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Paddle sports are now a popular pick amongst adventure loving people around the world. Whether you live near an ocean or an aggressive river or gentle waters there is lot of fun that you can gain by going kayaking. There are different types of kayaking that you can try like whitewater kayaking where you can feel the raging waters competing with your kayak. If you want to try the slow version of enjoying the serene beauty and at the same time play with the water around then the best way is to go for recreational kayaking. If you want to catch up with tides over and above then go for the sea kayaking and experience the blue waters yourself. In this article we will discuss about kayaks for water sports and its accessories from the famous online seller Colorado kayak supply.

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Kayaks For Water Sports

About Colorado Kayak for water sports

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As you all know the paddle sport industry is quickly gaining its foothold across the entire world. More and more people are getting addicted to this water sport and chances are less that you haven’t heard about this fun sport. Whether you want a SUP board, kayaks for fishing or touring, or other accessories for water play then Colorado kayak supply is the right place to knock. You will get everything that you need to fit in to play paddle sports. Colorado kayak supply offers a large collection of kayaks which you can use for whitewater, touring, recreational activities, stand up paddle boards, gears, accessories and other equipments. There are plenty of selections and choices at various price ranges and the interesting fact is that Colorado kayak supply ships its products to over 50 countries. If you want to go paddle boarding log on to Colorado kayak supply and grab an awesome board or kayak for yourself.

Whitewater Kayaks For Water Sports

Whitewater kayaking is a great sport for those want to get the feel of thrill and adrenalin rush. This sport basically involves kayaking in white waters which may be gentle or aggressive. It can be used to move around in active waters that are demanding and extreme down the course.

There is nothing more beautiful than kayaking on a water body alongside the nature, free from busy schedules. You can chose you level of activity inside the water from gentle to dangerous whitewater rapids that are classified into six grades ranging from slow to unfriendly waters.

Therefore choosing a whitewater kayak is not a cakewalk and it should be suitable for the purpose and the grade of water that you are going to use it on. To make things simple there are four types of whitewater kayaks that are available. River running kayaks, creeking kayaks, freestyle kayaks and free running kayaks
Best picks from Colorado kayaks supply for whitewater kayaking

Jackson Kayak 2016 Rock Star Competition

This kayak is a remake of the previous version of Jackson’s rockstar kayak with few modifications. It has been made with slight changes like reduction in its length which makes it easy to carve in through the water. It also offers speed by reducing the drag on either ends of the kayak. This boat is easy to throw and roll between the waves and is pretty fast when compared to the previous models. The sidewalls in the mid section of the boat are raised and the hull is made stiffer and sturdier. The cartwheel performance of this boat is amazing and it offers all the comforts. It allows customization of the bucket seat by removing excess air through the valve once you make yourself comfortable inside. The happy feet foot bag works similar to the bucket seat and allows you to fit in perfectly while kayaking. This play boat is super easy to get into vertical boating with its improvised design. Whether you want to go out in flat waters or hole riding this is the perfect pick and is very light weight play boat you can ever get.

Jackson Kayak Karma

If you want to go creeking then this kayak is specially built for you as it offers speed along with stability. Creeking is not an easy task so you need to pick the right kayak which lends maximum support and stability. Jackson has achieved the same features by building this kayak that it lands softly and gently on big drops in the whitewaters. This boat is faster and has a stiffer hull with a rocker profile that makes it perfect for shooting through the pockets or pop out of the holes easily. The flat hull helps to go for a quick and stable ride through the waters downstream and helps to dig in softly. The parting lines of the kayak are raised so that water is kept off the deck. This also helps to provide stability to the whole kayak in rough stretches of water. This play boat has a uni-shock bulkhead which helps the paddler to adjust his foot while being seated and there are four stainless steel plastic coated grab handles. To drain off water karma kayak is built with a low profile drain plug. The bow lifting shape of this play boat keeps it rising while going downstream and you will never want to miss out this fun. This boat is a great catch for those who love to go creeking in extreme water conditions.

Pyranha 9R Kayak

Pyranha kayak 9R was launched in 2015 and it is one of the favorite choices of paddlers around the world. This 9 feet race boat was designed for short boat divisions and has a narrow profile that helps to improve its speed and performance. It has a narrow knee profile when compared to other boats available in the markets which makes it an excellent choice when it comes to control. This creek boat maneuvers easily along the waters with a planning hull and soft edges. Pyranha kayak is a perfect pick while going for races, waterfalls and expeditions as it has an extreme rocker profile. It has a high bow that works swiftly and prevents from nose diving when waves are at the top. It is specially designed with front wave deflectors that are sleek and stylish. These deflectors help to speed up through any hole and push away the water from your face so that you can enjoy your sport. Pyranha 9r is the perfect boat for medium and bigger paddlers who are looking for more volume and all the comforts.

