Lands DownUnder Herringbone Throw

Lands DownUnder herringbone throws are all season throw. Use it whenever you need. It can keep you warm in the cold seasons and at the same time does not make you sweat in spring.

When you want a cozy, cuddling companion while you watch television, think about a cozy blanket. Lands DownUnder is offering the blanket throws which is light weighted and comfy for all. Made of a unique combination, these throws are just what you want for the cool weather and to add some character to the room.

Lands DownUnder Herringbone throw is available in multiple colors and textures that let you have lots of choices to have the right one for you. The herringbone pattern on the throws gives it a sophisticated look as well.

Lands DownUnder Herringbone Throw Features

  • For starters, this herringbone throw is cashmere-soft in texture. It comes in a variety of cool colors to make the room look cooler.
  • It is suitable to use anywhere, bedroom, living room etc.
  • Lands DownUnder herringbone throws are all season throw. Use it whenever you need. It can keep you warm in the cold seasons and at the same time does not make you sweat in spring.
  • It has got beautiful white fringes at the end that is the attraction of the throw. Simply throw them over the sofa or in your favorite corner to add some color or character.
  • The throws are usually 51 x 67 inches in width and length.
  • The throw is lightweight, weighing at just 1.2 lbs.
  • They are made of a combination of cotton and soft acrylic. The ratio is 50-50. This is the combination that makes it suitable for all seasons.
  • They are mostly Italian-made. The fringes at the ends give it more charisma and make it a décor piece. The fringes are 3 inches long on both sides.

Lands DownUnder Herringbone Throw Popular Varieties

Lands DownUnder International Limited is a New York based brand that makes luxury products. The bedding products are only a part of their establishment. The Lands DownUnder herringbone throw is one of the most popular categories of this company.

When you are looking for the Lands DownUnder herringbone throw, you are likely to come across 3 names of the Lands DownUnder throws- Italian, Caramel, and Peony. These are popular model names of the throws from this brand.

  • Lands DownUnder Italian herringbone throw: This is the throw from Lands Down Under with its signature herringbone design. The color of the material is lemongrass green. This is soft to touch and extremely light weight. It has versatile usage. It comes in the standard size of the throw and definitely Italian made.
  • Lands DownUnder caramel herringbone throw is another variety of throw from the brand. It is also known as Lands DownUnder Caramel herringbone throw. It has a color of rich caramel with all the specifications mentioned above. The combination of the caramel and white fringes is real rich.
  • Lands DownUnder Peony herringbone cotton throw: The Peony throw is a catchy pink colored one that is extremely feminine. For the lover of pink, this is a shade that they could not resist. With the usually twisted fringes in white against the pink, this throw is a lovely piece as a gift for a girl. This Italian made throw is cashmere-soft.

Caring For Lands Downunder Herringbone Throws

All of these herringbone throws are machine washable but there is a catch. Wash it only with cold water, which is mandatory. You CANNOT tumble dry these throws as it can damage the material and its softness.

When you are drying it, dry it flat out. Use only mild soap, preferably baby laundry soap to wash it.

NEVER bleach or iron the material. If you want to take out the wrinkles out the only way is steaming.