LogoMojo is a company established in the 1990s that can now boast of having designed over 50,000 logos for many. The company is solid and is part of the Deluxe family.

Logo is a unique design that depicts the motto of any business that says much in a few words, graphics, emblem or a small picture or imprint.

With attractive colors and graphics it can say much more. Logo can become the face of any business, no matter big or small. Logo is the first marketing weapon a company can own. The corporate logos are the face of the company and it is essential to have a unique logo to be their identity. The logo should be able to convey the message what the company is meant for. It is this logo that can be the replacement of the company’s name on the stationeries, websites, cards, ads etc. Read on to know more on LogoMojo – Logo Designs here.

A logo need not be complicated, even a simply designed logo can be catchy and memorable. The motive is to get sufficient attention to the design so that people give a thought to what it is. The things to remember while designing a logo is that to do some research and one must consider the name of the business and try to have a logo that goes well with the name. A logo should be versatile and remember that it is not a decorative piece. A professional looking logo with simple colors with graphics rather than a picture or clipart looks more professional.

No one might have thought there is so much behind a simple looking logo. It is not possible for people who are not much interested in art could make a beautiful and catchy logo for the business. This is where LogoMojo.com – an online company- that helps creates logo for anyone. The designers are all professional and are experienced so as to have a better idea about the designing and can come up with the right logo that could suit the client the best.

LogoMojo is a company established in the 1990s that can now boast of having designed over 50,000 logos for many. The company is solid and is part of the Deluxe family. The in-house designer team makes co clipart designs in affordable price with option of unlimited revisions and avail the design in many formats for multiple use.

Logo design

Logo design

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At Deluxe, we design new logo for all kinds of businesses. LogoMojo is a company which has designed over 50,000 logos and is a part of the Deluxe family. The logo designers are the best in the world.

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I am happy to have approached Deluxe LogoMojo Team for a logo design matching my business. Their support team was very responsive and quick. The end result was fantastic and great work by the logo designers at Deluxe.

LogoMojo – Logo Designs Process

At LogoMojo all the work is done along with the client and each step will be consulted before deciding on anything. It is a perfect collaboration of concepts that are personalized and the logo will be send in all file formats so that it is easier for the client to use in any way wanted. There are only three steps to get the logo.

  1. Creative and Brief session with the client. The first step is to fill in the details about the client and the business. Once all about the client and the creative vision is known one of the project managers will contact them by phone. Then there is the discussion for additional details and ideas. The LogoMojo team will go through the ideas and information provided and tries to add more creativity into the project.
  2. LogoMojo works on logos as a team and each team member will come up with a logo that they think are best suited. These logos will be subjected for approval of the project manager before it is send to the client for the opinion. The client can go through them and can pick whatever felt apt from each logo and send the feedback.
  3. The ultimate goal is to have a satisfactory design for the client. Once the client send in his views and preferable aspects from the logos the final draft will be prepared. Depending on the package chose the client can have many revisions until satisfied. The client will have the satisfactory design when everything falls in place.

What are the LogoMojo – Logo Designs packages?

In general all the packages will have a custom designed logo concepts that is made from the information that are communicated in direct with the client. The initial design will be ready in 5 days time. All the designs will have the ownership with the client. There is guaranteed satisfaction from the client and the design will be available in 11 different file formats. The three packages available are bronze, silver, and gold.

  • Bronze will have the option of 10 logo concepts, with 2 designers who work on them. There are 2 logo revisions opportunities.
  • Silver package has got 30 logo concepts and three designers working on them. This package has got unlimited revision options which mean the team will be ready to work on the design any number of times until the client is satisfactory. It also has letter head designing, and black & white vector design of the logo.
  • The gold package also has unlimited revisions but have 50 logo concepts from 5 designers. Gold package enjoys all the options like black & white logo, fonts and color codes, life time storage, 5 hrs consultations for an year, a custom email signature that shows the logo design at the bottom, and 1000 printed business cards as well.
  • There is also a 24 hrs express service that enables to have a logo designer at the fastest. There is flash animated logo and custom slogan or tagline also.

The final logo design could be the life blood of your business and can shape the success in the best manner possible. The logo designing is only the half job done that can make an instant recognition. The designed logo must be used effectively. Make sure to have the logo embedded in all business commodities, right from the business cards and letter pads to the employees’ attire. This will help in the promotion of the company immensely. The golden rule is not to make changes in the logo or color frequently. The success relies in how often and effective the logo is used. This is very important if the logo has to become the key to branding. Always show respect to the logo and treat it as so.