Dagger Mamba Kayak

This is one of the all rounder kayaks that are best suited for both beginners and experts the same way. It is the best kayak that helps one to step to next level of kayaking and the creek seat version has all the safety features needed for a class V paddler in rapid waters. All the dagger mamba versions are a leveled platform for beginners to learn this sport. Dagger mamba 7.6, 8.1 and 8.6 makes are the best when it comes to chose a river running kayak . The tank is rotomoulded for making it durable and has multiple gear loops for quick clip access. Seat adjustment is possible with quick release hip pads and an additional seat booster insert. This kayak can be carried along easily as it has handle grips and the deck brace gives it strength while making tricky moves. It has a footrest padding which offers comfort and absorbs impacts while on aggressive waters. If you are not sure what to chose when purchasing a kayak you can always try this play boat for becoming an expert paddler.

Dagger Katana Kayaks For Water Sports

If you are a person who loves to roll and dip in whitewaters or go for expeditions in different waters then this is the kayak that you should be having. It is best suited for adventure trips in diverse water bodies and who love to play with risks. This is a full on confidence kayak specially designed for those who live in the adrenalin rush feeling while going downstream and rolling out of the holes.

It offers stability and comfort for up to class III whitewater expeditions. It is balanced with a rocker profile which offers speed and easily handles tricky moves in whitewaters. The hull provides enough stability to the boat and as a secondary addition the sidewalls are flared and beveled. The stern deck is round in shape just like the classic mamba version which makes it easy to maneuver in whitewater and sheds water easily away from the paddlers face. The cockpit is spacious and there is ample storage space when compared to other models available in the markets. Dagger katana kayak is the full on style kayak which offers stability in aggressive waters.

Pyranha Fusion Connect C4S

This cross-over whitewater kayak is best suited for all disciplines under paddle boarding. It is stable in both whitewaters and flat waters and is easy to paddle. It is stable and sturdy and can handle big water bodies for multi day expeditions. This paddle boat is a great choice for a seasoned paddler who loves to go for long trips and for beginners who want to roll out of the holes easily. It has whitewater outfitting which makes it comfortable, durable and user friendly. While paddling you will have a complete grip and control over the kayak and you can do everything that you crave for. If you are a person who is seeking adventure in whitewaters and diverse water bodies then go for Pyranha fusion cross-over boat.

Jackson Kayak Fun 1s Series

This paddle boat belongs to the fun series versions of Jackson kayaks. It is specially designed for small paddlers who want to learn everything about paddle boarding sports. It is best for kids who want to feel thrilled and need high speed performance kayaks. This kayak is pretty great and comfortable for kids to learn paddle boarding with confidence and take them to the next level. You can start learning in the calm waters by getting the feel of the play boat and how to handle it. Once you get a grip over the boat and paddling techniques then i am sure that you can go for more of it. It is all fun and the best pick to start a paddle boarding along with parents. There are different versions available under the fun series and you can view a better collection at Colorado kayak supply.



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Great deal and easy to use. If you’re planning to get a kayak, buy from Colorado Kayak. Worth the price

So these were the best pick kayaks according to customer ratings and hope you would have got an idea before hitting a store or buying online. Make your purchase from Colorado kayak supply for guidance and excellent customer support.

Colorado kayak supply not only deals with kayaks but also serves its customers by selling branded apparels used for paddling purposes. Kokatat is one of the famous brands in the paddling industry and they are a major supplier of Colorado kayak supply.

About Kokatat

Kokatat is brand that manufactures paddle sports apparels and gears. They have been developing finest and driest paddling apparels for different needs since 1971. Most of their products are handmade and carefully made by experienced employees. Their apparels are benchmarks with regards to quality and are developed by paddlers so that they have better know how. All kokatat products come with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects. They have a state of art factory at Arcata which manufactures all the apparels and they thrive to serve their customers in every possible way.

Colorado kayak supply also deals with accessories that are a must while going on a paddle boarding expedition. Below I have given a review about the best sought after dry suit from kokatat.

Kokatat Idol Dry Suit Review

A dry suit is a must for a kayaker as it offers protection while moving around the waters. A dry suit offers complete protection form cold and pouring waters in the form of rain or splashing water from the river bodies. Even if you get drenched while on a dry suit you don’t have to bother about changing your clothes or get undressed while being on an expedition. It keeps your inside warm and waterproof.

While you are going out for fishing or in flat waters in summer months then it is totally fine to shed clothes and be a bit free. Dry suit is not a necessity in such occasions but it is not the same when you are whirling with extreme weathers and aggressive rapids. Dry suits are usually made of heavy stuffs and is quite a disappointment regarding the comfort level it offers. Due to that reason most of the kayakers are always in search of the best dry suit which offers them maximum comfort and protection.

