Mr Steam Shower Generator

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After a long and exhausting day, nothing can be better than taking a steam showers to calm and relax. This will sweep away your tiredness and make you feel fresh and comfortable. Now you can enjoy a perfect steam shower at the comfort of your home by getting a Residential Steam Generator from Mr. Steam. The Mr. Steam MS90E steam generator brings the steam to you, offering the luxury of steam bathing at in your home. Read on to know

  • Product Description
  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Tips on Locating and Installing the Mr. Steam MS90E Steam Generator
  • Accessories and Controls
  • Warranty
  • Where To Buy The Mr. Steam MS90E Steam Generator?
  • Mr. Steam MS90E Steam Generator Reviews
  • Conclusion

Product Description

Mr. Steam MS90E Residential Steam Generator is the best, most efficient, cleanest, greenest, quietest, and the most reliable generator to power your home steam shower. It contains an exclusive microprocessor operating platform which works from the most basic installation to the most elaborate generator. Mr. Steam MS90E steam generator is design to accommodate steam rooms of up to 100 cubic feet.

It is easy to install and has stainless steel design, inside and out which gives it a long lasting strength and durability. It can be located up to 60 feet away from the steam room. You can also consider the typical generator installation in locations such as closets, vanities, basements, heated attics and other similar spaces within 60 feet of the steam room.

Mr. Steam MS90E Steam Generator is 100% manufacture in the U.S. including its controls, generators and accessories. To make functioning easier Mr. Steam uses digital controls on both their residential & commercial steam Generators. This unit has high durability because of the use of 100% recyclable stainless steel in its making.


The following are the features of Mr. Steam MS90E Residential Steam Generator –

  • It is of small size, about a size of a briefcase which can be tuck away easily out of sight.
  • You can install the generator up to 60 feet away from the steam shower or locate it on another floor.
  • It comes with a unique Mr. Steam ‘Autosteam’, a water temperature equalization chamber to assure a constant flow of steam, without pauses and cold spots.
  • This generator uses nearly two gallons of water for a 20-minute steam shower, making it an eco-friendly luxury bathing option
  • It is robotically welded unit with recyclable, naturally corrosion-resistant, surgical-quality stainless steel inside and out.
  • It has a precision temperature probe for optimal steam room temperature control
  • In all water conditions, its industrial-grade heating elements perform reliably.
  • The included water solenoid technology delivers whisper-quiet anti-hammer functioning
  • It includes a LED color indicators to offer visual feedback for easy navigation and self diagnostics.
  • Though rarely the unit will need service, it comes with removable and serviceable industrial grade heating elements
  • This generator is US and Canadian UL listed, and is CE and NOM certified for unsurpassed quality and safety
  • Option to select your choice control, Express Steam and Steam Room
  • The MS90E Residential Steam Generator is available in two variants – Mr. Steam MS90EB1 and Mr. Steam MS90EC1.
  • It comes with a limited lifetime warranty
  • It is design, engineered and assembled in the USA. 100% Made in the USA
  • Its dimensions are Length 14.5″, Width 6.75″and Height 14.75″.

Features At A Glance

  • Built-in 24-volt circuit
  • Includes advanced self-diagnostic microprocessor operating system
  • Precision temperature probe for optimal steam room temperature control
  • Comes with removable and serviceable industrial strength heating elements
  • Made from 100% recyclable stainless steel – inside and out
  • Compact size to easily fit and install within a cabinet, closet, vanity, basement, or heated attic
  • Tough and durable electronic components
  • Unitized Stainless Steel reservoir
  • Industrial grade, large diameter, serviceable heating element
  • Modular snap-in control connections
  • Electronic water-level control system
  • Integrated Time Cutoff Feature
  • Self-diagnostic LED indicators
  • Full-port manual drain valve
  • Optional Autoflush automatic drain valve
  • Built-in, low-voltage 24-volt safety control circuit
  • 60-minute electronic countdown with 75-minute limiting safety back-up
  • ASME safety valve
  • UL/CSA/CE listed and UL recognized electronic controller system
  • Unit Dimensions – 14 ½ L x 14 ¾ H x 6 ¾ D
  • Unit weight – 30 pounds
  • Add 6 3/8 to length if buying an AutoFlush option
  • Requires Mr. Steam Controls either the eTempo, eTempoPlus or Butler1 control package
  • Maximum enclosure volume: 100 cubic feet
  • Comes with Mr. Steam Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • Steam Generator For Steam Rooms up to 100 Cubic Feet
  • Standard in 240v Single Phase
  • Rated at 5,000 watts/ 21 amps
  • Available in 240V/1PH, 208V/1PH, 240V/3PH, 208V/3PH


Max Room Vol. Cu. Ft.


