Nolvadren XT by Man Sports

Nolvadren XT by Man Sports is a bodybuilding supplement that boosts your testosterone levels. It acts as a pro-hormone that increases your body’s testosterone levels. It also cuts down the risks due to spiking estrogen and cortisol level. Man Sports Nolvadren XT regulates the hormonal levels thus supporting you to lose weight and gain muscle mass. As a result, you will feel more energy levels and zest to workout efficiently. Read on to know more about Nolvadren XT Reviews, ingredients, side effects & more here.
In fact, Nolvadren XT is deemed as the perfect PCT (post-cycle therapy) as it is used post-cycle when your testosterone levels are at low level. This is crucial for weightlifters and bodybuilders as they need to have best endurance, strength and maximize their gains. Supplement cycling is necessary for maintaining a good health during weight training. It helps in keeping the body in check and inhibits tolerance.

“Leaner, dryer, harder” is another trademark for Nolvadren XT stack PCT. This is serious business for bodybuilders. Basically, it means lean tissue, hard muscle, and an ultra-dry looking physique. This ultra-dry aspect is a desirable factor when it comes to bodybuilders who want to look and feel their best on competition. While hydration is important, athletes can reduce subcutaneous water thus making the muscles appear more refined whenever a situation calls for it. An alternate method is to balance the estrogen level in the body. High levels of estrogen can cause water retention which does not go well with bodybuilders.

Manufacturer of Nolvadren XT – Advanced Hormone Modulator

Nolvadren XT is a product of Man Sports. Man Sports Nutrition is a famous company among bodybuilders as they offer excellent supplements to encourage 6-pack abs. It has the office headquartered in Mesquite, TX with more than 10,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility.

There are many online retailers such as Campus Protein, Vitamin Shoppe, GNC, Amazon and much more that offer you Nolvadren XT at best competitive prices. But apart from offering high-quality supplements, the company is also excellent in sponsoring athletes (who use their products) to represent their brand.

As a matter of fact, Man Sports have won accolades for their phenomenal work and have been voted at trusted brand of the month for June 2015 as per unbiased reviews.

The company takes pride in the fact that all supplements of Man Sports undergo several testing and receive a Certificate of Analysis before sending out to customers.

How does Man Sports Nolvadren XT work?

It contains specifically designed ingredients that stimulate the body to produce more testosterone. It is definitely needed if you have just completed the PCT with prohormones and steroids. Apart from raising the level of testosterone, it is formulated to inhibit the estrogen and cortisol activities (that when gone up) can raise havoc if not controlled. For instance, loss of muscle gains and other health issues if they are allowed to surge.

Nolvadren XT ingredients

Man Sports offers you the perfect ratio of ingredients that have been carefully studied upon to deliver optimum benefits. A 3-in-1 hormone modulating blend, this powerful testosterone booster tactfully handles the cortisol and estrogenic functionalities. Here is a quick look at the ingredients.

  • ADD [Androst-3,5-dien-7,17-dione (75 milligrams)] – ADD does not have the ability to convert estrogen. However, ADD has the ability to inhibit actions of cortisol levels in the body. This can significantly reduce or prevent an unwanted catabolic effect of the stress hormone.
  • Diindolylmethane (200mg) – Diindolylmethane or DIM, is a high-powered antioxidant that can keep many chronic health conditions at bay. It also has the capacity to block many adverse effects of estrogen in the body. In fact, DIM is one of the promising compounds that can prevent spreading of breast cancer in the body.
  • 7-Hydroxy-17B-Dihydro-Dehydroepiandrosterone (25mg) – Cortisol is a type of stress hormone that can spike up once you complete PCT with anabolic steroids or prohormones. They can also make you feel lethargic and depressed post-workout. These uncontrolled cortisol levels also have a catabolic effect on the body. This means you will lose the muscle gains that you have worked really hard for.
  • 7-Hydroxy-Dehydroepiandrosterone (25mg) – regulates the cortisol levels so you won’t feel low, sad or lose your gained muscles. As a matter of fact, clinical studies claim that 7-Hydroxy-Dehydroepiandrosterone can support you in getting rid of water weight. Water weight can inhibit you from getting the washboard abs you have always wanted.

Nolvadren XT dosage

It is available in two types – capsule and powder. Choose the one that suits you the best.

  • Capsules – The recommended dosage is two capsules every day with your first meal.
  • Nolvadren XT powder – Take this dietary supplement once every day. Take one scoop and mix with 8-16 oz of cold water. Shake it well to remove any lump formation.

Read the Nolvadren XT label to get complete info about the product.

Many Nolvadren XT Reviews prefer powder than capsules since they “feel” powder version is absorbed easily than capsules.

Who should not take Nolvadren XT? – Warnings

  • If you are taking medications for hypertension, seizure, anxiety or any other health conditions concerning vital organs, do NOT use Nolvardren XT.
  • Do not take this product for more than 8 consecutive weeks.
  • Do not use it for more than 30 days without taking a 90-day break.
  • This product is not for women or any person below the age of 21.

Nolvadren XT side effects

Many people ask, “Is Nolvadren XT safe to use?” People are not sure whether Nolvadren is a steroid or a prohormone. Nolvadren XT is not a prohormone or a steroid. In fact, it is a supplement that helps you to maintain healthy T levels post-cycling of steroids/prohormones.

Based on the Nolvadren XT reviews and forums available, few side effects are noted. Users claim that they experience occasional “dryness” in joints, hair loss, headache etc. after using Nolvadren XT. Minor side effects include a tendency to get angry easily, heat flashes etc.

