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Portable Kitchen Charcoal Grills For Sale, Dimensions

Portable Kitchen is known as the quality grill and smoker brand. These grills perform the dual purpose of grilling and smoking in the same device. You can use these grills for versatile purposes. These are equally competent for high-temperature short period cooking or the slow cooking that takes longer. 

Portable Kitchen Charcoal grills uses charcoal as their fuel. These grills definitely make a beautiful, stylish, and portable option for your outdoor kitchen. It lets you take your grill and smoker along with you on camping tours. The Portable Kitchen charcoal grill and smoker models are made to last longer with all the necessary features to have a quality barbecue season, one after the other. 

Portable Kitchen charcoal grill & smoker features

  1. Versatility: Portable Kitchen charcoal grill & smoker is made to have versatile uses. As mentioned it can be used for both fast cooking and slow cooking. This makes it suitable to cook a variety of food items inside the same device. It is suitable for direct cooking as well as indirect cooking. 
  2. Refueling easy: The grid is made of nickel plated steel that has hinges that help in the lifting when needed. The hinges work perfectly for the ease of refueling without having to remove the food on the grid. You can continue to cook while you add more charcoal to the grill. 
  3. Temperature control: The aluminum body inside the grill conducts the heat efficiently. It distributes the heat inside the grill, uniformly to have even cooking on all parts. This helps you not having to turn the food every now and then. 
  4. Air circulation: The Portable Kitchen grills flaunt an efficient air flow system with 4 vents, 2 vents at the bottom and 2 in the upper region. These vents work in sequence to have maximum flow of the smoke and add flavor to the food. This air flow vent system allows accurate temperature control as well. This also avoids unnecessary flare-ups. The closing of the lids and having the vets open, reduce the oxygen supply from outside, and thus reduce the flare-ups. 
  5. Heat retention: The PK grills could be called as Portable Kitchen cast aluminum charcoal grill and smoker because of its cast aluminum make. The ¼ inches of cats aluminum allows the grill to be an oven in need. It provides uniform heat distribution, and for the slow cooking of meat to perfection. 
  6. Durability: The cast aluminum make of the grill makes it durable and rustproof. It suits well for the humid areas and wet climates. Even the hinges are rustproof. They are molded to the grills to protect them. 
  7. Indoor and outdoor: Portable aluminum charcoal grills could very well be the best grill that you can use for indoor cooking and outdoor cooking at camps and tailgating. The grill is tough and easily portable. The stand that comes with the grill can be removed without any tools. It is light weighted enough for one person to carry it. 

Portable Kitchen Charcoal grills

  1. The New PK360 grill & Smoker Capsule

The PK360 grill & smoker is made like a large capsule. It is made of cast aluminum with 2 tier grills inside. The grill is large enough to have a huge cooking space of 360 sq inches which is almost 40% larger than the usual capsule shaped grills.

  • The grill is suitable for one step or 2 step cooking. The cast aluminum body makes it more durable than the Kamado grills, which are fragile. These PK360 grills are sturdy and durable. 
  • The 4 way vent system inside the grill allows precise temperature ad air control. It is basically this vent system that allows the 2-stage cooking easier and efficient. 
  • The ash from the charcoal is collected inside the cooking chamber but it does not interfere with the cooking. It is designed to stay out of the way or come in the air flow. 
  • The cooking grates of the upper and lower stage are made of marine grade stainless steel that is rustproof. 
  • The hinges can be locked and released easily. 
  • The grill can get very hot while cooking so it must always be placed on non-flammable surfaces. It should never be placed o plastic, wood, or paper like surfaces. Always use a concrete, rock or the masonry surfaces. 
  • The thermostat provided shows the temperature inside. 
  • The product comes as the complete grilling capsule only but you have the option to add a few additions to the kit. You can add the heavy duty charcoal basket, stainless steel tong and spatula set, the grill grates and the PK360 cover that can be pulled down to cover. 
  1. The New PK360 Grill & smoker with black durabilium shelf kit

The PK360 grill and smoker comes on its own black durabilium shelf kit. Due to the heat it can generate, it is always safe to have its own stand so you don’t risk anything around. This shelf kit contains both the stand on which the grill capsule stand and the shelf kit on either side of the grill.

  • In addition to the 360 sq inches of the grill, you would also get an area of 230 sq inches of space outside the grill on the shelves. 
  • These shelves are removable. They are made of high end glass fiber that is reinforced with polyester that can resist high heat. It is suitable for durability. It comes in the black color. There is also a unique wiring system to hang the accessories for cooking or preparation. 
  • The shelf provided can withstand harsh weather, no matter what extreme it is. This resistance makes it suitable for any weather outer cooking on camps and tailgating. 
  • The stand is not movable unless you are lifting it. You also have the option to add a heavy duty charcoal basket, stainless grill tools, grill gates or the cover to cover the grill and smoker. 
  1. The PK grill & smoker Classic Silver

The PK grill & smoker classic silver is a grill that comes on a cart that is movable. As like the other PK grills, this one too is made of cast aluminum but having a Classic silver color coating over it. It is also made in the capsule form to suit the brand. 

  • The product comes in parts like the cast aluminum charcoal grill capsule, a cart, the hardware needed for assembly and the instructions. The product is shipped for free within the USA. 
  • The specifications of this grill and smoker are 35 x 34.5 x 20 inches in height, width, and depth. The grill only is 14 x 26.3 x 15.4 inches for the same. 
  • The cooking surface area is 21.5 x 14 inches. The cooking grid is made of nickel-plated steel cooking grid that has hinges for easy lifting. The charcoal grate is made of steel. 
  • All the other features are compatible with the Portable Kitchen features.
  • The grill is placed on the cart for the portability. You can also easily remove the grill from the cart for transportation. 
  • The cart has a side shelf on one side and a lower shelf as well. You can remove both these shelves for cleaning purposes and easily place it again. 
  • The cart has 4 legs and the caster wheels are attached to 2 legs on one side only. 
  • You get to add the PK cover for the grill, upgrade to the stainless steel cooking surface, as the grillgates, heavy duty charcoal basket or the thermometer kit to the base product. 
  1. The PK grill & smoker graphite

The PK grill and smoker Graphite is the same as the Classic Silver. It is the same product but have a black Graphite color to the body rather than the silver color like the other one.

You have it on the cart and have the same options to have the additional add on with the original product. 

Portable Kitchen Charcoal grill reviews

The Portable Kitchen aluminum charcoal grill has been in the market for a long time. There are users who have been using it for years and still going strong. 

  • Shawn says, “It held the temperature perfectly for 4-5 hours to cook my smoking pork butt. It gives the perfectly flavored chicken with plenty of juice retaining inside. It is as good as a lifetime grill for me!”
  • Mitchell- “My PK360 has stayed put for some years now. I have been using it every weekend and a few weekends for years. It works the same whether it is rain or shine or it is freezing cold outside.”
  • Melissa-“PK offers wonderful cooking zones. The portability of the grill was what attracted me. It has become part of our family. I just took it out with us on a weekend to the cabin. Go for it, you will not be disappointed!”

The main problem with these PK aluminum charcoal grills is that there is no ash tray. The ash and the running off oils and juices make a mush and is difficult to clean. An ash tray would have been the icing on the cake. 


A portable grill has to be weather resistant and light-weighted. The Portable Kitchen charcoal grills fulfill this requirement pronto. It is easily movable from its stand and can be carried anywhere with you. You can cook almost anything in this grill. For those who are needing an ashtray, the best way is to have an aluminum foil spread out at the bottom. It makes cleaning much easier. 

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