The technology is advanced and has had so many advantages and disadvantages. It has been used for all kinds of good causes as well as for the wrong ones. Today nothing is safe, not even one’s identity. Online transactions, search, texting, tweeting- nothing is safe and cannot guard anyone’s identity. Identity theft is a crime and the stolen identity is used to make mortgages, loans and other misuses that will ultimately fall on the victim for to pay for.

Five Step Protection by LifeLock

Lifelock is a helping company that keeps tab on any identity theft attempt or suspicious name searches on the clients. The five step protection will monitor the identity of the client 24 x 7 and also do scanning of any threats or phishing the emails etc. The five stage protection includes,

  • Monitoring the e-mails, bank account access, credit card usage, texts monitoring etc.
  • Scanning for any credit or non credit applications, address changes or any kind of illegal activities under the person’s name.
  • Responding to any threats is by alerting the person concerned about the fraudulence or any attempts on it. In case of any suspicious activity, the person will be alerted through e-mails, phone calls, or text message.
  • The Guaranteed services work all the time. The services are available all time and the surveillance runs 24 x 7, 365 days of the year.
  • Tracking the credit score is done monthly and the report is sent at times. Any changes in the credit score will be alerted immediately. So the person can simply sit back and enjoy his/her life without having to worry about being robbed off the identity and falling into unwanted troubles.

Why LifeLock Protection is Necessary?

LifeLock can monitor all the activities of the person’s cards and number, emails and address. An alert will be sending for any change and the person may take necessary action in case the particular action is done by him/her.  Identify the extent of protection a person requires and select the right package for a tension free life ahead.

LifeLock not only monitors and send alerts; it will also help in dealing any fraudulent activities done under the person’s name. They will help restore the name after the wrong is done to the person.

How to Get Lifelock protection

Availing the protection from LifeLock is easy. Simply sign up for an account and select the package. The payments are applicable for a month for smaller amount. The amount does not matter when one realize the protection it provides. If there are no mishaps, consider it as a protection and in case of any mishaps or attempt for it, the money spent is worth when compared to the misfortune that could have happened.


LifeLock Identity Protection Plans

The services from the Lifelock are available as three types of services depending on the coverage of protection. They are LikeLock-Standard, LifeLock-Ultimate and LifeLock-Junior.

  1. LifeLock Standard: The vigilant services of this company ensure that the client will have a safer credit, financial protection and the good name. It detects and protects the identity from being stolen. If the unfortunate happens the person will be alerted immediately. The wallet protection is to safeguard the credit/debit/social security cards, driver’s license, insurance card, check books or travelers check, that are the most vulnerable personal possessions. But no cash or picture is included for the protections. The address change may be done by the thief to get access to the financial and credit documents. This address change done by a stranger will be alerted. Any trading done under the client’s name is also checked. The client name can be removed from any pre-approved credit card mailing lists.
  2. LifeLock-Ultimate is more advanced protection provided. Other than the personal identity and email protection, the Ultimate package included bank transaction protection and account usages. This monitoring will be done continuously and any application for a new account under the client name on all national or local banks will be find out. Any change or requests done on behalf of the client to the bank done online will be tracked. The same is applicable for request for a new credit or debit card and the fraudulent attempt can be resolved immediately. Court records, loan application, file sharing etc are all monitored. The credit reports will be accessible monthly or annual.
  3. LifeLock Junior: Even children are not spared by the frauds. Take a LifeLock package to ensure your child’s identity protection. The child’s name can be misused or damaged and the LifeLock can help prevent any mishaps in this regard. A child’s personal information can be used for a fraud account, loan, mortgage, or any other activities.  Any kind of misuse of the child’s name or address for any illegal activity in the market, banks or anywhere else can be tracked and will be alerted. Verification on any credit statement on the child’s name is monitored. The social security number of the child is also protected. Use of the identity for any malicious activities can be prevented by the LifeLock-Junior.

The Identity Theft Usages

The stolen identity of a person can be used for all sorts of activities from money to national security breach. The social networking sites can be hacked for illegal posting and other activities. The online payment sites like PayPal account can be misused. Transactions at the ATMs are under the scrutiny for a possibility of theft. The email hacking may be done to send out malicious software.

Even the birth and death certificates are not safe with a person. If the person is not protected his/her name can be used for anything and the person will have no clue about that. LifeLock services monitor for these kinds of activities and sends alerts of any activity under the protected items.  These stolen identities can be used for tax fraud also.

The confidential information like the social security number, credit card number, account number etc are used by unauthorized personnel is termed data breach. Any breach of this kind can be for identity theft and the person in under the threat for the same.