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Mr. Flame Hibachi Portable Charcoal Grills Sale, Reviews

Mr. Dan Malafouris, President of Mr. Flame has more than 50 years of experience in the fireplace and barbeque industry. Known as “Dan the Fireplace Man” has developed approved signature products for manufacturing and global distribution. With his experience, he has revolutionized the fireplace and barbeque industries securing twenty-five (25) patents.

Mr. Flame is proud of the accomplishments achieved in bringing you extensively designed and engineered products through years of experience. Their products are made to keep consumers’ concerns such as durability, price, time, etc. in mind. They know that in today’s world an efficient Barbeque is really a problem. Hence, they offer exciting opportunities with their award-winning, time-saving and affordable products to the backyard chefs. Mr. Flame Son of Hibachi Portable Charcoal Grill is a one-stop solution for barbequing concerns. Keep reading for the complete Mr. Flame Charcoal Grills Review.

About Mr. Flame Son Of Hibachi Portable Charcoal Grill 

Son of Hibachi by Mr. Flame is one of the most versatile charcoal barbecuing systems for home and travel. It features a creative blast furnace concept with the chimney effect. This enables you to start cooking in less than 10 minutes plus assures consistent heat under the grills. This powerhouse barbecue has 170 sq. in. of cooking surface. It also functions like a convertible roasting oven. When you are finished cooking this grill folds into a self-cleaning oven and self-extinguishing barbecue. It is constructed of carbon steel with cast iron cooking grids.

Mr. Flame Son of Hibachi Combo with Snuff out Pouch includes a pouch for easy storage and travel. After cooking, simply insert the unit in it. This pouch has a flame-retardant lining, permitting you to pack up the barbecue immediately after eating. Or carry it with you or store it for use at your next meal. Additionally, this unit also saves the unused charcoal for later use, saving your time and money. 

Why Mr. Flame Charcoal Grills Son of Hibachi? – Unique Features

  1. Easy to light – Well-located lighting tray under charcoal allows speedy, perfect start-up.
  2. Fast warm-up time – It features “Chimney” and “Blast Furnace” effect of heat rising through charcoal creating a concentrated heat build-up, allowing cooking to start in 10 minutes (or even less) after start-up. Most other conventional units take up to 45 minutes of warm-up time.
  3. Convenient self-cleaning – Once the unit is closed after cooking, automatically the ashes drop into the lower tray for easy disposal.
  4. Hygienic – Trapped heat burns up remaining grease and scraps which cleans and sterilizes the grills. No rancid grease or messy grill cleaning with the Son of Hibachi.
  5. Economic – The charcoal in it smothers after each use. So, for steaks, hamburgers, etc. use the same charcoal for five or six times. This feature eliminates the risk of fire from unattended charcoal burning after cooking.
  6. Compact Design – Small unit is easy to carry and store. It takes about one fourth the spaces of other barbecues and offers 170 square inches of cooking surface. Ideal for apartments and mobile homes. Best for use in trailers and boats.

Features At A Glance

  1. This double portable barbecue clever construction causes a  unique chimney effect inside
  2. Fast starting charcoals flames rise through turning it into a real blast furnace, heating the unit within minutes
  3. Easy to light and ready to start cooking in just 10 minutes
  4. 170 square inches of the cast-iron cooking surface is perfect for grilling burgers, steaks, hot dogs and more
  5. Lightweight portable design is easy to carry while on the go
  6. Folds into a self-cleaning oven after cooking
  7. The self-cleaning feature saves charcoal and time with no mess
  8. Convenient carrying handle folds down as sturdy legs for the amazing double portable barbeque 
  9. The unique damper is also a handle for grills
  10. Patented Heavy-Duty Snuff out Pouch has fire-retardant lining allowing you to pack up the grill while the coals are still hot
  11. Features Folding Legs for easy storage
  12. Model – sobs
  13. Mr. Flame Charcoal Grills Best Price Son of Hibachi Combo – $89.95
  14. Weight 19 Pounds

Son of Hibachi Charcoal Grill Dimensions

The dimensions of the Son of Hibachi are –

  • In the open position – 24 1/2″ long x 10″ wide x 7 3/4″ tall
  • In the closed position to the top of the damper handle, it measures – 17″ tall x 10″ wide x 5″ deep. 
  • Snuff out Pouch – 20″ tall x 12″ wide x 6″ deep. 
  • All grills – 10″ long x 8″ wide
  • The legs in the open position measure – 21 1/2″ apart and 9″ wide.

