Koalasafe Wireless Router with Parental Controls for Kids

Buy Koalasafe wireless system that keeps a track of children’s internet usage as well as help you implement parental controls.

Koalasafe is a 2 layer wireless access point that restricts your kid’s access to apps and internet based parameters you set up. The use of internet these days has gone high that even a little kid knows to use internet. It is common these days for each family member to use more than one internet connected device. As the use of smartphones have gone high, it is difficult to monitor kids using our phones for browsing. In addition to home computers, you have got these smartphones, tablets, Ipods, gaming devices and smart Tv’s. Each of these gadgets have made it easier for everyone to access internet. What if you have 2 naughty kids at your home, with 2 laptops, 2 TV’s, 3 smartphones and 2 Ipods – with an Internet connection? Each of these devices can be connected to internet. Wouldn’t it be nice for you as a parent to get full control of what your little ones are doing on internet? That is where Koalasafe comes for your help. Read on to know more about Koalasafe Reviews, features etc.

Table of contents

  • Koalasafe – about the device
  • Specifications
  • Features
  • Koalasafe Reviews
  • Frequently Asked Questions

The Need For Safe Inter-netting

Safe internet usage has been a HOT topic among parents at these days. As the increase in cyber crime has gone up, it has become inevitable for parents to keep an eye on their children. There are just so many things that worry the parents.

  • Why is it that the kids spend too much time on internet?
  • How to control their browsing time?
  • What age is social media suitable for them?
  • How do we know that our kids are searching for the right things on the web?

Likewise there are many parents, who are so much worried about their children getting addicted to internet. Luckily, there are devices and apps that can create a protected wireless network. Yes, with Koalasafe wireless router, you can create a safe wireless network in your home.
Time limits and filtering controlled from your phone.

Koalasafe For Safe Wireless Network

Koalasafe is a new device that can be used to control and monitor your child’s internet usage. It’s a small box that plugs into your existing Wi-Fi router and creates a protected wireless network. Koalasafe is now available to use worldwide. Its a wireless access point that can be used to restrict your kids access to social media, adult sites and other restricted websites.

Remember that this device works only with a Wi-Fi network. So if your teens or kids have smartphones or tabs, with sim cards, with a mobile network plan, they can still have access to unrestricted internet access.

Koalasafe Specifications

Koalasafe comes in a small box that looks cute. It measures only 5.5 cm. It comes with a Cat6 networking cable and a power cable. Koalasafe is a layer 2 wireless access point. The devices connected to Koalasafe are on the same network as your main router. It does not provide DHCP services. With this product, you can protect and manage all devices that run on your home wireless internet network. It helps to turn off internet access at specific times and block inappropriate site and apps.

What’s Inside The Box

It comes in a small cute box. It is lightweight and can be easily plugged in with a micro USB cable. It comes with:

  • 1 Koalasafe router
  • 1 micro-USB cable
  • 1 USB power adapter
  • 1 network cable
  • 1 quick start card

Koalasafe Directions To Use – How To Use Koalasafe?

The instructions in the box are shown in a diagram, showing you how to plug it into your network. It tells you to install an app – android and iOS. The heart of the Koalasafe functionality is through an app – be it android or iOS. The app is the key to everything. It connects to your device, sets up time schedules and allows or blocks websites and apps. Once your device is plugged in and the app is installed, you pair the device with your app. Set up a WiFi password and start configuring the profiles. You can set up profiles for individual people, add which devices are theirs and also set a profile that applies to “Everybody else’. You can create a group or multiple group profile through the app. Once you have joined your kid’s device to the Koalasafe network, assign them to the appropriate group. Each group starts with a default group of settings. These are based on the youngest age, you have specified for the group. Each group allows you to allow or block various settings. These include;

  • Schedule – you can set specific hours each day, in which devices can access the internet.
  • Site blocking – you can use this feature to partially block or block sites/apps that allow advertising, file sharing, images, gaming, social media, adult videos and webmail. Adult, amllicious, proxies/vpns and violent content is blocked by default. It allows you with safe search results.
  • Each section in the app and site blocking filters have default apps or websites like Google search, Facebook, Instagram, Kik, Skype, Snapchat, Twitter, Whatsapp and others. Many of these apps will be allowrd only if you allow them. Also, the age yu ahve set up should meet the minimum age requirement of that service. One thing you would like about Koalasafe is that it helps to set up multiple groups for different ages and add devices accordingly.

Internet Tracking & Monitoring Device

The Koalasafe app allows you to track and monitor the internet usage. The usage data of the app breaks it down by category. You can dig deep into each category to get a more detailed look at what apps and sites are being accessed. You can also monitor time-wise, this includes the past 5 minutes, the last hour, last 24 hours, today, yesterday or the last 7 days.

Koalasafe Reviews – How does it perform?

The Koalasafe WAP works well. It doesn’t require that you need to be at home. The app can be used anywhere, where you have set up the device. You can extend it or configure additional sites for access or blocking. This wireless access point creates a new wireless network in addition to your existing one. Basically, you will disconnect your child’s devices from your regular network and then reconnect to Koalasafe network. Once you do that, you can assign the profiles to devices for each child. All this is configured from a supporting app either android or iOS. You can use your own phone to maintain the settings and view stats. You can also view from their website.

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Koalasafe Reviews – The Pros & Cons Explained

Koalasafe reviews – Pros

On Koalasafe network, you can see that the Google safe-search is automatically installed. The guys at Koalasafe constantly keep checking and updating the system. They block the websites that are inappropriate for kids.

The timings scheduled in the Koalasafe networks are so easy to set up and monitor. You can control how much screen time, the kids are getting. For instance, you can set up time between 6pm and 8 pm on week nights. Once the kid’s screen time runs out, they will get an option to ask for more time. A message will be automatically sent to the parent device where you have set up the time schedules.

The analytics page of Koalasafe app, breaks down the exact data of what your child has browsed and for how long. These include games like minecraft, social media, education and other. It also gives a break down for each individual device, connected to the Koalasafe network.

Koalasafe Reviews – Negative

When talking about negatives, its hard to find any. The app does its job well, meeting th requirements of every parents, who are worried about their child. The only negative is that Koalasafe work only on a WiFi network. When you leave the house and are re-connected to a 3g or mobile network plan, Koalasafe no longer works.

Koalasafe Reviews – What Customers say

“Small box with amazing controls” says a user.

“I just loved this tiny little Kikstarter. Its an amazing app that helps to monitor my child’s internet usage. Thanks to Koalasafe team for developing such an app. I can only see it improving.”

“Finally found a great internet control solution” says S. Cipresse

“I have tried 3 or 4 other solutions to limit my kids internet access. They are just crazy to play with the smartphones and addicted to social media. It is easy to use in both web and app platform.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Koalasafe offer international shipping?

Yes. Koalasafe offers international shipping.

Does Koalasafe offer returns policy?

The company offers 30 days of return policy and 1 year for hardware.