Now the new brand called as kokatat has taken the market by introducing the best dry suit that is connected at the waist. The upper half can be used as a normal dry cag for all sorts of paddle boarding expeditions during summer months. Using the dry suit offers full on comfort and it does not restrict your movements while kayaking. It gives a nice and clean look unlike the traditional designs that come with front zippers. You can try buying this from Colorado kayak supply as it is the most sought out dry suit by kayakers.

Kokatat dry suit comes in bright colors of green and blue and goes well with the colour schemes of your play boat. It is made of lightweight material called as goretex which is highly flexible and durable. This dry suit has a simple design with neoprene cones which offers protection to the latex seals at the wrists and neck. These are completely adjustable and cordura material used in shoulders and knees makes it strong. Kokatat has made use of common sense while designing this costume unlike other dry suits which offer least protection and comfort. This costume has a small pocket on the left side and drainage outlet near the neck cone. Velcro tabs are present that help to seal the tunnel against the spray deck and when you wear the cag alone the same Velcro flap is used to seal the zip at the bottom. This helps to protect the zip from becoming damaged and makes an excellent waterproof solution.

This is one of the best dry suits that you should have on your must list while going kayaking. It feels like you have not worn one after wearing this. It is light and comfortable when compared to heavy dry suits. This dry suit is a bit expensive when it comes to price but while talking about durability it lasts longer and the customer service you get is matchless. Overall the dry suit is up to the mark but some people dislike the colour schemes that are available. It would have been better if there were more color options to choose from. This dry suit stands against wear and tear is easy to use and worth buying for the comfort it offers. Try your new look with this dry suit from kokatat at Colorado kayak supply.

Frequently asked questions about Kayaks For Water Sports

What is the return policy of the Colorado kayak supply?

Colorado kayak supply does not accept returns on used products, closeout items and on special orders. They offer a 30 day return period from the date of purchase for unused products. For returning the product you must obtain a return authorization number and shipping costs are sole responsibility of the customer.

While returning makes sure that the product is new and in a condition that it contains all packaging and tags intact. Only then you are eligible to obtain a full refund. In certain cases if the product is not clean then a certain amount of fee is charged as restocking fee. An inspection is conducted over the product before a return and then your original amount less freight charges is credited to your account.

What if I want to exchange a product that I recently purchased?

Colorado kayak supply offers exchange on products within 30 days from the date of purchase and you have to apply for the return authorization number for the same. Again shipping charges must be taken up by the customers and the exchange is limited to only one item. If you want to exchange kayak or over sized products then remember shipping charges may go high.

What if I receive a damaged product?

If you receive a damaged product then refuse to obtain the shipment upon delivery and make a call to Colorado kayak supply. If you are unable to refuse then hold the shipment without opening the package for making claims. Remember if you open and use the product then you can make any claims.

Do these products have warranty?

Colorado kayak supply sells a wide range of products from various manufacturers. So each product is basically represented by the company itself. That simply means that each product has a different warranty policy based on its manufacturer. Certain product warranties are handled through their site but not all. If you have purchased a product that is serviceable thorough Colorado kayak supply then you can log on to their official site and avail the service within 24 hours.

I want to return a kayak so what should I do?

Colorado kayak supply accepts return on kayaks within 30 days from the date of purchase. You can call the customer service section and get a return authorization number. The shipping costs must be handled by the customer depending on the geographical location. Also the Kayaks For Water Sports that are to be returned or exchanged should be in good condition and unused. If the packing and tags are damaged then there is a chance that you might not get a full refund.

What is the shipment methods used for kayak for water sports?

Colorado kayak supply ships its products via U S postal service, FedEx and DHL based on your location. For kayaks special handling charges are applicable are they are over sized. You can also opt for residential delivery which will incur additional handling charges. Also note that expedited shipping is not available for kayaks and over sized products. For international shipping of kayaks shipping charges may be expensive and is carried out by bongo international. If you want to avail discounts on shipping charges you can sign up for subscription services to know about exciting offers.

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Customer Reviews About Colorado Kayak Supply

Colorado kayak supply is one of the few online sellers who stay put with their customers during the purchase and after sales with full support. If you are not sure what to buy then there is a lot of room for guidance and help from trained staff at CKS. They sell a variety of apparels and equipments meant for paddling and water sports from branded manufactures. They are always ready to help with customers queries either through emails or live chat available at their website. They have a wonderful customer service team who are always on the go to help you. They are one of the best in the industry and reliable source from which you can make a purchase. They make no false promises and everything is open regarding to their return and exchange policies.

Conclusion: Colorado kayak supply is the best placed to get hooked with if you love paddle boarding and water sports. You get everything under one roof with excellent customer service and kayaking tips. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned paddler am sure that you will find your pick under this tag. You can chose from a number of brands and apparels while going for a kayaking trip. There is nothing more thrilling than hooking on a kayak and setting out for an expedition with your loved ones. Kayaking is now a favorite sport among fun loving people and if you haven’t tried it yet then go for it. I am sure you will be addicted to this sport.