Additional Information

Son of Hibachi’s double grill adjust to 4 different cooking heights –

  1. Lift one side of a Son of Hibachi grill on its end to get more direct heat and cook 15 hot dogs in a minute.
  2. Turn the unit on its side and use it as an oven to cook fish, baked potatoes, and more.
  3. When grilling in the open position, place cooked food under the unit to keep it hot.
  4. If barbecuing for only 1 or 2 people fill only 1 side to save on charcoal.

This model is the perfect size barbecue for taking on motorcycle trips. This solid grill allows you to cook breakfast, lunch, dinner and other foods that standard grills may not support.


Grill TypeCharcoal Grill
Fuel Type Charcoal
Exterior Material Painted Steel
Cooking Grate Material Cast Iron
Cooking Grid Dimensions17 X 10 Inches
Burger Count 6
Grill LightsNone
Spring Assisted Hood No
On WheelsNo
Side ShelvesNo
Made In USANo
Commercial No

Customer Reviews

Mr. Flame Son of Hibachi Portable Charcoal Grills Reviews from its users is amazing. It’s a very innovative and clever design, makes it easy to folds up small and fit in luggage easily. People say it is very easy to start up and clean up. It is portable and you can take it anywhere – camping, patio BBQ, tailgate party, motorcycle trip, or backyard. People appreciate the Snuff out Pouch which is very handy for storage and works as advertised. Putting the grill when it’s still hot in this pouch is a great deal. People appreciate its good cast iron base and well-made grates that are great for cooking. 

Most users are happy with the product performance, while few complain about the Snuff out Pouch zipper and unit folding legs. Some people complain that the poor quality zipper on the bag broke easily. Some had issues with the unit’s not so sturdy folding legs. 

  • Kam says this is a very well designed and built small BBQ. It looks small and portable but after opening it gives fairly a large cooking surface. He loves the chimney action, it lights up the charcoals in a few minutes. Putting the hot BBQ in the pouch may not be right but it works very well.
  • Neil says that the grill works great. The snuff-out pouch is also good with the exception of the zipper. It seems using an inferior grade zipper. He bought 3 of these grills with pouches and on 2 pouches the zipper broke after only 2 uses

Mr. Flame Charcoal Grills Accessories 

  1. Battery Operated Triple Spit Rotisserie with Counter Balance – This number one battery-operated Rotisserie gives you trouble-free cooking anytime anyplace. Cook a Chicken or Roast with just 1 battery. Twin brackets clamp to barbeque allows adjustable spit height.  Its chrome-plated spit has three sets of tines to cook roasts, hams, and fowl all at once.  Handle holds a single battery (not included). It is easy to install and will hold up to a 25-pound turkey or roast. Price $39.95 
  2. Solid Griddle – This optional accessory is great for cooking eggs, bacon, hash browns, and pancakes. Solid cast iron ½ Grill & ½ Fry Price $24.95 

Mr. Flame Charcoal Grills Warranty 

Mr. Flame provides a warranty against defects for a period of 90 days from the date of purchase. They will repair or replace at no additional cost to the customer if any defect appears in products during this period. Warranty is invalid when breakage or other damages occur due to careless handling, customer misuse, or improper customer assembly.

Mr. Flame Charcoal Grills Where to Buy?

You can buy Mr. Flame Son of Hibachi Charcoal Grills from,, Amazon, Wal-Mart, and other online retailers. Search for the product on all these plus more websites and look for the best price, best discount, and free shipping options. For example, Mr. Flame Son of Hibachi Triple Combo Grills With Snuff-Out Pouch and Rotisserie’s best price is $129.95 at Wal-Mart.


Mr. Flame Son of Hibachi Portable Grill is an all in one grill, making the perfect addition to any backyard or tailgate party. This Barbecue Grill is the best built, most durable, portable, and affordable BBQ for you to carry on sporting events, fishing, camping, picnics, patios, boating, and many more. 

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