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When the summer shines the waves glitter and the water looks enchanting. It is during this time of the year that paddling and water sports are taken seriously by people around the world.

Some love to play in the water, do yoga or play with the waves or get hooked inside the placid lakes. Paddle boarding is usually done by kneeling down and using arms to swim around the water. But now it’s used for different purposes and there a variety of boards available at Livewell Sports like stand up paddle boards, surf boards and many more.

Choosing the best paddle board is often a tricky task no matter whether you are a beginner or an expert. It is always best to keep in mind what exactly you want to do with the board and what all features you want in it. Paddle boards are available in different sizes and shapes which can be used for various purposes. It is used for fishing, water plays, touring or racing and surfing the ocean. You can even get a paddle board for whitewater where you have to go across the rocks, low depth waters and rapids. There are definitely a lot of options to choose from when it comes to paddle boards.

In this article we will discuss about California board company products that is selling huge with high demand among its customers who love to deal with water sports.

California Board Company

California Board Company is a pioneer in the field of manufacturing surfboards, stand up paddleboards and surf boards. They have been making high quality stand up paddle boards, water sports equipments, water play products and surfboards at affordable prices. Their products are unbeatable in terms of quality, price and durability. Livewell sports are one of the authorized dealers who sell quality paddle board products from California Board Company at best prices and matchless customer service.

Livewell sports have trained staffs who know everything about SUP boarding and all sorts of paddle boards. They can help you find the right pick that will suit your purpose so that you don’t get confused with the selection process. Most of the stores try to sell what they have in stock but with Livewell sports you are guided in the right direction.

California Board Company Paddle Boards

Once you go paddle boarding then I am sure you will want more and more of it. It becomes an addiction and the ecstatic feel that you get from paddle boarding is just incomparable. If you are a beginner then you must be confused where to start from and which brand is the best. It is good to have this confusion in mind because you are going to make an investment so it has to be a wise decision. If you are an expert in this arena then probably you don’t need a godfather to tell you what is right and what is wrong. For beginners it is better to go for rental options until you get a grip over this sport and then carefully invest your money on a great board from a known brand.

California board company paddle boards are the best pick and number one customer’s choice when it comes to this sport. Whether you want a yoga paddle board or a racing board everything is available under a single roof to choose from. As you all know there are four types of paddle boards namely flat water paddle boards that are great for beginners, touring or racing paddle boards, fitness paddle boards and surf paddle boards. The point is you have to choose a paddle board according your purpose so that you can get a sorted list to make a defined purchase.

Top Picks From California Board Company – Livewell Sports

Voyager 10’6” paddle board package

For flat water paddle boards and touring you can choose the voyager 10’6” soft stand up paddle board. This product is actually a great package for water play as it can serve many purposes like fishing, paddling and surfing. It is best suited for every occasion and it comes along with a number of accessories like bungee, seat, fishing rod mount, camera mount, leash and roof rack. It is made of water proof material and is heat laminated so nothing to worry about its durability. The seats are adjustable and straps are built in such a way that they work with quick release action. This board has paddle with blade shield and is adjustable according to the user’s convenience. Voyager 10’6” can carry weight limit of 300 lbs easily but if you are a beginner it is always better to go ahead with caution until you get a grip over this sport. It has wide area that accommodates a yoga mat easily making it the best choice for yoga enthusiasts. When talking about racing this paddle board is made of lighter material which helps to reduce the drag and helps to increase the speed. This one is worth buying at Livewell Sports as you get everything in a single investment.

California Board Company 5’8″ Fish Soft Surfboard

California Board Company 5’8″ Fish Soft Surfboard is another great pick for the features it has to offer. It is made up of multi-layered laminated wood stringers which are thoroughly coated with waterproof resin. The core is heat laminated high density 100% EPS waterproof making it long lasting. The heat laminated IXPE/XPE deck is high density durable with graphic. It has a neoprene padded ankle strap and surf leash with double swivel/rail saver. The board has tri-fin system with nylon screws and can hold weight up to 180 lbs. This surfboard is great for beginners and those who love to explore and go fishing. It is thin and stable and once you figure out how to move along then there is unlimited fun waiting ahead. This is the best board you can buy for your loved ones, kids and anyone who love to surf.

Voyager Paddle board

Voyager Paddle board

by Live Well Sports 4 out of 5stars (350 Customer Ratings)

Price: $529
Livewell Sorts Voyager 10’6″ Paddle boards are for enthusiasts and professionals with warranty and more.

Great product

5 stars out of 5 by Miranda for Voyager Paddle board

Been using this just for a week now. On a vacation. Excellent. Simply addictive

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All the products from California Board Company are of high demand as they are carefully made with all the possible features. They are one of the genuine brands which manufacture high quality products suited for every person. Each person is different and so is their taste; no matter for what purpose you need a paddle board you will surely get your pick at California board company products listed at Livewell sports. California Board Company is one of the few brands that you can rely on and make an investment without a second thought. Those who used California board company paddle boards will never go for another brand as they will surely love the design and sturdiness. Whether you are a beginner or a pro there is plenty of choices for everyone under California Board Company.

Conclusion: Paddle boards are fun and to be around near the water is such a pleasure thing to do. The main aspect that you need to keep in mind, while buying a paddle board is that, you should be totally convinced and happy to own the board. Get rid of your doubts as you are going to make an investment so make it happen the right way. California board company paddle boards are unique and they are worth buying for the features and the price range they come at.