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Pet- Sentials Plus – All in One Pet Support Reviews

Fight pet health conditions with Pet-Sentials Plus “All in One” from CLE Holistic Health Essentials. This Natural Health Supplement for Dogs comes with holistic ingredients that are loved by both pet and pet owners worldwide. This is probably one of the first natural health supplements for both cats and dogs. Read on to know all about it.

About CLE Holistic Health Essentials

CLE Holistic Health is a ‘vertically integrated’ company headquartered in Canada. The company has been distributing their products worldwide since 2001. All the ingredients are absolutely natural that have been scrutinized carefully for optimum results.

The company has played it safe by mentioning each and every ingredient on its website. There are also clinical studies and references regarding the potency of ingredients they include in their health supplements.

Available for both pets and humans, CLE Holistic Health Essentials has gone a step further and has its own good area of the farm where they grow the herbs. This gives them the liberty of plucking the right botanicals without depending on a supplier.

The pharmacy makes sure that the ingredients are blended proportionately so as to give maximum efficiency for every user (be it pet or human). CLE Holistic health thoroughly verifies the batch before sending it off to customers. Each and every capsule of CLE Holistic Health Essentials are veggie caps.

Apart from providing best health supplements for users, CLE Holistic Health also lends a helping hand. For each purchase you make, $1 goes to SPCA to cater the needs of pets.

What is Pet-sentials Plus “All in One” Pet support?

Just like we humans do not get the necessary vitamins and minerals everyday, so does your dog. Your pet too needs daily dose of nutrition. Be it growing puppies or aging canine, Pet-Sentials Plus Pet support offers your dog optimal nutrition support.

Pet-Sentials Plus Pet support is beneficial for dogs of all ages. It supports healthy living in young ones while inhibiting age-related health disorders in aging dogs.

Ingredients of Pet-sentials Plus “All in One” Pet support from CLE Holistic Health Essentials

This natural health supplements for dogs uses herbal ingredients. These powerful components have been used from centuries in many countries such as India (Ayurveda), China, Vietnam, Japan and so on.

All the botanicals are carefully handpicked by the CLE holistic health team. They are further processed, extracted, and stored for further use. Based on the century-old rituals, the blend is formulated to deliver prominent results. The company follows Good Agricultural practices with the entire team following the guidelines of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). This makes CLE Holistic Essentials bet a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their health supplements.

Pet-Sentials Plus All in One Pet Support for Dogs ingredients include –

  • Noni fruit – also known as Indian Mulberry plant, this small shrubby tree has been known for thousands of years to treat a variety of health issues right from inflammation to balancing the blood pressure levels. It also fights the effects of aging and any bacterial infections. Noni is a wonder food for treating diarrhea, worms, and arthritis. The micronutrients help in maintaining strong bones, teeth thus reversing premature aging.
  • Rhodiola – the root of Rhodiola is used as medicine in Pet-Sentials Plus pet support. Rhodiola is excellent in boosting stamina. They increase the strength and vitality while boosting their mental capacity. The root contains an ingredient called ‘adaptogen’ that heightens the immunity power to fight free radicals. Rhodiola is famous to treat irregular heartbeat and other cardiac ailments. It speeds up your dog’s recovery process after a certain illness.
  • Soy Lecithin – usually used as an emulsifier in many foods, soy lecithin serves many other purposes. The product has many health benefits. Lecithin helps in managing cholesterol levels. It also helps in curing any neurological disorders. It prevents forgetfulness (especially seen in aging dogs) and works against any skin diseases such as eczema, dandruff, hair loss etc. The result is a healthy coat, fur, and smooth skin on your dog.
  • Vitamin E – in Pet-Sentials Plus All in One pet support assists in multiple health benefits. For instance, vitamin E is famous for treating the brain and nervous system including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, etc. Vitamin E helps prevents Cognitive Dysfunctional Syndrome (house soiling, confusion, disorientation, etc.). It helps in changing the behavior and sleep patterns of your dog. The result is a relaxed dog with a better concentration level not to mention a happy mood.
  • Flax and Flax Seed – contains a high level of fiber and omega 3 fatty acids. If you are feeding your dog only vegetarian food, this is the best replacement for fish. Fiber-rich foods improve digestion delivering a healthy poo-poo. Regular intake of flax/flax seed or Pet-Sentials Plus Pet support reduces flea, tick dermatitis. It also promotes better brain function and improves focular vision.

How does Pet-Sentials Plus “All in One” Pet support work?

The natural vitamin supplements for dogs – Pet-sentials Plus “All in One” pet support from CLE Holistic Health Essentials is a natural remedy for your dog. Unlike antibiotic medications that work only temporarily, the health supplement has a slow but sure effect. The herbal behavior or the botanicals deliver not just one but multiple benefits.

Just like we humans find it difficult to have the necessary vitamins every day, so does our dog. Pet-Sentials Plus “All in One” Pet support is the easiest way possible to help your pet by increasing the nutrient intake.

There are many processed pet foods that in the long run will lead to many health problems. From diarrhea to hair loss to itchy skin, you will find many symptoms. If you look deeply, many health supplements for pets address only couple of health issues. They even call for multiple doses that really wont be easy especially on aging pets.

