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ProVanax – Benefits, Dosage, Amazon Reviews, Walmart

Mental health and emotional well-being are as important as physical health. Being happy allows you to remain in control and gives you the confidence to accomplish anything in life. Some people are born happy, naturally happy-go-lucky people who don’t focus on negative emotions. While some people stress out often, naturally worry a lot and have negative thoughts. Recent research has shown that these emotions are actually genetics. Also, researchers have identified the different chemicals, hormones, and neurotransmitters that control your mood, happiness, and emotions. There are prescription medications as well as dietary supplements to deal with the signs of stress such as anxiety, panic, depression, and insomnia. ProVanax from HFL Solutions is a more natural approach to treat your stress, anxiety, panic attacks, and depression.

About ProVanax

ProVanax is all-natural, not an addictive nutritional supplement, in a small capsule form. It contains organic herbs, vitamins, and amino acids to produce a synergetic effect where each ingredient reinforces the effects of the others. This patent-pending formula helps reduce anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, irritability, and other symptoms of depression

In addition, it is all natural, non habit-forming formula that works with your body, and not against it, unlike prescription drugs that cause no side effects. This scientifically researched and doctor formulated supplement balances the chemicals, hormones, and neurotransmitters in your body, to improve your emotional mood and mental well being.

With ProVanax there will be no suffering, sleepless nights, panic attacks, or discouraging feelings. It addresses both anxiety and depression problems together helping the body to heal in harmony, making you feel happy and excited again.

ProVanax Benefits 

  • It is an all-in-one “mood-enhancing” solution, helpful for Anxiety, panic & depression.
  • It offers calmness and relaxation
  • Safe, effective, and drug- free relief for emotional stress.
  • It works fast, easy to use, and comes in an easy to swallow capsule form.
  • It is safe for daily stress management use.
  • Contains all-natural ingredients that are not habit-forming. 
  • It causes no statin side effects
  • This is a doctor-formulated, clinically tested, and proven formula that had worked for thousands of users.
  • It comes with a risk-free, one-year satisfaction guarantee.

How Does ProVanax Work?

This all-natural, safe and effective supplement contains ingredients that target all the major symptoms of anxiety and depression simultaneously. It works too –

  • Increase Dopamine levels – This pleasure chemical helps enhance feelings of well-being, improves energy levels, allows you to stay focused, and increases libido.
  • Optimize Serotonin levels – This happy hormone helps to lift your mood, motivates you, and helps you sleep peacefully.
  • Reduce Cortisol levels – This stress” & “stomach fat” hormone helps diminish feelings of overwhelming and help control emotional eating and premature aging.
  • Improve Deep, Restful Sleep – Good sleep can help your body detoxify, wake up refreshed & energized, making you feel more energetic.

There are over 100,000 users across the world who claim to be happier, more confident, feel in control, more hopeful, and have an improved outlook on life. Many user reviews on the company website state that the product works and is safe and effective.

ProVanax Ingredients

It contains natural ingredients, organic herbs, and amino acids to help you live better. This product is patent pending and contains clinically proven ingredients in multiple University tested double-blind placebo-controlled trials. Also, it utilizes a patented formulation extract to achieve these clinical results. Other Ingredients are plant-derived cellulose gelatin (capsule), Rice Flour, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon, Water. It does not contain any artificial colors, wheat, gluten, soy, dairy, egg, fish, and peanuts. It Ingredients include – Magnesium Oxide (25 MGS) and Synergy Optimizer Technologies Blend (698 MGS). 

  1. Phenibut – This is a mood elevator that increases levels of mood-enhancing dopamine hormone levels and decreases stress hormones in the brain and body.
  2. 5-HTP – This is a naturally occurring amino acid in the body that plays an important role in the production of serotonin. Some clinical studies show it has antidepressant effects when taken orally and hence, is effective in treating depression.
  3. St. John’s Wort – A popular medicinal herb used for natural treatment of depression. It has been clinically proven to be effective and safer than Prozac for treating depression but only mild cases of depression.
  4. Passion Flower – This is a natural sedative herb useful for treating feelings of nervousness, insomnia, anxiety, and restlessness.
  5. Valerian – A popular, safe, and herbal treatment useful for insomnia, anxiety, and pain because of its mild sedative effect.
  6. Inositol –Studies show that when this vitamin is taken as a supplement helps reduce depression and relieves panic attacks.
  7. Green Tea Extract containing L-Theanine – It helps to relax the mind and body and relieve stress without the usual sedative effect. 
  8. L-Taurine – The first known anti-anxiety amino acid aids in relaxation and helps improve memory.
  9. GABA – It is an amino acid that promotes feelings of relaxation and happiness
  10. Magnesium – It helps to calm frayed nerves and relaxes the muscles.

