Identity theft has become one of the common arenas for hackers / fraudsters. Deriving information about someone’s identity (name, birth, residential address) is simply enough to commit a fraudulent transaction.

If you or your loved ones are a victim of such identity theft, you very well know how much it can impact your personal information, finances etc. It might even hinder the chance of getting a loan or using a credit card unless and until the matter has been resolved.

Lifelock Identity theft protection helps you by using the following five points:

  • monitoring – once you are a member, Lifelock Identity theft protection will monitor all the threats by contacting some of the major credit bureaus and remove your name from their mailing list or credit offers. They even track any alternate names apart from the name you currently use. You will be getting immediate alerts in your dashboard in the Lifelock member portal.
  • Scanning – Lifelock Identity theft protection uses a comprehensive method for scanning all the better known criminal websites to check if they are using any illegal ways by selling your personal information. It scrutinizes to check if someone is opening a false savings account using your information.
  • Responding – Immediate alert via mail, phone or by text message if Lifefelock detetcs any use of your personal information. For example: change in the contact information in your bank accounts.
  • Guarantee – Lifelock Identity theft protection gives you a strong guarantee for their services. In fact, they say if in case you become a victim of identity, they will spend all the expenses amounting to $1 million for hiring investigators, lawyers, and other methods to help you recover the whole amount.
  • Tracking – Lifelocks tracks the monthly record of TransUnion credit score so that you are aware of any changes that occur in your account.

What are the benefits of Lifelock Identity theft protection?

Lifelock Identity theft protection is a service that will help you to secure not just your personal information but also secure your child’s identity as well as other family members. These include smart phones, social security numbers, computers, ATM machines, debit cards etc.

Not just adults even children, teenagers are susceptible to ID thefts such as birth certificates, social security numbers and other vital information such as name, address etc. that are often derived from social networking sites, mailboxes etc.

After completing the submission form and a period of 48 hours, you will become a member which will strengthen the bond between you and Lifelock. From the time then, Lifelock will protect you from all the transactions made online and if any suspicious change is entered, it will be immediately notified to you with the help of alert system such as sms, phone or mail. You will also be getting a newsletter to notify you of the latest scams, breaches that are currently trending for you to safely enter a transaction. The customer service of Lifelock is always avaialble 24/7/365.

What are the plans available with Lifelock Identity theft protection plans?

Currently, there are different plans that Lifelock Identity theft protection offers. Just have a look at how they work.

  • Lifelock Wallet App: It works in both iOS and Android phones and offers a one touch access to the theft protection which possess a varied features. For example, it takes a back up copy of all the cards and its vital information. It tracks all the record of credit card transactions which helps you to curb your spending mood while tracking any fraudulent transaction too. Lifelock Wallet App even helps in cancelling all the credit card transactions in case they get lost or stolen. You can even avail of the features of Lifelock Identity protection services such as view any fraud alerts on your phone, a promise of $1 million during identity theft.
  • Lifelock Ultimate: which covers monitoring bank accounts for take over fraud. It constantly searches for your personal info nationwide and if any applications are submitted in any bank using your name. It also triggers an alert if any transaction or changes are made in your existing accounts. Lifelock Ultimate also helps in tracking credit reports, scores etc. It is the advanced protection service offered by Lifelock and covers lost wallet protection, identity threat, address/name monitoring, $1 million guarantee etc.
  • Lifelock Junior: Children/Teenagers are easily vulnerable as they are still in their challenging and “experiencing life” phase which is why it is upto the parents to keep an eye on them. Downloading movies, music and other random information may help the fraudsters to derive vital information such as social security, name, address of your children. For those who are not aware, identity theives buy and sell personal information in various black market internet sites. Lifelock Junior helps your children from escaping any giving out important information as they keep an eye of over 10,000 criminal websites and notifies you immediately if any information about your child is found on the internet.
  • Lifelock Identity theft protection: It manages your overall security such as your credit, finances while alerting you of any potential threats before a damage occurs. A lifelock membership includes lost wallet protection (if you lose a wallet, simply call lifelock to prevent any transaction) or address change (if any change of address is provided without any notice to you). It patrols various websites to prevent internet thieves from selling or buying your information. Lifelock Identity theft protection also removes your name from any approved credit card or mailing lists that would prove beneficial for theives.

Lifelock Identity theft protection reviews:

Lifelock stands as one of the top most favored products beating IdentityForce and Identity Guard to the second and third position respectively. There are many reviews of Lifelock you can find on the internet from real users and its quite positive. For starters, nearly every bit and piece of information is secured safely by Lifelock as it scans everything from name to telephone numbers or bank account to driver’s licence. They even provide a list of sex offenders in your neighborhood to help you keep a check on your daily information.

The customer service of Lifelock Identity theft protection is quite supportive and excellent as they are with you each and every day 24/7/365 which is beneficial for those who happen to lose their wallet impromptu.

If you have to look on the negative aspect, it does not provide computer security which has become quite mandatory in today’s lives. Junk mails or unwanted newsletters often pave a way for hacking vital information. Lifelock does not support the facility of supporting security for computers but they do help the members with spam blocking software and antivirus which does aid to some relief.