves and into other useful items. They can be recycled again and again and they are also bio-degradable. The recycled CD sleeves are of many kinds. These CD sleeves are sturdy enough to protect the CD or DVD inside. It can provide the same protection as the plastic cases but will not be hazardous like them. These CD sleeves can be plain and brown in color or have some designs and logos printed on them.


These Recycled CD Sleeve of Guided Products can be customized with custom made labels and screen printing. The label template will help to create your own label designs. To have the customized designs on the sleeves, send the art work to the customer service for printing. The labels are available in white or brown. For screen printing the water based inks are used for consistent look. There are limitations in the choice of the colors. The price for printing depends on the number of colors from 1-4.

A true American product in all ways, recycled cd sleeves is one of the innovative idea from guided products. Read on to know more.

Recycled cd sleeve is one of the revolutionary products that are made out of 100% natural fibers. A cardboard sleeve that stands flexible, strong and durable, Recycled cd sleeve comes in two versions, window (the die-cut hole in the center) version and the non-window verson. The cut hole in the center enables you to view the front portion of the disc easily. So be it a movie, audio or a presentation CD, you can view it clearly with the die-cut hole in the middle.

It looks and feels much better than jewel cases that wear up easily over time and is hard to recycle. The CD sleeve form guided products are purely made out of recycled items and hence can serve the same purpose again with proving challenging to the environment.

Recycled cd sleeve can hold one CD. Another product known as Replay cardboard CD case comes with a two pocket CD wallet which will not only enhance the look of your CDs but will also spread the awareness of how eco friendly products can be. With guided products Recycled cd sleeve, you can even customize your message with the help of water based acrylic inks and adhesive labels. It is also easily available at your nearby Walmart store.

In short, some of the unique features of guided products Recycled cd sleeve are:

  • Purely made in the mills of America
  • Made out of 16 point cardboard derived from post consumer and industrial recycled products
  • Long lasting and durable yet adjustable
  • Available at walmart
  • Absolutely eco friendly which means no danger to Mother Earth
  • Recycled cd sleeve comes at an affordable price

The recycled CD sleeves are of four types, fully covered Resleeves, Resleeve view with a viewing window on one side, Re sleeve clear made of bio-degradable material and the replay that has two ports to hold two CDs.

  • ReSleeve Recycled CD Sleeves from Guided Products is sturdy and jackets the CD fully inside. The plain surface can be used for logo or other designing purposes to make it customized. They are available from 1 to many in number for purchase. These are fully recyclable and are made of recycled fibers.
  • The ReSleeve View is same as the Resleeves but has a round cut opening on one side to view the CD inside. The bottom of this case will have the logo of Guided products. The cardboard is flexible but sturdy and protects the CD inside from scratches or damages.
  • ReSleeve Biodegradable are made of Enhanced Bio Decompositions and polypropylene to enable them for composting in both aerobic and anaerobic conditions. These are fully degradable and will not leave a residue behind. These CD Sleeves are transparent and can hold two CDs at a time. They will have the Guided Products logo at the bottom.
  • RePlay CD cases looks like a wallet and can be opened such. One CD can be placed inside the leaves. It is made of 100% recycled 20 point chipboard from the used and industrial recycled materials. Due to the materials used the color of the CD sleeve may vary from one another.

Recycled cd sleeve reviews

Conclusion, reviews received for Recycled cd sleeve are frankly quite mixed. While a general consensus states that Recycled cd sleeve is one of the best stuff from guided products, other say that they need to improve on their customer satisfaction and delivery. Some users claim that packaging needs to be improved or else it’s not fit for shipping based on factors such as climate or proper delivery.

Bottomline, Recycled cd sleeve is one of the best quality products you can ever see especially if you are a lover of Mother Earth and at an affordable price of $0.60, you need not think a perfect partner for your wedding or other memorable CDs.

Shippings and refunds

Guided Products ships its CD/DVD sleeves through UPS or sometimes through FedEx. International shippings are also undertaken. Free shipping for orders above $50.00 is done via ground shipping within the USA. For all other shipments, the rate is calculated depending on the weight and distance. Customers may have to pay import duty for International shipments.

Unused products can be returned within 60 days in their original packaging and full case quantities. 15% restocking fee is chargeable. Custom-printed products cannot be returned and customers should pay for the return shipments.