Pet-Sentials Plus “All in One” Pet support is a quick way of meeting the daily dose of nutritional requirements for your dog’s health. The powder form is easy to mix without tricking them to feed capsules or pills. Plus!!! The taste is loved by your dog/cat.

Bottomline, Pet-Sentials Plus “All in One” Pet support benefits your dog by –

  • Completing the daily nutritional necessity
  • Breaks down the food and eases digestion
  • Improves the vitality, mood and overall fitness
  • Enhances the mood level so your dog is happy and playful
  • Boosts the immunity system to fight allergies
  • Improves oral health condition
  • Attractive fur and healthier skin
  • Builds the bone to combat bone degeneration diseases such as arthritis
  • Speeds up recovery process after any surgery or health condition
  • Assists elderly dogs to maintain overall wellness and keep up with good temperament

Dosage of Pet-sentials Plus “All in One” Pet support

Check the table below for the recommended dosage of Pet-sentials Plus Pet support.

DirectionsMaintenance dosageTherapeutic dosage
Small dogs upto 15 lbs1 gram daily i.e. 1/2 scoop2 grams daily (1 scoop)
Medium dogs (15 lbs – 39 lbs)2 grams daily (1 scoop)4 grams daily (2 scoops)
Large breed dogs (40-89 lbs)3 grams daily (1 and 1/2 scoops)6 grams daily (3 scoops)
Giant breed dogs (90+ lbs)4 grams daily (2 scoops)9 grams daily (4 1/2 scoops)

Mix the powder with your dog’s favorite food and watch him gulp. Since Pet-Sentials Plus Pet support does not have any pungent taste, your pet will love it.

CLE Holistic Essentials claim that the product is safe for pregnant, nursing or dogs with any health condition. However, for your own peace of mind, consult your Vet.

Pet-sentials Plus “All in One” Pet support side effects

This is a complete natural vitamin-mineral supplement for dogs. Basically it includes only herbal combinations. So the side effects are quite less.

There have been no side effects Pet-sentials Plus “All in One” Pet support reported so far. On the contrary, users have felt dramatic results post usage of Pet-Sentials Plus pet support.

However, herbs in nature tend to have their own mind and can throw in certain adverse effects. Though the company has researched it through, for better results, consult the Vet before trying on any new health supplement.

Pet-sentials Plus “All in One” Pet support Shipping and Returns

This natural vitamin supplement for dogs comes with 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product, simply return them and get a COMPLETE REFUND (minus the shipping and handling charges). Make sure to return them within 30 days from the date of purchase.

Pet-sentials Plus “All in One” Pet support Customer reviews

Pet-sentials Plus “All in One” Pet support has received positive response from pet owners. Dog owners have loved the product not to mention the effects it had delivered. The health supplement has everything that your dog needs. Right from rich antioxidants to minerals to vitamins, the right combination of herbs actually delivers unbelievable results.

Dogs enjoyed the taste and within regular consumption the owners noted difference in coats, calm mood, shiny fur, alleviated walking manner (noted in dogs dealing with osteoarthritis) and so on.

Here are few of the good words straight from the dog owner’s mouth.

Loved it – Leigh-Ann Mancini

“I can attest that Pet-Sentials Plus for Pet support is a great product. They have many health benefits that I have not noticed in other supplements I have tried out. My dogs enjoyed the taste and I actually saw the transformation in their health. The coats were silky smooth that tells me that the nutrients really works in their body.”

Definitely recommend it – Karen Tousignant

“We have seen a great improvement in Thunder’s vitality. Her osteoarthritis symptoms have virtually disappeared after using Pet-Sentials Plus for pet support. Its been three months now since I have been feeding her Pet-Sentials. Her energy has improved dramatically. She runs with more vigor and jumping on things she usually didn’t even attempt. When I took her for check up with Vet, he said that Thunder’s gait had improved and the muscle tone seem to be evenly distributed on both sides of her hips.”

Frequently Asked Questions – Pet-sentials Plus “All in One” Pet support

Are CLE holistic health essentials available in retail stores?

No, all CLE holistic health products are available online only.

Is Pet-Sentials Plus “All in One” Pet Support available in UK?

Yes, the company ships all their products including Pet-Sentials Plus “All in One” Pet Support worldwide – including US, Australia and UK.

Are there any CLE Holistic health discount codes or promo codes?

Yes, there are many websites that provide CLE holistic health coupon code/promo code. Subscribe to website newsletters for staying updated on latest coupons.

What is the satisfaction guarantee that CLE Holistic health essentials offer?

CLE Holistic health comes with a day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied, give the product back within 30 days from the date of purchase. You will be completely reimbursed minus the shipping/handling charges.

Final Verdict

Pet-Sentials Plus “All in One” Pet Support is a “too-good-to-be-true” product. We find it hard to believe that such health supplements exist. But the reviews clearly say that Pet-sentials not only promise but also deliver just as claimed. The product is tad expensive which can be difficult for those who are on a budget. However, consider the benefits that you get out of this natural health supplement for dog and I am sure you will be making the obvious choice.

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