My TEFL Course

MyTEFL is an online course that supports you to get a profession overseas as a teacher.

MyTEFL is an online course that helps you to get your profession as a teacher overseas. Get MyTEFL certificate and job placement to build your career as a professional educator. Read on MyTEFL reviews here.

What is TEFL?

TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Teaching English is one of the best ways to explore the world. Learning foreign languages, browsing through exotic backstreets, making new friendships etc. are few things a typical tourist would love to indulge in.

TEFL certificate offers you the privilege of teaching in more than 40 countries!!! You never know one moment you are in Thailand and next moment you might in another face of the planet.

What is MyTEFL and how does it work?

MyTEFL was created by a group of experienced teachers who knew exactly how overwhelming TEFL can be. It can be difficult for a new teacher to learn good hands before they walking into a classroom?

It is challenging when a teacher is facing with world time constraints such as handling full-time job that meets family obligations while hogging TEFL courses. Few teachers might have only a couple of weeks before embarking on his/her first class.
Great Value

MyTEFL courses are practical online courses that will prepare you mentally and physically before stepping to a new career ahead.

Courses Offered

All the MyTEFL courses are carefully designed to be not only fun but easy-to-follow as well mainly making people of all walks of life fall in love with the universal language. MyTEFL has joined hands with many organizations and schools to ensure the best course training and prepare you exactly what TEFL employers want in a teacher.

You can choose from ONLINE as well as ONSITE COURSES.

Online courses

Online courses are divided into four sections –

  • 40 Hour BASIC Taster – features Introductory Modules that offers you a core understanding of ancillary skills and methodological plan on how to manage classes. This course is for teachers who have a great experience in teaching but still need formal training on the overall syllabus and how to skillfully manage a classroom.
  • 60 Hour INTERMEDIATE Tutors – offers you not only classroom management skills, basic teaching techniques without indulging more on curriculum planning and grammar. In the 60 hour class, the teaching modules are divided as per specific key areas.
  • 80 Hour ADVANCED Refresher – delivers you training on presentation, practice and production methods when you are teaching 4 language skills. It also gives you depth session on Grammar, Lexis, and Phonology giving teachers the confidence to train higher level students.
  • 120 Hour PROFESSIONAL Best Value – one of the popular and highly advised course, this is meant for those who want to build a solid platform in TEFL career. This is also for those who want to upgrade their current skills. This is a sure shot course for countries that ask for an internationally accredited TEFL certificate to provide a work permit.

Based on the modules, the features of MyTEFL changes. But the basic features that remains constant is the 24/7 tutor support and technical support. No matter when you need them, the tutors are always there to help you anytime you need them. You will also be given a full library access for enlightening yourself.

Onsite courses

For conventional students who want to enter coaching by joining a real class with others, there are onsite course options at specific locations. If you feel a live teacher can give more experience than the online course, then onsite courses are best advised.

Current locations are

  • TEFL Beijing – provides you 7.5 weeks of 6 hours of classes. You can choose from Monday to Friday (9.00am – 12.00pm) OR on weekends.
  • TEFL Vancouver – 8 weeks of 8 hours of practice. The class times are 9.00am – 12.00pm from Monday to Friday.
  • Express Vancouver – weekend only classes, the class times are Saturday and Sunday at 9.00am – 6.00pm.

Benefits of MyTEFL

MyTEFL offers you excellent benefits such as

  • Worldwide Recognized TEFL Certificate
  • Official letter of Recommendation with in-detail breakdown of course modules completed
  • Excellent tutor support with genuine feedback from professional tutors that will motivate you to perform better
  • Expert Advice on TEFL Resume/Developing an effective CV
  • Job Placement Assistance
  • 24/7 Access no matter where you are
  • Exclusive access to TEFL Library Tools
  • Special Offers available for better savings

MyTEFL Reviews

MyTEFL courses have received excellent reviews from users. Students claim that the instructions are pretty clear and are available in the easy-to-understand format. The support from tutors has been incredible till course completion and afterward.

From wanna-be teachers to current teachers who want to better their career, MyTEFL is a sturdy support who have the passion for learning and preaching.

But you don’t have to go by my word. Here are few of MyTEFL world reviews straight from the horses’ mouth.

“A non-native speaker” – Princess from Lucena City

“Since I am a non-native speaker, I have difficulty in finding the right job as an English teacher. I am from Philippines who has been discouraged in finding a job as an English teacher overseas. I thought I would never be able to land at my dream job but that’s when I found about TEFL. I will soon be flying to Vietnam as an Engish teacher. My TEFL has helped me a lot. The resources are great and so is the staff that has helped me with everything. Thank you MyTEFL for everything.”

“See places with MyTEFL” – July Marie

I found on 2monkeys travel blog. I thought it was the perfect opportunity as I wanted an additional income to support my family. I have just started the course but the support system is great. I emailed Coach Andrew with few questions and he responded quickly. Somehow I felt quite motivated and I am confident that though I am doing an online course online, he is just a few seconds away. I recommend MyTEFl to all.”

“Best course ever” – Marcela from Toronto, Canada

“My experience was excellent. I was able to learn so much in the course that I cannot even describe how beneficial it was for me. I recommend MyTEFL to everyone who aspires to be a teacher. Give it a try and you will realize how fantastic it is.”

As seen, many people choose online courses than onsite courses as it gives the option to study at flexible timings. It is also beneficial for those who have difficulty traveling (at the present moment) and indulging in traditional classes.

Review by Hector Grimaldo

“My overall experience with MyTEFL was simply amazing. The website is an user-friendly and absolute breeze to use. But what blew was the service they offered. Anytime you had a question, there were available in a second to help you out. I totally recommend the course to anyone who is looking for it.”

MyTEFL Discount and Promo Codes

MyTEFL offers excellent discount and promo codes that will help you to save something for the rainy days. The company is well aware that global certification needs a good investment and hence they offer promo deals to reduce economic pressure.

Current promo deals include

  • Save 30% on all ONLINE MyTEFL Courses – 120 hour TEFL Course only for $209 + FREE job placement service
  • Sign up with your buddy and SAVE 35% EACH!!!
  • Student special – for those who are on tight budget, MyTEFL offers 50% OFF on courses. All you have to do is send proof of enrolment in the University or recent graduation.


Summing it up, MyTEFL is a professional website that offers top-notch TEFL courses for those who want to fuel up their passion as a teacher. The website is absolutely user-friendly and easy to navigate around. All sections have been carefully crafted to easily browse through and reach a particular page.

There is no big gift that imparting wisdom and for those who want to follow their passion as a teacher, MyTEFL is without a doubt recommended, not just by me, but thousands of students who are now qualified teachers.