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Living with COPD, Asthma, or Allergies? Try the HVAC with UV light & a portable air purifier!

Living with respiratory diseases is difficult. It would be even tougher of the indoor air quality is poor. The fact that the majority of those respiratory diseases are caused by indoor air quality makes it scary. People suffering from COPD- Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, asthma, and other allergies would find it hard to lead a normal life. 

An air purifier and a UV light seems to be a good idea to prevent these diseases or as a relief from such situations. It is a reality that no single device will be a complete solution for air pollution. I can work only as teamwork. The idea is to reduce indoor air pollutants as much as possible. If you need extra support from another device or equipment, you should have. Especially if there are people suffering from such chronic diseases. 

The magical combination of UV light and an air purifier

There will be an HVAC system in every home. How much do you pay attention to those ducts that is running all around your home? Of course, there would be air filters to remove the particles but what about the germs, and other spores floating around? Those air ducts need protection from these airborne germs. 

The best option is to have an UV light installed at the outlet of the duct. The UV light gives the UV rays that the germs cannot survive. It ensures that the air that is coming out has none of those germs. It stays out of the human reach and also helps flow purer air. 

The other partner in this combination is a portable air purifier. if you already have an air filter in the central filtering system and the additional use of an UV light, what is the use of that portable air purifier?

Consider it as an incentive. No air purification system is foolproof. What if there still are some of those air particles roaming around. People with COPD or asthma need to have fresh air readily available all the time. What better option than having a personal air purifier! Keep the air purifier in the room where you will be spending most of the time. Being portable means you can carry it to the bedroom at night. 

So the team of the UV light in the HVAC and the portable air purifier can bring down much of the uneasiness about the COPD. Gradually it could also bring down the symptoms and provide greater relief.

Why UV light in the air ducts?

UV light is highly effective in killing the germs, mold and mildew spores, etc. There is hardly any living organism that could escape the UV rays. But the catch is that the air must be exposed for a longer period to have this effect. Since the central air system will have the longer ducts and more possibility of UV rays exposure inside than it would have outside this tube, UV light is used in this than in the portable air purifier. This would also protect humans from exposure. 

What to look for in an air purifier

You will find all sorts of air purifiers to have a cleaner. What you need to the COPD, asthma, and allergies would be the air filter that can remove the germs, spores, and smoke. The best air filter would be the one with high quality, preferably a medical-grade HEPA filter with the additional assistance of the good quality activated carbon filtering. The HEPA will remove any remaining airborne germs like bacteria and the activated carbon will eliminate the smoke from any source. 

These kinds of air purifiers are considered the best. The carbon can remove the VOCs, smoke and any chemicals from the air and the HEPA will remove 99% of the air particles, practically making the leanest possible air for the sufferers. 

UV light, portable air purifier and COPD

Unlike other respiratory diseases, COPD is a severe condition. Here the airways are blocked by excess mucus and the loss of elasticity of the lungs makes it difficult to get enough oxygen to breathe. They get only a minimal amount of air and that is the main reason why air quality is highly essential. The cause of COPD is right there in the air, such as cigarette smoke-active or passive, bacteria, viruses, spores, and other chemicals. Only a multilayer filtering system can help the COPD. 

COPD is a condition that is developed over the years of exposure to toxic substances. It is identified by long-lasting cough with mucus and shortness of breath. The only way to live with COPD is to avoid anything that can irritate the lungs. If the air is not pure for these people no other treatment of medication can help them. 

This UV light-air purifier team can make a better job in ensuring that there no longer any irritants in the air, at least inside the home. When we know if there are any spores, the chemicals that coming from all kinds of household items, only a multilayer air filtration can remove all of them. Even the slightest amount of chemical could irritate the lungs, you never know. Moreover, the UV light installation will clean up all those inside sources or routes of those irritants. 

Concluding thoughts

Many of the respiratory diseases would be difficult to erase completely once they set their foot. The best way to deal with them is to reduce the cause and exposure to the irritants. This will lead to lesser symptoms and relief. The fewer frequency of the attack will give time to the body for recovery and boosting the immune system. 

My only request is to never choose a cheap air purifier for COPD. If you are getting an air purifier, choose the high-end one with the highest grade air filtering system. That would be the least you could do to help the COPD sufferers. 

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