Promaxima Lat Pull Down- UTS-300 Unilateral Lat Pull Down by Pro Maxima

UTS-300 Promaxima lat pull down is upper body workout equipment. The lat pull down works on many joints of the upper body. It is not a complicated exercise but you need to work hard. In comparison, the work done on this equipment is a lot less than in so many others. You can keep the biceps, rhomboids, rear belts and the traps actively participating with this lat pull down.

Here, the lat pull down makes you stay stationary and make you pull down the weight towards you. It takes more strength without overdoing. You can adjust the grip on the bend bar to change tactics. It relieves you of the boredom or plateaus that often come with the same old exercises.

UTS-300 Promaxima Lat Pull Down Specifications

  • The Promaxima lat pull down is unilateral with you can only work on the upper body part. It is a made to order equipment so you get a freshly assembled machine instead of a long sitting one.
  • The framework of this lat pull down comes in three colors of black, grey, and white. The framework is done in 11 gauge steel with the dimensions or 2 x 2 inches and 2 x 3 inches. It comes with powder coat finish.
  • It has 2 weight stacks, each carrying 150 lbs on it. You are pulling down this much weight.
  • The weight is drawn down with the help of aircraft cable that is durable and has better quality.
  • Promaxima lat pull down allows independent arm movement
  • The equipment has a seat with padding done. It is seamless with a material that is bacteria free. The seat is adjustable and is available in different padding colors.
  • The available colors are black, camel, hot cause, royal blue, light blue, and forest dark green, maroon, red, yellow, platinum, pumpkin orange and dark purple.
  • The product comes with a warranty. The warranty is applicable for each part of the product. The frame, welding, and weight stacks have the lifetime warranty. Whereas the guide rods, bushings and pulleys and cams have a warranty of 5 years. The cables are covered for 2 years and the upholstery has the 1-year warranty.
  • The entire equipment is made in USA and ships all over the country within 2-4 weeks.

How Does It Work?

The Promaxima lat pull down carries 2 weight stacks with 150 pounds on it. You can adjust the weight that you carry with the help of magnetic selector pin. The weights placed at 5 lbs increments.

When you pull down, the aircraft cable goes through the pulleys that are solid steel measuring 6 x ¼ inches thick. The wheels are 4 ½ inches that are reinforced by the fiberglass body.

Adjust yourself comfortable on the set and place the arms on the 2 x 4 inches rubber bumper. Make sure you have adjusted the comfortable weight when you start first and pull down the weight as much as you can. Once you have pulled down, pause for a few seconds by keeping to close to the chest, before you retrieve. You can adjust the grip by placing the arms closer or wider.

Once you are comfortable with a particular weight increase it gradually, every other day. Avoid fats movements and not to have a wider grip.


UTS-300 Promaxima lat pull down is a simple to use exercise equipment. It does cost a bit high. It is made of strong and durable materials so the price could be a compromise. The warranty for the key parts also helps big time. The only problem is that this made-to-order product is hard to return. It happens only for the rare cases. So be sure before you place an order.