Flora Sinus by Nutri Health

Flora Sinus by Nutri Health is an excellent helath supplement to prevent seasonal allergies and alleviate inflammation of sinus.

Nutri-Health Supplements have come out with a product called Flora Sinus Seasonal Support which has proven to be very effective and successful for sinusitis. Sinusitis is an inflammation of your sinuses, that is, the hollow air spaces within the bones that surround the nose. Its function is to produce mucus and drain it into the nose. This is turning out to be a serious issue nowadays and doctors have reported the constant increase of person suffering from sinusitis.

Flora Sinus Seasonal Support

The symptoms of sinusitis include fever, fatigue, weakness, cough and congestion. The acute sinusitis often starts with a cold and then turns into a bacterial infection.

Flora Sinus helps to stop this cold from turning to the bacterial infections, aids in reducing the congestion and removes the fungus build up in your sinuses. Flora Sinus is also generally used for colds and non-stop sneezing.

Nutri-Health Flora Sinus Seasonal Support

Nutri-health Supplements is an authorized dealer of nutrient health supplements founded in the year 1987. It later had a merger with the Canada-based company Atrium Innovations in the year 2008. Atrium Innovations is engaged in the development, manufacturing and commercializing of health and nutrition products endorsed by health professionals. They have a NSF GMP certified and have ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accreditation of their manufacturing facilities and in-house laboratories and has a wide product line of probiotic formulations, digestive enzymes, and nutritional supplements to help prevent and relieve the chief health issues.

Nutri-Health Flora Sinus Seasonal Support is aimed at encouraging the health and well being of the people with quality researched product category. The Sinus health category products assists in all the key issues related to the nasal health like improving the mucus flow by flushing out the unhealthy nasal irritants, stimulating the release of hard and dried up mucus and supporting to have a comfortable level of sinus pressure.

Nutri-Health Supplements are not only known for the thoroughly researched high quality products but also have an excellent customer service system and team. The delivery of the products is also timely and accurate. As soon as your order is registered, the shipping procedures are started.

The Flora Sinus Seasonal Support is priced at $24.95 and as a supplement to it, Nutri-Health also provides a book on “Probiotics and your Sinus Health” by Dr. John G. Thomas for $2.95.
Dr. John G. Thomas is a Professor and been a clinical microbiologist for more than 40 years. His book talks about the various conditions of sinus like Acute, Subacute, Chronic and Recurrent, The Probiotics, The Connection between Sinus and Gut Health, The Big Four Probiotics for Sinus Health and The Power of Probiotics.

Another advantage of Nutri-Health is that it has a 180 day Nutri-Health Money back Guarantee policy. So if you are dissatisfied you don’t have to worry about anything.

Sinus Flora

Your nose is one of the important organs of the body’s protection. If you are suffering from sinus, nasal and other bronchial illness Flora is the best option. This product is clinically tested and has high quality ingredients and facilitates the break-up of the mucus for easy mucus drainage. It provides immense immune reaction and reduces the clogging for easier grasp of air.

Flora Sinus Seasonal Support

Seasonal Support by Nutri-Health is a clinically based formula which promotes issues related to sinus, bronchial and immune health. Flora Sinus provides both daily and seasonal support to help you overcome the problems of sinusitis and nasal issues.

The functions of Flora Sinus Seasonal Support are:

  • It helps to break up the mucus thereby easing its release.
  • Flora Sinus offers a dual action solution for the nasal issues and hence promotes the overall health.
  • The capsules also support bronchial health and boosts up a balance of healthy nasal flora within the sinus.
  • It 100% vegetarian thereby making it completely natural and safe and also free from side effects.
  • It helps you relieve from nasal congestion thereby making your breathing easy and comfortable.
  • The mucus flow is improved.
  • The unwanted irritants are flushed out from your nasal system.
  • It eases the pressure of sinus thereby causing your head to pound.
  • It has a vigorous mucus reliability and makes your sinuses healthy.
  • Finally it also helps to promote a healthy response in your immune system.

Dosages prescribed: The bottle includes 90 vegetarian capsules. It recommended to take 3 capsules daily in separate doses. Once you notice any change you can reduce it to two capsules a day. If you find 3 capsules a day not sufficient you can double it. Each capsule contains about twenty two billion living cells because of which it does not require refrigeration. It is adviced to take an everyday supplement that will sustain a healthy and balanced resistant system.

Flora Sinus Ingredients

The advanced clinical research by Nutri-Health only uses high quality ingredients with strict specifications and Certificates of Analysis. All finished products are tested for quality, purity, efficacy and safety. The ingredients used in Flora Sinus Seasonal Supplements are:

  • N-Acetyl Cysteine – N-Acetyl Cysteine is a powerful antioxidant and amino acid that helps to break up the thick and dried up mucus and increases the flow of healthy mucus. This helps in mucus thinning and flushing out the harmful unwanted irritants. It also acts as an immune support system and supports the nasal and upper respiratory health too. It is an excellent detoxifying agent and maintains a pleasant flora balance in your chest, nose and ears.
  • Probiotics – There are 4 important probiotics – Bifidobacterium bifidum, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Lactobacillus acidophilus, and Streptococus thermophiles that reduce the unhealthy irritants and support a healthy balance of friendly bacteria in the nasal system. It also nourishes the bronchial channels and enhances the respiratory system.
  • Additional ingredients like Magnesium stearate, Water and Cellulose are included which enhances the overall benefits.

Vegetarian capsule – Not just the ingredients even the pill is of high quality. The gelatin based capsules are not used and it is purely vegetarian-friendly plant cellulose capsules. A scientific study by Swiss experts found that a combination of this four specific pro-biotic of this product will maintain a strong balance of reactive bacteria in the nose.


Flora Sinus Reviews

Flora Sinus is rated 3.5 upon 5 and has quite a number of positive review than negative. It has proven to be a blessing for many and a disadvantage for few.

The existing users of Flora Sinus say it might take up a week or so to build up your system before you notice a difference. For many children suffering from with chronic sinusitis it has turned positive and helped them breathe through their nose comfortably. People diagnosed of loud snoring found this product wonderful and using this they no longer snored. It helped the Eustachian tubes to not pop up and staying open made it easier to blow the nose. Many people have commented on problems like congestion from sinus drainage being sorted out too. People allergic to dairy as it makes them super congested feels relieved using Flora sinus as eating dairy after using this product has not made any issues as before.

Few negative comments pointed out that using this has brought up some side effects like allergy. They have commented on other products being more successful or the product dint work maybe because the conditions suffered by them may have been out of its range of benefits.
Overall, it has to a great extent helped in easy breathing and peaceful sleeping.

Flora Sinus Side Effects

As Flora Sinus is 100% vegetarian it is preferably safe, that is, free from any side-effect. The active flora probiotics helps in maintaining a healthy balance level of friendly bacteria and also boosts the immune system. It also avoids microbial attacks and infection and gives a comfort pressure level on sinus.

They only side effect rarely recorded was some allergies caused. Otherwise it is completely free from side effects.

Flora Sinus Scam

There are no scams related to the Nutri-Health Flora Sinus Seasonal Support. In fact it is proven to be 100% reliable and designed for any person suffering from nasal health issues.

Although the above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration as a product intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, it is an excellent remedy to cure Sinus and Sinus Symptoms. Flora Sinus helps in relieving problems related to sinus and helps in easy mucus flow and removal of the nasal irritants while stimulating the release of hard and dried mucus.