Kinkoo all-in-one portable charger by Kinkoo international limited

The Kinkoo Portable Charger can help you charge your cell phones, players and other gadgets anywhere you want. It can charge some of the most well known and standard mobile devices with fast charging speeds.

The Kinkoo Portable Chargers have a huge 8000 mah capacity and a smart output control system. The Portable Chargers by Kinkoo can be used for all apple and Android smartphones, even old school phones, Tabs, GoPro cameras, MP3 players, mobile gaming devices, Bluetooth devices and numerous other USB charged devices. To know if the Kinkoo Portable Chargers have to be charged, look for the Led indicator on the top of the device. If the LED is not on, it is time to charge the Kinkoo Portable Chargers and it will blink until the device is fully charged.

The Kinkoo Portable Chargers can be recharged for around 500 full cycles and partial or half cycles are not included in this. They  are suited for use anywhere and when you travel internationally, make sure that the adapter’s input voltage is compatible with the wall outlets. You can charge the Kinkoo Portable Chargers through AC adapter (2A output), through computers, and laptops. The charging time for the AC adapters is 4 to 6 hours and 8 to 12 hours using computers.

The Kinkoo Portable Chargers consumes less than 100 uA and this will take some 3.5 to 20 years to completely drain the battery. 80% of the Portable Chargers’ capacity can be retained for 1 year even if its idle. If the Chargers does not charge your device, first check that the connection between the charger and device is secure and if not, replace the cable.

The Kinkoo Portable Chargers voltage must be compatible to the electronic device and the source and also make sure that they  has enough charge before trying to charge your device. There is a 15 month warranty period on the Kinkoo Portable Chargers which you can use of it does not perform properly.

The Kinkoo Portable Chargers are made of really high quality materials and will take care of your charging needs for a long time, anywhere.