Merritt Melamine Plates

Merritt USA is a reputed brand that sells premium-quality dinnerware collections.

Merritt melamine dinnerware collections are truly masterpieces crafted with elegance and style. They perfectly fit into any ambiance including both outdoors and indoors. The unique textures, finishing, and designs are just amazing that you will want more into you collections. Whether you want them for personal use or to gift, then you have stunning collections from which you can choose.

In this article, we will discuss Merritt USA coral sandstone 11″ melamine dinner plate set (set of 6). This amazing set has a brilliant design and looks so natural with a great finishing.

Dinner Plates Coral Sandstone Collection (six pieces)

The coral sandstone, melamine dinner collection is a classy pick, which has an earth tone. It is highly durable and combines hues of navy and maple. Melamine is a form of plastic that gives a fine china look to the plates. The coral sandstone, melamine plates (set of six) has a chic embossed pearl rim around the outer edge of each piece. Apart from the plates, there are oversized trays and serving bowls that can dress up any occasion.

These plates add beauty to an outdoor patio or deck during special occasions. It looks beautiful and adds a pinch of Tuscan touch while serving food. This melamine plastic is highly priced due to its durability, lightweight nature, and water resistance. Want to add some matching pieces to the dinner set then you can consider the following for the same. The coral sandstone collection is not just about plates, but also includes salad plates, bowls, serving platters and trays. Not to mention you can also pair some acrylic tumblers along with this collection for an ideal dinner or get-together.

Merritt melamine Plates Pros

Melamine and acrylic dinnerware collection are break-resistant and the best alternative to glassware and ceramic ware. You can easily use it outdoors and rough handle without the fear of it breaking into pieces. It will not shatter and pose danger like other dinnerware. It is easy to clean and maintain.


You cannot wash these plates or other melamine and acrylic collections using a dishwasher. Using a dishwasher will ruin its quality and sheen. If you want to maintain the beauty of these collections intact then hand washing is the recommended way. In addition, you need to wash these plates and collections using mild dishwashing liquids to prevent them from having a cloudy appearance. Another issue is that these types are not microwave friendly.

Where To Buy Coral Sandstone Collection

You can buy the collection from and other reputed sites like home and patio. It is also available in various retail outlets across the nation. If you order online, you will get the product within 2-4 business days. Ordering from home and patio gives you a free shipping offer. In the case of, it has its own set of shipping policies.

Merritt melamine Plates Customer reviews

Customers love buying these collections as they have elegant designs, which adds to the beauty. The majority of the customers say that these plates are durable and last longer than chinaware sets. They also say that these collections resemble like breakable dinnerware and have the same quality. They are lookalikes that do not break but offers the same service as that of china and glassware. In general, these are great picks for the prices and stunning designs.

Conclusion: Merritt USA is a reputed brand that sells premium-quality dinnerware collections. All their collections especially the coral sandstone dinnerware has a mystical beauty with a Tuscan touch. The natural hues of navy and maple give a fine color scheme to the plates. For the price and design, this dinner set is worth buying.