KD Smart chair

Smart Chair by KD HealthCare company, an FDA cleared mobility aid device, is the original lightweight and easily foldable power wheel chair which can provide weight support to passengers of up to 265 lbs.

Stuck with mobility issues? Don’t panic. Here’s a convenient, lightweight, affordable, durable, foldable, portable mobility smart electric wheelchair called KD Smart WheelChair by KD HealthCare Company USA.

If you are looking for a mobility device which is FDA approved KD Smart Chair is the best choice. KD Smart Chair, an extremely durable, lightweight, portable, electric wheel chair weighing around 50 pounds is the world’s most innovative electric chair which helps to regain your mobility and independence. KD Smart Chair is the one and only smart electric wheel chair that was featured on the Doctor’s Show. Smart Chair by KD HealthCare company, an FDA cleared mobility aid device, is the original lightweight and easily foldable power wheel chair which can provide weight support to passengers of up to 265 lbs.

Features of KD-Smart WheelChair

What are the prominent features of KD-Smart Chair foldable power wheel chair that makes it the best mobility device?

  • Made of aluminum alloy, the lightweight and versatile smart electric wheel chair weighs only 50 pounds and can support passengers weighing up to 265 pounds
  • Easily foldable within seconds and easily transportable in a Car, SUV, Truck, Taxi, Bus, Cruise Ship or Airplane
  • A mobility device which is FDA cleared makes it a highly qualified medical device
  • A motorized wheel chair with a long life Lithium Ion rechargeable battery that can travel up to 15 miles
  • A electric wheel chair that can be virtually fitted anywhere due to its compact size
  • Featured with easily removable seat and seat cover for easy transportation
  • Joystick that can be mounted according to the passenger’s choice on the left or right side arm rest
  • Highly efficient dual wheel brushless motors instead of brushed motors
  • A tight turning radius of 31.5” makes the KD Smart Electric Wheel Chair an ideal mobility device which is very helpful in maneuvering the smallest areas with great ease
  • Equipped with front and rear wheel tires of comfortable width, KD-Smart chair provides a smooth and enjoyable ride even through tough outdoor terrains
  • The highly powered electric wheel chair, KD-Smart WheelChair can climb slopes of up to 12 degrees
  • A smart electric, portable, lightweight wheel chair that can reach up to an average speed of 5 mph
  • Basic features include a seat belt and wheel locks, ad extra features include a storage tray by the foot rests
  • Equipped with sufficient padding on the seat which makes it the most comfortable wheel chair to sit for extended periods of time
  • KD-Smart chair is very cost effective portable power wheel chair which is way ahead of its competitors
  • Affordable replacement parts and zero maintenance are KD-Smart chair’s other features
  • More stable, safe and reliable than the wobbly 3 wheel scooters
  • KD-Smart WheelChair comes with the best warranty features which include a 5 year warranty on the frame and a 1 year warranty on the joystick, batteries, motor, and the control system
  • A 60 Day Money Back Guarantee for unsatisfied customers

KD-Smart Chair Electric Wheelchair specifications

KD-Smart Chair is one of the most innovative, convenient, lightweight, portable power wheelchairs in the market that weighs only 50 pounds and can accommodate passengers weighing 265 pounds!!!

KD-Smart Chair is a versatile Powered WheelChair which has unique characteristics like FDA cleared mobility device, lightweight – 50 pounds (23 kilograms), conveniently foldable and hence easily portable as well as transportable, turn radius of 31.5 inches (80 centimeters), climb inclines of up to 12 degrees, runs on an eco-friendly battery that lasts for nearly 9.3 miles (15 kilometers) of continuous use, and is available for an affordable and much cheaper price than other major electric wheel chair players in the market. KD-Smart WheelChair is the future of personal mobility.

KD-Smart Chair has a newer Heavy Duty model also that can support passengers’ weight of upto 396 pounds and it weighs around 59 pounds. The KD-Smart WheelChair models have been designed to cater to the needs of all types of people and the specifications given below will help you to decide which of the two innovative lightweight foldable electric wheelchairs best suits your needs.

KD Smart WheelChair Specifications:

Specifications Standard Model Heavy Duty Model
KD Smart Chair Device weight with battery 50 pounds 59 pounds
Maximum passenger weight capacity 265 pounds 396 pounds
Making Material Aluminum Alloy (Durable, lightweight) Aluminum Alloy (Durable, lightweight)
Folded Dimensions in L x W x H 13” x 23.2” x 29.5” 14” x 27.5” x 29.5”
Unfolded Dimensions in L x W x H 38.2” x 23.2” x 33.1” 39.5” x 27.5” x 35.8”
Seat Dimensions in L x W 16.75” x 15.25” 17.25” x 17.25”
Seat Height from ground 19” 21”
Arm Rest Height from ground 27” 29”
Maximum Speed 5 mph 6 mph
Distance covered with full battery 15 miles 15 miles
Turning Radius 31.5” 35.4”
Ground Clearance 3.1” 3.1”
Incline Capability / Climb slope 12 degrees 12 degrees
Front wheels Diameter x Width 8” x 1.5” 8” x 1.5”
Rear wheels Diameter x Width 8” x 2” 8” x 2”
Battery Lithium Ion, with a 10Ah & 24 v DC output voltage (2 10Ah batteries in a series circuit) Lithium Ion, with a 16Ah & 24 v DC output voltage (2 8Ah batteries in a parallel circuit)
Motor Type Brushless DC Motor, 180 W Power Rating, 24 V DC input voltage Brushless DC Motor, 180 W Power Rating, 24 V DC input voltage
Charger Input: AC 100V-240V~1.8A Max 47Hz-63Hz, Output: DC 29.2V – 2A Input: AC 100V-240V~1.8A Max 47Hz-63Hz, Output: DC 29.2V – 2A
Wheel Material Solid with a mix of Polyurethane and Rubber Solid with a mix of Polyurethane and Rubber
Brake Type Electromagnetic Braking System Electromagnetic Braking System

KD Smart Chair models from KD Healthcare – USA, are the best powered wheelchairs available in the market with the aim of providing its users a confidence to regain their mobility and independence back. The company offers 60 day money back guarantee for the unsatisfied customers and free shipping inside USA. The best FDA Cleared mobility device for a very affordable price is KD Smart Chair.

