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Napoleon Pro Charcoal Kettle Grills Reviews

Set up in 1976 as a small steel fabrication company, Napoleon is today one of the well-known manufacturers of outdoor living products. They produce quality wood and gas fireplaces (inserts and stoves), gourmet gas grills, charcoal grills, heating & cooling products, and more. Located in Ontario, Canada, this Canadian company has led the way to new and innovative patented technology in their luxurious Gas and Charcoal Grills. Napoleon Charcoal Grills works best for both a beginner and a professional chef. Keep reading for the complete Reviews Of Napoleon Charcoal Grills.

About Napoleon Charcoal Grills

These grills offer the classic flavor of charcoal grilling plus look great outside. These grills are available in a variety of styles, allowing you precision grilling and smoking. Backed by making quality BBQ grills for more than 40 years, you can trust Napoleon charcoal BBQ grills to not only meet but exceed your expectations. 

Napoleon Charcoal Grills Models

These stylish grills come in Heavy Gauge Black Porcelain construction with quality components. 

  1. Napoleon Rodeo Charcoal Kettle Grill 22-Inch (NK22K-LEG-2)
  2. Napoleon Rodeo PRO Charcoal Kettle Grill (PRO22K-LEG-2) 
  3. Napoleon Rodeo PRO Charcoal Kettle Grill with Cart (PRO22K-CART-2)
  4. Napoleon Professional Freestanding Charcoal Grill (PRO605CSS)

Napoleon Charcoal Kettle Grill Review

Napoleon Rodeo Charcoal Kettle Grill (NK22K-LEG-2) 

Napoleon Charcoal Kettle Grill NK22CK-C is the original, lightweight, and mobile infrared grilling machine.  It comes with a heavy gauge stainless steel charcoal grate to keep the charcoal up from the bottom of the bowl. It features a stainless steel heat diffuser placed in the middle of this grate that supports airflow around the charcoal, for even better heating. The hinged cooking grids easily allow you to add more charcoal throughout cooking. This unit is large enough to cook up to 16 large hamburgers at once. It provides 365 square inches of cooking space.  Its lid features a built-in hook to hang the lid on the side of your grill or off a hook when you’re grilling. The cool-touch handle on the Kettle Charcoal Grill protects your hand from the heat. 

A built-in Accu-Probe temperature gauge helps monitor the temperature and included air vent provides added control. At the bottom are a huge, stainless steel ash catcher and another stainless steel vent to add more temperature control. This unit allows you to grill over direct heat, slowly over indirect heat, or use as a smoker. It is sturdy with all-weather wheels that make rolling across the deck, grass and even on gravel easy. This Charcoal Grill is perfect for any occasion. Overall Dimensions – Height 38 1/2 Inches x Width 33 3/4 Inches x Depth 22 3/4 Inches and Weight – 57 Pounds

Napoleon Rodeo PRO Charcoal Kettle Grill (PRO22K-LEG-2) 

Napoleon Charcoal Kettle Grill PRO22K-LEG-2 from Pro series is compact to save space but big enough to feed a large crowd. It can grill up to 23 hamburgers in one go. You can grill, roast, and smoke with ease on this unit. Its hinged porcelainized cast iron cooking grids allow easy access for adding wood chips, coal, and chunks. The cooking grids are Adjustable to three different levels of increased heat control. The PRO Air Control system provides more efficient air control, prevents water from entering the grill, and works as a large ash catcher. 

A large stainless steel heat diffuser in the bottom lifts the charcoal up off the bowl for evenly radiating heat throughout the grill, and directing charcoal down to the stainless steel ash catcher. With the powder coated enameled steel body this grill shines on the outside. The lid features an offset hinge that opens, allowing access to the whole grill while keeping your hands away from the heat. Four stainless steel legs, a powder coated bottom shelf and all-weather wheels complete this charcoal grilling package. Overall Dimensions – Height 38 1/2 Inches x Width 22 1/2 Inches x Depth 27 3/4 Inches

Napoleon Charcoal Full Size Grill – Napoleon Rodeo PRO Charcoal Kettle Grill with Cart (PRO22K-CART-2) is also available. It comes with stainless steel, folding side shelf for generous space and food preparation. It also comes with the locking casters.