Usually, the side effects fade away, but if you feel that the symptoms persist, stop using the product and consult your medical practitioner. Positive side effect includes an increase in confidence, boost in libido etc.

Nolvadren XT benefits

  • Stimulates the body to produce more testosterone
  • Prevents conversion of estrogen hormone
  • Regulates cortisol and estrogen levels
  • Assists you to eliminate water weight in the body

Man Sports Nolvadren XTTestosterone Booster Supplement For Bodybuilding – User Reviews

There are lots of Nolvadren XT powder/capsule reviews available online. Just like any other product, this too has received lots of testimonials and some critical comments.

Here are few of the positive and critical Nolvadren XT testosterone booster reviews.

Man Sports Nolvadren XT Bodybuilding Positive Reviews

  • TheZenUnderground – “Great stuff. I noticed increase my strength. I lost water retention after approx. 2 weeks of capsules. If you pay close attention, you can feel the kick every day with some really nice pumps. I have used 2 bottles three times in the last 18 months. I didn’t have any joint problems. However, I did notice side effects such as heat flashes, flushing randomly etc. I also noticed that Nolvadren XT results in the tendency to get angry easier and decent surge in libido (a good side effect, though).”
  • Pat – “Using it as part of the stack with D-pol. I have noticed that my endurance, energy is becoming great while working out. I also noticed higher libido with rock-hard erections and increase in energy. It took me 2 weeks before I started noticing these effects. So make sure you have patience before jumping to conclusions about this supplement.”

Nolvadren XT Advanced Testosterone Booster Critical Reviews

  • Edilson Gomes – “I didn’t notice any results and I have been using it as per the seller’s instructions. I bought two of these.”
  • Paul – “I have been taking test boosters in the past so I know how they work. This product is bogus and did absolutely nothing to me.”
  • William Gray – “Used Nolvadren XT along with PR-Xt for 1 cycle. Gains were limited during this cycle. I have recorded much better gains with other supplements in the market.”

Shipping and Returns

Campus Protein, an online health supplement website offers Man Sports Nolvadren XT as a reputed dealer of Man Sports product. In fact, Nolvadren XT estrogen blocker is available at best price here. If you are purchasing from this website, the company offers a minimal amount of shipping charges no matter where you are. The company ships internationally so no matter where you are, you can avail of this supplement easily.

Nolvadren XT

Nolvadren XT

by Man Sports 4 out of 5 stars (81 Customer Ratings)

Price: $39.99
Nolvadren XT is available NOW in Campus Protein that is one of the largest online dealers of health supplements.

Best In The Market

4 stars out of 5 by for Nolvadren XT

Man Sports have definitely done some homework with this product. I looked many Nolvadren XT Reviews before ordering. It is by far one of the best in the market. Here is the best part. I didn’t notice any side effects after using this product.

The company also offers you a 30-day money back return policy. For those claiming a refund, simply return the unopened product in original condition within 30 days from the date of purchase. The company will reimburse you the amount minus 25% restocking fee. If you are returning a partially used product, make sure to return them within 7 days from the date of purchase. Note that you won’t be receiving a refund but only will be eligible for store credit.

Discount coupon codes

Campus Protein offers many promotional deals and offers regularly. You never know when you will be eligible for free shipping or get the product at a great discount. All you have to do is subscribe to the newsletters and receive this product at great savings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Man Sports Nolvadren XT available for sale at Amazon, GNC, ebay?

Yes, it is available at many online sites as above.

Can I order Nolvadren XT from countries like the UK, Australia?

Yes, Campus Protein ships supplements worldwide so irrespective of the location, you can order Man Sports Nolvadren XT or any other supplement.

Are there any Man Sports Nolvadren XT before after images available?

There are many forums and blogs reviews available that offer you before/after pictures of Man Sports Nolvadren XT.

Is Nolvadren XT (56 capsules) a banned product?

No, Nolvadren XT is not a banned product. It is manufactured legally in a high-quality facility right in the USA. The company, Man Sports abides by all GMP and FDA regulated guidelines.

Should I follow the Nolvadren XT 8 week cycle rule?

Yes, since the ingredients are highly potent, it is mandatory to follow the 8-week cycle rule. Do NOT consume Nolvadren XT fat loss supplement for more than 8 consecutive weeks.

Can I have Man Sports Nolvadren XT on empty stomach?

Based on forums, it is always considered to consume it after breakfast. Though many don’t feel any side effects after consumption on empty stomach, users recommend the former than latter.

Man Nolvadren XT Vs Erase Pro

Based on many reviews available in forums and blogs, Nolvadren XT is the favorite choice among many bodybuilders. Read more here –

Is Nolvadren XT a legal supplement?

Yes, it is a well-assured fact that Nolvadren XT is a legal supplement since it is not an anabolic steroid or a prohormone. It is basically a muscle nutrition supplement that helps you to balance the estrogen level. It boosts the T hormone while preventing water retention.

Where can I find Man Sports Nolvadren XT reviews and testimonial videos?

You can look up YouTube where you can find Man Sports Nolvadren XT reviews and testimonials.

The Verdict

To sum it up, man Sports Nolvadren XT is undoubtedly a great supplement that has an excellent fan base. The positive reviews are much vast than critics. The ingredients too are very much powerful and are available at a great price. The only downside is the fact that it cannot be used by women. It is still recommended by many brawny men all over the USA who love to stay healthy and toned. Hoping to see a female version of this supplement soon!!!