KD Smart WheelChair – How does you make your home wheelchair accessible?

Being confined to a wheelchair when you least expect it makes you frustrated. But frustration is not a solution to move on with your life.

KD Smart Chair is one of the best mobility devices that is FDA cleared and help you to regain mobility or independence. KD Smart chair has released an infographic that visualizes all important factors depicting the everyday activities at home with required accessible points and how to make your home wheelchair accessible. This infographic is a perfect blueprint for people with mobility issues as it outlines exactly how to arrange your home for the wheelchair-bound people’s easy accessibility.

This KD Smart Chair – Making your home wheelchair accessible infographic provides all necessary tips and instructions on what are the things that are required at what all positions for easy and comfortable accessibility for wheelchair-bound people.

The basic requirements for wheelchair users in each and every room or areas like bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, exterior, basement, garage, etc. are explained in a very good and precise manner. The KD Smart WheelChair infographic has put numbers in each room and has also explained it well the requirements and its placing for easy accessibility which is self-explanatory.

KD Smart WheelChair Accessibility Tips

Clear Pathways: The KD Smart Chair accessibility tips include instructions on how the pathways should be like the standard width of hallways (36”), doorways (32”) and should also be accommodating the mobility scooters, electric wheelchairs, or electric wheelchairs.

Security System: A reliable and secure alert system should be installed at all easily accessible points and should be there in all rooms. Phones and emergency alerts should also be installed at easily reachable points at home.

Home Lighting: All rooms should be well-lit during the evening, night and early morning hours and the light switches should be at easily accessible points for the wheelchair-bound people.

Home arrangement: Arrange your home with beautifully with required furniture which doesn’t cause any hindrance to the KD Smart wheelchair users. Place all the accessories; let it be bathroom, kitchen or drawing room within the accessible range of the powered wheelchair users.

Accessibility Tips gives you a fair idea of how to re-arrange your home for making KD Smart wheelchair users an environment of independence and easiness in carrying out their daily activities without depending others.

KD Healthcare Smart WheelChair Reviews and Testimonials

KD Smart WheelChair reviews are good and excellent. The satisfied customer percentage is 88%. The customer feedback and testimonials proves the acceptance of KD Smart Chair among people with mobility issues. One of the happy customers says that KD Smart Chair is a ‘godsend, reliable’ gift for him/her. Almost all reviews talks about KD Smart Chair lightweight, easily foldable and hence comfortably transportable feature as one of the best features which highlights the product.

“I love being outside when it’s nice out and the chair has made that possible for me. Thank you for giving me my life back and I would recommend this chair.” – Steven N., Austin, TX

“I wanted a personal mobility aid that is lightweight, can be folded for storage in my car trunk, and is easy to use. Your chair does it all. Thanks!” – Jerome H., Charleston, SC

“Your wheelchair really has changed my life for the better and I would like to thank you by writing this letter.” – Meriam N., Brooklyn, NY

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) on KD Smart Chair

What are the accessories that come with KD Smart chair?

KD Smart Chair packages comes with the KD Smart Chair, a set of two batteries, a joystick, a charger, a product manual with easy instructions.

What is the difference between KD Smart WheelChair versus Ez Lite?

KD Smart Chair is a FDA Cleared Mobility Device where Ez Lite is not FDA Cleared. Though Ez Lite has poor battery life and is the lowest rates electric wheelchair and KD Smart Chair is the top rated powered wheelchair which is best suited for people having mobility issues.

Does KD Smart Chair come with a cup holder?

Yes!! KD Smart Chair is equipped with a cup holder which can support any standard cups, coffee mugs, water, soda bottles cans etc. that can be attached to the left or right arm rest. So enjoy the ride with your favorite drink.

Where can we have KD Smart WheelChair discount codes or coupon codes?

KD Smart Chair coupon codes or discount codes are available at so many online stores. Different online stores have different offers. But it is available at a very promising and economical pricing with us.

Can we use the KD Smart Chair power charger overseas?

Yes!! The power charger can be used overseas also to charge your KD Smart Chair. But if you face any difficulties you can use either an adapter to change the voltage or a converter to change the socket plug to fit properly.

How do I maintain my KD Smart WheelChair?

KD Smart Chair offers an annual maintenance program which can be availed to ensure the smooth and efficient functioning of the wheelchair throughout the lifetime. You may have to replace the parts that have undergone wear and tear.

Is KD Smart Wheelchair a Medicare approved supplier?

No, KD Smart Chair is not yet a Medicare approved supplier. But KD Healthcare is trying for KD Smart Chair approval.

What is KD Smart WheelChair return policy?

An unsatisfied customer of KD Smart Chair is offered a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee! KD Smart Chair return policy is briefed here. http://kdsmartchair.com/pages/returns-policy.

KD Smart WheelChair – Why should I go for it?

Being independent is everyone’s basic need. But when your fate is misfortunate and your mobility is at stake, there is a best option for you to regain your mobility and independence back – KD Smart Chair – an innovative, lightweight, easily transportable, durable, reliable, comfortable, easily manageable, electric powered and FDA Cleared mobility device. Nothing can full you down until you give them the option to do so.