Napoleon Charcoal Kettle Grill – General Specifications

Grill TypeCharcoal Grill
Fuel Type Charcoal
Exterior Material Porcelain Coated Steel
Cooking Grate Material Porcelain Coated Steel/ Cast Iron
Cooking Grid Dimensions22 1/2 Inch Diameter
Burger Count 16
Grill LightsNone
Spring Assisted Hood No
Thermometer Analog
On WheelsYes
Cart AssemblySome Assembly Required
Side ShelvesNo
Side Burner Type None
Made In USANo
Commercial No

Napoleon Professional Freestanding Charcoal Grill Review

Napoleon Charcoal Professional Grill in Stainless Steel (PRO605CSS) combines traditional charcoal grilling with modern cart styling and performance, for incredible results. This solidly constructed unit has durable 304 stainless steel material for a beautiful look. For added style, it comes with chromed door and lid handles.  It provides an impressive 605 square inches of main grilling area and 240 square inches of warming area for a total of 845 square inches of cooking area. Hence, this unit can grill up to 32 large 4-inch size burgers at once. This most amazing feature of this grill is the Charcoal Professional’s exclusive rear rotisserie burner. This exclusive burner powered by charcoal allows you to roast meat like a professional. 

The porcelainized cast iron wave cooking grates efficiently retain heat and create unique, perfect sear lines on your food. This grill features an adjustable, full-width charcoal bed with an easy to use Lift ease roll top lid for convenient front-loading charcoal filling. Its adjustable air vents offer increased heat control. This unique grill versatile feature charcoal dividers, allow you to cook low and slow over indirect heat, or sear with direct heat. It features an Accu-Probe temperature gauge and retains heat for oven-like performance. The removable ash and drip pan makes quick and easy cleaning. The generous folding side shelves give you extra workspace. It features conveniently integrated tool hooks, condiment trays, double doors for storage, and easy-roll locking casters. Overall Dimensions – Height 49 1/2 Inches x Width 67 1/2 Inches x Depth 24 3/4 Inches and Weight – 235 Pounds

Napoleon Charcoal Professional Grill Specifications

Grill TypeCharcoal Grill
Fuel Type Charcoal
Exterior Material Stainless Steel
ColorStainless Steel
Cooking Grate Material Cast Iron
Cooking Grid Dimensions33 3/4 X 18 Inches
Burger Count 21
Grill LightsNone
Spring Assisted Hood No
Thermometer Analog
On WheelsYes
Cart AssemblySome Assembly Required
Side ShelvesYes
Side Shelf MaterialStainless Steel
Side Burner Type None
Made In USANo
Commercial No

Napoleon Charcoal Grills For Sale

Currently, Napoleon Charcoal Grills for sale remains unavailable. However, you can visit, or Amazon for the Napoleon Charcoal Grills Best Price and Free shipping. For an in-store purchase, visit their official website and click on ‘where to buy’ tab and find a Napoleon Charcoal Grills Dealers nearest your location. 

Napoleon Charcoal Grill Accessories

Napoleon Charcoal Grill Cover, Grilling tools, Rotisserie products and much more are easily available.

Napoleon Charcoal Grill Warranty

Napoleon Lifetime Warranty warrants aluminum castings, stainless steel and porcelain-enameled base, wheels, knobs, porcelain-enameled lids, stainless steel lid inserts, and lid handles. During the first five (5) years Napoleon provides replacement parts free of charge. From the 6th year to a lifetime, Napoleon will provide replacement parts at 50 percent of the current retail price. Components like Cast iron cooking grids, lifting mechanism, and temperature gauges come with two (2) years warranty, and Casters, warming racks, fasteners, and accessories are warranted for one (1) year.

Napoleon Charcoal Grills Reviews

You will find mixed Napoleon Charcoal Grill Reviews from its users. Most users had compared Napoleon v/s Weber, which is ruling the charcoal grills market. Napoleon is a Canadian company that entered North America to compete with Weber products. Up to some extent, people agree that Napoleon offers better products than Weber but also has some faults. Many customers have replaced their years old Weber grills for Napoleon Charcoal Grill. People say this is by far the best Charcoal grill ever used and a new favorite after Weber.

With the Napoleon PRO22K, the company has a hit on their hands. The PRO22K models are very well built, solid and are ultra easy to use. The hinged lid and grilling surface are awesome. The cast iron grill is great which gives perfect searing to foods. It is also been great with direct and indirect cooking. However few people complain that the grilling surface located on the bottom of the box is not well-padded, which can break easily. Also, customers expect to have more sturdy wheels to match the solid construction. Some people also complain about the minimal assembly instructions.

People say NK22CK has a heavy-duty construction that has better heat retention capacity. At a full chimney of charcoal, the grill can reach 650 degrees after an hour. Some people say that this grill is really heavy and comes with no accurate assembly instructions.

For PRO605CSS, Napoleon Charcoal Professional Grill has a large cooking area and solid construction with some 304 stainless steel parts. The heavy cast iron cooking grates are ultimate. Many users like its unique Charcoal powered rotisserie burner feature. This unit looks like a professional appliance and fits best in the backyard. However, some people complain that it is not the best and efficient design for a professional charcoal grill. You cannot shut down the unit to conserve charcoal.


If you are looking for a traditional grilling experience (charcoal), the original infrared grilling fuel with modern styling and innovative grills, then consider only Napoleon Charcoal Grills.

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