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Listia is an online auction website that helps you to sell old goods and earn credits in return to buy items from other users. The online website has more than 9 million users all over the globe. Read on to know all about Listia auction website – is a scam or a genuine website.

In this guide, you will know about

  • What is Listia auction website?
  • How does Listia work
  • Listia guarantee
  • What Listia does not tell you
  • Pros and Cons of Listia
  • Listia Consumer reviews
  • Is Listia a fake or genuine website?

What Is Listia auction website?

“If you are planning on cleaning out your closet, consider Listia your virtual personal assistant….”, says InStyle in Listia’s home page.

Started in California, the website was launched in 2009. Within 2010, there were more than 1 million auction mark and was listed one of the top 100 websites by PC Magazine.

Planning to get rid of unwanted stuff in your home? Instead of garage sale, try out this site. It is basically an online website that offers you credit points that you earn in exchange for your old stuff. You can give away the items you no longer need for free. Few members use a virtual currency called credit points by which you can buy new items and sell your old items by listing them on auctions. Note that Listia auction website credits cannot be redeemed as cash. Also you cannot use them anywhere other than the official website.

How Does Listia auction website Work?

Once you signup to Listia, immediately you will be credited with a 1000 points. Once you list the first item another 1000 is added to the credit account. Offering you boundless transactions, you can earn more credit points if you invite your friends as well.

You can sign up with Facebook, twitter by which you can invite your friends while Listia throws in few bonus points as well.


Use the credit points to purchase an item for free from another seller. Make sure to check out the tutorial to know how it works. With facebook, twitter and sending out invites, you can earn about 5000 Listia credit points easily to start with the listing.

Listia Guarantee

Listia offers you 100% Assurance Guarantee. The company claims that buyers and sellers are completely covered by assurance and will be offered a FULL REFUND OF CREDIT POINTS. Here are few ground valid reasons for claiming a refund.

For The Buyers

  • if an item won on the website is not received or is not in tone as described in the listing
  • if the seller changes the listing items (as mentioned in the description) after it ends and the buyer disagrees
  • if the seller claims to have not received the shipping charges but the buyer has proof that the funds were transferred via Listia Assurance protected payment method

For The Seller

  • if the winner does not pay any shipping charges, does not respond or in any other manner experiences buyer’s regret
  • if the winner says he has not received an item but the seller has valid tracking number that claims that the item is delivered to the winner’s verified address

What The Company Never Told You

While the website offers all goody features, there is more than what meets the eye. Using Listia can be murky and you can expect unpredictable conditions you need to look out for. Here are few of them.

  • Paypal verification charges – When you join the website, you will have the option to verify the Paypal account. The company charges $1 as verification fee. Usually, listians refuse to deal with members who do not have a verified Paypal account as they do not want to get scammed. If you are serious about becoming a Listian, be ready to make the initial payment.
  • Shipping charges for sellers – When you are mentioning an item for sale on Listia, make sure that you have to decide the shipping criteria – free shipping, flat rate or exact cost shipping. Shipping can be expensive at times. So realize the cost involved before narrowing on the type of shipping you are going to offer.
  • Shipping fees for bidders – when you are bidding for an item on Listia, take a look at the shipping option. The seller may and actually do charge a certain fee as shipping charge. If you are not careful, you might end up paying the shipping fees for the item you thought was free.
  • Paypal charges – If you have decided to go for exact shipping for the Listia auctions, bear in mind that Paypal will take its share when the bidders reimburse you. You will be losing $0.30+ per transaction. It might not seem a big amount but trust me it does add up a lot.
  • Listing fees – You will be provided with an option to set a minimum bidding amount. When you are doing so, other members will be unable to place a bid below the minimum amount for that particular item. Nevertheless, if you are placing a minimum bid above 499 credits, Listia will charge you with a good listing fee of 100 credits per auction.

Pros & Cons

Here are the good and bad sides of Listia and what can you expect from this website.


  • best way to get rid of unwanted goods in your home
  • successful website with more than 9 million users in the website
  • customer service available for any support
  • can be downloaded as mobile app (supports iOS and Android)
  • Listia 100% Assurance guarantee that promises full refund to buyers and sellers
  • easy credit points during the initial start-up of Listia signing up process


  • hidden charges if not properly scrutinized
  • poor customer support reported by few users
  • mixed reviews available at various websites

Listia auction website – User Reviews

Listia user reviews are quite mixed. A general consensus believes the website is good and actually helps you “de-clutter” your closet whilst offering you with goodies that you can actually use. The website offers you various options to choose from which gives you the liberty of auctioning the products you want to sell and bidding on the items you like. Customer supports has been on good terms with Listians and are helpful in clarifying questions not to mention help in reimbursement if needed as well. The 100% Assurance guarantee is a great support for sellers and buyers giving them a guarded support that their money (virtual money) is not getting flushed. With more than millions of users worldwide, Listia is one of the reliable sites for users looking for techie barter system.

Now the downside. As stated above, Listia does have a few disadvantages that can be tricky if you don’t stay vigilant enough. Users report that quality of customer service is quite poor. Those who needed a refund were not provided with reimbursement of credit points.

Another general consensus state that even the genuinety of the website lacked what it used to be. For instance, the credit points seemed quite genuine during the early stages when website was launched. With the changing times, Listia has started to mess around with the credit point which does not really go well with the users.

Here are few of the quotes straight from the horses’ mouth.

“Listia is underrated” – Chelleney Eklund

I love this site! They let you get points in so many ways – such as while watching videos, taking surveys, referring your friends, listing of any item etc. I have never had any negative experience and I am more than happy with Listia. Highly recommended.

“Poor customer service and bad policies” – Honest customer

When users are scammers, you can easily avoid them. But when listia itself is a scammer…yeah, that’s not acceptable.

I liked Listia at first. I referred around 52 people and had got 100% positive feedback. But then something I mailed was lost in the transit last year. It was decided against my favor. My account is now -7900 or so credits. I really couldn’t believe that someone who has been such a great asset should be punished like this. Soemone should not be punished if the post office loses something. I can see if the person is a newbie but the person who has doen so much, this was really unfair. I asked them to delete my account but then I was blantantly ignored 3 times. I really don’t want to part of this site.

“I like it but there are lot of fees” – Lef F.

I like this site. I have been selling bitcoins here for a while now. Though I am still a bit suspicious about the waiting list to sell my credits. I mean how long does this even take normally?

Is Listia A Fake Or Genuine Website?

Listia is clearly not a scam site, but is it worth your time? That’s a toughie. The site clearly calls for your commitment for time. However the returns are quite small with free offers only every now and then.

If you have lot of free time in your hand, not much money in hand and have stuff to sell away, then Listia might work for you. But if you are in a well-settled job, then trust me, Listia won’t make any sense for you. Taking clicks, uploading, them, writing descriptions, shipping them and too for little pennies are just not worth your time and energy.

The Final Verdict

Listia auction website is ideally designed for zero-waste stuff that you can get rid of. The hidden charges are a definite look out if you don’t want to become a victim of shipping charges that actually cost more than the product. The plus point is you can save up few credit points which gives an emotional satisfaction that (a) you are giving away products you don’t need which can be enjoyed by others who want them AND (b) you can get stuff for FREE if you diligently check the items. If you feel Listia is good for you, then I hope you have an awesome time there.