Volts/ Phase


Wire Size

Water Usage*






0.67 Gallons

*Water Usage Based on 20 Minutes of Operation.

Requires – Plumbing Water Supply (3/8″ NPT), Steam Outlet (1/2″ NPT) Safety Valve (3/4″ NPT) Drain (1/2″ NPT) and Steam Head (1/2″ NPT)

Tips On Locating & Installing The Mr. Steam MS90E Steam Generator

  • Choose a location as near as practical to the steam room, within 50 feet. Typical locations are closet, vanity cabinet, heated attic or basement.
  • Never install the steam bath generator inside the steam room.
  • Locate Steam Head 6 – 12 Inches Above Floor.
  • For Tub/Shower enclosures, install 6 inches above tub top edge.
  • Do not install it outdoors or places where environmental conditions may affect its safety and/or performance.
  • Avoid installing the generator and plumbing lines in unheated attic or any locations where water freezes.
  • Avoid locating the steam shower generator near flammable or corrosive materials or chemicals or in areas having a high concentration of chlorine.
  • Place it on a solid and level surface or securely mounted to a wall using the provided keyhole slots. Install the generator only in an upright position.
  • Provide minimum of (12) inches at both ends and top of the steam generator or as needed for servicing.

Accessories And Controls


The following are the optional things you can buy along the Residential steam generator to better it

  • Aromas Steamhead – Accurately engineered for even distribution of steam while remaining cooler to the touch. It’s all brass construction and requires no field assembly. It has no moving parts. Its design comes integrated with aromatherapy oil for in-shower use. It is available in round and square styles.
  • AutoFlush – This technology automatically and electronically introduces fresh water before use and then drains generator tank after use. It improves performance, and extends system life. It has just plug-and-play connection feature that works quietly.


All the below mentioned are Mr. Steam controls and Control Packages option –

  • Controls – iSteam with matching Steamhead, iTempo with matching Steamhead and iTempo Plus with matching Steamhead
  • Control Packages – Butler Package 1, Butler Package 2, iButler Package 1, iButler Package 2, iDream Package 1 and iDream Package 2


Mr. Steam warrants that every Mr. Steam Residential Steam Shower Generator will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for its lifetime. The company will repair or replace (at its discretion) a Generator which fails to match this warranty.

Warranty Service within 2 years from date of purchase – If someone makes the warranty claim within two years from the date of purchase of the Generator, the company will provide free in-home warranty service, parts and labor.

Warranty Service after 2 years from date of purchase – If someone makes the warranty claims after two years from the date of purchase of the Generator, the company will provide a lifetime warranty on parts.

The above warranty does not apply to a Generator that is or has been:

  • Used in any non-residential setting.
  • Damaged due to local water conditions.
  • Installed or operated other than in accordance with the Mr. Steam supplied Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual

Where To Buy The Mr. Steam MS90E Steam Generator?

You can buy this product from Amazon, eBay,, and many more retailers. On their official website, you can access their locator tab to find the nearest dealer and representative stores. Moreover, many online retailers are offering discounts and free shipping on this generator. So, I recommend comparing prices across web to buy at the best discounted price.

Mr. Steam MS90E Steam Generator Reviews

There are many customers as well as professionals who recommends Mr. Steam brand for bath Generator and MS90E is no exclusion. Read below what people are saying about the product –

One professional suggests it for both clients and herself. Its quality, easy usage and the touch control system that is sleek, modern and brilliantly designed are catchy features.

One customer says once you use Mr. Steam, you will never choose another company.

Another professional says it has best service and quality, the two most important elements which are consider before specifying the product and brand. Mr. Steam MS90E meets these specifications.

Another customer says it is very affordable and can fit in any one’s budget.


Mr. Steam MS90E Steam Generator is all set to take residential steam bathing to a completely new level. This shower generator elevates bathing culture to a new level of sophistication, making it an exclusive amenity of your home to enjoy every day.