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NITROamp Reviews, Ingredients Nootropic Supplement

Many people really wake up only when they have a cup of coffee in their hands. The caffeine hit is the real wake-up call for them. Caffeine is a brain booster, that helps generate energy and makes the mind be clearer. When this caffeine has started coming in capsule forms, it is called the NITROamp. 

NITROamp is a nootropic energy supplement made with caffeine and another ingredient to boost the brain function and help with better energy in the body. NITROamp is made to negate the negative sides of excess caffeine and make the perfect boost for the right thing and keep the others under control. You no longer have to suffer the peaks and lows of high sugar and cream and there is also no major crash after a while. 

Uses of NITROamp

  • NITROamp is able to support cognitive health by having the brain boosters in the right amount. 
  • It can naturally improve the brain’s energy, memory, concentration, focus, and total alertness of the mind and body
  • It benefits greatly for sportspersons and those living an active life.
  • NITROamp has got nothing to do with any of the brain enhancers and is totally independent in function. 
  • It works safe from any kind of side effects like jittery feel, anxiety, or any hard thing that has to do with caffeine. 
  • NITROamp helps with reduced stress levels in the body. 
  • It elevates the positive mood
  • It has noticeable effects on short term memory that helps the students. 
  • It is good for quality sleep when taken at the right time. 

NITROamp nootropic energy supplement ingredients

There are only 2 ingredients in NITROamp. They are guarana extract and L-Theanine. Both these ingredients inhibit certain chemicals that make the brain feel foggy and lethargic. 

  1. The guarana extract contains 50% of caffeine, much more than that in coffee beans. Moreover, the guarana extract also possesses some antioxidants that help in their own ways. The caffeine here inhibits the action of adenosine that mainly causes sleepiness or drowsiness. This affects the overall energy in the body. You may start feeling having more energy than usual. Since the caffeine does not enhance anything, there is no possibility of a crash later on. 
  2. On the other hand, the L-Theanine will block the actions of L-Glutamate from binding to the brain receptors. This chemical is associated with anxiety and by preventing them, the mind is relaxed. This ingredient is taken from Green Tea extract. 

These 2 ingredients work synchronized and in harmony with the latter eliminating any crashes caused by the former. Both guarana and L-Theanine are added in the capsules at 2:1 proportion. You can find them to be 300mg and 200mg per servings.  

NITROamp dosage

NITROamp comes in capsule form and one needs to take 2 capsules per day for the good results. Being a nootropic, you should NEVER take NITROamp for an extra dose to have after-effects. 

2 capsules are the limit for each day. You can make do with 1 capsule per day also. Each bottle carries 60 capsules. 

Take 1 capsule in the morning and the other in the early afternoon. You should not take it closer to evening or bedtime as it can interfere with the sleep pattern. 

The negative side of NITROamp

This is really not the negative side but a bit of concern. The makers push the NITROamp and NITROvit to work together. They say these 2 brain pills enhance each other’s performance. In fact, the NITROamp seems to be much more effective when used with the other supplement. 

The makers claim that NITROamp can work as a loner. The users have used it alone but they find it better when in combination with NITROvit. 

The other concern is the price. The NITROamp comes in a bottle with enough capsules to last for 2 months. The price for this seems to be higher, with not much justification. 

For all its combination issues and price, NITROamp is one supplement that truly stands up to all its claims. It supplies better energy, focus, concentration, and the needed alertness to the brain. All of these without any trace of side effects. 

NITROamp customer reviews

The customer reviews of NITROamp reveal that it can safe with other brain enhancers. It can really boost the effects of NITROvit as they work as an ideal team. The users who have used them together find this NITROamp not as effective when in combination. 

The users have rated it well to be one of the leading brain pills in the market. Its greatest advantage is that there are absolutely NO side effects. That fact itself is the best marketing strategy and it has stuck to this claim well enough. 

Students have been the biggest fan of this product that helped them have focus and concentration that they need to endure the day-to-day tasks. 

Buy NITROamp 

NITROamp nootropic energy supplement is available as a single bottle or in a combination of more than 1. You can find many offers up there at the manufacturer’s site. 

  • You can get the buy one get one offer. Pack of 3 bottles, 6 bottles pack, or the one that lasts for 9 months with 9 bottles. These offers help you save money than buying the individual bottles. The larger packages are family-sized. The 9 bottle pack has got a free shipping offer to it. 
  • It is also available in combination with the NITROvit. The pack includes 2 NITROvit bottles and 1 NITROamp bottle. Another offer is 1 bottle each of these. 
  • You can get NITROamp in combination with a bottle of NITROpept – the memory booster as well. 
  • Every purchase of NITROamp nootropic energy supplement individual bottle comes with a 1-year money-back guarantee. 


The coffee addicts can now replace their cup of coffee with the NITROamp capsule to wake themselves up. It causes no troubles at all and makes a healthy replacement option over the creamy and sugary coffee. You also get better caffeine doses at a time for the instant kick. The users have also given it the best ratings that you should try it at least once. 

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