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It is time you trade in your air purifier with a water fountain

Air purifiers are considered the ultimate solace from air pollution. What you don’t know is that the water fountains are natural air purifiers that cleanse the air without any other accessory or addition. While the air purifiers can, well, just be an electric device to clean the air, the water fountains can be much more than just a thing in the room. If we count the advantages, the water fountains will win the prize, hands down. 

How can water fountain clean the air?

If you doubt how the water fountain placed at a corner of the can clean the air around, rest assured that it is all science. The water falling down creates lots of negative ions around. These negative ions will undergo a chain reaction by interacting with the positive ions and neutralize them. Here, the positive ions are the pollutants lingering in the air. 

The majority of the air pollutants are chemical compounds, including the skin cells, pet dander, etc. All of these carry a positive charge in them, which makes them lighter in weight enabling them to float in the air. The negative ions that collide with them will neutralize these particles. Thus the chemical compounds are neutralized step by step until they are water and carbon dioxide molecules. The otherwise organic matter like the skin cells and other particles will become heavier and fall down on to the floor. It can no longer float in the air. 

Now what you need to do is to clean the floor and other surfaces regularly and promptly. Trust me, within a few days you can see a significant difference in the environment. 

Water fountains and odor removal

Naturally one might ask about the effect of the fountains in the odors. What is an odor? It is nothing but a chemical compound. This compound will undergo the same process as mentioned above and is neutralized and erased completely from the air. it works the same for smoke, pet odors, kitchen smell, and anything that has some chemical composition in it. 

Water fountains work for as long as it lives

Yes, a water fountain can work on air purification as long as the water flow or the waterfall is intact. The only thing that is mandatory is to have the room be a closed one with fewer openings. Since most of the indoor water fountains need an electrical connection to work, it works the same as air purifiers. Switch it on whenever you need it and switch off when you don’t. 

Air purifiers Vs water fountains

When you compare the air purifiers with water fountains, the similarity is in its need for electricity to work, for one and the work mechanism of the negative ions that is similar to that of the ionizers. All the other factors would all go with water fountains. There is hardly anything additional the air purifiers can claim.

Save money: This is the biggest advantage the wall fountains have over air purifiers. The air purifiers will need frequent filter change that cost you some amount. The regularity is within 3-6 months the least. For the water fountains, you don’t need to spend anything other than the initial investment. 

Size does not matter: Yes, the size is not an issue for the water fountains to clean the air. The larger wall fountains or the smaller tabletop fountains, all work the same. The air purifiers will have to be size-specific for each room. 

Location; Air purifiers are effective only in confined areas, whereas the water fountains can work both indoors and outdoors. For more effective air purification, the water fountains may have to be used in closed areas, but the option is still open to be used outdoors as well. 

Other benefits of water fountains

  • The biggest advantage of having water fountains indoors is humidity. It makes a great addition to the dry household that hardly has any humidity in the air. That problem is easily solved by these fountains. As said earlier, size does not matter for this factor as well, as long as the water flows regularly, you can just forget about no moisture in the air. You can now say goodbye to the dry skin, itching, and all that has to do with low humidity. 
  • The soothing sound of the water flow is rhythmic and constant. This is a great stress reliever and relaxant for the mind. The sound waves emerging from the water has its effects inside our brain. There are water fountains with adjustable water flow options. Choose the one that suits you to have more effects. It makes a room inviting after the hectic work of the day. 
  • Yes, the water flow from the fountain can ward off other annoying sounds around. The voices from other rooms can interfere with your ME time. The best way to erase them is to have a water fountain next to you. The sound of water will help you relax and push the other sounds behind. Once you get used to this sound, it becomes easier to shut out other sounds. 
  • Well, this is not the primary intent but the water fountains could be drinking water for your pets. Pets will be drawn to the water flow and are sure to try this water. Many of the water fountains have UV light inside the reservoir to kill the microbes and algae. Such fountains are safe for pets to have a taste. As long as there are no chemicals used in the water, it is safe for them. Moreover, you don’t need to safeguard the pets from the device like air purifiers and is quite safe. 
  • Water fountains can be a décor piece either inside or outside. There are many designs available to choose from. There will hardly be any choice for you to select in the air purifiers. With the water fountains, you can have matching pieces for your interiors. 

The conclusion

In many ways than one, water fountains are better options than air purifiers. If you are spending some money to purify the air, why not choose something that is closer to nature!

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