ProVanax Recommended Use

As a dietary supplement, you can take 1-3 capsules, twice daily (as needed) with 8-16 oz (1-2 full cups) of water (preferably on an empty stomach). For acute or high-stress conditions (mental or physical) you can take 3-6 capsules at once for instant relief. 

It is utmost important to follow the recommended directions properly for using ProVanax to maximize your results. Please refer instructions tab on for more detailed “how to use” instructions, which includes various “cycles patterns” for maximize use and to match individual needs.

You should give your body time to adapt to these beneficial herbs and other nutrients and experiment with different ProVanax dosages to find what works best for you.

ProVanax Side Effects 

There are no known major side-effects associated with this product. However, you should always consult your doctor before taking any kind of nutritional supplement, including the natural one like ProVanax. Because there may be infrequent and highly sensitized reactions associated with this or any other nutritional supplement which your doctor may know best. If such a reaction occurs, discontinue use and visit your doctor.  

Moreover, it is not addictive, so you can feel confident of using it over short or long periods. However, some users have felt slightly nauseous when taking this product on an empty stomach, so the better option will be to take it with food.

ProVanax Warnings & Interactions

  • If you are pregnant or nursing consult your doctor before use
  • If you are taking any other medications, supplements consult your doctor before use.

ProVanax Where to Buy?

You can currently buy ProVanax only online and the best place to buy it is from their official website Here you can get at a discounted price, buy more save more options, and no-hassle delivery. You can also join the free Optimize Club, an easy auto-ship option to save up to 20% off of all future orders. The ProVanax prices here are – 

  • 1 bottle – Value $79.97 – Sale price $49.97
  • 1 Bottle – Free Optimized Club (Easy Auto-Ship) – Save an additional 20% – Sale price $39.97
  • 3 Bottle – Buy 2, Get 1 FREE – Value $239.91 – Sale price $99.97

It also comes with a full 200% money back guarantee, making it a complete risk-free purchase. Occasionally the company also offers extra savings through ProVanax coupon codes, discount deals and more. 

ProVanax Customer Reviews

ProVanax Reviews from its users are absolutely amazing. There are hundred thousands of customers across the globe using this product and are very happy with the results. People say if you are tense, stressed out or have sleeping problems then this is a product for you. There are many people using it for years and says it always works. Some people who are occasional users of the product also say its results are amazing always. They love it because the results are immediate.

  • One customer says that he had only used these 2 times and they work really well. It is easy to use and causes no side effects.
  • One customer takes this product at night and it helps him sleep well, making him feels good the next day. It also helps with stress at work.
  • One customer took the product two times but didn’t notice much difference. He took 1 capsule the first time and 2 the second. He says, as recommended usage it should work with just 1 capsule. However, every individual is different, so 1-2 capsules may not be enough to reduce stress for him. The company suggests using a higher dose. ProVanax is all natural and safe to use – even at 6 pills at once – which is what some people require during really stressful times.

ProVanax FAQs

Q. How long will one bottle last? How many pills?

A. One bottle has 60 extra strength capsules and depending on individual’s current “stress” needs and severity, a bottle may last about a month. Please refer the detailed ‘How To Use Instructions’ on their official website and gauge proper usage, based on your lifestyle and stress levels.

Q. What results should I expect or feel?

A. The results entirely depend on your needs – 

  • For anxiety, panic attacks, or high-stress moments – Take a higher dose and it will work magic within 15 minutes to make you feel calm, relaxed and confident.
  • For depression – Take it twice daily and within 7 days, many users reported dramatic improvements in their overall outlook of life, mood and sense of well-being.
  • For improving sleep and insomnia – Take the capsule 30 minutes before bed to feel calm and relaxed, both mentally and physically.

Q. If the product does not work? Can I return?

A. Yes, if you’re not satisfied with the results, you can simply return the bottle for a full refund. It comes with a risk-free, One Year 200% Satisfaction Guarantee.


ProVanax helps to naturally optimize your positive hormones and reduce negative hormones. This is a natural approach that is safe and effective to overcome anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and insomnia.  Along with taking this supplement, it is best to make improvements in your lifestyle for better and faster results. Regular exercise, gentle movements from yoga, limited intake of foods high in sugar and caffeine are recommended. Like majority users, if you also want to benefit from taking this product, buy ProVanax today and make your life easier and happier again.

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